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You can let us know what league you fancy or let us suggest on for you. The regulations for tyres came into force in The Environment Agency is one of the bodies responsible for enforcing the regulations in this country and its analysis and enforcement work shows a high level of compliance. You can find more details about this here.

Rules of engagement. Book Trial Game. Choose your local club. Book now. New League Rules We've listened to our league players and we've changed our rule book to ensure you get the most out of your league games at Goals - the biggest and best place to play! Most league seasons last 14 weeks and each team will play the other teams in their division twice during the season. At the end of each season the top 2 teams from each division will be promoted and the bottom 2 teams will be relegated may vary and a new season will start the following week.

Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and zero for a loss. League placings will be decided by points gained, followed by goal difference, followed by goals scored, followed by the aggregate result between the two teams in question. All players must be registered by completing the necessary forms prior to competing for any team. Teams may register up to 20 players and no player can be registered to more than one team on the same league night.

Players may only transfer their registration to another team on one occasion in the same division during the course of a season. For 5 a side leagues a maximum of eight players per game may be used. All players must be named on the team sheet prior to kick off. Any team playing an unregistered or suspended player will automatically lose the match 5 — 0 and be deducted 3 points. Players playing whilst suspended will have a further three match ban added to the end of their then current suspension. Teams are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled kick off times.

Teams must be on the pitch and ready to begin the match at the appointed kick-off time. If a team is more than 10 minutes late their opponents may claim a 3 — 0 head start, and at the referees discretion a 5 - 0 win and deduction of 3 points to the losers. Teams may be replaced at any stage of the season. Replacement teams inherit the scores and points of their predecessors. No team joining after the halfway point can be awarded first or second place at the end of the season.

Teams failing to appear for their designated fixture or not giving notice the day before of cancellation, will have the match awarded to their opponents 5 — 0, will be deducted 3 points and, for repeated absence, may be ejected from the league. In the event that a team refuses to play another team the match will be awarded to the other team 5 — 0 providing they play a league cup game arranged by the club.

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The team refusing to play will also be deducted 3 points. In the event that a team refuses to complete a match which has already started, the match will be awarded to the other team 5 - 0 and the team refusing to complete the match will be deducted 3 points. If the score at the time produces a goal difference greater than then that score will stand. All fixtures are to be played unless adverse weather conditions make the pitches unplayable. Any decision to cancel a game can only be made by Goals management. Postponements are not allowed, except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Goals management.

Time Keeping. Fees Paid In Full. Fixture Sheet Signing. All Players Must Sign In. Inform Referee of Goal Scorers. All players must inform referees of goal scorers when prompted. All players should respect referees, Goals staff and opponents at all times. Failure to do this could result in your team being taken out of the league or disciplinary action being taken.

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  7. Each kick off will be from the centre spot Home team kicks first : the ball is permitted to go backwards and forwards. The match will consist of 2 equal halves and teams will rotate ends each half. The length of the half will be determined by the club. Tournament games are played one way due to shorter game times. Don't Enter The Area. Players entering their own area to gain an advantage will result in a penalty kick to the opposition. Players entering the opposition area to gain an advantage will result in the Goalkeepers ball.

    Don't Head The Ball. No heading permitted at any point. Once all homework is done, set a timer for how long your kids can be on devices, when the time limit is up, put your devices in a basket near a wall outlet where they can charge if they are low on battery, as for dinner, for after dinner, don't let your kids go on devices before bedtime because it won't be easy for them to fall asleep, and for bedtime, charge devices outside of bedrooms because devices make it harder to fall asleep.

    Depends on lifestyle. I go to an early high school and we need internet and screentime to do most of our work. If you go to a normal school then just look to see how your child reacts to the usage of their own free will at first. When I was yo I would get really aggressive when my time was interrupted, if that's the case then try to ease time off by finding other activities.

    I got a lot less angry over time though it came back due to depression which is also another thing. Being online too long can encourage isolation which in a lot of people I know developed depression so keep a look out for your kid's not acting like themselves. I think that you shouldn't limit kids' screen time since in the future, people won't be writing but typing and using digital websites. But that doesn't mean that kids shouldn't read books and play outside. Reading and maintaining physical balance is very important.

    I do agree that it is very important nowadays to minimize or shorten screentime of our kids as they are very addicted to technologies and may spend lots of hours while watching inappropriate movies or playing cruel games. I am a mother and it is very important for me to also know that my son has no access to violent content. I've spent lots of time in order to find the way out and it seems to me that I've done that. I've found Kidslox app and with its help, I can make schedules for screen time usage for my son and also limit the use of devices as well as block inappropriate content he may reach.

    It's a very good way out for me as now I may decide what and when my son can watch and what apps may use. Nearly all of my homework is online, we do flipped lessons where we will have to watch videos or documentaries online, sometimes there are class discussions, sometimes we submit assignments online.

    Our school has cut down on paper and so all writing assignments and handouts are in a shared folder per class. All in all, my homework ends up taking easily 2 and a half hours a day. On top of this, I read most books as ebooks, and when I am doing something like drawing I will find a picture to look at and draw from.

    If I am going to do a craft, I find a craft tutorial. There are a lot of mindless activities to be done online, and they should be allowed as well. It's okay to play computergames sometimes. By limiting screen time you are essentially taking this freedom away. Just you wait for year 9.

    I would like to know - it is a maximum of 2 hours total screen time that we should aim for?? I was looking for more specific guidance for Tweens and teens. If your kids are I wouldn't be extremely strict with things like a set amount of computer time. Middle schoolers and high schoolers, especially near exam time or the middle of the year, get a lot of homework. If they are done studying and done with their work, most kids that age including me get about 4 hours of screen time max. If their work is done, etc I would just let them do what'd they like in their freetime be it video games, tv, etc, as long as it isn't porn or something.

    If your kids are like then a limit of 3 hours a day is good, and on things like weekends you can do things like, if they do some chores or something like that they get extra screen time. If your kids are then hours a day is good.

    Summer Camps - The Austin Chronicle

    Anything under 4 years and other than something like a kids tv show, which most parents can easily monitor, there's no use for screentime. This is just my personal opinion based on what my parents have set rules for a few years ago. Dude if you are in high school, i think you are mature enough to watch porn. I agree with everything you said except the part about if the kids do the chores they should get extra, I think it should be a set amount because what if they do so many chores that they get 10 hours or something that would be madness.

    I never thought to try to understand my children's screen in terms of the actions they accomplish or how they engage with the device or the world. I think passive consumption should be ranked as the lowest type of engagement while content creation or communication should be ranked the highest. The danger in not allowing children to engage at all means they could be missing out on many of the nuances their friends and classmates will be fluent with. I believe there is a certain level of education we need to give our kids concerning online activity.

    What is Kobo Super Points?

    That's why I created Mazu. It's a way for parents to safely introduce their children to social media in a way that helps them explore the positive side of technology. The insights in this article are so valuable and I hope this sort of writing continues as it is so important to the way we, as a society, are raising our kids. My grandson and son live with myself and husband. My grandson plays video games that are not age appropriate.

    They are rated 12 years and 16 years on the games. Me and my son disagree on this! My grandson will be 7 years old in 2 months. I think he should be playing games in his age group and my son thinks I'm just being controlling but it really bothers me!! What should I do??? Hi, I have a few thoughts that I hope will be helpful. Most video game consoles give you the ability to turn on a filter that will filter out the excess gore blood and swear words. Talk to your son about that and see if you guys can compromise in that way. What you are doing is being protective and guiding your grandson, but someone who doesn't agree can confuse the two and say you are being "controlling".

    I find that it's all too easy to be permissive about things that you just can't undo. A 7-year-old kid that is allowed to play overtly violent games will be a different kind of 14 yr old than a 7 yr old that isn't allowed to play those games, or isn't allowed to play video games AT ALL. I don't understand why parents all over the world just roll over and let their kids become addicted to this stuff.

    You can't join the army until you're You don't see this real kind of violence unless you are an adult. So why are we letting our kids spend hours every day emersed in this stuff? Violent video games desensitize their minds. Childhood is for growth, creativity, and learning. Food for thought. Screen time is anything that deals with a screen not a book. For example, computers, television, phone, iPad, and etc.

    It is the parents' job to limit screen time. Also, it is more advised for the parents to focus on enforcing screen time limits on weekends and vacations, as opposed to week days; there is more unstructured time on weekends versus week days. I play minecraft a lot and its like 4 hours or soooooooooooooo.

    It should a decision made by both the parent and child. No child should feel like they are out of place with their clasmates and friends, nor should the parent feel like social media is the only contrubting factor in a kids life. If your kid isn't throwing tantrums or shutting the parent out, you're doing a pretty stellar job of finding the perfect balance. Hi, im in year 8, and i honestly use gaming for being with friends, whether it be impressing with my 'levels' or playing online with them.

    As such, i can spend a good 3 - 4 hours on a weekend playing games, or watching videos that interest mne such as youtube hobbies etc. I would much rather, however, go somewhere new, or do any activities rather than gaming, especially if friends are involved. I have asked around, and many people agree with me, so i have reason to believe that gaming is not so much of an addiction as a hobby to do in spare time, as is TV watching, which i usually do with family. As such, gaming is just a pastime, almost always to communicate with others, improve statistics to show others, or watch others doing things.

    So, some games and videos are good, with good intentions, communicating things that can be used in life, so not all of gaming is violence, and this can be known with the ratings. Overall, with most people, outside activities, especially with other friends, are highly preffered, especially if in new or exciting places. If, however, a child is addicted to a game, they may forget the excitement of outside, and think that the game is better than life.

    How to fix this is: 1. This will make them feel in a terrible mood and they will not enjoy the outing. Try and get some of their online or school friends to meet them at the area, or make it sound great, but DO NOT keep talking about it! The best way i would say is inviting friends over, and i hope this helps some people : Hope its useful!!!!!!!!

    I agree! Hey I have about 1hours time on electronics on weekends. On holidays the same rule applies. Is it healthy to have over 1 hour? I'm a pretty good student and my parents make me study about 4 hours a day. I'm in year eight. Its perfectly fine to go over 1 hour for the whole of the weekend! It looks like you study a lot so must have great grades, but video games dont put down your grades as long as you know when to stop! Finally, well done for 4 hours a day of work!

    Thats fantastic! Be sure to know though that you can play more ngames and still be perfectly fine. Yes I agree with the teens here. My 2 older kids are left to there own devices online, but after 2 or 3 hours of sceerns, i ask them to stop. My 15 year old owns a pink kid's carema with games on it and a ipad plus she is allowed to use the family computer and ipad pro , my 10 year old has a ipad, a phone and my old laptop and is allowed to use the family coumpter and ipad pro and my 16 yo has a Ipad Mini, two laptops My parnter's old one and a new one and a phone.

    We all have apple laptops expet my 16 yr old and the family computer is a imac also. At work my husband has a PC, a lennvo laptop and a ipad mini. My 16 yo has a Windows laptop and a samug laptop, and we have a LG tv with apple tv with games installed. My five year old princess's weekend is like this: Sat: We get up, have breakfast, which is usually heathly then i take my 10 yr old to hip hop and in the car my baby plays with her stuffed animals, and while this my 16 yo goes out with freinds, or stays in her room and snapchats or dms on instagram or direct.

    My 5 yr old plays with her toys , plays on our smart TV or her ipad or carema till lunch which i make or we get takeaway. The next day sunday we 10 and 5 both have ballet, then 10 yo has flute lessons at her tutor's house, and she goes to her friend who is 11's house after and they do art and play on the coumpter together. Yeah I agree stop blaiming teens!!! We should be allowed to be social, isn't that what adults are always encouraging us to do anyways?!

    Being on screens doesn't even influence us, so whats the big deal about not letting us be on them?? And having social medias actually makes you more social because you are doing stuff like snap chatting your friends. And all those like parental guidance things telling you all the reasons why you shouldn't let your kids have screens, social media, watching "age appropraite" movies, and stuff like that is completely wrong, thats not how we think at all, and all those things make us really annoyed. Thank you for the guidelines. As a parent, we want to protect our kids but I also want to embrace their passions and if it's technology then so be it.

    I struggle a lot with how much time to allow them. I would vary between 30 to 1 hr a day, which probably doesn't allow for much creativity or play time but really 1 hr is enough time to have fun on a game, right? At least to me it is. I expect chores and school work to be done before rewarding with computer time.

    It's when they reward themselves before any work has been accomplished that I have problems with. I'd love to sit down and read or write and hope someone else makes dinner but that's not gonna happen. If my kids are responsible with their duties I don't see why they can't enjoy themselves online. My boys have other interests like BMX, scooter, drones and Nerf that takes them out of the house. So, spending an 1 hr or two online should be fine. OH, and their chores have to be done correctly and not half way or sloppy. My parents limit me to 45 mins. On the weekends they make me earn my minutes by doing chores, sports, etc.

    I think kids should have at the most, 2 hrs. Just my opinion. I play a lot of rainbow six siege. I'm a freshman in high school and I never even had a phone until maybe half way through 8th grade. This was really different from everyone else around me and I have found it difficult to connect with people and stay in touch with those who I was close to but who went on to different schools.

    Even when I got a phone, my parents restricted it so I couldn't even access the Internet in any way and I could only text people. Now, everyone seems to only use Snapchat, and I don't have a phone that can use it. I also have 30 minutes on the computer for non-homework activities and 1 hour of the same on Saturday and Sunday. On my PlayStation, I usually only have a total of 2 hours from Friday through Sunday and none on the week.

    Working with my iPad for school, I find that it is easy to get distracted which is hard when my parents make me sit in a certain chair so they can watch everything I do I don't believe anyone else my age has a rule like this. In the end, though there is no major downside to my parents making these rules, I would prefer having a little more freedom since I am a very good student.

    Parents should decide what the rules are but how the kid behaves away from tech, and how everyone else is using it should be significant factors. When I was growing up my mother made me read an hour to gain an hour of video games.

    Ways to entertain your kids

    I believe that this is the most positive, and easiest thing a parent can do to ensure kids are well rounded. If they want to play more than an hour then they have to read more -- it is that simple. Raising tweens in a media-saturated society is a major digital parenting concern. But how much screen time for tweens is recommended? Here is a guide on how to encourage your tween to reduce his or her screen time. The time you spend texting, using social media or keeping your smartphone beside you while having dinner becomes their personal media habit.

    As a parent, you should learn to watch your own screen time. Practice what you preach and your children will follow. Create a media schedule which works for them. Formulate guidelines on what they can watch or listen online. Teach them how to pick the right apps and search the Internet properly. These will teach your tween the value of self-regulation and digital literacy.

    Also, this gives you an insight on their interests and schedule a media day with the family. Read more at momsecure. Honestly, I would have to agree. But there can be a limit. I would say about talking to your child and seeing what they like to do with technology, then talking with them to make a limit. For example, they might like watching Television and playing video games.

    Well, you could say that there could be 2 -3 hours watching TV, And 1 hour playing video games. It's all about the balance. I myself say, OK well I have done a bit on this why don't i go do this!

    Teaching road safety: guide for educators

    And don't forget to set a good amount of time outdoors or just physical activities. In addition to all these factors, you should: Let them play online or watch TV on a schedule, have them play outside or play a physical activity indoors, and to keep these things balanced.

    By the way, it says i'm 11 i'm not yet I am 10 that is inaccurate. You really should just let the kid s play. As long as they show little to no fluctuation of performance in school, or emotion, mental or social health, then their fine. I play no more than 3 hours a day, and I show almost no fluctuation in school at least the learning part.

    If I know something in any subject, and do practice and do it fluently and nicely and efficently, then there is no reason to continuosly work on that skill. That time can be used to work on other skill aswell. Don't ever take the children's game console away, it really ruins the fun for any family related activity anyways.

    If I took it away, then my children, if I even had any would just be down on family night because they miss the console or computer or phone. Do not enforce time limits for normal media intake. Understand your children's grades. If they are getting bad grades because they didn't turn in their homework, then be sure their school bags and binders are organised by the dividers. If they get bad grades due to not understanding the skill, then let them try to fix it first, then if they don't improve, jump in, but only help them with what they need to do to achieve the goal.

    Do not give them answers, that's a false grade. The only reason I'm on my computer alot is because there is nothing to do. And you will say, do homework, study your math, go outside! This gets them down even more. Let them play, and they will eventually make time for playing outside. Be the example. You really can't tell them get off your phone, if you're on yours all day. You can reward your children and say" well If you don't play on iPad or iPhone for one hour, I will let you play on your iPod or phone or iPad for 15 minutes " So if your child does not play for an hour , he or she gets 15 mins of free time : 2 hours - 30min.

    So, as you said you never use anything with a screen in it, you wouldn't quite understand that an hour is not nearly enough time. It's how you incorporate electronics throughout your day in a balanced pattern that matters. Don't shove all the time into one slot because that makes it easier to constantly have your face in your elections when you have more time because you are used to having to use your electronics all at one time or not at all. Agree with that. My fiance and I have a 3 yr old daughter and he has a 9 yr old son from a previous relationship. The 9 yr old has never been around much in the 5 and half years ive been with him due to temporary court orders and the child's mother being noncompliant.

    She recently got sentenced to 3 years in prison so he is now living with us. His mother let him play the Xbox from the moment he got up to the moment he went bed weekends and summer and after school till bed during school days. So, when he moved in with us 4 months ago he continued this same routine, which i was absolutely against. What is difficult is my fiance doesn't see it as a problem and if I try and enforce it to hard im the "evil step mother" says his son, which will not sound good in court when we go for full custody orders.

    I'm stuck and dont know what to do, my fiance and I continue to fight and argue about daily and it is taking its toll. Him and my fiance like to say ehat else is he suppose to do? He has books to read and flash cards he struggled deeply with reading and math so what's wrong with spending time doing these things? Apparently everything is wrong with it, we have colored pencils, markers, crayons, paper, etc to draw with, tons of hotwgeel cars which he claims he loves we have a basketball court right outside, a bike, horseshoe game, soccer ball, kick ball, etc, but he has nothing else to do but play video games from the time he gets up at 7am till bed time at 11pm, 10 during school.

    He even ears his breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so fast i swear he is swallowing it whole so he can get back to his xbox, but I'm a bad person for suggesting its a problem, according to my fianceand his son. We even seen a family counseler who repeatedly said that 3 hrs a day tops is enough, but that lead to nothing. The 9 yr old likes to point out that I let my 3 yr old play on her tablet alot def not from 7 till11 but when she is on she is playing learning games to help with words, colors, shapes, countinv, abc's, etc.

    Along with YouTube videos with nursery rhymes and such thinvs that are helping her learn so much, meanwhile the 9 yr old is playing grand theft auto, call of duty, left for dead, etc. When we go to the store, in the car, or doing anythinv else all he talks about is his video games. When he is playing he doesn't hear anything around him, or chooses not to listen, he does hyperactive things such as bang the coffee table door open and closed with his foot, repeatedly, apparently w.

    This is turning out to be a rant, but it's all built up and i dk what the heck to do becuz im. A horrible person for even mentioning this is a problem. Am I being crazy? Becuz i find it hard to believe that all of this is ok and I'm making a big deal about nothing. Point out the downsides of non stop screen time.

    Their is always a consequence for bad behaviour and it doesn't necessarily have to be enforced, the kid maybe needs an eye opener of the whats going to happen if this situtaion continues. Hi, No, you are not being crazy. That is really excessive screen time and you're not making a big deal out of nothing. This sounds like a big problem and you are definitely doing the right thing by trying to change it.

    You might consider buying some new games like Minecraft that actually are pretty creative and are not rated M. Another thing you could do is have a contest. The whole family can have a contest over lets say, one week, and whoever spends the least amount of time on the screen gets to pick somewhere to go for dinner or something like that. It might work and if it doesn't, try to ease him slightly out of the routine.

    My guess is he plays about hours a day including school, so you can have a schedule. I really hope your issue is resolved by now. I really hope that this helps and I'll pray for you daily. Hi Holly, I am sending my comment to you long after you posted them. Sounds like your step son could benefit from spending some family time.

    I encourage you to invite him to do activities with you and his dad. I think it is very clear that what is happening is not good for him. Some time required off of it and some other activities required would be good for him. All the best. I pray this young fellow can get the support he needs to quit and do real life things, otherwise things will be very difficult for him as he gets older. Wishing you the best. If it's becoming that big of a problem I'd say to compromise and maybe get more academic games for the Xbox.

    Something atleast somewhat helpful and not brain rotting. Dear Holly B. I do not envy your position. I have three children and none of them used electronics until they were nearly 9.

    Explore Questions by Age

    And then it was extremely limited time and content. It was VERY hard; it took a lot of my time and my attention. However, what it did teach them was how to entertain themselves. Because there is a great deal of science supporting limiting screen time - it is different for different ages, but not by much, I suggest that you use technology and search the studies about screen time and its effect on children.

    Once you have that information and really understand it, sit down with your fiance and go over it. It will never work if you two are not united. Come up with a plan of screen time use. I warn you that it may take some time to whittle down the hours - cold turkey probably won't work. The next part is probably up to you. This is the hard part: the dishes will have to wait, the laundry will have to wait; dinner may have to be sandwiches or something else easily prepared.

    This will require your time WITH them; save the screen time for when you cannot be with them. Have them start helping you prepare dinner - your daughter will probably love it, the 9 year old maybe not so much. Find other things that you can do WITH them. That is the ticket to success. You will probably find that you enjoy the time with the kids as much as they do eventually anyway. This will also allow you the opportunity to find and do things that your fiance's son enjoys besides screen time.

    It sounds as though he will thrive under the positive influence you will have on him. But remember that if you are in this relationship for the long haul, you will have to be patient with both your fiance and his son. Every time there is resistance, be sure to bring up the science that supports limiting the screen time and remind them that you care and want the best for them. I'm sorry but I must disagree. I personally have been gravitate a towards common digital media items my entire life. I used these to compensate for my lack of physical meetings in the real world. Restricting these is like restricting your child from understanding the modern world.

    I can see why you are skeptical of items like these, but nevertheless they are becoming to much of a key item in the modern era.

    Falling back on sciences that point out a "healthy" amount of screen time is not a valid arguement for someone who either: reads consistently more than the amount of time you are letting said person use an electronic, consistently uses an electronic for the amount of time you are letting said person use and electronic, or just someone with strong eyes and a good attention span.

    I've even done research on myself. My attention span over the course of a year drastically increased, I can focus on items better, and I have never had a headache in the past year or so. As such I think I have proven my arguement and I would hope you take my words into account. Thank you. I get A's and B's. Hi and thank you! I'm a mother of three children and really appreciate your words.

    I was googling how much time on xbox is too much for my 13 year old son and came across your post. It was very well written by the way. I would encourage you to share this with your parents. Just from personal experience, something written goes a long way with me. I'm often distracted with what I'm doing, another person talking to me, my texts going off, or just my mind wandering on what I should cook for dinner. Just an idea for you:. The only reason why I use technology so much, is because they isn't really anything than piques my interests at home.

    My parents are often busy, and the only time I get to spend with them are going out on walks, which honestly gets really boring if it's the same route all the time. If you take me swimming, then sure!

    Rules of engagement.

    I'm all for it, I could probably end up spending 4 hours at the pool if you'd let me. What I'm trying to say is, maybe stop focusing on how much time your kid spends using electronics, and try focusing on how you could shorten it. You see, everyone's looking at technology the wrong way. Kids use technology as a way to occupy themselves when there is nothing to do.

    So why not take them to said friends house? They could go jump on the trampoline or play hide and seek. Also, try to see everything in your child's eyes. It would help a lot if you'd try to understand each other rather than argue and ignore each other. If your kid sees you as some sort of dictator, they would probably start to resent you. That could lead to misbehaviour and a strain in your relationships. Along with his experience playing professional football, we talked about life as a football parent. He is an involved football parent and does a lot for our community with youth sports overall.

    If you went offsides, you had to start at one end of the field, run with the ball down the field, and someone would come up and blindside you with a hit. It happened to him once. I believe it because I will never forget it, and I only heard it from him. As parents, we sometimes struggle with how to make our kids tough enough to play football.