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Extraordinary Experiences, are they real or are they hallucinations?

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Which I apparently had been doing — entirely in my sleep with no recollection of it. Ambien is scary,scary crap — it beat me down like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest and apparently made me temporarily insane while I slept?!?! I tried Ambien for a while. I would take it about 30 minutes before going to bed and browse around online, waiting for it to kick in. It was all good stuff that I liked, so I called around to family and friend trying to figure out who was so kind to send me stuff.

Thanks Ambien. I stopped taking it for fear of what else I might do. About a year ago, I was in my college town and trying to get on my normal sleep schedule. I took my prescribed ambien about 8 P. Minutes after taking it, my roommate walks in and talks me into going to the bar across the street. When I walked in I was nervous about drinking while under the influence of ambien.

I proceed to crash in my bed, sleeping like never before. The next morning, I wake up at , get dressed and goto my class. When I return at A. The side of my bed was wet as well. Thankfully, Windex cleaned everything, the computer still work, but damn, I pissed on my fucking computer. My dad used to take Ambien because he travels around the world for work a lot, and has to deal with jet lag all the time. He stopped after multiple conversations with me or my brother that he would simply not remember taking place the next morning. Now for me, I took Ambien briefly when I was 19 because I was suffering from some pretty severe insomnia.

I had taken sleep aids previously, but nothing like Ambien. By the time I came back inside, the Ambien had fully kicked in, and boy, does weed and ambien mix weird. The hallucinations kicked in about ten minutes later, nothing too crazy at first, just some waves on the wall and my computer screen appeared to be constantly jarring around an was impossible to focus on. The only way I can really describe it is to say it was like I was dreaming. My mind would jump from situation to situation, and I would honestly believe I was in them, but I could not remember what they were the next morning.

It was as if dream-world and reality had intersected in my little one bedroom apartment. I figured I finally fell asleep around five or six AM, and woke up around noon the next day Best night of sleep in days, incidentally. I had passed out on the floor of my living room, wearing jeans and a hat but no shirt or socks, my coffee table was upside down, and there were the remnants of a small fire in the corner of my carpeted living area. Both of my siblings had to get braces. My teeth were neigh-perfect except for my top-right incisor, which was a couple millimeters longer than my left and it was pushed about the same distance towards the front of my mouth.

I asked them on a fairly regular basis how their mouths were and if the braces hurt and then went on to complain to them how this one tooth bugged me. My brother and sister got their braces off eventually and my insomnia was slowly building. I took the OTC stuff and was building up a tolerance to those things up to 17 Benedryl in one night before I saw a doc.

So she prescribed me Ambien. After about a week my body acclimated to it. I awoke one morning with what felt like grits all over my mouth. I freaking ground down my teeth in one night. So my front teeth are all flat, except for my canines. That one incisor that bugged me for so many years was now flush with my other teeth. I told my siblings about it within the next month. They just laughed.

Goddamn ambien. My body acclimated to it within the next month and I had to switch meds. I was stuck with a three year magazine subscription because I answered the door after taking some. My brain just turns to mush and I make poor decisions. Pretty soon, I was having the time of my life sitting in my chair with my eyes closed, because whenever I closed my eyes, I would feel the chair take off like a plane and fly really fast.

My mattress did the same thing. In fact, I had an imaginary air-race on my flying mattress against my cool new friends who had materialized through the wall earlier that night. I only took it once as a test so that I could maybe take it a couple of days later for a red-eye flight. Spent the night with bleak dreams, not quite nightmares, but depressing things where everyone was angry and shouted at me all the time.

Spent the entire day after feeling miserable, like a full-blown, stuck-inside-your-head-hating-yourself depression. It took me until close to dinner time to figure out it was probably that one sleeping pill. I started taking Ambien a couple months back to help get more restful sleep.

The first night I took it I hallucinated that all of the clothes in my closet had turned into zombies that were planning a sneaky attack on me. It was so weird, I could see them whispering to one another. At one point I remembered my child hood teddy bear was trapped in the closet with the zombies and I needed to rescue him. I bust out my iPhone, call my best friend to fill him in on the situation and proceed to turn on the light saber app and swing my phone back and forth at the closet.

I managed to snatch my teddy bear and go to sleep after a little bit. I woke up and my bed was in a Louisiana swamp and 6 men in masks were picking it up and carrying me away. Luckily, my laptop was handy so I picked it up and got on AIM and started messaging everyone about what I was seeing. Except, the keys were floating off the keyboard and I was having to reach for them to type my pleas for help.

The next day a friend of mine came over after having printed our conversation. He said he almost called to have someone pick me up so I could sober up in the hospital. Seconds after the first time I saw it, I called my psychiatrist and asked him to write me an RX. After about a week, I was getting regular sleep. Ambien makes me horny. I was half asleep on my back with a stiffy. I got an Ambien scrip my Junior year of college because I was a severe night owl. This is what happened on the last two pills of that bottle….

I took one at about 9PM at home with the hopes of getting a good night sleep. I remember walking upstairs and lying in bed. I wake up the next day thinking about that crazy dream I had. I wanted some cigarettes but the store near me was closed so I drove about 10 minutes away to a gas station also closed. There was a lot of snow on the ground so I missed the entrance and hit the curb, popping my tire.

I get out, jack the car up and fix the tire. After he comes and looks at it this parts fuzzy I drive home I guess. When I wake up I laugh about how ridiculous this dream was. I walk outside to go get some lunch and see the spare on my car. My car had a bent control arm and was barely able to make it down my driveway. The wheel had to be turned 90 degrees to even drive straight. I have no idea how I got home. You are supposed to take the ambien and then go straight to bed. Not wait around and have giggly fun time until you pass out.

Having said that, I was guilty of calling my friends and having conversations about important things while waiting for the ambien to kick in. One of my friends started making a list of the weird things I would say. The first and last time I took Ambien it made me all anxious and not at all sleepy. As I was tossing and turning in bed I thought I was a piece of meat on a grill being endlessly flipped from one side to the other forever. Oh lord, my ambien story is hilarious.

So, the first time I took ambien, I absolutely tripped balls. I popped the pill, started getting ready for bed, sat down on the edge of the bed and remembered I forgot to turn my heater on. So I go over to the heater and the pill kicks in.

41. “Sharp Bend, Hm?!”

I sit down cause I feel woosy and turn my heater on. The red light letting me know that it is on turns into the Eye of Sauron. I try to stand up and the heater now the Eye of Sauron begins to tower over me, so I sit down. Every time I stand, the heater towers over me, so I am stuck in this loop of sitting and standing. I begin to tell the heater to keep me warm throughout the night as I crawl my way over to my bed.

As I stand to crawl into bed to finally sleep, the wall begins to morph into tentacles that proceeded to wrap around me and keep me snug as I slept. I once took ambien when I was dating an ex boyfriend of mine. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping so, he gave me one of his pills. I had never taken anything like that before. After I took it, I shortly fell asleep. Well, I thought I fell asleep. At this time, he lived in an apartment and shared a room with another person. While I thought I was sound asleep, I was apparently trying to pick flowers off the ceiling all night.

I thought I was Gardener. I was also talking so loud about my new florist job, I kept the entire room awake all night. Good times. Thanks, Benjamin. I opened the door to find him standing shirtless on the porch with his car parked with the front in her yard and the back in the street with every door open. I drove him home and finally managed to get him inside after he fell and scraped himself up on the way out of the car. Came in to find our pantry door absolutely demolished and the couch flipped backwards. I slept on his couch that day and he was thoroughly confused when he woke up that morning and found me there.

He told me that he took the pills, went to bed, and had no recollection whatsoever of the events that night. Once I filled him in on what happened he flushed the rest of the pills and called his doctor to tell her what happened and told her that he would no longer be using it. I took it for a while in high school back when I was misdiagnosed with insomnia [I have DSPD, which is largely unresponsive to sleeping pills]. One night I just could. Still nothing. So then I took another.

I went off it cold turkey after that and stayed awake for the most miserable 58 hours of my life. Work started at 4pm. I woke up in bed at feeling horrible and groggy as hell. Saw the time and got up to take a quick shower. When I walked into the bathroom, there was blood splattered everywhere.

Floor, walls, toilet, but mostly on the counter by the sink. I looked at it all for about 10 seconds, then hurried up and got to work. I evidently looked pretty fucked up when I got to work, both physically and mentally. My nose felt really weird too, kinda half numb. Bear in mind, we live in the country, it is very quiet and our yard is very large with tall security fencing and a gate surrounding it. No one was around or outside. My husband was pretty frightened by the experience.

I asked him who did he think that voice sounded like and he responded with our deceased friend's name Please bear in mind we are very sane people. We do not drink nor take drugs of any kind. I sense we were both meant to hear our friend, in order for neither of us to attempt to debunk the idea that we had imagined it. It sort of spooked my husband, but for me, I felt warmth and a very peaceful feeling. I am still trying to rationalize this event, but I cant. Anyone have any input? For some this is a very welcomed experience, they long to have one more contact with a loved one.

Then there are those like me, who is VERY frightened by this which makes the fact that its happened three times "so far", strange. The first was a visit from my very best friend killed in an accident who came to soothe my sadness of her leaving, i could not see her, only feel and hear her. The second was also a great friend who was murdered, this time i could see, feel and hear him.. He wanted me to know he was alright and that he would miss me. He said he knew i was scared and that this was not what he wanted to do and he would go, but for me to know he loved me and he would miss me..

Third was dark and very frightning and this one of a suicide, nothing i care to EVER experience again. If not experienced by myself i would probably not be a believer.

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  • Extraordinary Experiences, are they real or are they hallucinations?.

The Believer. My x-husband died suddenly. I got the bad news at 9:pm and was up all night. Then I slept for 2 hours. The next day went by. There was a 21 gun solute. I stood up like I'd been electrified. I told him , your dad is just fine Phillip. What happened today was a unique experience for my husband and myself. I woke up at 6. I went downstairs in the bathroom, washed my face and started thinking of my long day ahead.

Suddenly I distinctly heard my mother's voice in my ear. It was so clear I wanted to reply. I also realized that she had a particular way of pronouncing my name which although so familiar, I had never given any importance to the way she put an accent on the O. She passed away two years ago. I was at first shy to tell my husband when he came down for breakfast but then told him 'Perceptions can be so deceiving - I heard my mother call me this morning. He told me that while still in bed, soon after I woke up he heard his own mother clearly utter his full name.

His mum passed away 28 years ago. We are still both amazed but it was a beautiful gift for both of us and a comfort to know that they called us practically at the same time! My son was working out of town and passed away from accidental overdose. I heard him say momma and I found out at 4am next morning that he had passed away. I would love NEED to know what it means.

My sister passed away unexpectedly at my home almost 2 months ago. We were very close and I was the one that discovered she was not breathing when I tried to wake her after she had spent the night at my home, which we did a lot. It was very traumatic for me as I watched my husband do CPR try to revive her. I started seeing a therapist immediately after her memorial service.

I was crying uncontrollably I miss her so much. But seeing a Therapist once a week has been a big help. Just being able to talk about how I feel and about my sister is extremely helpful. I heard my sisters voice for the first time about 2weeks after she passed and it was hard for me because she said happy sis.

100+ ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Supernatural

And I cried because she always called me sis. And last night I heard her again When I was getting ready for bed and she told me that she had flowers. I feel like she is happy and I. A better place and I know a I will see her again and it has made me more accepting of her death. She was my only sister my only sibling but God has a plan a reason for what he does and I truly believe my sister is in a beautiful place and at peace.

I will always love her and miss her but I will have all of our memories of time spent together with me forever.. In my mum passed away from cancer,I was with her and held her hand and saw the twinkle disappear from her eye,That was June 25 ,Early September I was bbqing and had a light coat on as the wind was a little chilly,And all of a sudden I heard my mums voice call my name ,plan as day,she only said Ian once and nothing else,I wish she could have finished a conversation,Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and why just one word,And what does it mean,like to hear people's comments,Thanks.

I too have been experiencing the very same thing. I go to university for the majority of the year and my nan passed away in May from cancer. I found out from my mum that she wasn't doing to well and rushed home on the Friday to be with her. I was by her side when she eventually passed over later that weekend.

Since then I haveqnt spent much time in my family home where she lived with us, I was away all summer and when I returned for three weeks over Christmas there was nothing unusual to report. I came home this Easter and suddenly I started feeling like I wasn't alone in my house, I wasn't alone late at night I felt something watching me but nothing would be there. This has slowly escalated to today, when I was sitting in my fathers office two doors down from my nans bedroom, I had my music on and I heard someone say my name, I paused my music looked around the house and no one was there.

I returned to the office to continue doing work and clear as day I heard my nans voice call my name again say my name. I told my mum and she also has experienced the very same thing when alone in our house. So I continued my day and when everybody had gone out again in the vending for various activities such as gym etc I jumped in the shower, again I heard my name called, so I got out the shower and again I heard clear as day my nan say my name. I can't explain it and I don't know why but you aren't alone!

About a month after my Dad passed away, I was in the basement of my house cleaning or something, I don't recall, but I clearly and distinctly heard my Dad's voice say my name "Sharon". I was so shocked that I didn't know what to do so I did nothing. A couple weeks later, the exact same thing happened.

I heard my Dad's voice clear as a bell. Whenever Dad wanted to tell me something, he always said my name and paused for me to acknowledge that he was speaking to me. I'm kind of an airhead, easily distracted, so I always thought he did that so that he would know I was paying attention if I responded. Then he would proceed to tell me whatever it was he wanted to tell me. Again I was so shocked, I said nothing. I kind of regret that, but that is how I responded, and wish I had said "What? I may never know what it was he wanted to tell me. It was weeks after she had died.

I had been looking for a sign, but nothing. Then I heard her say my name once.

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  7. Her tone sounded somewhat strident as if she had been trying to get my attention all this time. That was it. Heard them twice from 2 different deceased. Both used their unique nickname for me and nothing else. The after here is real.


    I've felt them before and it was a reassurance that we continue to live after we leave here. I've known this since I was a child growing up on a farm in the rural areas of Ohio. She was here with me. It felt warm and soft in her presence She's been gone from here since January 16, the day after my birthday. I've felt their presence before in late November There were 3 of them here then for several days It was my uncle Gary who had just passed away from here along with 2 others His Mom, my grandmother who passed in and maybe? My uncle Larry his brother. Gary wasn't a traditionalist meaning he didn't believe in religion but reincarnation as a fact My beloved sister died October 19 She has 5 adult children, husband, siblings.

    We are in acute emotional pain. She left us suddenly from a rare disease, a few weeks after diagnosis. Two days ago I was at work, startedcrying out of the blue the I heard, in my sister's voice "get a grip, I'm in heaven and I'm okay. I'm saving a place for you. My husband pasted away in I see him in dreams a lot and have felt his presence. My son pasted on Thanksgiving of I so badly want to know if he is ok. He suffered horrablely while alive.

    My lovely loving soulmate, the love of my life for 40 years died from pancreatic cancer last May. With her death I lost virtually everything of real value to me- laughter, joy, delight, passion, peace, sharing, trust, honesty, kindness, empathy, indescribable closeness, tenderness, playfulness Her voice. Right inside my head.

    So strange. So very clear and real. I feel a connection between us and she has somehow encouraged me to take a new turn in life volunteer teaching in Zambia. She has given me a goal and meaning to my life. My grandma had died. I was awake laying on my bed thinking about her and grieving badly. I looked up and there was a rectangle with her sitting on a chair with my grampa standing next to her.

    I was shocked for about 2 seconds stopped crying immediately almost like someone slapping me in the face to snap out of it. I did a double take and the rectangle was gone. BUT, as that happened I realized that every ounce of grief was gone! No more, nada! I thought grief lessens over time and never heard of it all juzt lifting all at once in a few seconds. Thanks for this article! I had heard about this phenomenon and was curious about it.

    I have experienced it. My mom passed away when I was 7 years old. A couple months later, I guess I was playing upstairs and taking to someone. She said she loved me and everything was going to be ok. I have a fuzzy memory of this experience, but i do remember hearing her voice occasionally after she passed. Much later, in college, I was beginning to experience depression and extreme stress from school.

    I had two incredibly vivid dreams of my mom where we had one day to spend together before she had to go back to heaven. It was unlike any dream I've ever had. It felt completely real and was so incredibly happy. I cried when i woke up and realized it wasn't real, but I felt comforted. I really think it was God working to comfort me during hard times, but it could also be a psychological symptom of my stress, or it is both.

    Whatever the case, I definitely believe in this phenomenon. It's a bittersweet and fascinating thing. My Great Grandpa Smith passed away last year. I swear I felt when he died. I even remember hearing an angel say, "Its ok, hes with us now" before we got the call that he was gone. Then several months later my last surviving great grandfather was on his last legs.

    I was at work, and I heard and saw my Grandpa Smith. He said, "Its going to be ok son, he will be here soon". Since I am not superstition I did not mind it and I just wanted to fix it. I messaged him to give me a sign that he is with me and if I am forgiven for leaving him without us talking when when we split. I just left without a word. I prayed while in the threadmil that is located in the garage. Then after that I asked him again to give me a sign. I left the garage without knowing that it did not closed.

    This garage needs to be closed in the night time. I told myself, I will not ask for signs again but rather will just have faith that you are looking over me. Everything else remains happening in my life. Right after death or the funeral or the day of the funeral I see them close by me.

    I know that they are them because two of them appeared in the same thing they had on in the coffin even before I saw the viewing. They speak with my through my mind or by jesters that or facial expressions. I use to be scared of the shadows or the movement of objects I know I have placed them they are found in another location.. I am as I have let them communicate more the pressure or the touching of my being it doesn't frighten I am just wait to see what they are trying to show or say Some just come to visit. And I do see relatives or people that are close to me.. It Amazing.. I have been experiencing noises such as footsteps on my main level of the house, these steps are so vivid and clear that I can hear the floor boards creak in the spots where people come and go out the main door through the kitchen.

    These steps are loud and make my dog bark, they come and go but always happen in between am. I would hear the steps, then I would hear out radio turn on and play our local classics channel, I have never really mentioned it to anyone because nobody else ever said anything, so I didnt want to seem crazy. This evening my mother who lives in the house with me and my wife mentioned to me that she had something weird yet comforting happen, she said around am she was sitting in the living room on the couch, tv was on but low, and she was having ice cream, all of the sudden she hears footsteps coming into the main hallway toward the kitchen and she sees her father who had passed 22 years ago and he smiles and says "well, good morning" never stops and continues into the kitchen.

    Buried Alive: Stories From Inside Solitary Confinement | GQ

    She said she was very shocked and confused then heard some small chatter and then the radio turned on. She stood up and went into the kicthen and nobody was around and so she turned the radio off. These are the events that I have been hearing on and off for a very long time, but ive never been in the room during the events, and ive never personally experienced seeing anything. When she told me this story I instantly got goosebumps, teared up, and told her that i have been hearing these things for years and years, she told me so has she but she always brushed it off.

    I feel warm knowing she saw her dad, but curious as to why, because there isnt any mourning, crisis, or sever stress going on to my knowledge. Anyways I wanted to share this and ask if anyone else has experienced something like this. In the early hours of Tuesday 5th of February, , my dear Tony, with whom i had shared my life with, for 37 years, passed over, after a very short 3 month battle with pancreatic cancer, which had spread to the poor man's liver and lungs.

    Tony passed over at around 5 ish in the early hours of the morning British time The paramedics did their best, but i knew he was already gone, by the time they arrived, which was about 5 min after i rang The undertakers then arrived, to take Tony's body to the mortuary, after we had shared our final tender moment together, in the bedroom, where he lay, then they politely asked me, to sit in our living room with the door closed, to spare me further upset.

    I have been seeing what i believe to be spirits, since , when i first saw my late father and subsequently, much much more, spiritual activity over the years. So here i was, totally consumed in heart rending grief, surrounded by the soft yellow lighting of the side lamp, when all of a sudden, i felt as if my insides were being raised upwards followed by a beautiful feeling of calm and the light changing colour, very slightly, to a warm, dusky, pinkish hue, then as i shut my eyes i saw Tony, wearing one of this favourite Nike jackets, stood upright, facing me and looking very calm, with both of his arms down by his side and the palms of his hands, slightly raised towards me.

    Even way before he became ill, we often used to promise one another, that which ever one of us passed over first, we would do every thing in our power, to communicate as soon as possible with which ever one of us was left behind. My beloved was true to his word. I've had two. The first one occurred when my best friend in high school died. Bob had leukemia, and t was terminal. When I got the news from his sister that December 26th, I was stunned because we all held out hope til the end.

    I was at my girlfriend's house, so I took a walk in the beautiful pine forest and Bob almost audibly say "I'm alright man. I'll see you The second occurred when I was a paramedic. We were unsuccessful in resuscitating a patient, and a few days later as I was sleeping at home I was startled awake and by that man's face in right in front of mine, and then he was gone.

    Didn't say anything, and the EE didn't leave me particularly afraid after. I few years ago, a volunteer co-worker died and I attended a memorial mass for her about a month after she had pass in her church. The family kept her funeral private but gave the memorial a month later was for all. I sat toward the back of the small church there was many of her family and friends there also some other co-worker sat near me. I heard the decease had plan everything herself what prayers and who would speak and music play from an old record she choose.

    Prophet Stories - Prophet Yusuf(AS) Movie - Islamic Videos For Kids - Quran Stories For Kids

    I teared up at times and when they played the record that's when I had a vision of her. She was dressed in a flowing white outfit she look angelic and she was dancing high up in front moving to the music , I felt my sadness end as I felt it was her way of letting me know she was alright. I was calm but shocked but there didn't seem to be anyone else that saw her.

    I have told some family and friends about my experience but no one say anything about any of it, leave me thinking they probably think I'm a little nutty. I wonder myself too. I have had in the pass experiences of dead pets coming to me in my sleep seem to me they bid me good bye and an aunt came to me after she passed for three days in my sleep.