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Interestingly, if only the chalice hits the gate, the game is won but the chalice immediately reappears next to the bat again a bat's held object is automatically given the same room number as the bat, and the collision routine that moves objects into castles no longer executes when the game is inactive.

Use the key to close the gate and drop the key on the gate before it completely closes. Wait a few seconds and then return. Pull down and your character will appear picture 5. Magnet can be used to drag items across castle gates, dropping them inside. Rooms are shuffled around to make the map smaller. The upper room of the catacombs "dungeon" is used as the black castle interior. So dragons wandering around can end up inside the castle just from following room links I'm not sure if this was intended, because the programmer stressed that he wanted all paths to be retraceable.

An object can also leave the black castle the same way. The passage was originally intended to lead to the upper part of the white castle i. Warren Robinett decided not to use this idea, but the wall graphics were not corrected. From Warren: "One of these exits is the normal one through the door of the castle, but the other exit, from the hard-to-get-to room in Section 2, leads to the 'balcony' of the White Castle.

The link from the Red Maze to the balcony is one-way, however; it is not possible to go back into the Red Maze from the balcony.

Castle Black

This violates my principle of making all paths retraceable, and was a mistake--an earlier idea that was rejected but never expunged". On the very same day that the last brick was laid, however, Aegon Targaryen and his sisters landed with their army from Dragonstone at the mouth of the Blackwater river, along with their three dragons , beginning the War of Conquest. Harren thought the walls of his massive castle could withstand any assault, but he did not realize that dragons could simply fly over them.

In the Burning of Harrenhal , Aegon used his dragon Balerion to roast King Harren and all of his sons alive within their own tower. Harrenhal was blasted with dragonfire and left half-ruined. Afterwards, Aegon Targaryen granted Harrenhal to his bannermen of House Qoherys , which eventually became extinct. All of them, like the Hoares and Qoherys before them, died out, leading to the castle to be considered a cursed place. Several tales are told of Harrenhal, including the tale of Mad Lady Lothston , the flaming ghosts of Harren and his sons, and of servants who go to sleep and are found turned to ashes the following day.

Harrenhal is seen as something of a white elephant: while it is technically the biggest castle in Westeros, it is so ridiculously large that the surrounding area cannot possibly produce the necessary food to support the massive army needed to fully man it. Rulers of Harrenhal usually lose money and resources simply by possessing it. As a result, Harrenhal is rarely if ever fully manned.

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Moreover, it was never fully repaired after being blasted with dragonfire by the Targaryens three hundred years ago, which combined with the fact that the garrison is never as large as the fortifications require, means that Harrenhal really isn't one of the most defensibly formidable castles in Westeros. The surrounding lands subject to Harrenhal are actually some of the richest and most fertile in all of Westeros, being located in the watersheds of both the Trident River and Gods Eye lake.

Atari Compendium

In peacetime, a noble House can actually become quite wealthy from holding Harrenhal - provided that they hire only a skeleton force to defend it instead of a full garrison. It is a testament to the sheer size of the castle that even the most productive farmlands in Westeros cannot support enough troops to fully garrison it.

Nonetheless, the unwary often see Harrenhal as a great reward or prize in war, without pausing to consider that there is actually little net profit in holding it. In Season 2, it is used as the main forward base for Tywin Lannister 's army in the Riverlands during his campaign against Robb Stark. However, the Lannisters later withdraw their forces to defend King's Landing in the decisive Battle of the Blackwater. At the beginning of Season 3 the abandoned castle is re-captured by the Northern army Robb Stark's maternal grandmother was a Whent, so he has some direct claim to the castle , and Robb left a detachment of the Northern army under Roose Bolton to hold the castle.

However in Season 4, Locke is seen at Bolton's side back in the North. It now is unclear who is Lord of Harrenhal and who holds the castle in real terms.

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  4. Catelyn Stark recognizes a knight of Harrenhal at the Crossroads Inn and asks him if he is loyal to Lady Whent and Catelyn's father, Whent's liege lord. When he replies this is the case, she asks his aid in restraining Tyrion Lannister and receives it. Following the Lannister defeat at the Battle of the Whispering Wood , Lord Tywin Lannister announces that he will take his army of 30, men, capture Harrenhal and use it as the forward base for his army in the Riverlands while Robb Stark 's numerically superior forces consolidate near Riverrun.

    Arya Stark , Gendry , and Hot Pie are taken prisoner and taken to Harrenhal, which serves as a rallying point for the Lannister troops warring in the Riverlands. Here they are witness to horrific torture inflicted upon the smallfolk by Lannister torturers in search for the Brotherhood Without Banners. Later Tywin Lannister arrives to take command over the forces operating the Riverlands and scolds the Lannister torturers for not putting the smallfolk to work serving the war cause. Tyrion Lannister offers Harrenhal to Petyr Baelish along with lordship over all of the Riverlands in exchange for his aid in the release of Jaime Lannister.

    Later on Arya escapes from Harrenhal with the help of Jaqen H'ghar. The Northern army prepares to seize Harrenhal, only to find that Ser Gregor Clegane has already abandoned the castle and put all the Northern and Riverlands prisoners to the sword. Jaime Lannister arrives at Harrenhal, having been captured and maimed by Bolton's hunter Locke , along with Brienne of Tarth , who was taking him back to King's Landing in exchange for Catelyn Stark 's daughters on Catelyn's orders.

    Among the terms Walder Frey sends Robb Stark to renew his alliance with House Stark , he demands Harrenhal and all its attendant lands and income. Harrenhal never passes to House Frey. Set it to b-w if you are playing the game in black and white.

    While the Evil Magician has created many hazards to slow you in your quest to rescue the Enchanted Chalice, there is some Good Magic on your side: You have a Sword that you can use to slay the Dragons To do this, you must touch him with it. If the right difficulty switch is in the a position all Dragons will run from the Sword. There is a Bridge that can be used to pass over the walls of any portion of the Kingdom.

    The Bridge CANNOT be used to pass through any barrier into the next portion, nor can it be used to move from right to left or left to right over a barrier or wall. Pick up the Bridge the same way you would any other object. Place the Bridge across the wall that you wish to pass over and release it by pushing the red controller button.

    The ends of the Bridge must be visible on both sides of the wall for it to work. After releasing the Bridge you can then pass through it to the other side of the wall or barrier. If you should happen to touch the inside of the Bridge while you are passing over the barrier, the Bridge will close and you may become trapped as well. To release yourself, press the red controller button. If, for some reason, your magic should fail and you still cannot release yourself, press game reset and "reincarnate". Use reincarnation as a last resort, especially if you have slain one or more Dragons.

    The Evil Magician has cast a spell to make it difficult for you to succeed in resucing the Enchanted Chalice. Not only do the Dragons rally around and try to stop you from getting the Enchanted Chalice, they guard other objects in the Kingdom: Grundle, the Green Dragon, guards the Magnet, the Bridge, and the Black Key. Rhindle, the Red Dragon, guards the White Key.

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    Sometimes he will assist Grundle or Rhindle in guarding whatever it may be that they are guarding. There is other Bad Magic that you must overcome in order to rescue the Enchanted Chalice:. Some Magic can be good or bad, depending on the situation: You can catch the Black Bat and carry it and whatever the Black Bat may be carrying.

    However, sometimes the Black Bat will escape usually at the most inopportune times. If there are four or more objects including the Castle Gates in your area of the Kingdom, your magic may or may not work.

    Publisher Description

    Sometimes you can slay a Dragon, sometimes you can't. However, it is easier to avoid being swallowed by a Dragon. If you have slain a Dragon, and he is blocking your path so you cannot get through, you can use this to your advantage by placing one or two objects in the same area and then move through the slain Dragon. Sometimes the Black Bat can be used to your advantage by getting it to swap for an object you need that may be stuck in a wall.