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Home Remedy for Bug Bites and Stings #1 – Ice and Benedryl (diphenhydramine)

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To make an onion poultice, chop your onion finely and cook with a little water until tender not brown. Wrap warm onion in cheesecloth, medical wrap or flour sack towel and apply to affected area. Roxanna says that she use just plain, chopped onion for stings, especially yellowjacket stings. Liz M. Rub it on and leave it. When it wears off, repeat as needed until the swelling goes down. John S. Wherever you are, there is mud, all you need is a little water. Just make a paste and slap it on. I've used it for a one year old baby whose piercing screams stopped within seconds, for a panicked customer in a store to our dog's paw just yesterday.

The mud does it all, draws out the stinger and the poison — fast. Leave on from min. Rinse off, then wash with soap and water. Relax and have a glass of water.

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While helping them pick, I was stung by a couple of yellow jackets. The young mother saw and told me to quickly get a potato, cut it, and hold it on the stings. It worked! Takes the pain out and holds down the swelling.

Used it ever since if tobacco and baking soda were not handy. Used it just a month ago for a wasp sting. With all these options, you should be able to come up with a quick fix for bites and strings wherever you are. Which remedy do you prefer, and are there ones that I have missed? Let me know, and don't forget to Pin, Share or otherwise pass along this post.

Thank you! The fire ant bite contains formic acid, and bleach is an anti acid. Sheila likes living clay.

First aid for insect bites and stings

Try it. Some people heat up a spoon and apply to bite.

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Two of us got bit by a hornet. I applied hot cloth and other person used an ice pack. Mine stopped swelling and stinging within minutes and I am allergic. I would like to subscribe to this website. Wash area with rubbing achocol Then tape a copper penny to the area and let it stay there for about 3 hours. It will take the swelling and redness away from the affected area. I been using just plain ,chopped onion, for years for stings. No cooking required! Especially awesome for yellowjacket stings..

13 Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

People r stunned at how well this instantly reduces swelling! When you get bit a mosquito, put honey on it and cover with a bandaid, before you start scratching it. These are great remedies. At that time BioFreeze contained these things. So i stopped using it, but had learned how wonderful it is for the itching and inflammation of bites and stings, especially mosquito bites..

BioFreeze has reformulated so it no longer contains the bad stuff. I got a sting on my neck yesterday, and applied the BioFreeze twice. Hi Laurie, thanks for stopping by and commenting at Savoring Today. I just love this site, I tell people about it all the time, if I wanted to make a spray that would work to use before going outside I would like to do the essential oils, how would I do a spray made of Hmm!! Works well for me. Peppermint oil is good for keeping bugs off of a person to begin with.

I use it as a bug spray around the windows and base boards. You can mixed the peppermint with vinegar for the spray. A roll on bottle of peppermint is good to have when you are going to be working outside. Rolaids they say is good for stings but I put lavender oil on my sting and the burning went away right away. My daughter used peroxide and a spray but it still was burning and my other daughter, who is into oil, told me to use lavender oil and it stopped the pain.

Thanks, Tina Jo. Saliva also helps neutralize the sting, so it makes sense that the combo of the two would work better. Many of the folk or homemade remedies work.. I think all probably work, my favorite as school nurse was meat tenderizer, fairly fresh… I got new bottles each semester… Use it at home and it works on most bites..

Insect bites and stings - Treatment - NHS

Spider however may need attn other than just getting rid of pain.. I got stung by scorpio 3times same one he liked me. Increased pain, swelling, warmth, or redness around the bite or sting. Red streaks leading from the area. Pus draining from the area. A fever. Try any of the topical remedies, including ice. Plantain is generally very good for pain and itching. After a night out with some friends, my son, age 8, got eaten alive by the mosquitoes. I whipped up a little paste with some water and a couple drops of lavender EO and no more itching. I have used mud on my bee stings and my kids bee stings for years!

If only more people knew about it. It seems no one does and it works soooo fast! You forget you ever got stung almost instantly. My kids stop crying within moments. Mud is the fastest cure!!!! I almost hate to mention it in our dirt phobic society, but mud and spit and highly soothing for all sorts of minor skin irritations such as stinging nettle, too. You need Bentonite in this list!

My 6 year old was recently bit by a Brown Recluse. I mixed a tiny bit of water with a little Bentonite powder; turned it into a paste, dabbed it on the bite itself and covered it up. Left it alone for about 5 hours. It was much better, especially by morning. I had to use warm water for the gauze to come off.

This Bentonite made the bite OOZ! Which is perfect! The redness and swelling went dowm, the bite itself looked better. I was so relieved. But the next day my son was knocked over by a BEEFY weimaranar almost the size of a great dane he screamed in agony. He calmed down, we ate dinner this was a birthday party but then he started quietly crying that it hurt really bad. It was horrible just taking off the medical tape that was around it! But then it was frightening to see the bite so pissed off!

I was prepared to take him into the ER if it was to get ANY worse or if he was to start running a fever. But, I just kept changing the gauze every 4 to 5 hours maybe. Before Id cover it back up; Id put him in the bath tub with warm water and baby soap. During this break, Id dab Peroxide on it, let it dry, and then spray the Bactine on it every 15 minutes while we watched a movie or something that got us sitting still.

That seemed to have helped.

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The pain was subsiding, and he was beginning to get rowdy again. We do not allow a whole lot of TV or video games here. So my son was very interested and willing to help him kill the monsters. HA worked like a charm.

Its hard keeping kids cooped up and calm, even when they have something painful. But tonight, we stayed up later again cleaning it, airing it out. I heard brown recluse bites can take 3 weeks to heal. Its been about a week now since he got bit. I found the spider under his bed. He is dead now, was definitely an adult. That same night I killed two baby ones.

They hold their title while living with us. Bentonite is some sort of lava ash for Wyoming I believe…? When all the natural, health, vitamin stores are closed, I happen to meet a stranger who had a pack. Would love to try it for poison ivy! Since there is barely anything that help it. This could very likely cure it! And have you heard of LIMU juice!? Fels-Naptha soap will kill poison ivy. Just wet down the soap. I usually cut a small chunk from the bar and keep it in a plastic bag. Wet the small piece down with warm water and rub on the rash, and let dry. I think I get it if I look at it but this always helps me.

I always try to keep a bar in the house for this but sometimes forget to restock after making my laundry soap. Before you get the poison, if you have been working in it, wash as soon as you get done and then you might not even get it. Fels naptha is toxic. I used to use it too, for poison oak, but then discovered that it contains napthalene, a toxic ingredient, as well as other ingredients that are not good for you. Originally Fels-Naptha contained benzene, another name for naphtha, which dissolves oil and so is very useful for oily stains.

This ingredient is what made Fels-Naptha such a success, making it possible for homemakers to get their laundry cleaner with less effort. However, Fels-Naptha no longer contains benzene. It does contain titanium dioxide, which is also used in natural sunblocks. Titanium dioxide can contaminate waterways. The other surfactants in the soap can cause skin irritation with prolonged exposure. I have been to the EWG website, and you are correct: it no longer contains naptha, but it does have MANY toxic ingredients go here for a complete list:.

Looks like I need to learn more about bentonite! I think it may be fermented. Years ago we lived in a small Mississippi town. Granny Edna was the hippie lady in the community who had all the old-timey treatments for things. She taught me to make what she called, The Recipe. The boys had gotten into a huge fire ant bed and had many bites. It took the fever, swelling and heads down quickly. Add the aspirins to the bottle. Shake well until the aspirins dissolve. I let mine sit for a few hours, shaking it when I walk by it until the aspirin dissolves. Shake before each use. It seems some work better on some people than others.

These are the ones my family and friends use. The milk protein and fats are the ingredients that do the trick. Mix equal parts milk and water.

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  4. Use a cotton ball or small clean cloth to apply it to the affected area. Wash the area with warm soapy water after the treatment. Pat dry. You can do this as often as want. The vitamins and amino acids it contains are nothing short of miracle workers. Many people even drink the juice of the plant for its health benefits. Apply the gel directly to the skin. This protects, provides soothing relief and promotes healing.

    You can repeat the application as often as needed. As a retired nurse, I think ice is good for many things. Putting ice on a bite or sting immediately numbs the area. Ice reduces inflammation, itching, and swelling. Many people wonder what is coconut oil good for?

    We use coconut oil as part of our daily health routine with oil pulling. Just rub a little onto the affected area. The itching and burning sensation will stop almost immediately. Especially helpful for mosquito bites. Of course you peel the banana, then rub the inside of the peel on the bite or sting. It gives instant relief. Some people use it as a tooth whitener. The healing herbs list is quite long, but one of my favorites is sweet basil. Fresh leaves of the basil are what is used. You can crush the fresh leaves and rub them on the bite area.

    You can also crush the leaves and add a little water to them to make a paste of sorts. Apply this directly to the area. One of my personal favorites.