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  1. Indelible by Adelia Saunders
  2. indelible (adj.)
  3. in·del·i·ble
  4. English-German Dictionary

Impossible to remove, erase, or wash away; permanent: indelible ink.

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Making a mark not easily erased or washed away: an indelible pen for labeling clothing. Unable to be forgotten; memorable: an indelible memory.

Indelible by Adelia Saunders

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Permanently resistive to fading: colorfast , fast. Mentioned in?

indelible (adj.)

References in classic literature? It was never published, but I saw it once and it made an indelible impression on my mind. View in context. But when in repose her features had a shadowy look that was like a sardonic grin, as if some one had sketched with cruel forefinger indelible lines about her mouth. I have seen it, and it has left on me an indelible impression.


They were not the normal indelible type and this caused a certain amount of comment. In this case, however, it is one of an indelible character.

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They are not themselves indelible differences of faculty and function by which nature herself has given diversity and richness to human society. The value of permanent indelible marking is, in essence, that it gives an awareness of origin. The great epidemic of left an indelible mark on communities, businesses and people from all walks of life.

From The Depths of Woe - Indelible Grace

He embarked on an excessive campaign that has left an indelible mark on her health and life. What he related to me left an indelible impression on my mind.

English-German Dictionary

I understand that the word " indelible " in this connection has some kind of technical significance. I do not suppose that in there was available the indelible writing material which is used these days. We are always being told that the school and home make an indelible im- pression on the very young. Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of indelible? My Dictionary. Word of the Day ecosystem all the living things in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment. About this.

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