Manual Introduzzione à Tre (Flute 2 and Violin 2 Part) - Flute 2/Violin 2

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Allegretto molto vivace Allegro mosso Allegro molto vivace Allegro giusto Allegro vivo Adagio Allegro con spirito Andantino mosso Andante sostenuto Allegro spiritoso Presto Henschel, Georges - Theme et Variations op. Seems to be no longer available. The edition for quintet and piano was done by D'Indy himself. Chanson et Danses op. Perhaps a newer edition is not that big format.

Unfortunately without score Suite en parties op. About the years in this choir the music is written. The idea for writing this music was given during a visit in Sanssoucic there the images of Frederic the Great lead to an association with military structures and piccolo flutes Humperdinck, Engelbert - There are no additional informations about the composer oder the opus. But is an absolutely great cost-performance-ratio. I think that is a really good line for a edition to publish easy works for beginners.

Chanson d'un matin op. Gavotte from Contrasts op. Wie missed something like a melody. I like this sort of selling sheet music, because it is possible to buy exactly the number of parts you need, even if you lost one. Concertino op. The piano accompaniment consists mainly on harmonies. Foerster, Joseph Bohuslav - Quintett op. One of my favorite woodwind quintets.

Five winds make a typically Bohemian nearly symphonic sound. Terrific and difficult. Goepfart, Karl - Quartett op. The tango is much nicer, easy music made for coffeehouse or something like that. En bateau is edited for flute and piano. Syrinx Lesure Nr. Henle Verlag , Rating: mid-grade Tres modere An classic and absolutely beautiful. Written in for Fleury. Nyfenger dedicated a chapter named Twenty-Five Perversions of Syrinx of his book Music and the flute to this piece of music.

As original tempo for the piece he takes 78 R. The fourth flute should have a foot joint with deep h or you have to play the alternative notes of this part. Originally for piano. Debussy Suite No. It sounds awful and we never came further than the first movement.

J Rating: mid-grade Tres Modere Probably one of the most popular flute soli in orchestral literature. This is an edition for flute and piano. Rating: difficult Allegro con spirito Adagio Allegro molto e leggierissimo This as usually very expensive French edition comes with a very soft, thin paper cheap.

A new bad idea is to include the woodwinds parts in the middle of the book. You have to open the tacks in the middle to get them free. Both flutes and both bassoons are printed in score. Pastorale op. Nocturne en Forme de valse op. I like this kind of music. The first flute has to change to piccolo.

Lots of cue notes for better orientation. Gretchaninoff, Alexander - Deux Miniatures - I. Souvenir de l'ami lointain op. Au Foyer op.


Variation - Tempo primo minore 3. Variation - Maggiore 4. Variation - Adagio Finale - 5. Variation - Allegro assai Kronke, Emil - Suite en stile ancien op. Only parts, no score. Caprice Impromtu op. Nielsen, Carl - Quintett op. Written in Quintett op. A score is available separately. Fantasy Pieces op. Both pieces were transposed up a minor third. Sibelius, Jean - In a newer edition at Billaudot the pieces are available again. Sonatine Modale op. Deux Nocturnes op. Early composition from around the turn of the century. Premiere posthum in Unfortunately it is a really thin, touchy paper which will probably not last long if really worked with.

Duration is given with two and a half minutes. Divertissement op. Partly without bar lines. Very beautiful melodies. Danse Grecque op. Let's rag At the end he is sent to a galley as a murderer and drowns. A few hints for playing this are to be found in the book Music and the flute by Thomas Nyfenger Trio op. Edition s Musicales , D. Lent Ciel, aer, et vens The premiere was on the 3rd February in Hamburg with Siegfried wagner as a conductor.

In the orchestra there is a doubled woodwind group, four French horns and timpani. Schmitt, Florent - Chants Alizes - en quatre parties op. Very large and nice printed, but due to the big format not very practicable. The score is available from the edition with a different order number. Chants Alizes - en quatre parties op. Sonatine en Trio op. Looks great but is a bit inpracticable as all bags are too small and the booklet is thus spoiled quite soon. The pianist has to work hard. Many time changes. First part plays very high upper half of third octave Scherzo - Pastorale op.

Zemlinsky, Alexander - Graener, Paul - Suite op.


Chamber Music

Only two pages for the flute, but really a gem. Quite high fot the flute up to the high h. Originally for violin and piano. The edition was done by Maximilian Schwedler. Serenaden op. Henle Verlag , Rating: difficult Serenade op. Reger wrote in the accompanying letter to his editor: "Enclosed you will find something very easy, simple and melodic But I ask you heartily not to disregard this unimpressive work, because it will be able to make me lots of new friends Holst, Gustav - Due Divertimenti brillanti op.

Sounds a bit like Italian opera. I liked it very much. It would be quite a lot of work to get it properly running for example for a concert. Improvviso op. Unfortunately no score and very modern. Il Pastorello Polacco op. The third movement is included twice: in original and transposed key. Fricke, Richard - Dedicated to Georges Barrere. The two similar instruments are very often going in parallel. G-Dur voice range e'-e'', flute Durand S. Quintet flute violin , oboe violin , clarinet viola , bassoon cello , piano Rosewood Publications , RP 7 Rating: mid-grade Allegro con brio Adagio Scherzo Finale Score in spiral binding and parts for all of the possible instrumentations Early composition of The first publication was only in Zagwijn, Henri - Trio No.

Gaubert, Philippe - On a clear morning - No. Soir Paien voice, flute, piano Rating: mid-grade Lent We did not like this very much on the first try. Written in summer of There is a elaborate introduction from Karg-Elert about the logical development of modern figuration. Sonate Op. I liked other collections of this composer better. Tanzsuite op. The parts are available separately.

I like this piece of music very much. Dances like in the nineteentwenies. Hard to play due to many changes of time and key. A quintet should already know each other before trying this. The piano plays from the complete score. Dedicated to the wind society of the Dresden National opera. I love Blumer, but we did not play this yet. Quintett op.

Paul Arma, a student of Bartok did the edition for flute and piano. Haydn, op. Webern, Anton von - Konzert op. I will never forget the high D. The same description anti-Syrinx is also given by Nicolet. It is the first piece using the beats on the flute keys. Two scores but very small print. Very advisable.

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Andraud, Albert J. Bachianas Brasileiras No. No chance for practising though it is really difficult. The score is available separately. As difficult as usual. Durey, Louis - Weiss, Hans - Ein kurioser Kaffeeklatsch op. Each movement is a invention for another instrumentation. The edition was the price at a contest. Laborious and useful exercises for daily warm up. The best mixture is given by the included practising concept. Fixed part of my practising. One row of numbers at the beginning each day. You have to play in the first two octaves only. Through composed, no separated movements. Hand written, hard to read.

The orchestration was done in The guests had asked for a part of the flute concerto by Ibert. As there was no piano available, Ibert retreated and wrote Piece for Moyse. The piano part is a complete score. Good, robust paper. Originally for violin, cello and piano and dedicated to the Trio Cortot, Thibaut and Casals. This edition is by Arthur Hoeree. Divertimento Finale Score, from which the piano has to play and parts. Nice edition on good paper. Thus the different sound and technical possibilities double stops are used.

If this is the at the time of the publication already dead poet, is not clear. Published in and to be ordered as a special edition from the publishing house. The first movement is a duet for flute and English horn, the second for flute and clarinet and the last is for all three together.

The edition consists of a single score. Written for the committee of artistic matters of the USSR in Peter and the Bird Bearbeitung flute, piano B. Ostermeyer, and a version by the German comedian Loriot. Two pages of lovely sound pictures, technically not so difficult. A mood piece I would say.

But really beautiful. Clarinet is included in both tunings. Each part only one page. Originally for piano two movements out of originally four Boucard, Marcel - I seem to hear a bit of Reger and of Debussy in the first and third movement. Sonate Werk 32, Nr. Kanonische Sonatine op. Technically not that difficult, only the french horn has to play some high notes. It is modern music but it is nevertheless singing. All of us five decided, this is something we wanna work on. This is the score. The parts are available from the same publisher. For the French Horn there is no key printed on the part and without a score it is not easy to make a guess.

The clarinet is in C, this information is not given on the score or the parts. Bentzon, Jorgen - Sonatina op. The first three parts are going more or less parallel. The fourth makes the rhythm. Bacon, Ernst - Haas, Pavel - Quintetto per Fiati op. First work of Haas which received international success. Written in Elements of Moravian folk songs with choral melodies and songs from the synagogue. Additionally the composer uses polyrhythm.

A revies of the Neues Wiener Tageblatt in said: The woodwind quintet of Pavel Haas is a work to be reckoned with. It is characterised by the originality of the themes and by a striking mastering of harmonization. Premiere was at the March played by the Moravian Woodwind Quintet. The first edition was published in by the Sadlo edition in Prague. The piece was commissioned by the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation and is thus dedicated to this piano player and patron. The premiere was played by Rampal and the composer on the Strassburg festival in Sonata Bearbeitung flute, guitar Chester Music , J.

Belaieff , Bel. The first flute plays a lot in the upper half of the third octave, the other parts are not so difficult. Kammer-Konzert op. This edition for a smaller group was done by the composer himself. Those were the ones to play it first, too. The piece is technically very simple and the composer first did not agree upon printing. The Ricercare shows the names of the children Thomas, Maria and Helen and the name of the village, where the music was composed Baech in notes. Woodwind Quintet op. Krenek, Ernst - Sonatina op. Parts and score are included.

He played the premiere of this concert on the 17th Octobre in the Royal Festival Hall. We did not like this transcription so much. Pilss, Karl - Jettel, Rudolf - Khatchaturian, Aram - Three Pieces flute, piano G. Rating: difficult Andantino sereno - Allegretto - Andante Written in This edition consists of two scores.

The music is full of frullato, tremoli and flageoletts. Romanzetta flute, piano Edition Suvini Zerboni , S. The score is available in the same edition. Only one page, mainly low sounds. Air Pastoral flute oboe , piano Alphonse Leduc , A. Very calm music, as meant for oboe, too, mainly in the middle and lower range. Only one page for the flute. Due to the alternative instrumentation with oboe written in the first and second octave.

I played this with organ, too. The flute has much more to play in this version. A small score is included. Scherzo op. Sonatine flute, bassoon Alphonse Leduc , A. Seems technically easy for music written by Bozza. Very good paper. Appropriate for so nice a music. And it is not so difficult for a composition of Bozza. Serenade flute, oboe, clarinet in H flat, bassoon Alphonse Leduc , A. I don't know yet, which one was first. Pocket score and parts in a very fine paper quality.

I learned a lot about this piece of music in an workshop with Carlo Jans Written in and dedicated to Gastron Crunelle. This is an antique dirge. The edition for alto flute was authorised by the composer. There are annotations regarding the timbre. The Epilogue needs to be played in very strict rhythm, while where are no bars. All comments are given in German, English and Italian. Suite flute, clarinet Editions Salabert , E.

If you really want to play this, you have to either buy two of this more than 25 Euro each in Germany or to mage illegal copies I do not want to guess which choice most people will make. The main problem is to find the way through these arrangements with all the segnos, codas and so on. Permutazioni a Cinque flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn Schott Verlag , Rating: difficult I - Viertel 90 - Allegretto scherzando - Sostenuto - stretto This is a pocket score, the parts are available separately. Commissioned by the Virtuoso Chamber Ensemble in Berthomieu, Marc - Chats..

I always remember a reading of Alice Schwarzer, a German feminist, which made me really like her. Very nice short pieces. You will have to copy if you want to practise. Rating: easy Allegretto gracioso Maasz, Gerhard - Divertimento op. Cavally, Robert - Fancy piece. Preludes G-Dur flute violin , clarinet violin , bassoon cello Edition Musicus , Rating: mid-grade I - Moderato II - Allegretto Very nice, great passages for the clarinet and a lovely solo for the bassoon.

Strange glossy paper reflecting artificial light. Not very clever The piano part is nearly unplayable as the pianist has to turn about five pages for the dacapo and back again to get to coda. Beside all the critic regarding the edition, the music itself is very playable and lovely. Waltz No. This fact makes the dark atmsophere of the work understandable. At first sight reading not much convincing. I think there is some more studying needed. Walter, Fried - Pentatonic piece, which is typical for Japanese music.

Larsson, Lars-Erik - Quattro Tempi op. Available directly from the Swedish edition. Quite difficult, exotic metrum changing very often, rhythmically difficult and a big range from deep to very high notes. The music is dedicated to Nadia Boulanger. In English the title means "The blackbird". It is one of the works made on birdcall motives.

The score is separately available from the same edition. Looks a bit complicated, changing times. Notturno op. The print is like handwritten, not easy to read. All parts are full of hints what the others have to play. And there are cryptic signs H- , not explained but probably showing important phrases. Genzmer, Harald - Pan flute alto flute Edition Peters , Rating: difficult Adagio, libero e con fantasia - Allegretto Vivace This composition of the year uses the whole range of the flute and includes changing beats. Barber, Samuel - Canzone op. Schirmer , Rating: difficult Moderato Summer Music op.

Hovhaness, Alan - Wind Quintet op. Very funny music, sounds more like brass than like chamber music, very typically for american wind music, a bit like a brass band. Bach op. The parts are oversized and made of a thin paper. Everything in hand writing, which is relatively easy to read. The two flutes are written in a score which is included twice, parts for cello and alto flute are separate. Berger, Arthur - Advanced Method Flute - Vol.

It is written in a very high range and the edition says, the version with piano score is only for practising and not for a public concert. I wish I was able to play the third movement. Change to alto in the fourth movement. The parts are separately available from Schott. The score is available separately from Schott. This is a real blockbuster. Very, very beautiful and again quite difficult to play.

Parts are available separately in the same edition. In the second movement the piano has nothing to play. Priegnitz, Hans - Zipp, Friedrich - Suite op. Satz KV - Allegro aperto 2. Satz KV - Andante ma non troppo 3. Satz KV - Allegro 1. Satz KV - Alelgro maestoso 2. Satz KV - Adagio non troppo 3. Winters: Fuga B. Jozsef: Epitaphium in memoriam reti Jozsef P. Ivan: Pastoral P. Ivan: Burla S. Endre: Vier Medallions S. Haydn: Minuetto L. Beethoven: Minuetto F. Lessel: Andante grazioso A. Schumann: Vogel als Prophet P. Tschaikowsky: Kamarinskaia A. Ljadov: Prelude N.

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Not very child-like, but I learned it nevertheless. Written for the conservatory concours in , dedicated to Gaston Crunelle. Zulawski, Wawrzyniec - Written in Bonneau, Paul - Kvandal, Johan - Quintet for winds op. Extremely small print. Composed in and takes about 17 minutes to play.

Quintet for Winds op. Arnold, Malcolm - Fantasy for flute op. Composed in , one of a series of solo fantasies. Dream City c-moll flute, oboe, clarinet in H flat, bassoon, horn Queens Temple, QT42 Rating: easy Andante Parts and score Technically not so difficult but with unusual harmonies, a bit jazzy.

Parts are separately available. Trio flute, bassoon, viola Novello Rating: difficult Allegro ma non troppo Andante con moto Allegro comodo Parts, score separately available. Trio flute, bassoon, viola Novello Rating: difficult Allegro ma non troppo Andante con moto Allegro commodo Score, parts separately available Quintet op.

Flute Concerto No. The piece is dedicatd to Richard Adeney, who played the premiere with the English Chamber Orchestra as part of the Aldeburgh Festival on the 28th Junie Sonata op. Rhythmically complicated, many changes of time, frullato and tremoli in all parts. Wiszniewski, Zbigniew - Flute repertoire - The name of the composer is linked to the associated biography. The following data is ordered by the birthyear of the composer. Only parts. Masters Music Publications , M Allegro con brio - Allegretto - Questa o quella - Caro nome - Allegro brillante. Vous dirai-je, Maman G-Dur.

Zimmermann , ZM Variation - Lento e sostenuto Finale - Allegro risoluto. Reinecke, Carl - Octet op. International Music Company , Allegro moderato Scherzo Adagio ma non troppo Finale Allegro molto e grazioso. Very nice, not easy and especially in the third and fourth movement demanding for the flute. Allegro Intermezzo - Allegretto vivace Andante tranquillo - molto vivace Finale - Allegro molto agitato ed appassionata, quasi Presto.

I love romantical flute music. First edition in and dedicated to the flutist Barge. Edition Breitkopf , Allegro molto moderato Lento e mesto Finale. Romanticism - very flute like. A score for the harp and a separate flute part. Allegro moderato Adagio molto Vivace ma non troppo Finale - Allegro moderato ma con spirito. Edition Breitkopf , Nr.

Allegro molto moderato Lento e mesto Finale moderato. Original text edition by Henrik Wiese. Edition Kossack , Gerard Billaudot , G. Edition Peters , Edition Henry Lemoine , Alphonse Leduc , A. Durand S. Highly romantic. Edition s Musicales , Piano part includes the score, too. Dedicated to Dorus and Leroy. To support his younger colleague Rossini at first said it was written by him and corrected this statement only then the success of the piece was obvious.

International Music Company , No. Composed for a concert trip os Saint-Saens in April to St. La voliere Le cygne. Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag , Thieriot, Ferdinand - Quartett op. Amadeus Verlag , BP Allegro moderato Adagio Allegro vivace Allegro. First edition published in Leipzig and dedicated to Mr. Broekmans en Van Poppel , Rossignolet Offertoire Op. Alphonse Leduc , Al 24 Gerard Billaudot , G B. Rheinberger, Josef - Rhapsodie H-Dur. Carus Verlag , Finale - Allegro moderato. Borne, Francois - Carmen Fantaisie. Southern Music Company , SS Allegro moderato - Moderato - Allegro moderato - Habanera - Allegro moderato.

Very nice. Introduktion Polka. Glamorous piece of music with an easy piano accompaniment. The third part plays from the score. Beautiful, especially the Andante is unbelievable and not so difficult. Moderato Allegro vivace. Parts for flute one to three, the alto flute has to play from the score and thus to do a lot of page turning.

Egge Verlag , Nr. Well done edition consisting of parts and score. This edition hat it's premiere , played by Sigandor-Quintet. Edition Musicus , M Fentone Music , F Barcarolle Melancolique Scherzo. A standard edition for technical exercises. Allegro aperto Andante ma non troppo Allegro. Allegro maestoso Adagio non troppo Rondo - Tempo di Minuetto. Alphonse Leduc , AL Oversized and linen-bound. Alphonse Leduc , AL 27 Allegro con moto Andante Vivace. Parts and score in really good quality. Moderato - Un poco piu lento - Allegro molto vivace.

Flute edition by Werner Richter. The first flute quartet I ever played.

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Belaieff , Allegro con brio Andante Rondo Allegretto. My edition is a quite old one and no longer available. Alphonse Leduc , HA 9 Very, very nice. Alphonse Leduc , J. Andantino Allegro. Some of the pieces are original, others are adaptations. Schott Verlag , ED Cheap edition, probably made for music schools. One of the series Tea junction. Allegro molto Andante Allegro vivo Allegro quasi presto. Schott Verlag , ED0 One score.

Manual Introduzzione a Tre (Flute 2 and Violin 2 Part)

Edition Musicus , G B. Chester Music , Ricordi , E. Edited by Louis Moyse. Elegie Albumblatt Notturno. My favourite is "Unter dem Balkon", a balcony in spain one might think. Allegretto - Andante - Andantino - Allegretto. Edition Musica Budapest , Z. Zimmermann , Z. Old edition, not playable without copying as the flute part is printed on both sides of a paper and there are no breaks for turning.

Schirmer , First edition was published in Hamburg by Max Leichssenring in Mis Amores Le tarde esta amorosa. Cheap edition from the series Tea Junction. Thus the paper is not that good. The parts look like copies and are kept together by a plastic cladding. This is a protection but not very practicable. Allegro non troppo Adagio Allegro molto vivace.

Allegro non troppo Allegro vivace Andante grazioso Adagio. Tillmetz, Rudolf - Kadenzen zu den W. Zimmermann , ZM Satz Mozart Andante C-Dur. Short piece two pages for horn also as for flute , dedicated to the hornist Bruno Hoyer. Allegro vivace, ma non troppo Andante. Quasi una marcia funebre Intermezzo - Andantino grazioso Allegro molto e burlesco.

Zimmermann , ZM b. Ech lesson is made from long tones, scales, arpeggios, etudes and duets all in the same key. Each chapter consists of interval studies, long tones, chords, scales, an etude and a duet in one key. Henschel, Georges - Theme et Variations op. Very old edition from an estate. Sarabande Menuett. Two movements of the suite in D major in an ancient style, originally for trumpet, two flutes and string quartet. Chanson - Lent Danses - Tres anime.

This is a really old edition from a second-hand bookshop. Heugel Editeur , P. Langey, Otto - The Flute Schule. Edition Merseburger , C. Edition Merseburger , Rameau: Gavotte Veracini: Menuet. Pergolesi: Ariette Leclair: Tambourin. Lotti: Aria: "Ach noch einmal" Marais: Idylle. Schubert: Melodie Spohr: Allegretto. Edition Peters , EP The boy choir Janacek sang in in early years is called Blaukehlchen due to their dresses.

The idea for writing this music was given during a visit in Sanssoucic there the images of Frederic the Great lead to an association with military structures and piccolo flutes. Edition Kunzelmann , GMa. Ruhige, nicht zu langsame Bewegung. Moszkowski, Moritz - Spanischer Tanz op. Allegro brioso Moderato Con brio Allegro comodo Con spirito. Parts and score, including an optional piccolo part for the first flute.

None part more than one page. Accolade Musikverlag , Acc. Parts and score in a very thin, damageable paper quality. Medici Music Press , QW Quite untypical for Elgar. Compilation and edition by Trevor Wye. Accolade Musikverlag , ACC Edwin F. Moderato - piu animato - a tempo leggiero vivo. One part of the orchestra, this is the second violin. Probably written after a visit of her eldest son, who was committed to compulsory labor in Switzerland during World War I.

Gerard Billaudot , CC Chamber Orchestra, Helsinki, February 28, Instrumentation: 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, piano, percussion, contrabass. First performance: Umo jazz orch. Kirmo Lintinen, Tampere April 1, Instrumentation: flute solo, flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello. Commissioned by: Musica Nova Helsinki.

First performance: Mikael Helasvuo, ensemble Court-circuit, cond. Commissioned by: French Ministry of Culture. First performance: NEM, cond. Notes: "giddy, sunny and seductive" - New Yrok Times. Commissioned by: Finnish Clarinet Society. Denis Cohen, Paris, December 3, Instrumentation: soprano voice, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, trombone, electric guitar, live electronics, strings: Jacques Mercier, Paris, February 25, Jukka Tiensuu, Helsinki, November 8, First performance: Das Neue Werk, cond.

Dieter Cichewiecz, Helsinki, November 17, Instrumentation: bass clarinet, trombone, accordion, harpsichord, violin, viola, cello, contrabass. Instrumentation: violin, viola, cello. Commissioned by: Trio ZilliacusPerssonRaitinen. Notes: quasi three solo pieces played simultaneously. Instrumentation: any melody instruments. Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, trombone, contrabass. Notes: A tribute to Kaija Saariaho for her 60th anniversary. Instrumentation: viola, cello, guitar. Commissioned by: Finnish Viola Society.

Notes: test piece for the Tampere National Viola Competition Instrumentation: two string quartets tuned a quarter-tone apart. Commissioned by: Kaustisen kamarimusiikki. First performance: Rantatie and Meta4 string quartets, Kaustinen, Feb 4, Instrumentation: kantele, guitar, accordion, piano. Instrumentation: any melody instrument s. Instrumentation: clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano. Commissioned by: Avanti! Chamber orchestra. Commissioned by: Arditti String Quartet. Instrumentation: any four melody instruments. Recordings: A tribute to Paavo Heininen, for his 70th anniversary.

Instrumentation: recorder, trombone, cello. Commissioned by: Nomus for Das Orchester. First performance: Das Orchester, Stockholm, Sept 26, Instrumentation: recorder or flute, violin, viol or cello, harpsichord. Commissioned by: 1. Time of Music festival. First performance: Fpp 1. Fpp 1. Fred, K-M. Kentala, M. Luolajan-Mikkola, A. Notes: Movements 1 and 3 were test pieces for Juvenalia competition Movements: 1. Commissioned by: Sibelius-Academy, DocMus department. Trip, 2. Trippet, 3. Instrumentation: recorder or flute, violin, viol, harpsichord.

Commissioned by: 2. Warsaw Autumn Festival, 1. Markku Luolajan-Mikkola. First performance: 2. Sleepwalk, 4. La Fervente, 5. Kitkat, 6. Instrumentation: clarinet, cello, piano. Commissioned by: Toholampi Accordion Week. Notes: version for three accordions of Fantango. Instrumentation: clarinet, accordion. Commissioned by: Accordion Institute of Finland. Instrumentation: clarinet, accordion, cello. Instrumentation: violin, clarinet, piano. Commissioned by: Turku Music Festival.

Instrumentation: harpsichord, string quartet. Commissioned by: Finnish Accordion Teachers' Association. Instrumentation: oboe or flute, clarinet, violin, cello, any keyboard piano, accordion, bandoneon, organ, harpsichord, electric keyboard First performance: Avanti Lunaire! Commissioned by: Juvenalia Chamber Music Competition Tawaststjerna and Hui-Ying Liu.

Notes: test piece for the Juvenalia competition Instrumentation: piano four-hands, electronics. Instrumentation: oboe or clarinet, cello, piano, tape or sampler. Commissioned by: Society of Finnish Soloists. Instrumentation: clarinet, trombone, cello, piano. First performance: Pro-Kontra, cond.

Instrumentation: any ensemble of melody instruments. First performance: Helsinki, May 11, Instrumentation: mezzo-soprano, flute, piano. Mesto, 2. Convalescenza, 3. Instrumentation: flute, harpsichord. Notes: Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantiques. First performance: Polytech Choir, cond.

Instrumentation: male choir, computer-generated 4-track tape. First performance: Finnish Broadcasting Company, January 2, First performance: Helsinki, May 31, First performance: Jukka Tiensuu, Helsinki, November 11, First performance: Jukka Tiensuu, Helsinki, November 27, Daydreams for guitar and electronics. Instrumentation: guitar, electronics.

Instrumentation: Decacorde guitar. Commissioned by: Japan Music Foundation. First performance: Izumi Tateno, Tokyo, May 18, First performance: Tuomo Matero, Helsinki, March 30, First performance: Anssi Karttunen, Espoo, September 26, A tribute to Anssi Karttunen, for his 50th anniversary. First performance: Denis Patkovic, Tokyo, June 11, Notes: 14 companion pieces for J. Notes: test piece for the Turku International Cello Competition Commissioned by: Markku Luolajan-Mikkola. First performance: Matti Rantanen, Helsinki, October 25, Recordings: Zeitklang "Heart": Margit Kern.

Etudes for harpsichord: train, drain , grain