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The Belgian cartoonist Peyo introduced Smurfs to the world in a series of comic strips, making their first appearance in the Belgian comics magazine Le Journal de Spirou on October 23, The English-speaking world perhaps knows them best through the s animated television series from Hanna-Barbera Productions, The Smurfs. Johan serves as a brave young page to the king, and Pirlouit pronounced Peer-loo-ee functions as his faithful, if boastful and cheating, midget sidekick. This time, they had the mission of recovering a magic flute, which required some sorcery by the wizard Homnibus.

The characters proved to be a huge success, and the first independent Smurf stories appeared in Spirou in , together with the first merchandising. With the commercial success of The Smurf empire came the merchandising empire of Smurf miniatures, models, games, and toys. Entire collecting clubs devote themselves to collecting PVC Smurfs.

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This is the list of the original French-language comic issues. Some of them are anthologies of several stories. The storylines tend to be simple tales of bold adventure. For instance, Handy Smurf wears overalls instead of the standard trousers, a brimmed hat, and a pencil above his ear.

Smurfs can walk and run, but often move by skipping on both feet.

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They love to eat smilax leaves, whose berries the smurfs naturally call smurfberries the smurfberries appear only in the cartoon; in the original comics, the Smurfs only eat the leaves from the smilax. The male Smurfs almost never appear without their hats, which leaves a mystery amongst the fans as to whether they have hair or not. Another episode, St. Both Papa Smurf and Grandpa Smurf have full beards and hair visibly coming from under their hats above the earline.

All smurfs but Papa, Baby, Nanny and Grandpa are said to be years old, and there are normally smurfs but this number increases as new smurf characters appear: smurflings, Nanny, etc. In return, each smurf appears to be given their necessities of life, from housing and clothes to food.

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Some have argued that the foundation of smurf society resembles the basic principles of Communism. It was implied a number of times that the smurfs all understood each other due to subtle variations in intonation that Johan or PeeWit or the viewers could not detect.

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Papa Smurf himself kept out of the argument, having more important things on his mind. But when the conflict led to all-out war, he had to resort to desperate measures to restore order. This story is considered a parody on the still ongoing taalstrijd language war between French Walloon and Dutch Flemish speaking communities in Belgium. The Smurfs live in houses made from mushrooms or houses that just look like mushrooms often built of stone , somewhere in the middle of a deep forest.

Johan and Peewit would make visits, as well as a number of other forest natives but it is otherwise not possible for a human to find the smurf village except when led by a smurf. In , a black-and-white minute animated film called Les Aventures des Schtroumpfs was released in theatres in Belgium. It consisted of five short cartoons made in the previous years for broadcasting on Walloon TV. German copies and copies with Dutch subtitles are known to exist. Michel Legrand provided the musical score to the film.

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The film would in be released in the United States after the animated series became popular there in an English language dubbed version, produced by Stuart R. The project had been in various stages of development since The new movie was planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Smurfs but has been postponed to Summer In , Stuart R.

Ross, an American media and entertainment entrepreneur who saw the Smurfs while travelling in Belgium, entered into an agreement with Editions Dupuis and Peyo, acquiring North American and other rights to the characters. The show became a major success for NBC, spawning spin-off television specials on an almost yearly basis. Ebooks and Manuals

The series is still being shown regularly on many channels throughout the world. The cartoon is now distributed direct from Warner Bros. Television; Time Warner is the current owner of all Hanna-Barbera properties now known as Cartoon Network Studios , having inheirited them in their merger with Turner Broadcasting.

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Some episodes are available through the online video service In2TV. Warner Bros. In Australia volumes are available of The Smurfs, And according to ezydvd. The Smurfs was noted for its frequent use of classical music as background music or themes for particular events. Notable works found in the Smurfs include: [7]. Dupuis, editor of the Smurf comics, first produced smurf figurines in The first one was a series of three figurines, 5 centimeters tall Papa, Normal and Angry , followed in the next decade by some larger figurines.

Those were only for sale in French- and Dutch-speaking countries.

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In the s, smurfs were also produced by rival German company Bully. In this story, Papa Smurf leaves the village and a clever Smurf Brainy in the cartoon manages to gain power by winning an election through exaggerated election promises, and later turns into a dictator-type king. Later, the Spy Smurfs manage to liberate the political prisoner, while Brainy Smurf gets captured in the process.

A running gag through is that no-one is interested in liberating Brainy Smurf who thinks they are. It was sculpted by Monique Mol. At the Grasmarkt in Brussels a five metres high statue of a Smurf on a toadstool can be seen. It was sculpted by Maryline Garbe and revealed on June 25, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Belgian comics series by Peyo.

The New York Times.

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Retrieved The Independent. Nederlandse Omroep Stichting. The Smurfs. Pierre "Peyo" Culliford Yvan Delporte. The Smurfs The Smurfs 2 Categories : Belgian comic strips Belgian comics characters Comics featuring anthropomorphic characters Lombard Editions titles The Smurfs Star Comics titles Dupuis titles French-language literature comics debuts Comics characters introduced in Comics by Peyo Comics set in the Middle Ages Humor comics Gag-a-day comics Fantasy comics Adventure comics Comics spin-offs Belgian comics adapted into films Comics adapted into animated films Comics adapted into television series Comics adapted into animated series Comics adapted into video games.

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Peyo [1]. Dupuis [2]. Original material for the series has been published as a strip in the Belgian comics magazine Spirou magazine, and as a set of graphic novels.