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Desire by Starlight

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Male elves tend to have slighter builds than typical human men, with no facial hair at all; they are often described by the author as having a nearly womanly cast to their faces. Female elves tend to be slightly taller than typical human females, with the net result being that male and female elves are very similar in size and build to each other. All Elves possess graceful and strong bodies as well as perfect health.

They are very difficult to kill, often continuing on after receiving wounds that would kill a human. Humans seeing them for the first time often assume they are trained in the martial arts , due to their extreme coordination and sense of being at ease with their bodies. Temperature extremes do not affect them, and they do not sweat when hot the author originally had them sweating in the short story The Shadow of the Starlight , but changed it for the book series. They view all activities they engage in as smaller parts of the greater pattern of things, and because of this and their long life span, they attain a level of excellence that no human can match in whatever skills they pursue.

As a consequence of their perception of the patterns of reality, they can discern things about the physical realm that are hidden from humans.

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Their senses are superhumanly keen, with extraordinarily sharp hearing and sight that is not affected by darkness. Elves and those with elven blood can often see a silvery sheen surrounding other elves and those with elvish blood, especially when their powers are active.

When walking, they usually make no sound at all, even when they are in a hurry or their feet are encumbered. The Elves' powers are described in terms of the Elves' awareness of and influence over the patterns of reality, much in the same vein as the Moirai of Greek myth. They can discern the patterns of cause and effect in a very real and palpable manner, and they can selectively re-weave the patterns to suit their desires, though it greatly drains them if the manipulation is in-depth or far-sweeping; they are also aware of the principle of unintended consequences , where a little meddling in the present can yield large and potentially disastrous results later.

No matter how many patients she helps save at the Rivers Community Hospital, it will never be enough, but it helps her look at herself in the mirror in the morning.

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Flannery Rivers is content to let her sister Harper carry on the family dynasty—at the Rivers hospital where they both work and on the home front. Now that Harper is settled and soon to be happily married, Flannery can ease back into her life of casual flirtations and find all the excitement she needs in the ER.

She's even got her next playmate all lined up, or so she thinks. Abigail Remy is a city girl who accepts a position at the imperiled country hospital in the hope of finding a stable, safe community for her teenaged trans son. Unfortunately, when she arrives to work, she discovers the current ER chief is less than happy to be replaced by a fresh-out-of-residency newcomer.

Add unexpected attraction to the incendiary mix of city and country, fire and ice, tradition and change—and the prescription is combustible. There'd been a Rivers at the helm of Argyle Community Hospital for six generations, and Harper Rivers was set to take her father's place whenever he decided to hang up his shingle.

Unfortunately, the board of directors had other ideas—they accepted a buyout offer from a health care conglomerate with plans to close the hospital's doors to the community that depended on it. And Presley Worth, a high-powered corporate financier, came to town to oversee the closure.

Funny thing was, no one asked Harper, and she had no intentions of following anyone's orders but her own—no matter how beautiful, smart, or commanding the new boss might be. Tess Rogers grew up in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, but she always knew one thing to be true—one day six hundred acres of prime farmland would be hers. Then she discovers not even that truth can be counted on.

Desire by Starlight

Tess's stepfather has kept important secrets, and Tess's dream of breeding a line of organic dairy cows suddenly goes up in a burst of smoke and flame. Clayton Sutter is an expert at managing just about anything—money, businesses, and people. Getting NorthAm Fuel's newest shale refinery operational in the rolling hills of Upstate New York shouldn't be much of a challenge, but then, she hadn't counted on dealing with vandalism, petitions, and a woman she'd never expected to see again—one who still haunts her dreams.

When Tess and Clay square off on opposite sides of the heated debate, past and present collide in a battle of wills and unbidden desire. Desire by Starlight. I suspect I may have picked up on something in the air. It will be interesting to see if the metoo does start a stream of books with similar themes.

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Search for:. The Cinema at Starlight Creek… About the Book: A heart-stirring novel of loss, love and new hope set against the glamorous backdrop of s Hollywood and a small Australian country town.

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How far would you go to follow your dream? About the Author: Alli Sinclair, an adventurer at heart, has won multiple awards for her writing.

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