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He never brought her home. The details that follow spiral quickly from strange to appalling. Other revelations, though, come thick and fast.


Anja Shortland on Kidnap - Econlib

Berchtold, it transpires, had repeatedly tried to infiltrate other families with young girls, and had been reprimanded by the high council in his church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, for doing so. He convinced Bob and Mary Ann that his subsequent treatment by a psychologist involved spending multiple nights in bed with Jan. The parental behavior that Mary Ann and Bob freely confess to in Abducted in Plain Sight is so bewilderingly naive that the more salacious and peculiar events Borgman goes on to lay out are almost hard to grasp.

Without spoiling the most shocking ones, they involve multiple confessions of extramarital sexual relationships, as well as an elaborate plot involving aliens that Berchtold used to prey on Jan. Berchtold was arrested for kidnapping, but the Brobergs, under duress, withdrew their most serious charges.

Berchtold was sentenced to five years in prison anyway but served only 10 days.

Experience: I paid to have my daughter kidnapped

A few people in the movie vaguely assert that it was the s, and no one really understood what pedophiles were, or that intimate friends and family members could also present a real danger to children. People knew, or certainly had surmised, that he was a threat.

Faith leaders knew. The Brobergs seemingly knew. In particular, the fact that the Berchtolds and the Brobergs were all part of the same faith community seems to merit more analysis than it receives.

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So does a legal system that allowed Berchtold to kidnap, drug, and rape a child and receive a virtual slap on the wrist. The film implies that the Broberg parents were both brainwashed and manipulated by Berchtold, which accounts for some of their actions, but not nearly all. District Judge R. Boersma pleaded guilty to the charges in March.

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Boersma had a detailed plan to kidnap a woman and her year-old daughter, sexually assault and torture the woman, and sell her child into the sex trade, according to court records. The FBI and our law enforcement partners are committed to aggressively seeking out those who exploit innocent victims. His plea agreement with the government lays out his efforts in the fall of to encourage a co-worker at the co-op to find someone willing to kidnap a woman and her daughter for payment.

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Boersma boasted to his co-worker that he would sell the child to a pimp he knew in Memphis, Tenn. Boersma had outfitted a trailer at the co-op with a mattress and restraints for holding the mother and daughter. He said he put plastic down inside the trailer to help with clean up.

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