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Warriors meet with former President Obama ahead of matchup vs. Wizards

  1. Michelle Obama: how the former first lady soared to 'rock star' status
  2. Barack Obama's right-hand man
  3. Commentary

The president congratulated the University of Pittsburgh researchers who are developing the technology, saying, "what a story". Obama at a Pittsburgh tech event. T he research is part of a quest to make artificial limbs that can feel. On Thursday, the Pittsburgh team reported important early findings: When they blindfolded Mr Copeland, he could correctly identify which robotic finger they touched 84 percent of the time. When a researcher touched two fingers at the same time, "I just laughed and I said, 'Are you trying to be tricky or something?

Preparing to show the president how the cutting-edge research worked, Mr Copeland said he was "circling between excited and nervous every half-hour. Harnessing brain waves to power prosthetics is a hot field , with a goal of giving the disabled more independence and improving artificial limbs for amputees as well. Headlines in recent years have reported experiments that let paralysed people move a robotic arm to touch a loved one or take a drink simply by imagining the motion.

Their thoughts activate brain implants that relay electrical signals needed to command movement. The signals are transmitted through a computer to the robotic limb. What's new is recreating sensation using this brain-controlled technology. After all, proper motion depends on more than muscle movement. Reach for something and that sense of touch helps you naturally grasp with just enough force to hang on while not either dropping something or crushing it. WHFrontiers pic. S tep one is placing sensors in prosthetics. The next hurdle is how to allow feedback to and from those sensors.

For amputees, some scientists are attempting to wire nerves left in the remaining part of the person's natural limb directly to the robotic arm. That's not possible if a spinal cord injury has interrupted the messages that normally flash between the hand and the brain.

Both the high school and adult Obama had and have a knack for morphing into the necessary role based on the setting. Obama's brother-in-law, the college coach Craig Robinson, identified the President as being 'extremely left-handed,' meaning that he can't go right. This fact has perhaps been underutilized by the president's Republican opponents.

Obama almost always would be seen playing in warmup pants -- a Chicago columnist figured he was keen to hide his 'bird legs. They also said the left-handed Obama relied on his left hand too much, and was not really a threat to break you down off the dribble. Not flashy, but he slides in to take charges, passes well, and does a lot of little things well. The only risk he takes is his shot, but he shoots so seldom, and so carefully, that it actually isn't much of a risk at all.

He smiles when he misses; when he makes one, he looks even more serious. He knows where to go,' said one of the other players as we watched. Finally, Reggie Love, former Duke national champion and personal aide to the president told the Chicago Tribune :. He's very smart. The guy knows the game very well and typically makes the right passes and makes the right rotation on defense.

He's not the most explosive guy, not the fastest guy, but very crafty. I think what he lacks in physical capabilities, he makes up with his intellect. Obama is a lefty, and on a basketball court, this gives him a skill the majority of players do not have. The photo of Obama going up against Hansbrough features the then-candidate going up with the left hand.

He does not beat opponents off the dribble, so we can assume his midrange game relies on a catch-and-shoot strategy or a jab step think poor man's James Harden.

Michelle Obama: how the former first lady soared to 'rock star' status

Obama seems like an outstanding teammate. He is smart and fills the lane correctly, avoiding any crowding or overloading of one area of the court. His instinct is to look for the open man, not his own shot.

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Robinson and Fletcher claim Obama relies heavily on his left hand, but Lewis and Love say Obama can drive right. However, no one talks about Obama finishing with his right hand. Love even notes that when Obama goes right, he prefers to finish with his left.

This over-reliance on his dominant hand is a problem. But on a basketball court, nobody waits. Obama struggles to get around defenders on his own and there is no record of Obama running a fast break to perfection. Even Obama noted that he prefers playing on the FBI's court because it is smaller. The president is a better half-court player than a full-court player. Obama has been said to handle point guard duties at times -- which makes sense for a and pound man -- but his lack of speed limits his ability to dribble and drive. Considering his mid-range game and ability to space, Obama appears more suited to be a shooting guard or small forward, but in the high-level games he plays in, he is undersized to handle these roles.

This leaves Obama scrambling somewhere between a one- and a two-guard. It was great to be welcomed by BarackObama to the White House with my teammates. This decision was not made lightly. The NBA has had thousands of players. What gives a balding year-old the right to be compared to the president of the United States? First of all, this NBA counterpart had to be a lefty, so that cleared out most players in league history.

Ginobili works for many reasons. He isn't very fast, he isn't an elite three-point shooter and he relies heavily on his left hand. But Ginobili is an artist on the court. He is unselfish and makes teammates better around him. His vision makes up for a lack of speed. Oh, and his midrange jumper is deadly. He's crafty. On top of all that, Ginobili is a winner with a team-first attitude. Ginobili's There is so much more to Ginobili's game not seen in the record books, but on his fingers with four world championship rings.

Like Obama, Ginobili has spent most of his career coming off the bench and spreading the court. Spending time with Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, Ginobili learned to stay in his lane, opening up space for his fellow stars while following through on his own opportunities when available. This is the kind of attitude that wins. He may not own the highlight reel, but everyone wants to play with Manu Ginobili. There are a number of players who deserve honorable mention here. One of Obama's childhood idols was Tiny Archibald, but he is too fast for Obama.

Wolff has compared Obama to Lenny Wilkens , but Wilkens is perhaps too much of a classic point guard and too outdated. Maybe Obama's current game would have made him a star in the 60s, but our focus is on the modern NBA. For the record, Obama, speaking in Buenos Aires last March, had this to say about Ginobili: "I can confirm that he is not only a nice guy but also one of the best players in the world -- and a proud Argentinian.

So he is a great champion. Obama's jump shot is quick. Too quick.

Barack Obama's right-hand man

He plays a little hot potato with the basketball. Obama brings the ball up and releases it around his head-level. This is too low and too close to his body. Watch Kellogg follow his arms through and release above his head. Obama loses backspin and has more difficulty shooting above a defender. But as long as Obama makes his shots, he doesn't care.

And Obama does beat Kellogg in this game. As mentioned, Obama is a pass-first player. His dishes are quick. He relies on a left-hand dribble to left-hand chest pass mentality.

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Obama also shows off a strong spin right in this clip which uses a left-hand dribble. On a campaign stop in Kuwait to hang with soldiers, Obama put his midrange game on display by making his only shot, a jumper from just inside the three-point line:.

Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas

This is where our story gets a bit sad. As the story goes, Obama's basketball career took a turn in one day after Thanksgiving. While playing at Fort McNair, Obama took an elbow to the mouth and needed four stitches. Although he continues to pick up a basketball and other sporting goods when placed in front of him, Obama, now 55, has limited his on-court play. White House records show Obama to have played basketball outside of the White House or Camp David 49 times in his first five years in office.


But he has not officially put basketball on his schedule since Nov. Basketball was hope; golf is reality. This is probably more than an objective decision. Obama's health has changed during his tenure in office and not just with his hair. Given all of that, perhaps his move to golf was as inevitable as time itself," Fletcher says. Obama is facing the reality no athlete wants to see.

His prime is over and it's not coming back. That suave midrange jumper, the quick left hand, the court-vision. They are not what they once were. No, he can't keep up with former college and pro players. That's just empty hope. The objective answer is yes. Barack Obama is a good basketball player. Obviously "good" is a relative term. An unskilled player like Joe Biden may look at Obama and think he is a great player while a college player like Arne Duncan may think Obama is a scrub. We are taking this from an outsider's view.

Among the millions of people in the world who play basketball, Obama had an amateur career is probably in the top quarter. Imagine you met a guy with these credentials:. That's a good player. No, Obama is not a superstar. He was never a college recruit. He's not about to show up in Rucker Park and be the first pick. He doesn't have written accolades to show off. But get it right. When we ask, "Is Obama good at basketball? Sure, you could say Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is not a good basketball player now.