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This is an unheard-of failure rate for a consumer device, and coined the term Red Ring of Death because of the red ring on the display after failure. Microsoft will pay 1. You can imagine how this happens when a software company begins selling hardware. They are used to fixing products after release with updates so they cut corners , but then they find out that hardware can't be updated as easily as software. Certainly they knew this at some level but the rigorous approach needed by hardware manufacturers was not second-nature for them.

The photos give a rare away from the crouds view of Hitler's private world. Though not one of the new images, the photo Phone, Flowers, Hat is indicative of the depth of the photography; the objects suggest an "eerie domesticity". Update: This video is about an amateur color movie made during the Munich summer festival attended by many Nazi leaders. I believe the hat seen in the photo mentioned above is the same hat seen on Hitler in this video.

Update: This video adds sound to Hitler's silent movies. There are several online videos available that explain many of the details of the Chernobyl disaster and cleanup:. If you ever wanted to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat, this first-hand tour account might be helpful. Update: I received a private copy of Radiophobia with English subtitles from the producers. Update: Here is a new video of someone visiting Chernobyl. Update: Seems Chernobyl and Pripyat visits are now officially possible This excellent article explains the complexity of trying to use a USA-based cell phone internationally.

Personally I use a special cell phone from Mobal that works in countries. Update: This is an excellent article about international cell phone frequency use. I just finished watching a fourteen-hour television miniseries produced in by the Soviet Union called Seventeen Moments of Spring. The spy, Stirlitz , tries to prevent a separate peace between Nazi Germany and the USA which would limit communist advancement and leave Nazi leaders in power. Loosely based on actual events, the series is interesting because:.

These user comments encapsulate why it is such an interesting series, like James Bond but more realistic, and without the gadgets. You can watch the entire series with English subtitles online.

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On Tuesday at noon, landscapers accidentally damaged the cable line into my home, and Internet became unreliable. I was traveling to Massachusetts that day, so it took me until Wednesday morning to determine there was a serious problem. Within two hours, Comcast was at my home, and had the damaged line temporarily repaired. The next day they came to survey burying a new cable line deeper under my lawn, which will be completed in days. I was very impressed by their prompt service; this validates my choice of business-class Internet service.

When playing Stalker , I was surprised to find that the Chernobyl nuclear reactor vessel was empty video , i. After doing some research, I found out that when the reactor exploded, the bottom blew down from the reactor vessel, allowing the uranium fuel to mix with the sand surrounding the reactor and flow into the basement where it eventually hardened real image. That certainly explains what I saw in the game, though it is odd to be learning about historical events from a computer game.

The reactor fuel flowing downward was so unexpected that it took six months to find the nuclear fuel in the basement of the reactor building. This video describes the heroic work of the men who found the reactor fuel. I asked a nuclear engineer about the Chernobyl accident, and he said that the Soviet RBMK reactors use a "running downhill" design, meaning the reactor tends to favor increasing its power.

I was unclear what that meant, but I found that this chapter explained it well other chapters. Soviet reactors use:. The running downhill aspect of the Soviet design is that the uranium and graphite in the reactor are enough to cause a nuclear chain-reaction; water is not needed for the chain-reaction, and is used for cooling. In fact, in the Soviet design, water actually decreases the nuclear chain-reaction. This leads to the downhill effect — as the reactor heats up, water is turned to steam, reducing the liquid water cooling and increasing the nuclear chain-reaction and temperature, turning more water into steam.

There are safety systems which can avoid an uncontrolled nuclear chain-reaction, but those safety systems were turned off at Chernobyl while they were running the test that led to the accident. In non-Soviet reactors, water is necessary to continue the nuclear reaction; as the reactor gets hotter and turns water to steam, the liquid water necessary for the nuclear reaction decreases, decreasing the nuclear chain-reaction and reducing the temperature; with no water, a non-Soviet-designed reactor cannot sustain a nuclear chain-reaction.

Interestingly, both the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island accidents happened while running tests, reinforcing the truism that performing tests and adding safety devices does not always increase safety. What really hurt nuclear reactor adoption was the nuclear industry's pre-accident assertion that reactors were completely safe, and that accidents were impossible, rather than saying reactors were reasonably safe and accidents exceedingly rare.

Since people can be injured in their bath tubs, nuclear reactors can never be completely safe, and being more honest about the possibility of failures would have allowed the nuclear industry to better weather these accidents. The lack of nuclear plant expansion has increased the use of non-nuclear electricity generation, causing known deaths, e. The uncertainty of how to dispose of decommissioned nuclear plants and their fuel has also hurt nuclear power adoption. I have started the next version of Stalker, S.

The game is a prequel to the game I previously played , with half the environments reused from the original. Reused environments would usually be undesirable, but I am looking forward to returning to some of the places from the original game because the environments were so detailed that I didn't get a chance to explore them fully.

Update: This article talks about the lack of good immersion games. Update: Seems another version is coming out in June was a very wet month for Philadelphia, with rain falling almost every day with twice the usual rainfall, and April and May were wet months too.

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This pattern was true all along the east coast of the United States. I was starting to think my house had moved to Seattle, but the constant rain seems to have stopped and normal sunny weather has finally returned. I mentioned previously that the computer came I thought was over was not.

The enemy in the game fooled attackers into incorrectly believing they had reached their goal, and game players thought the same thing — talk about live imitating art. Anyway, I have finished the game and confirmed it by watching some gameplayer-produced videos. The first two minutes of one video combined the end-of-game summary with video from earlier parts of the game; a second video part 1 , part 2 is a collection of all cut scenes and endings from the game. There is also a good music video based on the game. There seems to be new demand for pretzel stores. Everyone knows Auntie Anne's pretzels stores, details ; they are nation-wide, and I have even seen their stores in Asia.

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The new Philadelphia-style pretzel stores appearing in my area include Philly Pretzel Factory stores and The Pretzel Boy's 9 stores. On a related note, I usually choose pretzels with the most salt, but Unique Pretzel Bakery review has a Extra Salt pretzel that has almost too much salt for me. I can't eat those pretzels at night because I get too thirsty. Unlike some other fan-produced videos I have seen, this movie has good acting, polished sets, and an enaging story image , trailer.

This is not surprise because the producers and many of the actors are professionals, and many were involved in previous commercial Star Trek productions. You can view the movie online. It seems there are a handful of other fan-produce Star Trek productions too. Two years ago I mentioned a newspaper article about my brother Chris finding the family that made a chocolate cake that he had many years ago, and they baked him one.

Well, after many years of trying, it seems my brother has rediscovered the recipe and has reproduced the cake himself. He brought a cake to my house for Catherine's birthday party and the cake was identical to when I had it decades ago. He might reveal the secret to recreating the cake someday. The cake was described in an October 4, article in The New Yorker as "black, not brown — the sort of black that in some lights looks almost blue". There are also clues in the article about the cake's makeup:. The origin of the chocolate-cake recipe, she told me, was the misdelivery of some dark chocolate to a restaurant she once ran — an accident she had the wit to exploit, the way some particularly alter chemist might take advantage of the fact that the medicinal substance he accidentally spilled had a remarkable cleansing effect on the suede of his shoes.

Many people have already seen the Pixar movie, Up ; it has received good reviews. My family saw it last week. In talking to people about the movie, including my brother, one thing really stood out: the first ten minutes of the movie video. A Christian Science Monitor's movie review captures its essence:.

Little Carl Fredericksen meets Ellie, his rambunctious soul mate, and, in quick, lyrical progression, we watch them grow up and marry and live a life together into old age, until Ellie's death leaves Carl a glum widower. As a piece of poetic compression, it ranks with the opening of Orson Welles's "The Magnificent Ambersons. Internet access has seen great strides since I went online in Web sites didn't exist back then so my first posting was actually to the Usenet discussion network. I have avoided too much Internet connectivity, lest I suffer from Crackberry addition funny video.

However, one new device video , review that is tempting me is something from Verizon that creates a wireless hotspot anywhere using the Verizon wireless network. Not only does it allow multiple laptops to be online, but allows connections from any wireless device, like my iTouch. This seems like a more flexible solution than laptop-specific wireless devices. My brother's Sprint cellphone has this ability too but it is a high-end model. I just wrote that I finished the S.

I decided to read some game reviews to see if I missed anything and found that the game is not over. The enemy in the game fooled me into choosing a fake ending to prevent me from destroying it; that is quite a creative game. I will continue playing the game to get to the real ending. This web site has some interesting analysis of the game and the fake ending, and another perceptive posting about the real ending.

"In the Bedroom" - Money Money (Best-Of)

I mentioned previously that the game world detail was amazing, and someone else has blogged about it too, but they have a more penetrating analysis of the game's uniqueness. It seems just piecing together the storyline requires major analysis. My interest in playing the next S. Update: It seems the game is now free. Update: A video of the four false endings and the two true endings I just completed the S. There is a prequel I might try, and a sequel coming out in six months.

I was in three fast food restaurants this week: once at Wendy's , and twice at Chick-fil-A. The Wendy's staff seemed so uninterested in taking my order, even though there was no one else in the restaurant, that I eventually left for another restaurant. I did email Wendy's to report the poor service. My two experiences at Chick-fil-A exceeded my expectations; in fact every Chick-fil-A I have visited has been a pleasant experience.

The food court at the nearby King of Prussia Mall always has a line at Chick-fil-A, while the other food vendors are giving away free samples trying to get customers. I would love to know how much Chick-fil-A's statement of corporate purpose has to do with their success their stores are closed on Sundays for religious reasons. I bet it is quite a bit. I assume they also treat their employees well, which directly affects how they treat customers. Update: This video part 1 , 2 explains the Chick-fil-A customer approach, and this video explains why the store is closed on Sundays.

This episode of the UK series After They Were Famous parts: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , follows the child actors from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as they return together to Munich, Germany, where the movie was filmed. They revisit many of the places where they spent time as young teenagers working on the film, places they haven't seen in over thirty years. There is something both charming and romantic about their recollections from so long ago, and some unspoken sadness too; you could call it nostalgia, but it is beyond that.

I think the episode is emotionally compelling because as they revisit these locations, viewers also remember seeing them as children in the movie, but not since. The thrill of being plucked from normal life to be part of a movie classic, then back to normal life again, had to be a difficult adjustment, and the episode shows their normal lives today.

But with their lives there is the "I was" — the quiet acknowledgement of fame, that something they did long ago makes them special — a feeling everyone wants to have.


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I just watched the ninety-minute online video A History of God. The video studies how the concept of God has evolved through time. Hebrew patriarchs, like Abraham, lived in polytheistic cultures, and their encounters with God reflected that. Moses experienced God in a more complex way, and the Hebrew prophets, like Isaiah, even more so. The understanding of who Jesus was also evolved over hundreds of years. The video also covers Islam and explains many of its beliefs, traditions, and values. The video is based on a book of the same name. The video lacked much of the drama gravitas inherent in the subject; probably the most interesting part was a monk mentioning an inscription he had seen on a skull, "I was once as you are, and you will be as I am" Latin, tu fui, ego eris.

President Obama made a powerful statement today in commemorating the Armenian Genocide of Some complained he didn't use the word genocide, but I thought it was nice. Here is a video about the Armenian Genocide and a video about the controversy of recognizing the genocide. Slumdog Millionaire won eight Oscars, but the real story behind India's vagrant children is far more sinister and disturbing.

Jacob Rees-Mogg's nanny talks Brexit, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

There have always been consipriacy theories about the activity at a U. Air Force installation called Area Some people who were there in the 's and 's are now able to talk about their work. I mentioned an issue with proofreading text with jumbled letters in a previous blog entry, and I am sure others have seen this text independently. It turns out some of the details of this item are an urban legend. This article describes in great detail perhaps the most elaborate diamond robbery in history, which happened in Antwerp in The details of how the robbery was planned, the break-in, and how the crooks were caught was fascinating.

This candid interview with Concertmaster David Kim offers a rare glimpse inside the Philadelphia Orchestra. One of the most interesting topics is a discussion at the end about the balance between new works and more well-known orchestral pieces. I read two very interesting newspaper articles today; one was about how the Maersk Alabama fought off Somali pirates, and the second was about how the U. Navy Seals killed the pirates. I wondered why only three of the four pirates were killed; it turns out the fourth pirate had already surrendered.

A year ago I realized one aesthetic defect of the Celica — the wheel rims. I waited for the tires to need replacing, and a few weeks ago bought new tires and rims for the car from Pep Boys. You can see that it greatly improved the appearance of the car image , image. I think I have crossed the line where the car looks better now than when it was purchased, which wouldn't be a big deal, except the car is 23 years old.

I think Jerry likes you. Let's go out in him again. They drank beers or bright-colored canned Club drinks in Jerry and told each other how cool they were. Then they went into the clubs dressed to kill in sunglasses and leather, jewels and skeletons, rosaries and fur and silver. They held on like waltzers and plunged in slamming around the pit below the stage. Weetzie spat on any skinhead who was too rough, but she always got away with it by batting her eyelashes and blowing a bubble with her gum.

Sometimes Dirk dove offstage into the crowd. Weetzie hated that, but of course everyone always caught him because, with his black leather and Mohawk and armloads of chain and his dark-smudged eyes, Dirk was the coolest. After the shows, sweaty and shaky, they went to Oki Dogs for a burrito. In the daytime, they went to matinees on Hollywood Boulevard, had strawberry sundaes with marshmallow topping at Schwab's, or went to the beach.

Dirk taught Weetzie to surf. It was her lifelong dream to surf'along with playing the drums in front of a stadium of adoring fans while wearing gorgeous pajamas. Dirk and Weetzie got tan and ate cheese-and-avocado sandwiches on whole-wheat bread and slept on the beach. Sometimes they skated on the boardwalk. Slinkster Dog went with them wherever they went.

When they were tired or needed comforting, Dirk and Weetzie and Slinkster Dog went to Dirk's Grandma Fifi's cottage, where Dirk had lived since his parents died. Grandma Fifi was a sweet, powdery old lady who baked tiny, white, sugar-coated pastries for them, played them tunes on a music box with a little dancing monkey on top, had two canaries she sang to, and had hair Weetzie envied'perfect white hair that sometimes had lovely blue or pink tints.

Grandma Fifi had Dirk and Weetzie bring her groceries, show her their new clothes, and answer the same questions over and over again. They felt very safe and close in Fifi's cottage. They were sitting in Jerry drinking Club coladas with Slinkster Dog curled up between them. Slinkster Dog's stomach gurgled with pleasure. He was very happy, because Weetzie was so happy now and her new friend Dirk let him ride in Jerry as long as he didn't pee, and they gave him pizza pie for dinner instead of that weird meat that Weetzie's mom, Brandy-Lynn, tried to dish out when he was left at home.

Weetzie was leaning out the window holding Rubber Chicken by his long, red toe. The breeze was filling Rubber Chicken so that he blew up like a fat, pocked balloon. At the stoplight, a long, black limo pulled up next to Jerry.

Every Crook and Nanny by Philip Loewen| J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

The driver leaned out and looked at Rubber Chicken. She screamed. A hairy, black thing was perched on Weetzie's knees. Belonged to Burt Reynolds," the driver said, and he drove off. Weetzie put the toupee on Rubber Chicken.

Really, it looked quite nice. It made Rubber Chicken look just like the lead singer of a heavy-metal band. Dirk and Weetzie wondered how they could have let him go bald for so long. Dirk poured rum from the little bottle he kept in his jacket pocket into the Cokes. They sat next to the d. Dirk took a swig of his drink.

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