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3. The story of Scripture begins and ends with the presence of God.

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The apostle John wrote that we are now the children of God.

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Yes, God is offering you a future, but He is also offering you a fulfilling, meaningful life right now. God wants to have a personal, one-on-one relationship with you. The ultimate meaning in this life is about your relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ. Regrettably, this good news gets muddied in much Christian preaching today. Authentic Christianity is about being restored to your original purpose. Authentic Christianity is about being restored to your original and ultimate purpose. Authentic Christianity is about breaking out of the natural human bubble of self-centeredness.

When you accept this purpose, God truly becomes your Father.

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Your ultimate purpose has been given to you by your Creator. Nobody can make you accept that purpose. There was no part-time or convenient Christianity for Paul. There are two things needed for a person to be a true child of God.

What Is Your Ultimate Purpose in Life? | United Church of God

First, you must accept that because of your bad choices and corrupt human nature, you are a distorted image of God. Listen to Ephesians 5 : 6 -8 Ephesians 5 : 6 -8 6 Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things comes the wrath of God on the children of disobedience.

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Therefore do not be partakers with them. For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. But how can any of us actually imitate God? How can we walk as children of light? Earlier I showed that the first step in having God fulfill His purpose is to seek Him with all of your heart. You must accept that you need Him and that you are a distorted image of God.

The apostle Peter spoke to a large crowd and told them about the work God is doing through Jesus Christ. You have a very specific purpose in the universe. But you have a choice in that. But be warned: Jesus told a parable about a man who invited people to a big banquet. The man spared no expense in preparing something that would be the absolute best for his guests.

Lifelong Learning Matters

What the man was offering his guests was much more wonderful than what they wanted for their lives, but they lived in their little bubbles, selfishly pursuing happiness. They missed out. God is offering you His best. He wants you to realize His ultimate purpose for you—to live as His child now and to be changed into His spiritual image forever in His Kingdom.

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He wants you to make His purpose your purpose. Will you accept the invitation? In the light of what God is offering you, I have one simple questions for you to answer: Are you willing to give up everything to receive everything God wants for you? God wants to give you a meaningful, fulfilling life.

He wants to help you when you face difficult times. At times, however, Christians must choose not to obey governments or laws, when such obedience would mean disobedience to God. At different times and in various places governmental opposition has sought to crush the church. Such suffering is to be expected and is often a vital part of our sanctification see Rom. Government, too, has been instituted by God not only for the good of humanity but also for the glory of his own name.

We can see such glory in both the expression and the limitations of civil government in its universality, sovereignty, and temporality. God created the world with incredible diversity and beauty Genesis 1—2. Such variety in creation displays his power, creativity, and glory Psalm 8 ; Rom. Similar glory can be seen in the diversity of cultures, languages, and governments. The vast global scope of political authorities is astounding. At the same time, the varied governments of the world have geographic, authoritative, and location-specific limitations. Every attempt at global unification under a single recognized authority has failed and will fail until the global diversity of the nations finds its ultimate purpose in worship of the King of kings and Lord of lords Ps.

The authority and sovereignty of civil government, which is real even if delegated and limited, instructs us about the kingdom, rule, and reign of God. Where government is unable or unwilling to promote justice, the perfect justice of God remains holy and satisfying see Ps. Where government is unable or unwilling to exercise power and authority for the good and protection of all people, the omnipotence and mercy of God remain holy and unlike any other authority in the universe see Job ; Lam. All earthly authorities will ultimately be superseded by the rule of Christ see Dan.

God is sovereign over governments large and small, evil and good, long-lasting and short. Until that day, we who are the people of God are to faithfully fulfill our responsibilities as citizens both of our respective governments and of heaven Phil. Whether our behavior is commended by governments Rom. Sign In.

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Government provides earthly justice and protection. Governments are to act on behalf of the good of all people Rom. Government creates social space for the display of good conduct. Government often serves to sanctify Christians.