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And as a fan of both baseball stadiums and your work, I have to ask Or is it forever lost to the winds, like Grady Tripp's opus?

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Chabon: Yeah, I'm afraid that book is lost, though not in so dramatic a manner as Grady's. Actually, the first chapter of it is visible on my Web site. One of the many frustrating and embarrassing things about writing that novel was that, when I began it in late , the idea of someone building a cozy, downtown, baseball-only, green-grass, asymmetrical ballpark ever again sounded like the purest fantasy. Things like the SkyDome seemed to be the wave of the future. And then it took me so long to write the damn book Neyer: In one of your short stories "Spikes" , a character laments the passing of first Roberto Clemente who of course was killed in a plane crash and then Frank Howard who left Washington when the Senators moved to Texas.

And I believe you expressed similar sentiments in an essay. What was it about Clemente and Howard that captured your imagination? Chabon: Well, with Frank Howard I guess it was mostly that he was big and handsome and fair and hit mighty home runs and I was a really little kid. He was the local slugger, in other words. He was the only Senator I really cared about, except of course for the manager of the team, a certain Ted Williams.

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Clemente was different. Right away, I noticed that playing for Pittsburgh in right field was this marvelous, handsome, graceful, brown-skinned guy. He was strong, lean, serious.

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MIKE Sports Comic Books

He ran hard, threw hard, and swung hard, but he always looked relaxed and unruffled. He was everything an eight-year-old boy could most devoutly wish to be. I'm sure I'm remembering wrong -- I know the Pirates got some fine pitching during that Series -- but to my eight-year-old self it seemed that Roberto Clemente won the '71 Series single-handed. He got at least one hit in every game, and wound up batting over Neyer: So you were just a kid when Clemente died, and at almost exactly the same time, the Senators became the Rangers, which meant that Frank Howard went off to Texas.

Did those losses have any impact on your affection for baseball? Did you adopt another favorite team? Chabon: After Clemente was gone, I started to notice how this other guy they had, Manny Sanguillen, seemed to have discovered some inexhaustible source of joy, a source that at the time I took to be baseball itself. He was a free-swinging, dirty-uniform kind of guy, and he was always smiling.


It made you smile just to look at him. I don't know if you remember or not, but the middle of the s were not exactly the most joyous of times. See a bus of winners drive vanquished opponents to school. Straight talk. No static.

MIKE — thee ultimate talking head on sports! The MIKE sports comic books are fun, witty and informative. Fans not only enjoy the sports humor, but also learn something new about sports history.

mike fifa favorites sports comic books favorites series book 4 Manual

Plus, the unique sports comics that accompany each chapter cleverly capture the essence of the featured player, team, coach, play, sports expression, etc. Readers normally collect multiple sports comic books because they enjoy MIKE's inventive take on the sports, teams and athletes they love. Sweeney played baseball, basketball and soccer as a kid and then wound up starting on the Boston College Eagles basketball team. After a year-career in sales, Jim closed the computer agency he founded to pursue a lifestyle career in sports entertainment.

Read more Read less. Kindle Monthly Deal. Browse a new selection of discounted Kindle Books each month. Spain was slightly more successful at the Euro tournament in France. The World Cup will likely be the final tournament for the remaining players from those winning teams. Euro inspired me to buy FIFA 08 , a favorite of mine. The presentation, specifically the soundtrack and user-interface, is still excellent. I prefer how the menus show rendered faces of players instead of real-life photos; as a result, created players and real players are indistinguishable, appearance-wise.

I avoid signing generated players in my FIFA 18 manager career because they look bad in the menus. I have fond memories of my career as Holden Caulfield , manager of Chelsea. I transitioned leadership to John Obi Mikel and Fernando Torres, whom I signed after he became my favorite player during the Euro tournament, as well as a South Korean center-back who was generated by the game and scouted by me to succeed Terry.

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My all-time favorite soccer commercial was directed by Guy Ritchie, and it broadcasted around the time when was I was watching Euro and playing FIFA I always try to watch live broadcasts or at least follow online comments. Otherwise, I watch highlights or read summaries. Besides being a sporting event that excites people like nothing else, the World Cup is a marker of time.

Whenever I think about past World Cups, I think about those summers. My standout memories are less about specific plays or results and more about me following the group-stage games.