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And then another one. And then another. His fellow long-distance hikers speak of him in mythical terms. They told me that, in order to avoid foot infections, he had chosen to have all 10 of his toenails surgically removed. The exhibition marks 70 years of the house of Dior and begins simply with a classic gown from Even before Grenfell Tower, the job was never easy, plunging firefighters into life-and-death situations that can be hard to forget. And with unprecedented cuts to services, and ever-expanding responsibilities, morale is dangerously low.

How hot is it? Are there cylinders that might explode? Have I got enough air? Am I going to have to turn back? On Last Week Tonight, the host discussed the dangers of Sinclair Broadcast Group, a rightwing media network, acquiring a slew of local news stations. Meanwhile, local news often has to do a lot more with a lot less. What do you see when you look at an elephant? Elephants have such sad expressive faces that is hard to imagine how anyone could harm them. They have drawn lips and sagging shoulders; a long, drooping demeanour; sad, knowing eyes capable of laying on the guilt.

Yet, it would appear that guilt is not enough to save them. Eighty years ago there were perhaps 6 to 9 million African and Asian elephants. Today there are roughly half a million left. Day by day, they are getting closer to extinction. Perhaps we need some new ideas. Perhaps it is time for a different perspective on why elephants need saving. Rather than their bodies, maybe it is their shared memories and experience that we might one day come to value. The band, one of the biggest of the s, have vowed to carry on without their lead singer after he quit with a cryptic message on social media.

Tony Hadley, the frontman of the band known for songs True and Gold, seemingly did not find it hard to write the next line, when he posted a message on Twitter and Facebook to say:.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Geri Allen, the jazz pianist, composer and educator, who has died of cancer aged 60, was one of those. In what ways do you see its cultural and social stamp today? It was a cultural reality that no one had spent much time thinking about. But there have always been single women, and there certainly have always been single women in the big cities.

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Ed Miliband and I are sitting in his rather swanky corner office in Portcullis House, Westminster, talking toilets. Dual-flush, or Victorian-style with the satisfying pull-chain? Toilets, along with dog-grooming and how to sing like a death metal star, were among the subjects Miliband discussed when he stood in for Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 for a week in June. Now his films barely scrape a release. What went wrong for the reclusive auteur? Related: Is Terrence Malick ahead of his time or out of date? But for an outsider auteur, Malick has sure been churning them out lately.

The finest Mediterranean recipes, as chosen by Observer Food Monthly, starting with pomegranate chicken, Venetian spaghettini with clams, and fragrant rice pudding. Using chicken thighs here makes it almost impossible to dry the meat out and ensures plenty of chicken flavour to come through the strong marinade. I am a year-old female with a healthy sexual appetite. I began watching pornography when I was 12 and increasingly got into more intense types, such as rape fantasies.

In my previous long-term relationship, I became uninterested sexually in my partner after about two years. Now I need a new partner each time I have sex. I started seeing a guy recently and on the first and second dates, I was very turned on, but by the third, not at all. Do I watch too much pornography?

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I doubt that pornography is the problem. Rape fantasies are quite common, so you can relax about that one.

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And since you maintained sexual interest with one particular partner for about two years you should not assume that this will be impossible in the future. It is most likely that casual sex is simply not exciting or fulfilling for you after the immediate novelty wears off. Like many women, you probably need to be more deeply connected to a partner in nonsexual ways in order to feel safe and thus allow lasting sexual desire to develop.

These Adriatic islets, many sparsely populated and little visited, are perfect for boat rides, great walking trails, lovely beaches and the odd bit of culture. Panoramic views take in mountains and deep-blue waters, from the surrounding Elaphiti archipelago to the Croatian mainland beyond. Just year-round residents share this car-free island, which measures less than 5 sq km. The island truly comes into its own in the early evening, once the last daytrippers have set sail for the mainland. A new study has found a link between lengthy exposure to low traffic noise or its equivalent and male fertility problems.

But how worried should we be? Noise pollution is, warns the World Health Organization, a growing hazard, second only to air pollution in its ill effects. It is obviously linked to sleep disturbance but also to heart attacks , tinnitus, strokes and even obesity. Noise has also been associated with increases in premature births and miscarriages, and this week its ill effects were extended to reducing male fertility.

A study, in the international journal Environmental Pollution , of , men in South Korea found that being exposed to noise levels of more than 55 decibels for four years, especially at night, was associated with an increase in fertility problems. When the authors of the study compared postcodes and the noise associated with them to fertility as measured by the quality of semen samples they found an increase in infertility for each 10 decibels of noise above 55 decibels.

The researchers tried to factor in other things that affect fertility, such as age, exercise, smoking, drinking, blood sugar, weight and medical history. Good old Harlem. Yeah, Harlem. What a place. Well, forget Harlem and get used to SoHa. Who are the linguistic dynamos behind this rebranding effort? An estate agent that, along with property developers and marketers, is always on the lookout for neighbourhoods that can be turned into brands and then monetised.

The attempt to rebrand a part of South Bronx waterfront known as Port Morris as the Piano District, only to be thwarted by hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz or so he claims? In London, there was a similarly ill-fated attempt to turn Fitzrovia into Noho. After troubled years of protest at the perceived erosion of those rights, the Guardian meets young Hong Kong citizens struggling to afford property, those moving abroad for opportunities, leaders of the pro-democracy umbrella movement and movers in the pro-Beijing establishment.

Most end up in landfill or in the ocean and by plastic waste is estimated to outweigh all the fish in the sea. Meet Keran Bunker, who has always struggled to keep jobs or a place to live and did not find out he had autism with ADHD until he was Relying on prompts and visual cues to get through the day, his condition frequently sabotages his efforts to lead a normal life. However, after trying to get back into work for two years, a new start with Deliveroo is beginning to show promising signs. Here he reflects on leaving Hong Kong and what the game plan should be going forward.

Le Monde. Com uma foto no Instagram, a filha de Demi Moore e Bruce Willis comemorou a data e afirmou estar muito orgulhosa. Que existo. Mas em nossa sociedade, em que todos somos aprisionados dentro O de Fermato un amico Foto Marcello Cenci si era da poco trasferito in Spagna per lavoro. Morto Paolo Villaggio, aveva 84 anni. Ma chi ha torto e chi ha ragione? Aumentano i soci Fatturato complessivo a 14, 5 miliardi.

Tutti i look da copiare Cocktail in giardino, cena sotto le stelle allo stesso tavolo, disco sulla spiaggia. Topless e sguardo da Lolita. Li riconosci? Then he spoke on Monday with President Xi Jinping. Child on Life Support British and European courts have ruled that a hospital can turn off life support for Charlie Gard, a month-old boy with a rare genetic disorder. Your Daily Mini Crossword Solve a bite-size crossword in just a few minutes.

Are Americans still feeling pride in a bitterly divided country? We hit the road to find out. Horowitz was fired. A person familiar with the matter said there were no legal claims against him or settlements made regarding allegations of harassment. Gorsuch has already written self-assured opinions and tussled with colleagues. But what do you do when you want to figure out your next move?

How to Become a Secret Service Agent Learn about five different training exercises recruits go through at this Secret Service training facility in Maryland. British newspapers had suggested the president might call at Downing Street between a G meeting in Germany and Bastille Day celebrations in France. Its changes offer a lens into how Canada is changing, too.

And the government is fighting back. China vows to step up air and sea patrols after U. Why a thousand movie theaters have closed their doors to fans in India Theater owners are protesting a tax hike that threatens to significantly increase the cost of movie tickets in the state of Tamil Nadu. Bashar al-Assad appears on Syrian banknotes for the first time ever "By putting his face on the new bill, Assad is putting his mark on the new Syria.

Qatar responds to the demands of Saudi Arabia as Trump weighs in The contents of its response were not revealed, as a new deadline was set. Political storm brews in Afghanistan as officials from ethnic minorities break with president, call for reforms and protests Public unrest has been building for a month since a huge bombing in Kabul.

A new frontier for diamond mining: The ocean Off southern Africa, high-tech ships vacuum up diamonds from the seafloor. Sarin was used in April attack on Syrian civilians, global watchdog confirms The report comes as Washington warns Syria once again not to use chemical weapons. French far-right leader charged with alleged E.

Her lawyer said she denies the charges and will fight to get the investigation suspended. Continue reading Jenna, by email Continue reading Related: Jay-Z addresses infidelity rumours on new album Continue reading Thirty years later, film-maker Charlie Lyne attempts to sort myth from reality as he searches for the truth behind this fishy tale Continue reading Related: Laura Robson crashes out of Wimbledon in first round for third year running Continue reading Related: Petra Kvitova could return to tennis within six months following knife attack Continue reading Don't call it the Trump administration.

Call it a regime Carol Anderson Trump has no desire or intention to govern. He wants to rule and make his word our command Carol Anderson is the author of White Rage Trump tweeted another string of bullying, misogynistic, anti-press rants and signaled once again the stark differences between a presidential administration and a White House regime.

The Grenfell residents should boycott a superficial public inquiry Jolyon Maugham Of course, what went wrong on the night of the blaze is important. Related: Survivors tell Grenfell inquiry chair the remit is too narrow Continue reading The way a Labour borough on the other side of London treats social housing tenants shows a similar disregard for human dignity Newspaper columns usually talk politics or policy, but not this one. Related: Trump may make 'sneak' visit to UK within fortnight Continue reading Drugs alone won't cure the epidemic of depression.

Grenades and plastic explosives stolen from Portuguese arsenal Thieves cut fence at Tancos military complex and take items including hand grenades and 1, rounds of ammunition Investigators in Portugal are looking into how a gang of thieves managed to break into the national arsenal and make off with an enormous haul of weapons including anti-tank grenades, plastic explosives and more than 1, rounds of ammunition. Donald Trump offers help for terminally ill baby Charlie Gard White House staff say they have spoken to British family who lost long legal fight to take son to US for treatment Donald Trump has offered to help the parents of a terminally ill baby who have lost a legal fight to take him to the United States for treatment.

Non-Syrians can come to UK as part of refugee programme, says Rudd Home secretary says Iraqis and others caught up in Syria crisis can be included among 20, to be resettled by The Syrian refugee resettlement programme, under which 20, vulnerable people are to be brought to Britain by , is to be expanded to include other nationalities caught up in the crisis. Emboldened by Trump, Israel pushes on with East Jerusalem settlement plans Rights groups condemn proposals for 1, housing units in the heart of a Palestinian neighbourhood Israel is pushing forward with controversial plans to build 1, new settlement housing units in occupied East Jerusalem in the largest proposed surge in construction in recent years.

Related: 'Your worst nightmare: a successful Donald Trump presidency' Continue reading Indian police cast doubt on woman's account of acid attack Officers in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, say evidence does not support claims of woman, who is recovering in intensive care Indian police say they have found no evidence that a woman who claims she has been the victim of at least two acid attacks was targeted again at the weekend. It all began with buying a new pair of shoes I have too many running shoes for my small London flat. Too many casserole dishes: how to navigate the wedding gift minefield The wedding gift list is full of potential pitfalls.

On the plus side, you can always sell them Wedding presents are nice in principle, but take it from me, the whole process can throw up more awkwardness than a table full of exes. The joy of an empty nest: six things to do when the kids move out Remember what it was like before they arrived? Age: Elephant 2. Tony Hadley, the frontman of the band known for songs True and Gold, seemingly did not find it hard to write the next line, when he posted a message on Twitter and Facebook to say: Continue reading Song to Song: should Terrence Malick take a break?

I quickly lose interest in my sexual partners. Is it because I watch too much? After the rain: what is happening to Hong Kong's democracy? After troubled years of protest at the perceived erosion of those rights, the Guardian meets young Hong Kong citizens struggling to afford property, those moving abroad for opportunities, leaders of the pro-democracy umbrella movement and movers in the pro-Beijing establishment Chinese president touches down as Hong Kong braces for mass protests Continue reading Most end up in landfill or in the ocean and by plastic waste is estimated to outweigh all the fish in the sea Continue reading However, after trying to get back into work for two years, a new start with Deliveroo is beginning to show promising signs Special thanks to River House Pizza Express, York and Deliveroo.

Here he reflects on leaving Hong Kong and what the game plan should be going forward Britain has demeaned itself with China Continue reading La construction risque aussi de prendre plusieurs mois de retard. Laut Polizei handelt es sich um einen Unfall. Allerdings muss der Deutsche eine Art von Sozialstunden ableisten. Der Vorfall birgt politischen Konfliktstoff. Das ist nicht nur wohlfeil. Es ist dreist. War da was? Dabei war er kurz vor dem Ziel noch aus der Pedale gerutscht. Von einem Rennen war aber nicht mehr die Rede. Wie sieht Armut in Deutschland aus?

Ein Rentner kann sich den Besuch im Biergarten nicht mehr leisten. Eine Aachenerin gilt als arm, sieht sich aber nicht so. Missbrauch: "Ich konnte nicht mal weinen" Eine junge Hamburger Boxerin wirft einem renommierten Trainer vor, sie vergewaltigt zu haben. Zollermittler haben in einer europaweiten Aktion mehr als eine Million der nachgemachten Elektroteile sichergestellt. Dem TK-Chef reicht das nicht. Es gibt 30 Verletzte, 18 Insassen gelten laut Polizei als vermisst.

Es brauche mehr Personal. Sie setzte Pfefferspray ein. Demonstranten sprechen von einem "rechtspolitischen Skandal". SilentIdea 4. Agora, contando com recursos de apoio ao estudo de idiomas. No sul de Londres, varejista testa entrega de comida sem motorista. X de Sexo: Somos transantes, apenas somos. Club Hippopotamus reabre no Rio de Janeiro. El presidente hace valer su mandato electoral ante el Congreso, en Versalles, para transformar Francia. Arrasador despegue de Nadal en Wimbledon.

Pon a prueba tu conocimiento sobre la Alhambra, la Sagrada Familia o la catedral de Santiago de Compostela. Nacida para matar. Meteo, salute, guide viaggi, Musica e giochi online. Fermato un amico Foto. Emergenza migranti, Francia e Spagna dicono no alla richiesta di aprire i porti. Il 30 giugno, le perdite sovietiche erano ormai insostenibili e il comando del fronte dovette ordinare la ritirata.

Dopo un tentativo fallito nell'estate operazione Battleaxe le truppe britanniche ora inquadrate come VIII Armata tentarono un nuovo attacco in novembre, con lo scopo primario di liberare Tobruch dall'assedio. Tuttavia le fanterie neozelandesi riuscirono a ricongiungersi con la guarnigione di Tobruk, il 27 novembre il DAK fu costretto a ritirarsi sulle basi di partenza da cui aveva iniziato la battaglia.

Il 5 dicembre i carri dell'Asse erano solo cinquanta, e Rommel fu costretto ad abbandonare la Cirenaica, per aspettare nuovi rifornimenti e rinforzi. Per maggiori dettagli sull'andamento della battaglia, vedi la voce Operazione Crusader. Nel corso di questa battaglia per prima cosa merita un'analisi a parte l'episodio del 19 novembre a Bir el Gobi, in questa occasione si trovarono di fronte una brigata corazzata britannica 22nd armoured brigade e la divisione italiana Ariete. Sebbene la 22nd avesse a disposizione una batteria di 25 pdr , che avrebbe potuto infliggere danni estremamente gravi alla fanteria italiana, i cannoni non vennero utilizzati nello scontro.

Mentre per la descrizione degli eventi relativi alla battaglia si rimanda alla voce relativa battaglia di Ain el-Gazala , qui si intende analizzare l'impiego delle forze corazzate da parte dei due eserciti opposti. Al termine degli scontri i britannici sorpresi dall'attacco convergente tedesco da sud e da ovest e con gravi problemi di comando e controllo furono respinti verso Acroma e Tobruk dopo aver lasciato sul campo di battaglia oltre carri armati distrutti. A notte a Rommel restavano in tutto 37 carri.

Altri tentativi di sfondamento effettuati il 3 luglio, anche dalla divisioni italiane Ariete e Littorio non ebbero successo, sotto gli attacchi dei carri britannici. Gli eventi di questa battaglia sono descritti nella voce relativa battaglia di Alam Halfa.

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  • Sotto questo aspetto la battaglia di Alam Halfa fu un netto progresso rispetto alle cariche allo scoperto effettuate dai carri britannici fino a pochi mesi prima. Per lo svolgimento della battaglia vedi la voce relativa Seconda battaglia di El Alamein. Gli unici carri in grado di combattere ad armi pari e forse un poco superiori con questi erano i Panzer IV Ausf.

    F2, che erano solo 30 in tutto. Le brigate corazzate britanniche furono impiegate a ondate contro le fanterie italo-tedesche e ogni volta che un'ondata era respinta ne sopraggiungeva un'altra. L' operazione Urano e l' operazione Piccolo Saturno si svolsero nel settore meridionale del fronte orientale nel quadro della lunga e decisiva battaglia di Stalingrado.

    I carri armati sovietici, invece di farsi rallentare dai temibili panzer tedeschi, affrontarono con una parte delle forze il nemico, mentre altre colonne lo aggirarono, lo accerchiarono e lo tagliarono fuori dalle retrovie. Panzer-Division , la Panzer-Division e la Panzer-Division si ritirarono a est del fiume e finirono accerchiate insieme a tutta la 6.

    Armee nella sacca di Stalingrado. Per la prima volta nella guerra i corpi corazzati e meccanizzati dell'Armata Rossa riuscirono a sconfiggere in capo aperto le Panzer-Division tedesche [16]. Armee [17]. I carri armati sovietici, eccetto pochi veicoli specializzati, erano progettati per essere molto flessibili e tatticamente avevano come primo obbiettivo la distruzione delle truppe generalmente di fanteria che occupavano i punti nodali delle retrovie e la conquista dei comandi.

    Viceversa i carri tedeschi andavano specializzandosi nel compito controcarro, aumentando di peso e diminuendo la dotazione di proiettili esplosivi, fumogeni, o comunque anti uomo. Solo i resti riuscirono a sfuggire e a ricongiungersi con le altre formazioni sovietiche in avanzata.

    Con il sacrificio di gran parte di un valoroso corpo corazzato, l'Armata Rossa aveva conseguito il suo obiettivo strategico principale il crollo dello schieramento dell'Asse sul Medio Don e l'interruzione del tentativo di salvataggio di Stalingrado [19]. La battaglia fu combattuta nel febbraio-marzo , nella fase successiva alla distruzione definitiva della VI Armata tedesca a Stalingrado.

    La situazione della Wehrmacht , dopo l' Operazione Urano , l'accerchiamento delle forze tedesche sul Volga , il fallimento della controffensiva di von Manstein e le successive, inesorabili offensive dell' Armata Rossa del dicembre - gennaio , appariva quasi disperata. Dopo i clamorosi successi ottenuti e di fronte al progressivo cedimento di tutte le forze tedesche e satelliti del settore meridionale del fronte orientale , Stalin e i suoi generali decisero di ampliare ulteriormente la loro offensiva, contando di ottenere un risultato decisivo e forse anche di provocare un crollo irreversibile dell'Esercito tedesco.

    Quindi, le colonne corazzate sovietiche furono spinte continuamente in avanti con obiettivo la costa del Mar Nero e le rive del Dnepr e della Desna da cui speravano di tagliar fuori il grosso del nemico, da loro ritenuto in continua ritirata. Armata disponeva di carri armati in marcia sul Dnepr, la 3. Armata corazzata era ridotta a 60 carri. Nel frattempo l'Asse trasportava uomini e mezzi attraverso il Canale di Sicilia per fermare gli Alleati. L' Operazione Fruhlingswind Vento di primavera , che sarebbe iniziata il 14 febbraio , avrebbe rappresentato l'ultima offensiva dell'Asse in Africa e un'ultima spettacolare vittoria delle forze corazzate tedesche.

    Panzer-Division carri e dalla Panzer-Division 90 carri , vennero bersagliati e sbaragliati nonostante una coraggiosa difesa. Fu quella che i tedeschi chiamavano Panzerwarte - imboscata di carri armati, le perdite americane furono pesanti oltre carri americani contro pochissimi panzer perduti dai tedeschi e la disfatta umiliante [20]. A questo punto sorgevano dissensi fra Rommel e von Arnim relativamente alla prosecuzione della battaglia.

    Mentre Rommel avrebbe voluto superare la Grande Dorsale per ricacciare in mare gli alleati, von Arnim avrebbe voluto fermarsi ed attestarsi a difesa. Di fronte avevano carri di cui la maggior parte erano T , SU , qualche SU e M3 Lee ottenuti dagli Usa con il trattato Lend-Lease , altri carri erano pronti in riserva. Quando l'Armata Rossa riprese l'offensiva l'11 luglio le forze tedesche furono ricacciate sulle basi di partenza in due giorni. Un progresso continuo, seppure lento, delle forze corazzate tedesche costrinse l'Armata Rossa a tentare un primo contrattacco fallito l'11 luglio.

    Il 12 luglio la V Armata della Guardia , comandata dal generale Pavel Romistrov , incontrava presso Prochorovka i corazzati tedeschi. The Serbian authorities considered the KLA to be a terrorist group. The German television program featuring an interview with Hensch also showed Scharping in a news conference in early , where he presented photographs from Rugovo of KLA members killed in battle, claiming they depicted massacred civilians. Furthermore, the German minister told reporters that the OSCE photos of the scene were made "secretly by a German officer", and that he would have "gladly presented him to reporters ", but that the officer is question was "receiving medical treatment because of the traumatic experiences" that he underwent in Kosovo.

    Scharping himself, said the television, could not be reached for comment. Februar Sesto Stormo, missioni per il Kossovo. Dinucci e T. Di Francesco, su il manifesto , 8 novembre A 'smart bomb' hit this container with perfect accuracy. Dieci diagnosi di cancro solo in un giorno a Pancevo. Sulla situazione di Pancevo si vedano anche :. La Chiesa ortodossa serba oggi va verso la sua canonizzazione. La bimba era nel bagno quando una bomba a frammentazione l'ha colpita, quella sera. La piccola Milica sarebbe la 78esima santa della Chiesa serba.

    Il tenente colonnello Harold F. Le vergognose Relazioni n. Abstract: As a growing number of Italian soldiers who served in the Balkans meet their death due to serious illness, the specter of 'Balkan Syndrome' and the effects of depleted uranium are again in the spotlight. An increase of the number of Italian soldiers who served in the Balkans during the s who are falling seriously ill due to depleted uranium exposure is causing a public outrage in Italy, as the government downplays the extent of the problem, widely referred to as "Balkan Syndrome.

    In alone, the study said there were nine such related deaths and 97 new cases of uranium infection. Il migliore esempio per dimostrare tale posizione si ha con i risultati del monitoraggio delle navi statunitensi per il trasporto di truppe nei mari cinesi nel corso degli ultimi due mesi. Questo bombardamento potrebbe ulteriormente complicare gli sforzi occidentali per garantire una risoluzione delle controversie per il Kosovo attraverso mezzi diplomatici, e provocare tensioni tra la Cina e gli Stati Uniti.

    Funzionari della Casa Bianca hanno sempre insistito sul fatto che il bombardamento fu un incidente causato da una serie di errori a seguito del ricorso a mappe obsolete. Si potrebbe dire che gli Stati Uniti producano un nesso causale tra gli incidente del bombardamento all'ambasciata e quello della collisione aerea di anni fa, il che dimostra il modo di pensare preventivo e potenzialmente ostile di questo paese. Lo sviluppo delle relazioni si basa fortemente sullo sforzo di entrambe le parti. La Jamestown Foundation ha pubblicato un articolo il 30 aprile, dicendo che "Le recriminazioni scoppiate tra la Repubblica Popolare di Cina e gli Stati Uniti nel corso degli ultimi confronti navali sino-americani rendono evidente quanti pochi progressi siano stati compiuti nel dialogo sulla difesa tra i due paesi nel corso degli ultimi due decenni ".

    This was a barbaric scene in human history. Ten years later, US media has selectively forgotten this event, and re-examinations by US authorities are rare. A member of the US president China-focused advisory group said that China has already risen 10 years after the event, and the relations between China and the US have been stable and developed a good momentum. The "Mistaken Bombing" has become a blip in history. Experts on China's military issues believe however, that over the past 10 years, it is just because China has made such tremendous and sincere efforts that the cooperation between China and the US has expanded rather than stagnated.

    Taking into account that this event is a page already turned in history, the alertness and latent hostility that the US holds towards China seems not to have vanished. The best example to prove this issue is with the results from the monitoring of US troop ships in Chinese seas over the past two months. Before and after May 7 every year, wreaths and garlands that were laid by the entire staff of the Chinese Embassy in Serbia, local Chinese organizations, Siberian non-governmental organizations and individuals can be seen in front of the Chinese embassy that was bombed.

    On noon of May 7 , people set up a monument in front of the bombed embassy. It is engraved with words in both Chinese and Serbian: "Hereby, thanks for the support and friendship that the People's Republic of China has given to the People of the Republic of Serbia during one of their toughest moments. This monument is established to mourn after the victims". A local municipal official who attended this activity said that the international community manipulated by the US did not make the appropriate response nor conduct in-depth investigations to the embassy bombing.

    Global Times reporters learned that as early as February this year, supporters of China in Serbia including the rector of the University of Belgrade, the president of the Serbia-China Friendship Association and the dean of the Confucius Institute had jointly wrote a letter to the city government of Belgrade.

    At 12 pm sharp on March 24, the entire nation of Serbia sounded the alarm to mourn for the victims of the NATO bombing 10 years ago. It also reminded people that Serbia will not forget this part of history. NATO issued a statement after its barbarous bombing of the Chinese Embassy, stating that it feels regret for any injuries caused to the Chinese Embassy and China's diplomats. This bombing might further complicate the West's efforts to ensure a resolution through diplomatic means of disputes over Kosovo, and cause tension in China-US relations.

    The New York Times reported on May 9, that, "People in Belgrade said that it was difficult to confuse the Chinese Embassy with the intended target. The Chinese Embassy is a marble structure with blue mirrored glass and flies the Chinese flag, while [the intended target] is housed in a white office building" and has a longer history.

    The US also meditated on its own errors after the bombing of the Chinese Embassy. Cohen, the then Defense Secretary, announced that existing maps of American defense works, as well as intelligence records, would be upgraded so as to accurately reflect the precise coordinates of foreign embassies and other locations of interest.

    The Washington Post reported on April 11 the same year that the CIA had made investigations and imposed related punishment's in connection with the previous year's bombing of the Chinese embassy. White House officials had consistently insisted that the bombing was an accident which had resulted from a series of errors incurred as a result of the use of outdated maps.

    They had planned to bomb a Federal Republic of Yugoslavia weapons procurement department, but the bombs actually hit the Chinese Embassy several hundred yards away. After the South China Sea incident in March this year in which Chinese and US vessels engaged in a confrontation, a report by the Los Angeles Times mentioned the embassy bombing and related killing of three Chinese reporters when listing the military and diplomatic frictions between China and the US by quoting Reuters news.

    The report stated that US President Clinton and other US officials had expressed apologies for this tragic mistake and an angry China had delayed the talks for its accession into the WTO by three months. An executive of Thales Group, a major French defensive product manufacturer, once told reporters that there would not be any country in the world that would have done such things to China intentionally, and even the US had to think out what consequences it might face if it resorted to forces against a country with a whole series of nuclear arms and veto power in the UN Security Council.

    Kenneth Lieberthal, former China advisor to the Obama campaign, said that many historical events were often mentioned at recent seminars organized by Washington think tanks, including the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the US, the tenth anniversary of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and others. For instance, the tenth anniversary of the Chinese Embassy bombing was mentioned in a seminar made to Chinese youth held by the US Brookings Institution at the end of April.

    He thinks that the views on the "mistaken bombing" have already taken root in the US, the persons responsible for the "mistaken bombing" have already passed away, and the embassy bombing has been gradually forgotten in the US. Ten years later, China has risen up, China-US bilateral ties have stabilized, the general situation is changing for the better, and the "mistaken bombing" has already become a moment in history. China's military expert Dai Xu said the US would certainly not say it bombed the embassy "on purpose," but everyone in the US and China understands what happened.

    It is still engaged in provoking China's sovereignty, as shown by the recent activities of the US surveillance ship in the South China Sea and Yellow Sea.

    Canzoni contro la guerra - Canzoni che si possono scaricare

    It could be said that the US has a causal association with the embassy bombing and plane collision incidents years ago, which demonstrates the country's precautionary mentality and potential hostility. Dai said such mentality and hostility will not disappear with the turning of this page. The US and China have engaged in extensive cooperation over the past decade, which is based on the great sincerity China has shown. The development of relations relies heavily on both sides making an effort. The US should learn from its lessons and refrain from provoking other nations' sovereignty.

    Dai's analyses can be supported by some of the US' public opinions. On the one hand, the general public has realized that economic construction is the basis on which the enhancement of the overall national strength rests. On the other hand, a strong belief has formed among the general public that only strong military power and an advanced national defense system can fundamentally protect and safeguard the results of economic construction.

    Inquinamento ambientale, cluster bombs, proiettili all'uranio. Un nostro articolo sulla situazione attuale. Il 24 marzo alle 18 e 15 minuti decollano dalla base militare di Aviano due F Ancora non si sapeva che si sarebbero usati proiettili all'uranio impoverito, bombe a grappolo cluster bomb o che sarebbero state colpite fabbriche che trattavano composti chimici altamente tossici.

    Furono colpiti pesantemente: il primo attacco missilistico che li distrusse in gran parte avvenne all'alba del 9 aprile mentre tre giorni dopo caddero gli ultimi 14 missili che diedero il colpo di grazia. Le foto di malati di carcinoma e gli annunci funerari nella bacheca posta all'ingresso dell'azienda, sono divenuti cosa di tutti i giorni". Promessa non mantenuta. Tutti dati recepibili presso il poliambulatorio della fabbrica stessa". Ma la Commissione d'indagine italiana chiuse i battenti nel marzo del a causa della crisi di Governo, e il progetto epidemiologico rimase nel cassetto.

    Quest'ultima possiede nelle immediate vicinanze dell'abitato, una zona industriale composta da tre fabbriche chimiche: una raffineria petrolifera, un'industria di concimi chimici azotati e un complesso petrolchimico. Bombe a grappolo "Si stima che delle migliaia di cluster bomb sganciate dalla Nato sulla Serbia, ad oggi siano 2. Lo si afferma in un servizio giornalistico andato in onda recentemente su RadioTV B92 a seguito della conferenza stampa tenuta a Belgrado il 10 marzo scorso dalla CMC Cluster Munition Coalition organismo che riunisce oltre associazioni e organizzazioni non governative - di cui nove serbe - che si battono per il bando di questi ordigni.

    See a Problem?

    Inoltre, possono rimanere attive per anni contaminando il terreno al pari delle mine anti-uomo, bandite in tutto il mondo dell'entrata in vigore della Convenzione di Ottawa nel Ad oggi i firmatari sono 94 e i processi di ratifica necessari alla sua applicazione sono tuttora in corso, ma la Serbia - assieme al Kosovo - rimane al momento l'unico paese del sud est Europa che non l'ha ancora siglato.

    Quando un proiettile al DU colpisce un bunker o un carro armato, vi entra senza incontrare alcuna resistenza e allla sua esplosione ad altissima temperatura rilascia nell'ambiente nano-particelle di metalli pesanti. Secondo un rapporto redatto nel novembre dall'UNEP United Nations Enviroment Programme a seguito della prima missione post-conflitto realizzata in Kosovo, tra il 16 aprile e il 28 maggio risultano i siti colpiti, per un totale di circa In merito al territorio della Serbia, i dati forniti dalla Nato riferiscono che sono state circa 2.

    Purtroppo la guerra dei numeri si fa ancor'oggi sui presunti civili e militari ammalatisi e deceduti a causa del DU, sia in Serbia e Kosovo sia nei paesi da cui provengono i militari delle missioni internazionali. Sono le dichiarazioni fatte dal ministro La Russa lo scorso 19 dicembre. E in Serbia e Kosovo? E' proprio il caso italiano, che viene seguito dalla stampa locale fin dal , a far pensare che l'aumento dell'incidenza delle malattie tumorali riscontrato negli ultimi anni in Serbia e Kosovo sia legato alla "Sindrome dei Balcani". In Serbia e in Kosovo non sono stati mai avviati studi epidemiologici ad hoc.

    Da esso risulta che alti ufficiali dell'esercito serbo sono morti di cancro dopo aver effettuato nel delle ricerche sul terreno e che, secondo i dati raccolti, il livello di radiazioni gamma e beta risultarono due volte superiori alla norma. La partita relativa ai civili rimane tutta da giocare anche in Italia. In proposito, la Commissione ha avviato a gennaio uno specifico progetto di ricerca, che la scadenza del mandato ha impedito di proseguire".

    In Serbia sono state neutralizzate quasi munizioni. NATO bombe uzrok raka. Porast broja obolelih od malignih bolesti doveden u vezu sa NATO bombardovanjem. The final column in a three-part series on the nature of power By Wesley Clark. Srijeda, Altri link - More links - Autres liens. Documento Costitutivo. Dieser Film zeigt, weshalb Bomben auf Belgrad fielen. Februar Il treno passeggeri che percorreva la linea Belgrado-Salonicco fu bombardato intenzionalmente. Dal "Giornale di Brescia", Sabato 10 Luglio A guerra conclusa, svelati dal colonnello Francesco Latorre i numeri dell'operazione "Alled Force" Sesto Stormo, missioni per il Kossovo Da Ghedi sono stati schierati in Puglia 85 uomini e 12 velivoli, per ore di volo.

    Missioni di ricognizione e di attacco a terra. L'altra sera il colonnello Latorre ha svelato tutti i numeri della cosiddetta operazione Aled Force conclusasi il 10 Giugno con la resa di Milosevic sic. Lo ha fatto davanti ai militari del VI Stormo e alle loro famiglie cui e' andato il sincero ringraziamento del comandante Il colonnello ha cominciato spiegando che, a causa della posizione centrale in una zona perennemente in crisi Naturalmente, gli uomini e i mezzi del VI stormo hanno fatto la loro parte.

    Anzi hanno fatto molto. V'e' inoltre da specificare che, per gli attacchi, sono state utilizzate bombe a puntamento laser e a caduta libera. Il colonnello Latorre ha anche spiegato come tecnicamente avvenivano le missioni. Dopo la preparazione alla base, "i nostri aerei decollavano da Gioia del colle, quindi, fatto rifornimento in volo sull'Adriatico, si mettevano in "zona d'attesa" su cieli non ostili, tipo la Macedonia e l'Albania: l'attesa dipendeva dal fatto che si viaggiava in pacchetti di aerei e che ogni pacchetto aveva tempi precisi per entrare in azione.

    Poi, quand'era il nostro turno, si andava sull'obiettivo, quindi, seguendo rotte prestabilite, si tornava. But 10 years ago, the numbers were going in the opposite direction as Aviano became the service's main hub for Operation Allied Force, with American and NATO personnel crammed into every available space. Daniel Leaf, the base commander at the time.

    Leaf said the number of planes flying from the base more than tripled during that span, topping And the number of personnel more than quadrupled. Not only were more Air Force aircraft brought in, but the U. Marines also came with their EA-6B Prowlers. Senior Master Sgt. David VanVlack was a staff sergeant on base at the time. He said he remembers jets parked nose to tail along most of the runway. As were the level of operations. Jets took off the first night of the attack and operations continued around the clock for the next two months. Roberto Restivo, a civilian liaison officer with the local Office of Special Investigations detachment, was a technical sergeant at the time.

    He was born and reared in Aviano, and said he remembers some complaints from the locals about the noise level. Some Americans had their car tires slashed during the campaign. But most Italians appeared to support the operation. In fact, the campaign was entertainment for many Italians.

    Italian TV crews set up their cameras on the other side of the fence from where the jets took off and aired reports the opening night. Crowds of onlookers followed, especially at night. Restivo, one of those designated to coordinate with Italian law enforcement agencies, said their crowd estimates topped 10, on some nights. That's until authorities decided it was a good idea to close down the street and limit access.

    VanVlack said he recalls sitting in a parking lot after work with his wife one night and watching the continual launch of planes. He realized after his wife's awed reaction that it was the first time that most family members had been so close to such an operation. Leaf said he will always be proud of the efforts of the pilots and crews that managed to maintain such a pace for 78 days. But he said the cooperation of Italian communities was essential. As was the work done by hundreds of servicemembers and civilians who weren't part of the crews. For instance, a contingent from Ramstein Air Base in Germany set up a tent city - designed to house 2, people - in less than 72 hours.

    Abbiamo preso la cosa molto sul serio, lavorato sodo, investito molto tempo per pianificare le missioni. I raid aerei sul complesso di Pancevo iniziarono il 4 aprile e continuarono inesorabilmente fino al 7 giugno. Del complesso di Pancevo faveva parte anche una raffineria petrolifera costruita con supporto tecnico della Texaco e un impianto per produrre un fertilizzante agricolo chimico. Le aree bombardate si trovavano a meno di metri da abitazioni civili. Poco a poco capirono che la Nato li stava osservando attraverso i sistemi di sorveglianza aerea e da satellite.

    Le immagini termiche permisero agli strateghi militari della NATO di sapere quali container erano stati svuotati e quali rimasti pieni. Gli aerei da guerra NATO possedevano diversi sistemi avanzati come sensori infrarossi e elettro—ottici. Le immagini satellitari termiche furono trasmesse dal Centro aereo di operazioni combinate CAOC di Vicenza, Italia, dove furono decisi gli attacchi dei bombardieri.

    La NATO sapeva benissimo dove stavano le cose. Molti container erano stati svuotati. Usando i rilevatori termici la NATO era in grado di identificare quali serbatoi erano ancora pieni di sostanze chimiche tossiche. Come ben dimostrato dagli ambientalisti, il cloruro di vinile monomero CVM usato per produrre materie plastiche es.

    La NATO ha selezionato scrupolosamente i container, le cisterne e i serbatoi cha contenevano ancora sostanze tossiche. I container furono fatti esplodere o perforati intenzionalmente. Circa 1. Il 4 aprile, nella raffineria vicina, due missili NATO colpirono le stanze di controllo uccidendo tre membri dello staff. Lo scopo era provocare un disastro ambientale. In his report, first published in , Michel Chossudovsky provides conclusive documentary and photographic evidence that contrary to the statements of various international observers, the environmental catastrophe at the Pancevo petrochemical plant was neither the result of 'collateral damage' that is, an accident of war nor a case of criminal negligence that is, resulting from criminal disregard of consequences.

    Rather, the evidence is compelling. NATO willfully blew up with meticulous accuracy containers of toxic chemicals with the intention of creating an ecological nightmare. At the outset of the War, NATO had reassured World opinion that "precise targeting" using sophisticated weaponry was intended to avoid "collateral damage" including environmental hazards: "We do everything we possibly can to avoid unnecessary collateral damage. We take it very seriously, work very hard at doing that, spend a lot of time planning for the missions. The air raids on the Pancevo complex started on April 4th and continued relentlessly until the 7th of June.

    The Pancevo complex also included an oil refinery facility built with technical support from Texaco and a Nitrogen Processing Plant producing fertilizer for Yugoslav agriculture. The petrochemical plant was bombed extensively 41 bombs and 7 missile attacks. The bombed areas were within less than two hundred meters from residential buildings. At the beginning of the war, workers at the plant were actively involved in removing toxic materials from the site, emptying several large tanks and containers of chemicals precisely to avert the risks of " collateral damage ".

    Little did they realize that NATO was watching them through air-to-ground surveillance systems and satellite images. Using thermal detection, NATO military planners knew which of the containers had been emptied and which remained full. How does this work? All objects in the Pancevo plant --including the containers of toxic chemicals-- emit infrared radiation.

    A thermal imager from a spy satellite or an aircraft can detect infrared radiation emitted from any object situated on the petrochemical plant and convert its readings into a high-resolution video or snap picture. The thermal imager can detect temperature differentials as small as 0. Other advanced surveillance systems were used including small unmanned predator UAV drones and high altitude U2 spy planes. In the words of a Pentagon spokesman, the U2 " snaps a picture from very high altitude, beams it back in what we call a reach-back, to the States where it is very quickly analyzed ".

    And from there, " the right targeting data " is relayed to the CAOC in Vincenza which then " passes [it] on to people in the cockpit ". NATO knew exactly where things were. Did the pilots sitting in the cockpit know that they were destroying a plant which was " Made in America "?

    A large number of the containers had been emptied. By using thermal images, NATO was able to identify which of the tanks were still filled to the brim with toxic chemicals. Among these noxious liquids were containers of ethylene-dichloride EDC , ethylene, chlorine, chlorine-hydrogen, propylene and vinyl chloride monomers VCM.

    Well documented by environmentalists, the VCM monomer used to produce plastics eg. PVC resin is a dangerous cancerogenic contaminant see photo 2. Vinyl chloride also has the potential to cause neurological and liver damage, as well as damage to the fetus causing serious birth defects. If NATO's intent were solely to disable the plant without risking "collateral" environmental damage, they could have done it by smart bombing the equipment and machinery. Why did they also decide to hit with utmost accuracy the tanks containing noxious liquids? The "smart bombs" were not dumb; they went where they were told to go.

    NATO had scrupulously singled out the containers, tanks and reservoirs, which still contained toxic materials. According to the petrochemical plant director, NATO did not hit a single empty container: " This was not accidental; they chose to hit those that were full and these chemicals spilled into the canal leading to the Danube ".

    Moreover, according to the plant director, the ethylene-dichloride EDC spillovers had contaminated 10 hectares of land on and in the vicinity of the plant. The containers were deliberately blown up or perforated. The soil at the petrochemical complex is still soaked with toxic ethylene-dichloride. According to a report of the Regional Environment Center for Central and Eastern Europe REC : "More than one thousand tons of ethylene dichloride spilled from the Pancevo petrochemical complex into the Danube [through the canal which links the plant to the river].

    Over a thousand tons of natrium hydroxide were spilled from the Pancevo petrochemical complex. Nearly 1, tons of hydrogen chloride spilled from Pancevo into the Danube River" 4 Eight tons of mercury also escaped from the petrochemical complex spilling into the soil. The wastewater treatment plant was also bombed thereby contributing to exacerbating the ecological impacts.

    At the neighboring oil refinery, two NATO missiles had hit on April 4th the refinery's control rooms killing three staff members. The strikes had set the plant on fire, reducing it to a toxic wreck. The objective was not to avoid an environmental disaster. The objective was to create an environmental disaster see photos.

    NATO was expecting that by ruthlessly bombing Pancevo among other civilian sites, this would intimidate Belgrade into accepting the Rambouillet Agreement including its infamous Military Appendix which essentially gave NATO the right to occupy all parts of Yugoslavia. The UNEP report dismisses the environmental impacts caused by the bombings while underscoring in its main conclusions that Pancevo and other petrochemical plants in the country were an ecological hazard prior to the bombings due to lax environmental standards.

    It whitewashes NATO; it downplays the seriousness of the environmental catastrophe, while placing the blame without supporting evidence on the Yugoslav authorities. The complicity of UNEP --a specialized agency of the UN with a track record of integrity-- is yet another symptom of the deterioration of the United Nations system which now plays an underhand in covering up NATO war crimes. Notes 1. Interview conducted by the author in Pancevo, March Una "bomba intelligente" ha colpito questo container con precisione assoluta A 'smart bomb' hit this container with perfect accuracy.

    Allora i gas velenosi vanno nelle altre parti di Pancevo o oltrepassano il Danubio ed arrivano fino al quartiere belgradese Karaburma. Qui non si deve vivere, guardate come muore la gente, non solo i vecchi ma tanti giovani e bambini. Qui vivono quasi tutte le popolazioni locali e i giovani che lavorano in una delle fabbriche chimiche.