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  1. Beware the Boojum: caveats and strengths of avian radar
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Modern digital radar processors automatically extract target information, including such various target attributes as location, speed, heading, intensity, and radar cross-section size as functions of time. Such data can be stored indefinitely, providing a rich resource for ornithologists and wildlife managers.

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We also discuss 1 weather radars and air-traffic control surveillance radars that could be used to monitor birds on larger, coarser spatial scales; 2 other nonsurveillance radar configurations, such as vertically scanning radars used for vertical profiling of birds along a particular corridor; and 3 Doppler, single-target tracking radars used for extracting radial velocity and wing-beat frequency information from individual birds for species identification purposes. Beason, Robert C. Animal Sciences Commons. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content.

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Beware the Boojum: caveats and strengths of avian radar

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