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It also showed how the novel lighting functions support the driver. The positive response from the global press was mainly related to the assistance projections in front of the vehicle, as shown in Figure 5. At the Geneva Motor Show , a vehicle with a DLP series headlights was presented to the public for the first time at the beginning of this year.

The headlights of the Mercedes-Maybach are by far the most powerful matrix headlights on the market and support the driver in a wide range of driving situations. Studies on such systems show that the driving behavior is positively influenced by these assistance functions.

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  5. Traffic lights, U-turns and overhead lane controls.
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Thus, in tight construction sites, guide-line edges are automatically projected in front of the vehicle, marking the width of the vehicle and allowing the driver to maintain his own position on the lane in a relaxed but safe manner. They also provide the ability to better estimate the strip width relative to the vehicle width. Furthermore, various warnings are given for a duration of about 3 seconds, for example in case of black ice, distance underruns or speeding. Warnings are projected directly in front of the vehicle. They are activated automatically after analysis by the vehicle sensors and according to the driving situation.

The goal of the projections in the immediate vicinity of the driver's line of sight is to warn the driver effectively and without distraction. In a test series with test persons in real night traffic it could be shown that a projection that appears on the road as warning, e. The driver perceives the projections as most contrastive.


Traffic lights, U-turns and overhead lane controls

In conclusion, it can be stated that the digitalization of the headlamp represents a milestone in the further development of front lighting technology. If it succeeds in bringing this approach into as many different vehicles as possible, it can contribute to achieving the goal targeted by the Federal Government in the context of the "zero traffic deadline strategy". With the concept described above, the headlamp becomes a tri-functional system that adds smart automatic assistance to intelligently-controlled adaptive lighting functions and opens the option for further applications in automotive communication.

Development of the second generation is already in progress to make this powerful technology available for other vehicle segments in just a few years.

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Digital Light: Millions of Pixels on the Road. Digital Light Distribution "Digital Light" is the name of this demanding and exciting development project at Mercedes. The Projector Principle The DMD technology, available in simplified form in the "consumer" sector, for example in film projectors, has been further developed for the use in high-performance headlights.

New challenges for the electronics hardware and software The development of this high-resolution lighting system also presented new challenges for electronics hardware and software development. Knowing the rules makes travelling through intersections much safer for everyone. Content in panel 2. Content in panel 3.

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  • Content in panel 4. Content in panel 5. Vehicle making a U-turn. You may think you can do a U-turn at traffic lights if there's no sign to say you can't. It's also illegal to do a U-turn: across a continuous single centre line across double continuous centre lines across a double line that's continuous on your side of the road across a painted island at a place which displays a no U-turn sign. So, what's the legal way to do a U-turn?

    It's simple to do a legal U-turn when you know the rules. Example of an overhead lane control device. Last updated: 28 November Is your feedback about: this website. Feedback on government services, departments and staff Please use our complaints and compliments form. Page feedback How satisfied are you with your experience today? Dissatisfied 2. Neither satisfied or dissatisfied 3. Satisfied 4. Very satisfied 5. Please leave this blank this helps us identify automatic spam.

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    If there is a safe gap in oncoming traffic, you may complete the right turn. Some people think it's legal to drive through a yellow light if your front tyres are over the stop line before the light changes to red. It's only legal to drive through a yellow light if you are unable to stop safely when the light changes.

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    You see, the yellow light is not an extension of the green light, it's actually the beginning of the red. So when you approach traffic lights, you should always be prepared to stop in case the light suddenly changes. And you should check your rear view mirror for vehicles travelling close behind. If the light turns yellow, you must stop if it's safe to do so. However, if you're so close to the intersection when the light changes that you are unable to stop safely, you are legally allowed to drive through the yellow light. Now, if the light changes to yellow after you've moved into an intersection waiting to turn right, you are also legally allowed to drive through the yellow light to clear the intersection.

    You can only make a U-turn at traffic lights when there is a U-turn permitted sign. When you are doing a U-turn, you must give way to all other vehicles and pedestrians—even if other vehicles are facing a give way or stop sign. At intersections without traffic lights or at breaks in the centre island of the road, you must not do a U-turn if there is a no U-turn sign.

    It's actually illegal to do a U-turn at traffic lights unless there is a sign telling you that you can do so. Well, you must give way to all other vehicles, even to vehicles facing a stop or give way sign. You must give way to pedestrians too, then make your turn when all is clear. You must not travel in a lane marked with an illuminated red diagonal cross or pass a traffic sign above a lane displaying a red diagonal cross.

    Please use our complaints and compliments form.

    Digital Light: Millions of Pixels on the Road

    You are here: Queensland Government home For Queenslanders Transport and motoring Road safety, rules, fines and tolls Road rules Road rules for everyday driving Traffic lights, U-turns and overhead lane controls Print Traffic lights, U-turns and overhead lane controls Traffic lights control the flow of vehicles and pedestrians to improve safety and access to roads. Obeying traffic lights Stop Red traffic light. Examples of red arrows.