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There was no retrial. After having spent two years suffering in the port prisons of Toulon and Brest, Vaux was placed aboard the frigate Armide which was sailing for the prison colony of French Guiana. Lying two hours from Cayenne, the vegetation on this island is magnificent, offering wood, water, and agricultural resources. The southern slope, which is completely sheltered from the sea winds by the escarpment running lengthwise across the island, combines all the conditions for good health and well-being.

Lying off the coast of French Guiana, the isle was used for political deportees, who made up more than half of the prisoners on the little fifty-four hectare rock. As a kind of escape, Vaux regularly wrote to Irma. He told her about his daily life and the days spent working as a navvy, the poor soup served up three times a day, and his sole satisfaction: that he was not in chains.

Few prisoners, however, were able to read and write. In December , he was sent to work on the Gardien, one of the four prison ships of French Guiana, as its public scribe. The prison ships were decommissioned Navy vessels. They acted as an infirmary, prison, and depot for transportees on arrival. Vaux had to reside there but, due to his work, he often had the opportunity to go to Cayenne.

With the occasional jobs he carried out for the local bourgeoisie, he even managed to send a bit of money back to his family.

LOSC - SAISON 12222-2020

In April , he was reassigned as an employee in government headquarters. Vaux enjoyed preferential treatment and, in addition to being better paid, he was allowed to wear civilian clothing. Despite the support of the Governor of French Guiana, however, his request for a retrial fell on deaf ears. Realising that he would never return to France, Vaux then sought to convince Irma to come and join him. Even though the crossing was free and the voyage paid for, few women dared to join their husbands in the green hell of French Guiana.

As he began to lose hope, Irma told him that she would cross the Atlantic. After a two-month crossing, she arrived in Cayenne in October together with their four children. The family was reunited once again after nine years of separation. Vaux employed several convicts and they all set to work to revive the hectares of woodland and fields. They learnt about forest life along with their neighbours, the recently released prisoners. They knew how to protect the coffee plants from the manioc ants and with their help Vaux made his first pirogue.

He developed a liking for woodwork. He already had some expertise from when he had been an apprentice clog-maker. The schoolmaster thus became a carpenter, which turned out to be a very good move.

Category 16 — Belgian and French Ale

Woodwork soon became his main source of income. Vaux made everything — tools, wheelbarrows, furniture — and was eager to invent. In this way, he designed certain machines which attracted a fair bit of attention: mills with a wooden cylinder to crush manioc, sugar cane, and rocou, and a machine to wash gold. It was around this time that his applications for pardon finally succeeded. Life imprisonment was reduced to a dozen years. Pierre Vaux was on his way to becoming a free man, although with the obligation to reside in the colony for life.

Everything would have been for the best, if only the head of the family had not been worn down by fevers and years of deprivation. As the only store on the island, the canteen also acted as a grocers and ironmongers.

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The prisoners were not allowed inside but were served at a window counter, where they were able to buy tobacco and tafia. By this time, political deportees were no longer being sent to the island. The authorities had got into the habit of sending all the old freed prisoners, the convalescent, the sick, and the invalids there from the prison colony. There were several hundred men employed for light work such as gardening or making straw hats.

Vaux soon spent all his time there.

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Affected by chronic paralysis in his hands he was no longer of any help to sons. He spent his days walking and reading a few books in the library of the Jesuit priests. His family returned to France in He had never given up on the idea of clearing the memory of his father. His perseverance was rewarded. On 16 th December , Pierre Vaux was rehabilitated by the courts 22 years after his death.

By then, miscarriages of justice had taken on a new face, that of Alfred Dreyfus. Vous pouvez aussi vous abonner sans commenter. Se connecter S'enregistrer Mot de passe perdu? Why you want to register here?

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BJCP Style Guidelines - Category 16

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