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  4. The King's Achievement by Robert Hugh Benson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. He was a prolific writer of fiction and wrote the notable dystopian novel Lord of the World His output encompassed historical, horror and science fiction, contemporary fiction, children's stories, plays, apologetics, devotional works and articles. He continued his writing career at the same time as he progressed through the hierarchy to become a Chamberlain to the Pope in and subsequently titled Monsignor. Product Details About the Author.

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Robert Hugh Benson

Related Searches. Agriculture and the Farming Business. Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts 1 We have not used OCR Optical Character Recognition , as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos. View Product. Bill Boram.

The King's Achievement

Bill Boram by Robert Norwood. This book is a reproduction of the original book published This book is a reproduction of the original book published in and may have some imperfections such as marks or hand-written notes. The Conventionalists. The Garden of Allah. He notes that Benson was shaken by a creeping subjectivism in the Anglican Church of his day, a belief that the Church was not infallible in doctrinal matters. Benson saw in the Catholic Church a stability rooted in sound doctrine, reason, and liturgical formalism.

The introductory essays enrich the experience of reading the novel itself, making it a more complete and satisfying experience than can be had in reading other editions without the introductions.

The King's Achievement

The story itself opens below ground, where the protagonist, Fr. Percy Franklin, is meeting with the elderly Mr. Templeton who recounts how England embraced Socialism and gave up Christianity. With a steady erosion of a supernatural orientation and understanding of things, the people began to embrace Humanitarianism, which is materialistic and views Man as God.

Into this world enters the enigmatic and compelling Julian Felsenburgh, a little-known but charismatic American Senator who singlehandedly negotiates a lasting and durable peace between East and West. All Europe breaks out in joyous celebration and wonder at the achievement of this man of mystery and power. Felsenburgh strongly resembles Franklin: both are young and strong in appearance, yet have striking white hair.

Though they are doubles of each other, Franklin develops as a personal character while Felsenburgh does not. The temptation is to look at the upheavals, the persecutions, and the martyrdoms of our own age and that of the fictional world portrayed by Benson with fear and anxiety; this is a natural and rational response to terrifying world events.

The King's Achievement by Robert Hugh Benson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

His writings on monasticism and alcoholism recovery have appeared at Aleteia and on his personal blog, Fallen Sparrow sparrowfallen. You are so right, we know how the story comes out right at the end. The happy ending of our story is the Mystical Marriage of the Bride of Christ.

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  5. The King's Achievement by Robert Hugh Benson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®;

Interest in Lord of the World certainly is peaking! The excerpt compares the sudden rise of Julian Felsenburgh to the rise of a young political figure in our own times, as a striking example of how wild adulation for a charismatic figure who seems to promise to solve all our woes is still possible in our own age.

We remember from the history of the mid-twentieth century that irrational waves of adulation for a single man brought men like Hitler to power, and the cult of personality kept them there. Also, another unlikely figure gaining immense popularity at the moment comes to mind.

Monsignor Benson on the Papacy