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The story reminds us the movie "Ladyhawke" with Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer a bit, but you probably have never watched anything so beautiful as this story. The music is wonderful and the sceneries are all built with paintings! Creative, outstanding!!! The plot mixes some elements of the traditional fairy-tales and others of the richest Brazilian popular culture of the countryside.

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That's a finding and works it out very well. All the characters talk like the country-people of the Northeast, what demonstrates the careful work of the director and cast with this production and makes of "Hoje? Dia De Maria" something special. Director Luiz Fernando Carvalho has done once more a brilliant work in "Hoje?

Dia De Maria". This mini-series would be compared to his debut as a movie director "Lavoura Arcaica". The sensibility of his directing can seen in both productions, what is a warranty of quality for the audience. Definitely, this mini-series is a must-see, a small masterpiece which deserves to be found out, as well as little Maria's discoveries in her imaginary journey. This is a story of a year-old vampire and his love for a woman and his year-old son; set in Brazilian cities like Sao Paulo, San Antonio, and the fictional Maramores. The story's main character is Zeca, a normal 13 year old boy who is obsessed with vampires.

He's siblings and parents can't understand him but love him just the same.

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It is later revealed that Zeca is in fact the son of a powerful vampire named Boris who switched him with his parent's real baby at birth. Boris believes that Zeca's "mother" is the reincarnation of his beloved princess Cecilia who chose to kill herself then to be the wife of a vampire. As the story a progress, Zeca begins to develop his powers and tragic turns of events force Livia to live with her mother Zoroastra named after the Persian prophet Zoroaster to preached of the war between good and evil.

That is when vampires start to slowly invade Maramores. Zeca must deal with his vampiric self and still live a normal life and win the affection of his beloved Bea. The secondary characters are equally fascinating: Galileo the vampire hunter , Mina Bori's wife of over years , Cica the beautiful nurse of Maramores ,Agusto Livia's unrequited love of the past Martha the blind-but-evil sister in law of Augusto , Isaura Martha's suffering maid, her's is a sad tale , Ezequiel the angel sent by God to fight the vampires , and even famous vampires like Dracula and Nosferatu show up, the list goes on and on.

The special effects are nothing short of incredible. Vampires hurl lightening, angels wield flaming swords, men turn into wolves, and this list too goes on and on. The music deserves mention as well. Songs like "Fairy Tale" by Shaman is a perfect fit for this novella. This novella delivers many messages about love, God, and the war between good and evil. One scene has Livia tell Boris that evil and destruction cannot win because God will not allow it. Boris replies that maybe God is tired of humanity and wants to destroy it.

Despite that, most of the soap opera is of a highly humorous nature. Scenes like when Galileo's white son was turned black and went Rastafarian; or when Marta led a group of farmers into revolution. I watched the Spanish dubbed version El Beso del Vampiro and I loved it even though the Portuguese audiences said it was poorly done and heavily edited. All in all this novela deserves recognition and hopefully a time slot on English networks. He is the typical playboy: mature, good looking, adventurous and successful with women.

At 42 years of age, he is still unmarried; although, he maintains an almost formal relationship with the famous journalist Rebeca Montenegro. Mejia Guzman discovers that due to a tumor, he has only a few months to live. He casually meets Fiorella Morelli, a young girl who steals his heart. Fiorella is a good girl, shy, dreamy, unemployed, and even whose mother, in spite of adoring her, considers her a poor devil. Mejia Guzma marries that "poor devil" without telling his wealthy family.

The married couple starts a three-month trip to Europe, in which Fiorella lives a dream come true. But when they return, Mejia Guzman dies before being able to introduce Fiorella to his relatives. For them the news of the secret wedding is a hard blow to their pride and to their interests, since half of the fortune now belongs to the young widow. Fiorella must not only face the fury of the Mejia Guzman family, but also the rancor of Andres son. His main competitor is Mr. Mauricio is a widower and it is said that his wife died in strange circumstances.

Of that union there is a teenage daughter, that Mauricio loves dearly and overprotects, always giving her everything she wants. On the subject of women, Mauricio is always surrounded by models and second rate actresses, but all of them are flashing relationships. Besides, there are also women who belong to a much lower social status than his; because apparently he has a complex of being accepted in the circle on which he now belongs to.

The only constant relationship he has had, always clandestine, is with Daniela. When he finds Luna he is going to discover she is the woman of her life, but his arrogance, fear and jealousy will keep him apart from her and will make it very difficult for him to be happy by her side. Productions that may interest you. I Love Her To Death. River of Passions. The Shadow of Desire. Don Julian is on the verge of dying and Maria Claudia who studies in the USA , returns urgently to Mexico; but on her way she gets in an accident and doesn't arrive.

Don Julian survives and the experience of being so close to death will unite more than ever the love of the father and his family.

Luna, la heredera

Maria Claudia and Antonio are meant for each other and try to build their happiness; but everything is destroyed with the appearance of Aranza, the woman who years back offered to Antonio something more than just a fleeting love. Silvia Navarro Antonio Bautista Margarita Gralia Gabriela Grimaldi de Madero.

Lorena Madero Grimaldi. Dionisio Bruno Bichir Santiago Andrea Noli Salomon Xavier Massimi Octavio Madero Grimaldi Arturo Beristain Alvaro Dominguez. Lourdes Villareal Gabriela Canudas Aranza Fidel Garriga Enrique Munoz Niero Adriana Louvier Linda Mauricio Valle. Constantino Costas Monica Escamilla Beto Jonathan Islas Sony ATV Pub. In she moved to TV Azteca, the second best-known multimedia company in Mexico, where she starred in the telenovelas Cielo rojo , Vivir a destiempo and Las Bravo Hilda Carrero and Eduardo Serrano starred as the main protagonists.

Luna,La Heredera cap.1

Reaching the city, she meets a woman named Belinda and learns the art of puppetry. Later, Cristina discovers she is the daughter of Exequiel Zambrano, a rich man who fell in love with her poor mother a long time ago. Before his death, Ezequiel asks his lawyer to look for his missing daughter and give her an inheritance. Cristina is found and goes to live in the Zambrano household where she meets her new family.

Luisa, her aunt, an. Before he got leading roles in soap operas, he made special appearances in them, while he studied acting. Simultaneously, he also studied law and became a lawyer.

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In , he moved to Miami to star in the soap opera Morelia, and in , he returned to Mexico[4] to perform a special appearance in Marisol. In , Navarro confirmed she's in a relationship with Gerardo Casanova. As a child, she did casting for children's telenovela Carrusel and got a r. In her teens, she lived in Mexico and studied painting and international public relations. Her twin brother, Harry Geithner, is also an actor. Angustias Molina Vda. Emilia Duncan - antagonist. Cielo Rojo - Azteca Mariana de Molina-antagonist. Laura, la encubridora "protagonist" Las profesionales, a su servicio She is best known for her roles in telenovelas.

Biography Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Gaby Espino is the daughter of a chemical engineer and a publicist. She is the oldest of five children, she has a sister, Andreina, two paternal half-brothers, Gustavo and Mariano and a maternal half-sister, Nelly. Due to her fascination of animals, she originally planned to become a veterinarian. She later decided to study dentistry, but changed her mind and began studying public relations, before deciding to become an actress.

On July 9, , they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Oriana Lander. In early , Espino and Lander separated. Biography Bruno was born in Mexico City. He started his acting career at the age of five in several theater, film and television series.

He made his film debut in a minor role for Under Fire. He obtained roles in prominent films such as Rojo amanecer and in a role in El patrullero for which he would received his first of many nominations to the Ariel Award of the Mexican Academy of Film. It also received critical and financial success.

She is one of the most distinguished representatives of the contemporary romance novel, dabbling in various genres which appear in her literary output.

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Due to the contributions she made to the rise of the melodrama genre in the late s and mid—s, she is considered to be the "mother of the Latin American telenovela". Her parents were married from to After her mother's death, she was raised by Roussel and Landhage, whom Roussel later married. She studied folk dance, classical ballet, choreography, and music at la Escuela Nacional de Ballet.

At 18 years old she began studying at el Instituto Superior de Artes where she studied dramatic art and at 18 years old she studied at la Escuela Internacional de Cine in Havana, Cuba. In she traveled to Mexico to start her career.

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In nude photos came out of her in which she was already pregnant with her daughter Violeta. In , the actress began working for Tele. Alejandra Sandoval born 23 August is a Colombian actress and model. Biography Alejandra was born in the city of Cali where she was raised by her single mother. After high school, she joined the Universidad de San Buenaventura to study psychology.

She comes across an accidental father, a devious aunt, a faithful friend, a fight for an inheritance and a young, obsessive attorney, Luis Alfredo, and his musician twin brother, thus forming suspense and intrigue. Directed by Maryo J. It was replaced by Biritera in its timeslot. The series was extended for five weeks and after one week, the show was extended again for an additional five weeks.