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The First Noël at the Villa des Violettes

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The Curse of Ravensdurn. Hanan, Stephen Mo. Haney, Frank. Lust in Rust. Hawdon, Robin. Shady Business. Hecht, Ben. Twentieth Century. Hendryx, Shirl. The Last of Jane Austen. Hindman, James. A Christmas Survival Guide. Hirson, David. Wrong Mountain. Horowitz, Israel. Barking Sharks. My Old Lady. Hughes, Langston. Little Ham. Jacobs, Jim. Jannuzzi, Luigi. For the Love of Juliet! Johnson, Terry. The Graduate. Johnston, David. Kayden, Mildred. My Giddy Aunt. Kellerman, Jesse. Things Beyond Our Control.

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I Sent a Letter to My Love. Manzi, Warren. The Award and Other Plays. Martin, Jane. Good Boys. May, Elaine. Adult Entertainment. Taller Than a Dwarf. McGuinness, Frank. Sophocles' Electra. McKay, Gardner. In Order of Appearance. Milligan, Jason. Both Sides of the Story. Mills, Peter. The Taxi Cabaret. The Learned Ladies. Morris, Peter. Pop Star. Nassar, Mark. The Mayor's Limo. Nelson, Richard. The General from America. Nigro, Don. Beast with Two Backs. The Circus Animals' Desertion. Deflores and Other Plays. Dramatis Personae. Fisher King. Palestrina and Other Plays.

The Reeves Tale. Noone, Ronan. Norman, Marsha. Last Dance. O'Garden, Irene. The gas tank is empty. We have to fill up. Actual meaning : to wait forever Literal meaning : to make like a leek which grows very slowly. Robert waited forever, because Jean was two hours late. Actual meaning : to make it a long weekend Literal meaning : to make the bridge.

Their mother always makes Sunday dinner. La grande aiguille fait le tour du cadran en 60 minutes, et la petite aiguille fait le tour en 12 heures. The big hand goes around the dial in 60 minutes, and the little hand goes around in 12 hours. Discover more words about Food and Drink here.

All over the country, families have picnics to celebrate. You might notice that this topic has two parts — the bath part and the grooming part. Our ambitions to cover both last week were a little larger than the number of days in the week. But they also can be very rewarding. Il faut payer avant de quitter le magasin. Note that falloir is only used in the the third person. Just how important is this phrase?

You would probably find it hard to get through the day without using this construction. In French, you can communicate the same idea with il faut. Consider these common statements:. Take our Essential French Verbs Quiz to find out. One of the most difficult things about becoming fluent in French is learning to recognize all of the many idiomatic expressions — those phrases that mean something different than their literal meanings suggest. On va apprendre des mots pour les animaux fermiers.

I have a fever. I need some medicine. Who knows? You might find yourself in France someday clutching a handkerchief and remembering these words that will help you find a little relief! Finis-tu tes devoirs avant de te coucher? Do you finish your homework before going to bed? The park is the perfect place for strolling.

Toutes les tulipes dans le jardin ont fleuri. All the tulips in the garden bloomed. Our quiz is extra-fun this week. Take the Weekly Quiz now and see how you do! Do you want a darker or lighter color? She wants to make a ratatouille with fresh tomatoes. You have to pass through security before going to the boarding gate. He hummed the same song all day! Rub your hands under running water.

For more words like this, click here. The robber fled with a million euros. You can park the car behind the hotel. With the arrival of the sun, the plants start to sprout again. The price of gas climbed 20 cents in only a week. Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday celebrated this year from Dec. If there are ghosts in your home, your house is haunted. Join us as we ramble through the spooky vocabulary of the holiday.

Watch the accounts of locals about this haunted house in Northern France. If you received this video in our e-mail and are having difficulty viewing it, please visit our Web site at www. He was in his boat on very rough seas literally, on a very choppy sea. Je ne veux pas sortir. Il tombe des hallebardes! How many kilometers are included in the price? TODAY We always enjoy covering vocabulary topics about travel, because they contain essential words and phrases for French language learners who want to visit a French-speaking country.

Click here for more French vocabulary words about travel and getting around. Do you think that he is oblivious to the needs? My name is Edouard. Je viens de faire la pelouse. Je meurs de soif. I just mowed the lawn. To discover more phrases that can help you with basic phone conversations, click here. The flowers in the garden are very pretty. The best-known image of Santa Claus is that of a chubby character. Jouissez du soleil en visitant le Midi de France.

Enjoy the sun while visiting the South of France. To learn how to conjugate -ir verbs, check out our -ir verb conjugation page in our Quick Verb Guide. Last week, Jupiter was the closest to Earth in 47 years. More advanced learners can see if they can follow along in this explanation of Jupiter and Uranus. If you received this in an e-mail and have difficulty viewing the video, visit our Web site at www. It can also refer to liking things. Follow these links to these words to help you take to the road in French:.

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Could you bring the check, please? The case was dismissed by the court. For more words about civics and the community, click here. The government is proposing raising the retirement age from 60 to 62 years old. The referee settles all the disputes between the players. Follow the links below for more French vocabulary words about money:.

Les jeunes inventent souvent leur propre argot. Young people often invent their own slang. Do you want to add collision insurance? Autumn seems far away during the heat of summer. The police launched the investigation into the murder of the man. We think of our hopes at the beginning of a new year. Are there any fish in the pond? The children are very happy that summer has finally arrived. Can you identify the North Star in the sky?

Halloween, an Anglo-Saxon holiday, has only recently gained popularity in France. High-speed Internet is very useful for watching videos. Find out with our Computers and Technology Quiz. Take advantage of the shade to avoid the heat. To see the corrected post, click here. Can I speak to Paul? Inevitably, there seems to be some pointing involved as someone describes to you where something is located. The children spent an hour on the swing. La belle-famille de Marie arrivera ce soir. ALSO les beaux-parents n. The flame was lit during the opening ceremony.

Many people wait for the heat of summer. Restez dans la climatisation pendant la vague de chaleur. Remain in the air conditioning during the heat wave. Tap the eggshell gently to make it easier to peel. Stay with us throughout the week to learn how to ask for one the way you like it and what to do with it! Today is the day for eating turkey in the United States. You have to go through customs after picking up your bags. Gerard has four people in his immediate family. Flour is the essential ingredient in all the breads of France.

Follow the links below to discover the words for many types of bread and other related French vocabulary words:. Labor Day is a day to celebrate workers. To read more about Labor Day in French, please see this Wikipedia article. Vous pouvez porter la flanelle en automne pour vous garder au chaud. You can wear flannel in the fall to keep warm. For more words on fashion and beauty, click here. The Big Dipper is one of the most well-known constellations.

I want to learn to play electric guitar. Pour faire lever le pain, il faut ajouter la levure. In order to make bread rise, you have to add yeast. Many soldiers died in the battles for freedom. Il y a beaucoup de magasins en ligne qui vous offrent la livraison gratuite. There are lot of online stores that offer free shipping. If speed is very important, choose overnight delivery delivery within 24 hours. His father is going to pick him up. Is the weather forecast good for this weekend?

People who have no money live in poverty. The British monarchy has lasted more than a thousand years.

La Vie en Rose Ukulele Cover

She enjoys listening to classical music on Sundays. NASA was preparing to launch the space shuttle Endeavour. For Christmas, we wish you peace and happiness. If you received this video by e-mail and have difficulty viewing it, please visit our site at www. In case you missed it, check it out:.

If you have difficulty seeing the video, please visit our site at www. The light of the full moon fell on the lake. The freezing rain made the roads very dangerous. For more similar words and phrases, click here. We use a racket and balls to play tennis. We need to visit the front desk before checking out of the hotel. The young people are protesting against retirement reform. La reine portait une robe jaune avec un chapeau assorti. The queen was wearing a yellow dress with a matching hat. All the stranded travelers were waiting for the reopening of the airports. The professor speaks only French in the classroom.

The souls of shoes are often made of rubber. Check out this pyramid of shoes in Paris. Sap is used to produce maple syrup. The players at the French Open glide easily on the clay. It is, instead, le tournois de Roland Garros or, more simply, Roland Garros. The tournament takes its name from the stadium where it is played. The stadium is named after a French World War I aviator and fighter pilot who very frequently played tennis there.

The projected path of the storm was along the east coast. For more French weather words, click here. Parfois, il y a aussi une trotteuse sur une horloge. Sometimes, there is also a second hand on a clock. In France, children put out their shoes in front of the fireplace for Santa. We are continuing our look at words related to the holiday season. Normalement, on fait les vendanges en septembre et octobre en France. Normally, the wine harvest is done in September and October in France. The greenery of the countryside was like a painting. Do you prefer life in the city or in the country?

Les vendangeurs doivent cueillir le raisin des vignes pendant quelques semaines. The harvesters have to pick the grapes from the vines for a few weeks. Today, we celebrate this with a word that is part of the vocabulary of the vineyards. After the harvest, winemaking begins. The dog is playing with the ball over there. Le sucre est-il dans le buffet de cuisine?

Is the sugar in the kitchen cabinet? Do you see all the new flowers outside there? Le chat est sous la table. The cat is under the table. You put the books on the bookshelf? Yes, on top over there. Look at the bird up there. Les voisins ont peint leur maison en rose, orange et vert. Elle est vraiment laide! The neighbors painted their house pink, orange and green. Je ne veux pas en parler. Laisse-moi tranquille. Leave me alone. You might also hear, laisse-moi seule. Is it just babbling or a true language the babies share?

Take our French Park Vocabulary Quiz to find out. Nous allons passer nos vacances au bord de la mer. You need a corkscrew to remove the cork. They followed the path that wound through the park. Jean-Paul looked at the sky with wonder. We want to see a new film at the movie theater on Saturday evening.

The clique of teenagers sent each other texts with the click of a mouse. When the gender changes, so does the meaning! Beatrice gave her heart to Robert. While le coeur is quite literally the organ that pumps blood through the body, it is also a great symbol of love. Put the suitcases in the car trunk please. Visit the check-in counter to get your boarding pass. Click here for more words about travel and getting around. Montrez votre billet au conducteur quand il passe. Show your ticket to the conductor when he comes by.

Click here to see more words about travel and getting around. When he saw her, it was truly love at first sight. The subject of love was among our most popular Word of the Day topics last year. The defendant claims that she did not know the woman. The plaintiff is claiming damages on the grounds the salesman lied. Sometimes, the fall is associated with mourning. Here is a video of a poem by Paul Verlaine expressing some of the sentiments sometimes associated with autumn.

If you have any difficulty seeing the video, visit www. With the wind chill factor, the temperature feels like Quand vous voyez un feu vert, traversez la rue. Pay attention to the crossing signal. When you see a green light, cross the street. Paul est le fils de Jean et le petit-fils de Marc.

Claudia est la fille de Nathalie et la petite-fille de Denise. To learn words for more relatives, click here. On peut faire une promenade dans une charrette de foin en automne. You can go on a hayride in autumn. Literal translation: One can go on a ride in a cart of hay in autumn. I am broke. Allez au guichet pour acheter vos billets.

Go to the ticket window to buy your tickets. Did the Easter bunny bring chocolate eggs to your house? We wish you a wonderful Easter and hope you enjoy les plaisirs of the beautiful spring season. Robert installed a new piece of software on his computer. Do you like to make popcorn with butter? Jean-Luc est le mari de Sophie, et elle est sa femme. It is correct here: Claudia est la fille de Nathalie et la petite-fille de Denise.

The filmmaker shot the footage in Paris. What length do you need? The way to stay in fashion is to buy new clothes. The page turned to page Classic spice cake contains honey, cinnamon and ginger. You might enjoy looking at this recipe for this classic French loaf. Country bread is a rustic bread with a hard crust. This bread is sold pre-sliced. Learn More The word mie refers to the soft interior of the bread. Read a bit more about pain de mie in French on Wikipedia. We make French toast for breakfast.

La danse sur glace fait partie du patinage artistique. Ice dancing is part of figure skating. Speed skating takes place on a track of ice. Jean and his boss Mireille get along very well. The below video is a good example of a dialog that might take place in a restaurant. Listen to the French while following along with the written dialog.

Bon appetit! The trial of two men accused of murder opens tomorrow. For more French vocabulary words about the law and other civics matters, click here. This event was seen as an important symbol of the overthrow of the French aristocracy and the birth of the modern French nation. There were demonstrations against global warming Saturday.

You can read about the events from Copenhagen here in Le Monde. If you received this video by e-mail and are having difficulty viewing it, please visit our site at www.

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Watch the passage of the Olympic torch relay in Quebec. The Olympic torch is currently making its way through Canada in preparation for the Winter Games. Join in the celebration and test your French listening skills with this video. This week we are exploring words i n the news. We will return to vocabulary related to the holidays soon.

Normally, the Christmas Eve feast follows Midnight Mass. For practical reasons, the meal is held more and more at the beginning of the evening rather than at the end. In the South of France particularly, the meal also includes a tradition known as Treize desserts , thirteen desserts that symbolize Jesus and his 12 apostles. People celebrated last week throughout the British kingdom. She won the prize for best supporting actress. For more words about films and filmmaking, click here.

Emergency relief teams remain in Haiti. This week, we will explore some of those words. His serve was incredible; the other player never saw the ball. Maple syrup is produced in Quebec from the sap of Canadian maple trees. It is one of the signature products of the region. Today is the winter solstice — the shortest day of the year. We are continuing our look this week at words related to the holiday season. The French like sports very much. Snowboarding includes acrobatic jumps and is becoming very popular. What the exchange rate of the American dollar against the Euro?

The French speaker in this video gives a short explanation of exchange rates ands some of their effects. Donc, il y a des gagnants et des perdants. If you received this in our e-mail and are having difficulty seeing the video, please visit our site at www.

One can take the train from Paris to Avignon in three hours. Click here to visit Wikipedia and learn more about the TGV. The court sentenced the man to 5 years in prison. The suspect will appear before the court. Henri dropped his mobile phone on the sidewalk while walking in Paris. The flowers grow in the mud before being put in the vase. We loved this pair of words — le vase and la vase — because they were such a reminder that knowing the gender of words really does matter. As a masculine word, vase means a vase , and as a feminine word, it means mud. Completely different, one beautiful, one messy, but oh so similar sounding.

Le travail est dur. The work is hard. The Eyjafjallajokull Volcano awoke in in Iceland. For more words about climate, click here. Volcanoes are just one of many phenomena that can cause travel disruptions. Could I speak to the owner, please? Today, our word is about small business, or petit commerce.

They were window-shopping all day long. It was easy to lift her suitcase, because it was light. People often hang angels on the Christmas tree. You can normally carry at least one piece of carry-on baggage. ALSO Les chaussures de tennis is another common way of saying this. The doctors helped the injured first. Madeleine found new boots that were on sale!

A cloud of ash covered the majority of Europe. Bells play an important role in Easter traditions in France. In France, it is said that church bells fly to Rome to bring back Easter eggs. He put on his low beams in front of another car. The storm caused serious damage on the coast. Autumn leaves are orange, yellow and red. In the United States, today is a day for watching fireworks. The bench is covered in bird droppings. Click here to discover more words about recreation and life outdoors. For those who saved others, they had shivers down the spine. The icicles that hang from the roofs are pretty.

It was incredible that there were people found alive under the rubble. The speakers might be the most important part of a stereo. Tout le monde est en route au travail aux heures de pointe. Authorities feared flooding from the hurricane. Children have to learn to tie their shoe laces.

Take our French Body Parts Quiz to find out. Sophie always wears sunglasses in the summer. Last week, there were high school protests. Pierre and Paul study math. If you are having difficulty viewing the video in our daily e-mail, please visit our website at www. We eat scrambled eggs for breakfast. Jetez la peau de banane aux ordures, et sortez-les. Throw the banana peel in the trash, and take it out. You would wear your slippers inside at home. Here, it is only words that frighten the subject — not the fact that someone is getting out of prison on parole.

These words are tricky because they look and sound much like their English equivalents but, in fact, have different meanings. Their father made pasta for dinner. It is said that the Pilgrim Fathers celebrated the first Thanksgiving in what is today the United States. Uh, and you think that you are so hip with a single bare foot. Do you think social networks are a passing fad? We must have eaten too much turkey and lost our heads! The word is feminine. You can see the corrected post here. We have to pay taxes on income.

In French Christmas songs of years gone by, les souliers are put by the fireplace. In Christmas songs from the early part of the 20th Century, the word comes up frequently. This tradition continues today. Her high heels are very fashionable, but they cause her feet to ache. All over the country, there were record temperatures. She wears her flip-flops during her vacation at the beach. Many people will search for holiday sales today. The high winds toppled the utility poles. If you have a question, raise your hand please.

For more classroom words, click here. Take our Classroom Quiz to find out if you know how to say raise your hand in French and more French classroom vocabulary words. I would like to rent a car, please. He wanted to move the big stone, but it was too heavy. Elle maigrit pendant que son mari grossit. Elle me manque. Je manque de patience. I miss her. I lack patience. This is simply one of those little things about the French language that must be learned. You might find it helpful to repeat the phrase to yourself several times to get the hang of thinking about it that way.

Robert cursed the day he let her go. Note that the verb maudire is rather strong language. Use the word with care. Mix the salt and pepper with vinegar. Put your coat on before going outside. Elle a besoin de meubler son nouvel appartement. She needs to furnish her new apartment. Much like in English, take care in the way mignon ne is used. If used in the wrong context, someone might not be flattered to be called cute. A baby might be cute, while a girlfriend in her beautiful new dress might be better described as jolie or belle — pretty or beautiful.

Think of mon chou as something of a pet name that would only be used with someone who is quite close or familiar. C hou also happens to mean cabbage. We have to board the train 10 minutes before departure. I got in the car, and I put on my seat belt. Everyone wonders who will ascend the throne. It is common for it to come at the end of the sentence. Used as an adjective to express the idea of none at all : Savez-vous la limite de vitesse? Do you know the speed limit? Not a single book was in the backpack. It can also be used as a one-word reply to a question:. He never goes to the movies on Sundays.

Unlike those , jamais can be used as a one-word reply to a question. With present tense: Je ne veux pas travailler. Note that ne…pas must surround the verb, in this case the word veux. With a direct object: Voulez-vous ce manteau? Non, je ne le veux pas. Do you want this coat? Note than the direct object le must come after ne and before the verb. Note that ne…pas must surround the auxiliary verb in the past tense. The ne comes before the verb, and pas follows it.

Nothing can be possible, or positive, all the time. Used with the present tense: Je ne vois personne au bureau. I heard no one. Used as the subject of a sentence: Personne ne vient ce soir. Used as a one-word reply: Qui avez-vous vu? Who have you seen? No one! I no longer go to the supermarket on Saturdays. The ne comes before the verb, and plus follows it. I only have three dollars. I only gave five euros. It is a common way for the French to express a limited amount.

As with other constructions, ne precedes the verb. However, take note that the placement of que will vary, depending upon what is being limited.

Consider two similar sentences with different meanings:. Je ne mange rien. I have a stomach ache. I swear to you, I said nothing. Nothing was ready to eat. Unlike those examples, however, it also can be used as the subject of a sentence. Additionally, it can be used as a one-word reply to a question:. To see more common examples, click here. Jacques decided to clean the gutters. For more words about activities around the house , click here.

O n met les voiles? Shall we leave? Il se fait tard. I can help you clean the kitchen. Where do the plates go? I forgot my keys, and then I forgot to close the door! The verb oublier is one such example. While in English we say to forget to do something, the same idea is expressed in French by following the verb oublier with the preposition de. Click here to discover more examples of how French verbs and prepositions interact, sometimes creating meanings that are completely different from one preposition to another.

Today, our phrase will help you do just that. Sometimes, I like to sing French songs. These words are critical in adding meaning to our conversations in French. Is it the year to bet on the stock market? TODAY Our word is one of many about matters of time and the calendar that you can explore by clicking here. Michelle was vacuuming when someone knocked at the door. Children paint the eggs and exchange them. The fact that the table tilts to the left drives her crazy. He weighed his words carefully before speaking.

In order to make break, you often have to knead the dough. If you received this in our e-mail and are having difficulty viewing the video, click here. Cet outil est vraiment trois outils! Finally, Philippe decides that the drill can function as a flathead and Phillips screwdriver. This tool is really three tools! How could his wife become angry? Je veux plier le linge avant de sortir. I want to fold the laundry before going out. Click here for more words like this. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Sometimes, the professor asks the class a question. The man chased the pickpocket through the streets of Paris.

For other common verbs, see our Quick Verb Guide at www. The Americans and the French stormed their targets. The nurse is going to take your pulse before the doctor gets here. Can I make an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow? Are you worried that the water is too deep for the children? We will be interspersing these with our regular, more advanced vocabulary. To see more words, please visit our site www. La joie de vivre se trouve dans la vie quotidienne. She prefers mending the clothes instead of buying new ones. Je rampe dans le frigo!

We tidied up the house before their arrival. Would you like something else? More than a million people gathered in the streets. Il faut ratisser des feuilles pour nettoyer le trottoir. We have to rake leaves to clean the sidewalk. Je suis ravi de faire votre connaissance. He got his book back after looking for it for three days. You often have to reboot the computer after an update. Unless you live in a cave, even living in France will not save you from the need to discuss this subject from time to time. The doctor writes you a prescription to treat the cough.

Rewind the film to the scene that you want to watch again. To visit France is like going back in time. If you have a manually winding watch, you have to wind it. To learn how to conjugate verbs like these, check out our -ir verb conjugation page in our Quick Verb Guide. These athletes won the most medals. Jean-Marc met his friends at their favorite restaurant.

For many, this is also a time to give thanks to God. For more words about time, click here. We should reserve a room three months in advance. Rester is a regular -er verb that is also among a group of verbs often classified as verbs of motion. These verbs typically express a state of coming, going or, in this case, staying. Click here to see how another verb like rester is conjugated. Georges passed his English exam. He succeeds at everything he tries to do. Everyone knows the story of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. Il a rompu avec sa petite amie de trois ans.

He broke up with his girlfriend of three years.

Rame dans la rame

Elle met la rose rouge dans le vase. In these cases, the adjectives do not change spelling from the masculine to feminine form. They are the same for both. They do, however, continue to change for number: la rose rouge the red rose , les roses rouges the red roses. Je crois que nous aurons une table libre dans dix minutes. Is it possible to sit at the bar while we wait?

Of course. Follow me. When it comes to the French language, we expect to learn more this year. Click here to discover more. She bundled herself up in a winter coat. I have a reservation. Can I register? Bon voyage! You can almost hear the act of bundling up in the sound of the verb. Her Majesty the Queen reigns over the people of England. In this case, sage means well-behaved.

But if we said our grandparents were sages , we would probably mean they were wise. Of course, well-behaved grandparents are welcome, too! Click here to discover more false cognates on our Web site. Take our False Cognates Quiz to see if you can navigate troublesome false cognates in French.

The little girl was so upset that she sobbed all the way home. The children are totally carefree in summer. NOTE The phrase sans souci literally means without worry. Saupoudrez la salade avec du sel et du poivre. Sprinkle the salad with salt and pepper. Les colons et les soldats britanniques se sont battus les uns les autres. The colonists and the British soldiers fought against each other. Il faisait si froid que je me suis blotti dans mon lit. It was so cold that I snuggled up in my bed. Click here to explore more words like this.

Combien de fois par jour vous brossez-vous les dents? How many times a day do you brush your teeth?