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By Shiketa Morgan

  1. Lessons on Faith and Business: Can You Have The Both?
  2. Services on Demand
  3. Why Faith Is Essential to Entrepreneurial Success
  4. Jeffrey Van Duzer: Another way of doing business | Faith and Leadership
  5. Hiring the right staff and being committed to your team

Probably the most controversial aspect of this view of business is that it relegates profit maximization or increasing shareholder wealth to a means and a constraint rather than a purpose. In the business school, we still teach how to run profitable businesses, but profitability is what you need in order to attract the capital that enables the business to do what it should be doing, which is to serve in the ways I mentioned.

The dominant paradigm says the purpose of business is to maximize profit and increase shareholder value. This approach turns that upside down. Profit is like blood in a body. Q: How are you incorporating this approach at Seattle Pacific University and the school of business? We introduce our students to the possibility of this alternative.

We also have a Center for Integrity in Business , whose primary audiences are the broader academy and the business community.

Lessons on Faith and Business: Can You Have The Both?

It hosts conferences and colloquiums and executive training sessions around how business contributes to the common good. We try to help Christians in business recognize that their work has theological significance. But a theology for business needs to be robust enough that it can actively critique the dominant paradigms, which may or may not be in alignment with what we think God is calling us to. Where business is out of alignment, we want to call Christians in business to realignment.

So yes, many Christians in business already behave like this, but many others unthinkingly adopt this dominant understanding of business. Q: Back in , you wrote about the Enron scandal. What runs through your mind years later, when you see the kind of misconduct that led to the mortgage crisis and the financial meltdown? There is brokenness in humanity that reveals itself in greed and dishonesty. It would change things.

Services on Demand

Is that good for the community? Q: You mentioned earlier that this approach to business is grounded in Scripture. How so? In developing a theology for business, we started by thinking of the grand narrative of Scripture. For example, much of our understanding of purpose comes out of the creation narrative, the notion that God chose to provide for his world, in part, through the work of human beings.

Why Faith Is Essential to Entrepreneurial Success

So how does that connect to business? How does the understanding of work in Genesis 1 and 2 inform how we think about work and the meaningful and creative work that God intended for humanity? Then we look at the fall, which in some ways was a rejection of limits. Are you paying a reasonable risk-adjusted rate of return? Are you paying your employees a living wage? You can go through each of the various stakeholder groups and ask those kinds of limits questions.

Then, regarding redemption, what does it mean to participate in work that comes out of the creation? How does business play a role in that? Finally, we look at new creation, and we talk about how work seems to return to its intended purpose -- this notion that some of the work we do today, the product of that, in some mysterious way will be caught up by God and used in the new kingdom, the New Jerusalem.

Sharing My Business Start-up Story with my Doing Business by Faith Prayer Circle

What stands out to me is not only the Christian-based humanitarian work that consumed his life, but also the strong faith that guided his actions every day. He knows my present situation, and He can supply all I need.

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Is this the attitude you take when thinking about your daily needs, whether at work, in your family, or for other personal matters? What faith really is. Faith in God, His direction and provision is not tangible, but rather a confident assurance, or earnest expectation, that what He has promised will be fulfilled.

Who hopes for what they already have?

Prayer: Doing Business with God Part 1

Action is evidence of faith. It could be said, no action, no real faith. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Jeffrey Van Duzer: Another way of doing business | Faith and Leadership

As a Christian, when you live a life of faith, you are being true to yourself. But you may have wondered how prominent your faith should be in your business. Choosing which approach to take in your business is an important decision, because it will affect your:. I want you to decide which path makes the most sense for you. That way, you can reach the most people! Alli is an author, speaker, mom of five boys send prayers , and the executive director of Propel Women.

Hiring the right staff and being committed to your team

She shares her journey of dealing with an unsettling force that so many of us deal with: anxiety. Alli remembers one day in a Target parking lot when she broke down in tears.