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The government has not hesitated to arrest him and his party members under false accusations and fabricated charges.

We as the signatories of this letter are gravely concerned about the condition of Dr. Medication and special medical equipment brought by his family to Evin Prison has been rejected. We ask all freedom loving people around the world to ask for the release of Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi and to pressure the Iranian government to release all political prisoners and cease the threats of arrest and intimidation of all non-violent civil political activists.

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Lecture Topics — Saul Silas Fathi

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He warns such navigators about the dangers dizziness of a search not based on clear-sightedness, the risk of losing faith and hope. Fathi was expressing his desire to be able to determine the point of his existence on the time line, with the purpose of reaching knowledge of the final point. He also desired to know the vocation of the present generation, or rather his own vocation in God's design. Did he attain it? To enter into the inner conscience of a human being is impossible.

However, all the signs he gave prove that his spiritual researches were crowned with success.

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His Last Prayer Hymn of glory We are saddened sometimes for those we love; we refuse to accept their departure, their suffering, their exhaustion. We revolt, we persevere and we weep. Lord, hear this passing melody; do not leave us any more, You who are so Great and Powerful. Look upon us, remain with us.

We are saddened, yes, for it is necessary. We also weep, for it is necessary to weep. We isolate ourselves perhaps in order to be found. And all this you refuse, even though it is joyful. Tears are beautiful, sadness is a path to You, and solitude is a hymn of glory to Your Greatness and to man. Lord, do not abandon me. Do not abandon any more those who suffer, those who are hungry, thirsty, those who are bound by the cruelty of men, and those who stand behind the bars of prison.

Never forget that we love, we weep, we look at life as of simple men, that we love You above all, and we look at You while lifting up our heads, smiling and glorifying Your Greatness and Your Strength. Lord, help us.

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Puprose of Studies. Jean Paul II Letter. A Young Christian.