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  1. Musings of a meat-loving plant eater who hates 'vegetarian' food
  2. Do No Ham – the musings of a reluctant vegetarian
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No more seafood has passed my lips.

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And huge fishing trawlers decimate the ocean bed of flora and corals in their indiscriminate pillaging of fish, many of which are not the desired breed and so are killed for nothing. Farmed fish are full of hormones and infections and antibiotics — it seems that a plant-based diet is the only escape. For our own health then, it makes sense to buy less but buy better if we choose to eat meat and fish.

Musings of a meat-loving plant eater who hates 'vegetarian' food

Organic meat and poultry, and wild line-caught fish are more helpful choices for the human and for the planet. On the subject of money, my grocery bill has halved since going veggie! This is how I feel at the moment..

When I look at a delicious chicken thigh I cooked for my family.. Thanks for the nice article and genuine thoughts. Thanks for a great read. I found that gradually replacing meat with plant based sources is easier than going cold turkey excuse the pun! I love cheese.

I love milk in my coffee. Oh tell me about it, the cheese thing…. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: ecb81b49c3b2e8e4cbbe4a2d41ec Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. View Larger Image. I guess. Not too much. Mostly plants. Facebook Twitter. Related Posts. A Melbourne based vegan cheese company that we discovered early on in our vegan journey. In this episode it's just Jess and Dan again, talking about their new business, Melbourne Vegan Tours.

Do No Ham – the musings of a reluctant vegetarian

Plus, we give you a quick update on what we've been up to, what's next and what's been keeping us busy! Find out more about Melbourne Vegan Tours at: melbournevegantours. Leave us an honest review on i A vegan directory and guide website that highlight and document all things vegan from around your city. They chat with us about their vegan journey and how they decided to start documenting what they were eating, where they were eating and what they were consuming.

Check it out! TheSkepticalVegan.com

We also cover: How their videos have become notorious across social media. Katrina has crafted a career in helping vegan businesses and entrepreneurs grow their company. The host of the Vegan Business Talk podcast, Katrina chats to us about: Key things she has learned from interviewing over vegan entrepreneurs How the vegan industry has grown and tips to 'veganise' a business Examples and case studies of In this episode, we chat to musician Lisa De Angelis about being vegan in the long term. Lisa is a long time friend of Jess' and one of the first people that Jess knew was a vegan.

We chat about her decision to go vegan as a child, how the community has changed over the years and how she continues to lie a cruelty-free lifestyle. Find out more about Clare and purchase her book at: Vystopia In this episode we chat to Renee Buckingham, the brains behind the sydneyveganguide, melbveganguide and wholeheartedrenee. A recent Melbournian, she has grown her vegan guide followings on Instagram to in excess of over 22, people by showcasing the growing number of vegan options available to people in different cities.

We met Adrian and Ivy at our local farmers market when they were selling their kefir water and got chatting about their remarkable product and their fascinating story. The benefits it made to their overall health.

The Reluctant Vegan! - MENU

The power of the gut and its impact on In the second of our interview episodes, we catch up with Andrew 'Spudfit' Taylor. Avid listeners will hear his name mentioned before on the RV podcast and know him as the guy that at potatoes for 12 months! We delve much deeper than that in today's podcast.

In this episode we tackle: Why Andrew saw the need to change. How it was about more than just the potato. His own vegan journey. Avid listeners, we chat about their journey to becoming vegan and how they've seen changes to veganism happen over the course of decades.

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In this episode we tackle: The evolution of veganism over several decades Tips for eating a nutritious vegan diet How to tackle the 'where do you get your protein? To get in touch with us to be featured on the Reluctant Vegan Podcast, email: hello reluctantvegan. Go to www.

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An in depth, no-holds-barred and confronting look at what it takes to go Vegan. Hit the share An in-depth, no-holds-barred and confronting look at what it takes to go Vegan. Log In Sign Up.