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For over 5 years, we have been serving the pets and families of our local area. We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships. We provide care for your fur baby as if they were our own, and ensure that they receive the highest quality care and training while in our care. Both Darrell and Greg have served over 20 years in the military.

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They take pride in their commitment to their customers knowing that dogs are no longer just pets but part of the family. Since opening, Darrell and Greg have trained hundreds of dogs at their Kennesaw location.

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Some dogs with severe behavior problems and others with the calm personality to become a service dog to a Veteran with PTSD. With their proven training program, you'll soon have a dog you can be proud of. We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness and care is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. We love caring for pets! Schedule right here on our site for a meet and greet, or to make any pet services appointment. Train, don't Complain. Quality Pet Training For over 5 years, we have been serving the pets and families of our local area.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Photo Gallery. All About Dogs. Sign up. You see I am not only an author, I am a person of action, whether it is an injustice that needs righting, education of the masses, or other off the chain subjects.

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I believe in discourse, but I do not believe in bashing. So all shows will be with respect - but off the chain. Upcoming Broadcasts. She is an internationally known wildlife artist whose work is noted for its detail and accuracy, and she is the recipient of two World Wildlife Art Championship awards.

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Nancy has always had a love of animals and nature. After college, she worked as a conservation law enforcement duty officer for the state of Florida. She volunteered her spare time at wildlife rehabilitation centers, bringing their birds and reptiles into the schools to educate children of all ages. Over the years she has handled many domestic and exotic species, including cougars, leopards, and tigers, and always had interesting stories to tell about her encounters with wild animals.

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  • Upon leaving a suburban lifestyle in the metro Washington, DC area, to live in rural Montana, she discovered a new world of exciting and unusual adventures. Encouraged by friends and family alike, she wrote her first book, "Go West, Young Woman! Reminder Edit Reminder. Learn some of the secrets behind her highly successful business and how she was able to work on her own business part time for only 20 months before resigning her position in a corporate job. Tanisha Burke started her travel business in June , and under her leadership, her team grew to travel business owners in just eight months.

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    This wife and mother has a heart of gold and loves to help people as much as she loves to have fun! Why does Craig Sroda quote Confucius? Join bUneke UnScripted on August 1, at 9 p. Eastern Time, as we welcome Craig C. Sroda to our show. Craig is an author whose mission is to guide people towards ways that work for them to live their lives intentionally. Listen to see how many lives he hopes to influence in the next two years. We'll talk about his new book, The Ultimate Manual, and get some tips about how we can live our lives with purpose.

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    Her physical practice is in Orlando, Florida, but she has been booked to speak, entertain and inspire all over the U. On-Demand Episodes. Laura Beers Wears Many hats.