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This was the second time we went for a romantic dinner to Tempo Dulu and very much enjoyed the Chef's tasting menu aka Indonesian Rijstafel. The restaurant part of the Danforth Inn has a wonderful ambiance, and the service was excellent. Our experience last night was outstanding! The food was artful and exquisitely presented.

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All the flavors were spot on! We are hard to impress foodies and we were not let down. You MUST give this place a try! Tempo Dulu is a delight. From the relaxed yet impeccable service to the delightful and innovative twists on food, this place is a must try in Portland! This was our second time, and I cannot wait for the third!! The mixologist makes excellent cocktails. The sommelier adjusted the tasting wine selection to accommodate my taste.

We had a great time! The bar was lovely; there were several amazing specialty drinks based on a Southeast Asia theme.

The dining room was beautifully and tastefully decorated with items from Indonesia and Thailand; the noise level was low so we were able to have a lovely conversation while enjoying our dinner. The food in the restaurant was fantastic; every item on the menu was beautiful in presentation and had incredible flavor; a variety of Southeast Asian flavors such as sambal and tamarind were incorporated into the dishes. Service was superb; our waiter Harry was friendly and knowledgeable. We will absolutely come back to this restaurant again next time we are in Portland.

Tempo Dulu offers gourmet food of the highest quality as good as any NYC restaurant past or present. The flavors are are a work of culinary art masterpieces. The wine selection is perfect. While the plates are on the small size, the massive tasting experience makes up for it. Definitely worthwhile for a special occasion or a special person.

Enjoyed New Years Eve at the Danforth and the staff, cocktails and food were as wonderful as always. Only issues were that as we had booked through OpenTable we did not know that it was one sitting and arrived at the time of our booking only to have to wait an hour to be seated in the dining room. The bar Opium was lots of fun with a DJ and psychedelic lights, we had fun but it was not what we expected and might not have worked for us.

The other issue was we were seated in the atrium beside the window and got horribly cold before the heating was turned on half an hour before we left.

We had the lobster tasting menu, it was excellent, creative. A wonderful experience! The wine pairings were especially interesting and on target. One of our favorite places in New England. An exceptional meal all around. Helpful but unintrusive service, subtle flavors, great portion sizes, lovely atmosphere. Tempo Dulu is taking Indonesian Rijsttafel to new heights. Creativity is the one word that comes to mind while tasting these splendid flavors!

The sommelier did an excellent job pairing the different courses with the appropriate wines. Highly recommend, this was our 2nd visit and we will be back!

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This was among the best dining experiences we've ever. From food to service everything was impeccable. You will not be disappointed. This was our third time at Tempo Dulu. We found the service amateurish and intrusive. The hostess greeted us with an inappropriately familiar comment on clothing; the bartender came to the table and introduced herself and shook our hands??? The room is lovely and the food is very good and interesting, but the service needs work.

This restaurant flies low - almost under the radar - when people talk about restaurants in Portland. However, it deserves much more notice. We stumbled upon it as we ran down a list of restaurants looking for a PM booking. This was the only one that could accommodate us.

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The food, drink and service here are outstanding, but you'll pay for it. This may be one of the most expensive restaurants in Portland, but you're paying for very attentive wait staff, knowledgable sommelier, superb food and exquisite wine pairings. I'm not a cocktail drinker, but the sip I had of one was amazingly good. Portions are small, but we all left feeling well satisfied. If you can afford it, try it. Entrees were excellent t.


Appetizers not so much. We had the crab and corn- really soupy- but if it were a soup it would be too thick. They take themselves a little to seriously. All details were thought of including extra appetizers, explanations of the menu, etc. It was very expensive for Portlandmore a concern for the longevity of the restaurantbut worth the pleasure for us. We will return to enjoy the barThe signature drink, Jakarta was outstanding! Over the top staff attitude, could have cut back on pretentiousness, at least from the bartender and dining room manager.

Still, an enjoyable experience for special occasions. A true fine dining experience in a beautifully designed restaurant and hip lounge with some of the best cocktails we have ever had. The food was complex , delicious and beautifully plated. Service attentive and friendly.

Top dining experience.

Tempo Dulu - Portland, ME | OpenTable

My husband and I really enjoyed our dinner. Handmade cocktails, fine service, experienced sommelier and of course creative, delicious food. The atmosphere was quiet, relaxing and decorated beautifully for Autumn Oct Inventive take on Indonesian food. Wonderful service and staff.

A gentleman at a neighboring table set his napkin and tablecloth on fire while paying his bill! I mean a real fire with tall flames and stuff. So there's that. Here is a line you don't often hear a waiter utter in a restaurant: "Sir, your table is on fire.

Tempo Dulu

The guy paid and left calmly, as if nothing at all had happened. The Candid Camera team never materialized as expected. A trip highlight, for sure. We had the "rice table," which was delicious, but more food than humans should eat at a sitting. Good food in a cool setting. I cannot say enough good things about Tempo Dulu. Yes, it's expensive. Facilitator of historical-themed event 5. History research 6. Book launches. Facebook surabayatempodulu. Address Jl. The tasting menus are designed to take your palette on an indulgent journey, beginning with watermelon gazpacho and moving on to dishes such as halibut with mango and coconut and poultry with lemongrass and lime leaf.

The entire tasting menu is ingenuously infused with lobster in an inventive catalogue of spices. Think lobster salad with green curry cream and miso glazed lobster with pickled ginger. The cocktail list is as carefully curated as the menu and contains bold and spiced cocktails both old and new. Try the Singapore Sling which the skilled and imaginative mixologist whips up using the original recipe from the Raffles Hotel in Kuala Lampore, or try the Jakarta which arrives with an empty glass seductively placed over smoking Chinese spices.

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