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It’s All About Awareness

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Sharing the benefits a user will gain from using your app will encourage people to download your app. Leveraging on iOS the ability to promote your app within the mobile web experience is a free way to promote your app. These are users who are engaging with your brand on a mobile device so these should be your target customers to download the app.

Focus on the value to the user and why you built the app to make sure users can clearly see the benefit for them. Alaska Airlines promotes its app at the bottom of its home page and when clicked, takes viewers to a dedicated page sharing the value of downloading the app as well as device-specific download links. Cross-promoting your app across different channels, particularly email, encourages new users to download your app. Let your email users know that you have an app for download and link to it in the email and leverage SMS if possible to do the same thing.

Again, focus on the value for the consumer. Mobile wallet is another great channel to drive app downloads. There are so many advanced tactics, strategies, and tips you can read about Facebook Ads. Then, their mistakes drive up the cost they spend on ads, lower profitability, and cause headaches. This was my approach when I first started out. My budget scaled alongside my learnings and results. Open up Facebook Ads Manager to get started with creating your ads.

22 Content Marketing Experts Reveal the Secrets to Writing Killer Blog Posts!

What do you want your ads to do? Drive traffic, build brand awareness, increase conversions? Facebook offers 11 options split across three key objectives:. Choose Traffic under "Consideration" first. You also need to give your campaign a name. Choose something easy and memorable so you can easily identify it in the future. Facebook recently added the ability to split test ads, which enables you to test advert sets against each other to understand which ads give you the best results.

Keep it simple. Note: Do not buy likes. I hate when people brag about how many likes their fan page has. When you write Facebook posts you have almost no say on how many people it will reach. The more specific your target group, the more likely you are to have a higher CTR. The key is balance.

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Choosing the right audience is essential for a successful Facebook ads campaigns. You need laser-focused targeting. For the age and gender category, look at the demographics of your top customers or the people you have email addresses for and target those age groups. For the Monthly1K course, we targeted year-olds who are in the United States. The other categories, Languages and Connections, I encourage you to leave alone in the beginning.

Remember, target less than 10, people total. If your audience is broad, go more narrow geographically. Now, create a spreadsheet and list out all the Likes of each of your top 10 customers on Facebook. Focus only on the most relevant Likes to your business. For example:. The goal is to find easy and effective ways you can target new customers. Look for similar Likes across your top customers to get started. Go to a competitors' Facebook Page and look at the people who like it.

Click on their profiles and add them into your spreadsheet to find their common interests. Find an angle that makes your business unique and then use that angle to advertise directly to your competitors' customers. They want to show your ads to whomever is most likely to click. You have two options:. With your first ad, I recommend you only target Facebook users in the News Feed. Mobile ads could make sense for your business, but it depends greatly on your service. If your landing page is fully optimized for mobile, it can be worth targeting Facebook users across all devices.

But if your product is a web-app, then mobile feed ads might convert significantly lower than desktop ads. Mobile social ads now drive more impressions and clicks than desktop, but desktop still has a slight edge when it comes to conversions. Consider creating a separate ad set with just mobile targeted ads. Start small. The point is to get some clicks to your ad going and then you can lower the amount. Again, remember it can vary wildly based on your industry. But, this should give you a rough north star to aim for. This is where you create your advert.

Generally, I have a couple of pieces of advice when it comes to creating winning ads:. Keep the images simple , ideally of yourself or something not boring. Look at this boring advertisement below. Such a neat idea for a product. But boring execution, with an image blending in with so many other images we see online. Try to create an ad that uses natural text versus something that seems like an advertisement. And if you want to know what this looks like in real life, see how to make EPIC Facebook Ads which get you tons of clicks and conversions.

For News Feed ads, Facebook offers six different formats. Let me simplify it for you: Choose Single Image. Single Image ads in the desktop News Feed tend to have a higher engagement rate than right column ads. Facebook single image ads enable you to upload and test six variations of images. Start with one or two images max. Stock images are the best way to ruin a great ad. Images of people work incredibly well. Preferably their faces. And try to use a bit of contrast, too.

Mobile Marketing: Why Digital Marketing Reaches & Converts a Mobile Market for Local Business

You could use images of your team or your customers with their permission, of course. If you have a designer on your team, get them to whip up your ad. The first step is to choose the Facebook Page that will represent your business in the ad all single image News Feed ads are promoted by Facebook Pages. Then you need to choose your destination.

Pro tip: Create consistency. If someone clicks your ad, something in your image or copy has grabbed their attention. After clicking, they should land on a webpage that reinforces the message you shared in your ad. If you want people to click on your ads, they have to stand out. I tend to use images on a bright background or anything with a bit of contrast to stand out from the blandness of the News Feed. Including a Call-to-Action within your Facebook Ads is a great way to let the user know what to expect on the other side of the ad. For example, you could: mention how many businesses use your product, include a testimonial from a customer, talk about your experience.

The goal with social proof is to alleviate any worries someone may have about your product and give them a reason to car. Congrats… but the real thing is profit. So how do you track your ROI and make your money back? So I do back of the envelope math as follows:. For your business the numbers might be a little different, but a similar formula will help you work out your ROI.

Facebook offers incredible value to advertisers. Throughout this post you might have noticed a couple of key takeaways about creating successful ads:. Good luck advertising. Leave a comment and share your questions or experiences with Facebook ads. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Best article about facebook ads i have ever read thanks.

Fantastic Blog! It really gives proper collaboration to understand the main theme step by step, keep it up. This is the smartest Facebook Ads "course" ever! Take it from the guy who's been there, done that instead of a guy standing in front of somebody else's Ferrari! Standing in front of someone else's Ferrari is the same exact strategy as Noah's top performing "natural" ad example - social proof!! Lots of important information, than you.

I landed here because I fail and fail and fail over again trying to promote my micro service with inspiring quotes. Maybe it's just useless. Can you guys give it a glance a tell me what you think? It's quotes. Thank you in advance. Is there a market for your offer? What are you trying to achieve? Who is your target market?

What makes you unique? You need to ask a lot of questions before throwing money into advertising Very helpful. I will try your tips to see if I can increase my ROK. Test out remarketing ads to stay top of mind with those who already engaged with you and your brand. Don't let vanity metrics impressions, likes, clicks fool you - focus on the bottom line. It's bringing them to the url you listed when creating the ad? Not your Facebook page right? This is an amazing article!

In my opinion, finding your audience is a key moment. If you just started your business use your competitors' audience! It's the surest way to target the right people. You can do it easily with LeadEnforce. Here you'll get a custom list from your competitor's Facebook groups and further, you just share this audience to your Facebook business account and use it for running ads. Keep up the great work and thanks for all of the useful knowledge! This is a great article. Please help. You told me terrific. I really congratulate you. Very nice information added to my reports.

Great article! Will we see an update to this article soon with Facebook changing some of the ways they handle ads and such? Simple and very helpful tips that calrify the goal of my advertisements more clearly!! Thank you!

The charming conspiracy that put the first American flag on the Moon

Why does fb seemingly make it so difficult to navigate the ad manager?? Or is it just not user friendly? Awesome article. I have a small countertop store and I'm targeting single family homeowners in my vicinity.

Without getting into the endless metrics let's assume I'm doing a decent job with my ad and the settings clicks - 30 days. How long before I can expect real results to kick in. And I mean roughly how long I'll give it a year. I've been told it can take 9 months or so This is not an impulse item of course so I expect this to have to take hold over time. I did catch one great order which made me enough for 3 months of advertising. Any reply is priceless.

Thank you.. Results don't take time to "kick in" - you should be evaluating your campaigns on an ongoing basis. Make sure you have conversion tracking set up so you can identify the lead source with confidence. You could also try video ads. Again, on fiverr, find amazing talent to create a simple 15 - 30 second video with your product imagery. Seriously, if your ad hasn't caught someone's attention in the first few seconds, most people may be scrolling by.

I am a newbie, not an expert. I have not had huge success with ads myself yet. Maybe through in a "Free" offer if they enter their email. A free consultation phone or in person could be the reward. Is there any metric or reporting feature to determine what percentage of total possible impressions with your audience your ad is appearing in, and, if the percentage is low, can you determine if it's low from too low of a bid, or too low of a CTR compared to other people advertising to the same audience?

Or is there no way to get this info other than conclusions inferred from trial and error? Positive feedback and engagement is necessary. Since every responsible business practice understands that the content on their website is king, I wanted to differentiate my product offering by providing insightful content that would generate traction with readers. Something a little offbeat, perhaps even mildly inflammatory is bound to get lots of hits with readers. Then I marketed my content to readers with video remarketing strategies. Fortunately I found a boutique company that provides excellent services.

Its name is Treepodia, and they are experts at generating converting loyalty videos. All I can say is that the results speak for themselves — higher ROI, engagement, conversion, click through rates — you name it. Thanks for the info. However, most of it only applies if you already have a website getting traffic, and you have a FB pixel on the site. Good article with some great insights. I am looking to receive more sales from the USA but from Australia it could be to expensive? We are a very small business that sells unique Aussie made gifts.

I heard that fb algorithm is getting smarter and now Feb it will work better with a large audience of 2million for example. I know people who place several targeted interests in one adset and have an audience size in millions and it works very well for them cheap leads. Any update about this? Don't they have the same quality as stock images? Karl, My mentor for FB advertising has told me the same thing. It should whittle it down and the algorithm should spend money on who is clicking through and then stop spending money on who isn't.

Now how much exactly does it not look for these people that aren't clicking through, I don't know. So you would have to consider some sort of a loss. Someone else just told in on another blog they're using small audiences with less than 1 million and it works really good for them too. This is also a well known guy. So maybe both ways can work somehow. My lead ad account got restricted. Facebook said I was selling leads to third party but I'm not. Can't get Facebook to look at it.

Any suggestions. Steve Yegge, a Google employee and former Amazon engineer, chronicled his frustrations last October in a 4,word Internet posting that has attracted more than , readers. He complained about the decor at Amazon, the food, the pay and the need to do grungy tasks at times. Jeff Bezos should be there a long time. He just turned 48 in January and could easily run Amazon another two decades. It could be a challenge in terms of retaining other executives with aspirations of becoming a CEO.

Bezos says he knows when to avoid meddling so that his project leaders can find their own paths. Rather than kibbitz with a number two, Bezos actually reads over-the-transom e-mail, which most CEOs regard as unbearable clutter. Dozens of times a year, unsolicited suggestions turn into feature improvements. Asked about customer e-mails that have become his favorites, Bezos forwarded to FORBES a note from a woman recounting how Amazon has touched her life over the past 12 years. First she bought books and compact discs when she was in her late 20s.

They say it takes a village, but,. In the short term Bezos will continue to attack muda. No small feat just ask Best Buy. To Bezos, though, this also means they came up short one time in 10, Mostly, though, Bezos sticks to business. Selling lipstick, tractor seats, e-book readers and data storage are all part of one big plan with three big constants: offer wider selection, lower prices and fast, reliable delivery.

What I Learned Spending $3 Million on Facebook Ads

Bezos shrugs. If the new initiatives make strategic sense to him, a five-to-seven-year financial payoff is okay. Lots of retailers talk about holding down costs and passing the savings to the consumer. A foray into auctions flopped. Bezos regards such stumbles as a part of life, as long as Amazon can learn something useful.

In the new world, that inverts. Complaints can be devastating in the age of viral tweets and blogs. The payoff: humility and empathy for the customer. Could you work for Jeff Bezos? Before you start imagining yourself on Team Bezos, however, take this diagnostic quiz.