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  2. Military Communications: A Test for Technology by John D. Bergen (3 star ratings)
  3. A testing range, but for computers, not weapons.
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The Visibuilding program has a really ambitious goal: find everyone and every weapon inside a building from the outside. Using radar signals, the Visibuilding program tried to visualize moving personnel within a building as well as a static floor plan and ventilation system map.

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Eventually, they were able to provide 3D maps of target buildings and also find large concentrations of metal, like weapons cache. All of this tech is headed to the Army and SOCOM, but if it eventually ends up in civilian hands it could be useful to civilian police and firefighters.

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  8. According to DARPA, as ice retreats over the Arctic the region will gain significance as a commercial and military avenue of transit and operations. They plan to be prepared for that possibility, and are developing new tech to ensure situational awareness and security. This tech entails a distributed sensor system beneath the ice and the plans for a possible station in the Arctic. The key is that the systems must be rugged enough to withstand Arctic conditions. For civilian uses, the Arctic is a major area of scientific and commercial focus.

    As the ice recedes, it will become a major avenue for easy international shipping. Having complete awareness of the area only benefits the U. Since typically Surface to Air missiles are much, much faster than the plane they're attempting to hit, it's difficult for aircraft to take action against an incoming missile. However, using the speed of light and the power of a laser, multiple incoming threats can be neutralized in record time.

    DARPA also believes that this system is powerful enough to take out ground targets. DARPA wants a laser that is lighter and more compact than the current state-of-the-art. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search".

    Military Communications: A Test for Technology by John D. Bergen (3 star ratings)

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    A testing range, but for computers, not weapons.

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