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I'm not really sure what else to say about that This shirt is not made of pre-shrunk cotton, so if you're planning on putting it in the dryer, it will shrink just a little. I use water-based inks for all my prints, which are great because they sink right into the fabric instead of sitting on the surface.

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Chest measured from seam to seam under each arm, length measure from highest point of neckline to bottom. The shirts will be mailed out days after purchase, using Canada Post and will arrive in a white plastic envelope that will keep your shirt or sweater safe and dry! Within Canada, shirts will be sent as letter mail, with estimated times being 4 or more days. This basic service does not provide a tracking number, and delivery times are not guaranteed.

For orders to the US, I use a standard airmail option that does not provide tracking.

Bambury Printed Poncho Pal (Fishy Wishy)

Canada Post estimates business days to the US, but it can take 2 weeks or longer, depending upon how long it gets held up in customs, and where in the US it's heading. If you need an item to arrive by a certain date, let me know, and I can arrange additional shipping charges. Despite their reluctance, they grant his wish. At first, Timmy is thrilled to have Christmas every day, but things soon take a sour turn, as he begins to notice when he starts receiving less and less presents for obvious reasons.

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And because Christmas now falls on every day, all the schools, stores, and businesses remain closed, and everybody has become so sick of Christmas that the armed forces are working to shoot Santa's sleigh down. Even worse, the mascots for the other holidays led by the Easter Bunny and consisting of Baby New Year , Cupid , and The April Fool are furious that their respective holidays can no longer come because of Timmy's wish.

Unfortunately, Timmy cannot reverse his wish, because every Christmas Eve, all the fairies in Fairy World transfer their magic to Santa so that he can make his annual journey, and they do not get it back till Christmas is over; obviously, since Christmas is still going on, Cosmo and Wanda cannot reverse the wish. The angry holiday mascots, planning to banish Santa to the non-existent date of February 33rd, kidnap Cosmo and Wanda in order to use what remains of their magic against Santa's and take off in the April Fool's bus.

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Using a high-speed snowmobile, Timmy makes his way to Greenland, all the while getting help from other kids who celebrate Christmas, soon catching up with the holiday mascots. This year I am getting Fishy our fish Wishy died earlier this year a new bubble maker. When it comes to holiday gifts for our pets we always shop at PetSmart.

Actually, all of our pet supplies come from PetSmart. Our dog even gets groomed at PetSmart.

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  7. PetSmart was kind enough to send our pets some goodies recently. The package included dog and cat toys, collars and sweaters. Our dog Espn anxiously waiting for me to empty out the box. Espn tired of waiting — he wants to explore the box NOW!


    Espn waiting for me to toss him his new toy. Our cat Bella especially loved a little plastic ball with a bell inside. It came inside a big, clear ornament ball.

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    4. She went crazy for this toy and had a fun time playing with it. We often hear her in the middle of the night batting it around. I snapped a quick video of Bella in action with the toy from PetSmart.