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Hi i'm trying to find a song the lyrics go way way where way where all day if you down like it on nijah finsta page. Hi I'm trying to find a song a love songs it goes"if I spend the night I spend my life girl you know ill spend my life with you".

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Hi guys! Can people put down the lyrics that they know , type of genre, and if it was a female or male singer? That would help a lot. I'm looking for a song. The lyrics are : Oh, girl don't play me for a fool acting like we're cool, comming back to say you're sorry I guess you heard the news Now you're trying to get back on me Dont call me up asking me for second chances You fed enough i'm not playing games no more Can get your stuff dont expect to conversate 'cause I ain't got time for another goodbye no Looking for a song i hear and i only know a few lyrics from it not much to go on i know but heres hoping "If i could save your life i would give you mine" "i will never ever let you down".

Is like electro or house or i don't know. I heard a song in a FV show, but it was some hard to hear, it was something like this: something in water, something in the wall Guys, if you help me please to find this song you can find anything. I don t know the lyrics unfortunately. All I know is an american rapp song performed by several rappers and it is a short interview at the final of it.

I am looking for a song that I heard a couple of years ago, I don't remember the lyrics or the singer. But I vaguely remember a few words, it goes 'Break it I am just going crazy as I cannot recollect the song or the singer. I think its from the 90s. Many thanks. The movie is about a singer who use to be popular and his plant water girl and they write a song for a famous pop star.

I can't remember the song, but the lyrics go like: "we'll always find you It's a hard situation and I need to let it go It' a pop song by a female singer.

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I'm looking for a song that plays during the end montage of Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Ep Female singer, lyrics include "I'm just like a stranger that you don't even know, so I close my eyes and fade to black, and I need you right now but I can't go back, and it feels so cold out here alone, baby there's no way out, there's no way out" HELP! I am looking for a song sounds like Whitesnake. It has lyrics like 'You can't love me" and "up and down". I'm looking for a song that I remember listening to years ago Before the music starts, it plays the recording of a girl who's addressing a boy she likes.

Find song by lyrics

She says things about high school, I think, and says "my voice is kind of hoarse". That's the only literal quote I remember. If I recall correctly, something along the lines of high school now being over and them moving to different cities I'm a little fuzzy on that. It was really cute how she talked to him and I'd like to hear it again. Not a lot to go on, I know.

Why are there different ways of saying the same thing?

I've tried other lyrics search engines, but to no avail. Appreciate any help. Hi l'm looking for a song sung by a male and female duet. In the song they are married and sitting together and watching around them. If you listen to the lyrics closely you realise it 8s a gospel song. Hey im looking for a song sung by a woman, and its a rather new song, from to now i believe, Its about a woman single mother working for her child to have good life and theres something about the beach or ocean, Please let me know if you find it! That's all i remember. I am looking for a song about the "Weekend.

It was sung by a male singer. I can't remember all the words, but here is the refrain: "And we have the weekend to paint the town To go out dancing with the inside crowd But Sunday night I get blue when the weekend is through And I have to say goodnight to you And the weekend" This song got radio time and may have made the top forty.

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It is remarkable no one remembers it. Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of. Pardhu 25 June Reply I'm searching for song in star movies ad I'm not afraid of anything can u plz tel a link to download it. Sithobekile 25 June Reply Am looking for the song when you get to heavensome morning fair l need the words please someone help. Peter Taylor 25 June Reply There's a song from either the 60s or 70s, sung by a female vocalist, that includes the line 'my own baby daughter, my raggedy I'm not sure about this word!

Crystal 26 June Reply your life's a routine that repeats each day no one cares who you are or what you say and sometimes you feel like your nobody but you can feel like somebody with me. Xal 26 June Reply Does anyone know the title of the song? Igor Martins 26 June Reply Guys, help me please! Igor Martins 27 June Reply Its not : maybe even the right era could be 90's to early Anon 26 June Reply Can someone please help me? Tamas 26 June Reply Hello I am looking for a song, i have some lyrics but it is limited: "i have got to town to show my love what is all about, fading up, fading up to have a lazy times, i have got a heart" Thank you in advance.

Igor Martins 26 June Reply Looking for a song, female singer, sounds like 90'or , its look like that diva's voice.. Anonymous 28 June Reply Alone by Heart? Anonymous 27 June Reply I'm looking for a song by a n early? Nate 27 June Reply It goes U will never be alone u will never be alone. You 02 July Reply Can you be more specific? Male or female singer what about the instruments? Other lyrics? Nickole 03 July Reply Christian? King of my Heart? Anonymous 27 June Reply Hey, I am looking for a song that I think has the lyrics "but friends don't do this" it spoke about how friends don't kiss etc and I am pretty sure it was rnb and a female singer was singing it honestly could be a male artist I completely forgot.

Lowe 27 June Reply I'm looking for a song which lyrics are "shake me, shake me, i'm going down. Anonymous 27 June Reply Looking for a song. Hannah 03 July Reply Test and recognize by seekae. Salman Tahir 27 June Reply Im looking for a song that i heard but cant find its name We can go back live for the moment Its in the past embrace the moment Its now now or never now now forever. Honey ball 28 June Reply Did u find it?? Rozla 27 June Reply Looking for a song wich has "I won't get your love", is a lyric video which has in it a asian girl and a boy and the song is about exposing your love to your crush.

Anonymus 27 June Reply I'm looking for a song that has the refrain I think "I won't get your love". Konja gmail. Anonymous 28 June Reply im trying to figure out what this song is but its def not yonder google is telling me its yonder peace of mind but its not that song Would you whisper my name, little Darling In the night when you're so sad and blue Are my tears that follow a reminder That you left me for somebody new Chorus: Would you ever come back into memory Would you think of our love that used to be As your heart comes from beneath the river Is my picture in a tear you cried for me Did you hear that ol' night bird cryin' He's cryin' for someone who's gone away???

Peter Bengtsson 28 June Reply Any of these? Hassan 28 June Reply Hey. Jospeh 28 June Reply Looking for a song where a guy says " wait on me wait on you" I guess, I had an Oriental chorus to it. Julio 28 June Reply My song is really slow and there is a part where it says Don't Anonymous 28 June Reply I am looking for a song which involves what are thinking about when your hand is around me as i was thinking about all the possibilities your world is a place I want to be lyrics.

Debra Davidson 29 June Reply Hi, I am watching a Korean drama called Yellow Boots also known as Ice Adonis with Lee Yoo Ri and there is a scene in the 4th episode where she is in a cafe with her boyfriend about minutes in and the background music, which is fleeting, has a really haunting female voice and melody. Anonymous 29 June Reply I'm looking for a song. Female vocals voice like destination calabria. Debby Madonna 29 June Reply Hello, i'm looking for a song with the lyrics "Nobody know, who i really am. Anonymous 02 July Reply The lyrics are: "Nobody knows who I really am, I never felt this empty before, And if I need something to come along, Whose gonna comfort me and keep me strong?

Anonymous 29 June Reply I am looking for a song but i don't remember the singer, I love thats my love I love thats my love say I will always love my baby so just follow me follow go see my mama. T 30 June Reply Hi, I'm looking for the name of a song that has these lyrics in it "you walk a thousand miles to find your way back home, you take a bird at his words to find out who you are, i can't find you and i'm moving so slow, i can't find you and i don't know".

TK 30 June Reply Suddenly remembered a song on top of my head. Lee Asbury 30 June Reply I think its great. Anonymous 30 June Reply Hello everyone!!!

Nazis Are Just Like You and Me, Except They're Nazis

Christina Rodriguez 30 June Reply Hello, I am looking for as song with these lyrics "And We all gather all together, from the hills we knew so well. The former. The way to figure it out is to separate it into two sentences - "If you eat like Bob you will be healthy. Turn the question around. Both are correct depending on many factors.

But that's not right. It should be "If you eat like Bob and I [both eat] I goes with We, Me goes with Us. Correct would be Bob and me in this example. The correct answer is they are both correct. When prepositions are followed by nouns or pronouns, they take the accusative case - "me, her, them" - rather than the nominative "I, she, they".

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EG: "If you follow advice from people like them, you will never go wrong". Prepositions can also be followed by clauses, in which case the rule above does not apply as the clause hangs off the preposition, not just the noun or pronoun. EG: "If you follow advice like they give, you wil never go wrong". So if you hear an implied "do" in the phrase above like Bob and I [do]" , then "I" is correct.

If you don't, "me" is correct. So both are correct. Or at least, neither is incorrect. On preview - phatkitten and others have it posted by genesta at PM on August 14, [ 2 favorites ]. There is no implied duplication of the verb in the grammar of that sentence. Grammatically it's only correct English to say "If you eat like Bob and me" because you would say "If you eat like Bob" and "If you eat like me. So rewriting the sentence is generally the best plan.

Ho boy. Do you realized that you've just declared all similes ungrammatical? They're not. They're standard prescriptive English, taught in every schoolroom in the land. I don't even know what to do with your declaration that "bigger than me" is ungrammatical. That strikes me as literally insane. If I may throw in an additional wrench because I enjoy watching prescriptivists' heads spin : shouldn't it be as rather than like?

I think any educated person would agree that using like in this context makes Baby Grammar Jesus cry. Look, both are understandable, and explicable. But if someone asks "what is proper ", I presume that they are asking what is formal style. In that case, the first alternative is high style, the second is not. I know MeFi has a few copy editors, and I will do some virtual hat-eating if any of them chime in to approve "If you eat like Bob and I" unless it's a verbatim quote.

Respectfully, genesta, both are not correct. The correct grammatical structure here is "me". There is plenty of interesting psychological discussion around why we might prefer "I", but as written the sentence is only correctly composed one way. Ok, forget my previous explanation. Here's what wikipedia says: Usage prescriptionists tend to follow early grammarian Robert Lowth in his assertion that than is a conjunction, and that it therefore governs the nominative case.

Yet prior to Lowth's asserion, than was far more commonly taken to govern the oblique case, more commonly referred to today as the "objective case" [1]. The usage of many notable English writers is consistent with this view, e. William Shakespeare, whose play Julius Caesar contains the line: A man no mightier than thyself or me. In actual usage, than functions as both conjunction and preposition; when it is used as a conjunction, it governs the nominative case, and when a preposition, the oblique case.

So prescriptivists would favor "I," although it's been used both ways for some time. It's not clear to me. I vote for "Bob and I," but it looks like we need languagehat to clean this up. Oh, and somewhat more constructively: I believe I was taught all that business about "implied" or "understood" verbs with than and as , but I don't remember being taught it with like. Prescriptively, you're supposed to write "He is taller than I" because there's always prescriptively! This strikes me as horseshit, though, and even in formal writing I treat than as capable of taking a noun phrase complement like other prepositions -- so I'd write "He is taller than me".

The context of my formal writing was linguistics, though, where you can get away with just about anything that doesn't sound flatly ungrammatical.

Nowhere Man | The Beatles

Here's what wikipedia says: That wikipedia article is about the word "than". The sentence in question uses the work "like", which is indisputably a preposition in this case. It can't even function as a conjunction. Or is that last sentence ungrammatical? Do I need to say "It can't even function as a conjunction can function"? I don't. Imply any verb you like, and it sounds like you're trying to make it conform to the rules your 7th grade English teacher taught you and not like you're actually correct. I love languagehat, but he isn't the only linguist here! Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition, 5.

Aside: I believe this controversy exists because of the difficult question of the proper use of case in comparisons. However, this is not a difficult case like that. Nor is it the"wrong" but perfectly idiomatic "Bob and me went to the store. Here you go. Wow, ten whole comments before we got the obligatory kneejerk antiprescriptivist screed! Metafilter, you're improving. I'm going to join in with the opinion that they are both grammatically correct sentences with subtly different meanings or possibly just different parses leading to the same meaning , though as N-s and IAJS point out the second one could also be a hypercorrected version of the first.

The first one sounds more natural to me, but if sentences like "If you eat like Bob and I drink, then I go with you eat like Bob and I [eat] as entirely correct; like Bob and me is incorrect English, but perfectly fine for nonformal usage. It's "me". Chicago Manual of Style is wrong.

It's a style guide. By definition, it can't be "wrong. To me, and my ears are just as valid and unofficial as anyone else's: the first example "Bob and me" sounds informal but fine, the second "Bob and I" sounds pompous. Only Oh pretty baby, you're my motivator Got me changing my words and my behavior Pretty lady, you're my operator, got me dialing your number just to hear ya.

Dream dream dream dream Dreamworld Take, take me over, oh take me over, I don't want to wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up. Stuck Time goes by and still I am stuck on you Yeah time goes by and still I am stuck on you, you. You were my one, you were my one When all has been said, all has been done You were my one, you were my one Now I am left reaching above me.

Time goes by and still I am stuck on you, you Time goes by and still I am stuck on you, you.

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Why did you leave, why did you go leaving me lonely? Come back to me. You were my one, you were my one When all has been said, all has been done You were my one, you were my one Now I am left reaching above me Time goes by and still I am stuck on you, you Yeah time goes by and still I am stuck on you, you Time goes by and still I am stuck on you, you Yeah time goes by and still I am stuck on you, stuck on you As time goes by, as time goes by Time goes by and still I am stuck on you, you Time goes by and still I am stuck on you, you.

Where did we all go wrong? Love, love, love La la la love, love, love La la la love, love, love La la la love, love, love Where did we all, Where did we all go wrong? All around the world We are one We are one All around the world We are one.