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George Kuo

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  2. Aloha No Na Kupuna – Love for the Elders – George Kuo Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar
  3. Lei ‘o Kohala

To me, the colors represent fertility - blue for water and green for verdant growth. From then on, one can find the vivid colors and textures of the mele portrayed in the vivid colors and textures of the photos and design. A common current runs through and across every page.

Although outside people will notice only the beautiful front of the lei, that beauty depends on how skillfully the backing has been made. Also, this picture in the booklet and on the back of the jacket is a tribute to my late kumu for lei-making, master Diane Amadeo.

HULA Le'a Presents HAWAIIAN MELE CD-BOX [Limited Release] Tracklisting

He Aloha. It includes seven originals composed by Pueo and another original by fellow kumu hula Pono Murray. Six standards, arranged and performed with originality, compelling musical accompaniment, and lucious harmonies, complete this tribute to love. Guest musicians include Aaron Sala on piano and Jeff Au Hoy on Hawaiian steel, contributing a feel so classic and traditional it again seems contemporary. Whether a classic Hawaiian song from a century or more ago or his newest composition, Pueo treats the mele of He Aloha.

The result brings his music full-circle so that what was once considered traditional has again become contemporary. Lum Ho saw her grow from diapers to ti-leaf skirt, but she never dreamed of being a solo dancer. So when Lum Ho first asked her to enter the competition, she declined. It took a lot of soul-searching to change her mind. Oda won the Miss Aloha Hula title by one point, not uncommon for this high-level competition.

Most students spend six months to a year of intensive training to prepare for their fourteen minutes on the Merrie Monarch stage.

Aloha No Na Kupuna – Love for the Elders – George Kuo Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

All of which bring the art to its highest expression. Recalling her favorite performances and poignant moments, her eyes tear as she talks about the hard work and heart of each dancer. The language component of the festival has taken on more importance in recent years with the addition of oli, demanding that dancers know much more than just the movements of hula.

They make their costumes and their implements, their lei and their skirts. You have to live it. In the girl she entered got sick the day of the competition. When they tap into the energy of the mele, they have that well of emotion to draw from. Ku'u Hoa. Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u. Kuu Lei Awapuhi.

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Lei Nani. Lovely Hula Hands. Mana'o Pili. Manu O'o. Maui Girl. Maui Hawaiian Suppa Man. Meleana E. Mele Kalikimaka. Mokihana Lullaby. My Little Grass Shack. My Sweet Gardenia Lei. My Yellow Ginger Lei.

Lei ‘o Kohala

Na U'i O Kaua'i. Namolokama La.

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Nani Hanalei. Nani Kauai. Nani Lawai. Nani O Kauai. Nani Venuse. Nani Waimea. Nohili E. No Ke Ano Ahiahi.

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O Oe Io. Papalina Lahilahi. Po La'ila'i. Pua Carnation.

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Pua Hone. Pua Lilia. Pua Lililehua.