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  1. Der Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility | SpringerLink
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility. The case of Siemens and Gazprom

EPA, in its investigation has discovered a defeat device that cheats the agency in from recognition of excess pollution at checking stage before the car is certified to release in the market Spence, However, VW cannot afford a higher fuel consumption car in its products, which is a potential threat to its market Hotten, The neutralising device is designed to have a flexibility in switching it on and off as a result, fuel consumption can be altered Hotten, Moreover, a software feature is provided in the vehicle interface that actually reports carbon emissions by the vehicle Hotten, In the real time usage the readings recorded by the software does not match with actual emissions Spence, As the carbon element-neutralizing device is switched off in the real time usage for lower fuel consumption, the carbon dioxide elements are released into atmosphere which is much more higher than the standard emission values Spence, By the software features and defeat device, VW has cheated the EPA from discovering the real time emission values.

In this critical situation, VW has to act carefully on the issue. The executive committee of VW has appointed new leader and has called back for rectification for all the claimed vehicles Colvin, From the research, it is discovered that, of the theories developed and research, Carroll has explained the value of CSR and developed a CSR pyramid. There are some arguments against CSR in the early years of its development, that responsibility of an enterprise is to make profits but it is proved that following CSR make long term benefits Carroll, Carroll has differentiated the organisational responsibilities in to four segments; they are economic, legal, ethical and discretionary or philanthropy Carroll, The activities such as providing some returns to stakeholders, job creations, healthy treatment of employees, generous salaries, promoting technology innovations, educational contributions etc, Visser, By following these activities company increase its income and simultaneously helping the fellow community to develop Visser, VW is significantly contributing in this area.

  • The business case for corporate social responsibility: A company-level measurement approach for CSR.
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From the vision strategy of VW, it is identified that, VW is bound to become an attractive employer by providing various benefits to the employees Volkswagen, Furthermore, VW is conducting various technology innovation programmes in Russia, other European countries and some of the countries in the rest Volkswagen, VW, with starting a new plant in Pune, India, also started a training institution that provides required technical work force to the plant Volkswagen, By this there is job creation in India and solves the human resource problems simultaneously training the potential graduates in local communities Volkswagen, Many more such programmes are being conducted by VW that creates some profits to the organisation in direct and indirect ways.

Corporate and social responsibility.

Der Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility | SpringerLink

The case of Volkswagen Elaboration, 18 Pages, Grade: Viswa Krishna Vyas Tippabhotla Author. Add to cart. Lohmeyer, Nora : Herausforderungen der Governance von Arbeitstandards in globalen Lieferketten der Bekleidungsindustrie.

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility - Episode 26

Lohmeyer, Nora : How do CSR strategies feed into the global procurement of goods and the sourcing practices of lead firms? Lohmeyer, Nora : Intraorganizational tensions around being good: Structures and practices of organizing purchasing and CSR in garment retailers and brands, invited talk at Institute for Management Research, Radboud University, Nijmegen, 6. Lohmeyer, Nora : Discussant for Prof. Lohmeyer, Nora : Path-dependent processes as social processes — a discourse theoretical and analytical approach, 3rd International Conference on Path Dependence, Berlin, Lohmeyer, Nora : Corporate Social Responsibility — a path-dependent discourse?

Corporate Social Responsibility. The case of Siemens and Gazprom

Gregory Jackson, Prof. Gregory Jackson , Sydow Chair Team Nora Lohmeyer. Monographies Lohmeyer, Nora : Instrumentalisierte Verantwortung?

Researcher at the Chair for Personalpolitik, Prof. Gregory Jackson, Free University Berlin.

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