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Will a shipwrecked hound from central Europe survive on a desolate Caribbean island? Can a miserable patriarch feel love for his demented wife? He can, and so can the directors. East European cinema has a lot of surprising tales to tell. Since then he has successfully worked as director of photography and worked with Andrzej Wajda and Krzysztof Krauze. Denn Lena hat Brustkrebs. Sie heiraten trotzdem. Doch schon die Hochzeitsfeier endet im Krankenhaus.

In reality Benedykt had actually resolved to take his life, just as his father had once done. Nevertheless they get married, though even the wedding ceremony ends up with them both in hospital. Should they keep the child in spite of her forthcoming operation and chemotherapy, or instead opt for an abortion? Even in the end when, just like in real life, solitude prevails. On the eve of the party Piotr stumbles across a hastily buried body in the garden, the existence of which none of the natives are willing to acknowledge. During the wedding party the groom is unable to relax, harassed time and again by the vision of a young woman in white.

Sie lebt allein mit ihrer Mutter, der Vater ist schon vor Jahren in den Westen emigriert. Dabei geht es um viel mehr als um Doping. Her coach has big plans for her and hands her a performance-enhancing substance, whilst Anna's mother also has Olympic plans; she wants Anna to take advantage of the opportunity to travel West, stay there and move in with her father.

Manfredi 15 Rome Italy Tel. Branko Schmidt — geboren in Osijek, Jugoslawien Kroatien. Branko Schmidt — born in Osijek, Yugoslavia Croatia. Der Alltag besteht aus immer wiederkehrenden Arbeiten. Sie putzt, bereitet die Mahlzeiten vor. Er wird zunehmend gereizter, sie depressiver und vergesslicher. Er liest die Zeitung, sie schaut alte Fotos an. Ihr schmerzen die Beine, sie wird zunehmend depressiver und vergesslicher.

An elderly couple returns to a village once destroyed by war. Here life consists of repetitive chores; he collects water, does the shopping, and repairs the damaged caused to the farm. She cleans and prepares meals. As he grows increasingly short-tempered, she withdraws into herself and becomes ever more absent-minded. A brand-new car drives across a grey autumn landscape. A son returns his parents home, back to the past. This new beginning consists for the main part of recurring procedures and behavioural patterns: chop wood, fetch water from the river, tidy up the barns and warehouses.

Kata would like to have a cherry tree in the garden, and yet Slavko refuses to even entertain the idea; it is these minor arguments that come to dominate everyday life, as Slavko gradually takes on the role of a short-tempered patriarch for whom his wife's weakness is nothing more than a burden. Er studierte von bis Wirtschaftswissenschaft in Budapest, konzentrierte sich aber bald vollends auf das Drehen von Filmen.

Since he has worked as a freelance producer and director of commercials. An ihrem Reticent nurse Liza has for years now been lovingly caring for the overbearing widow of the former Japanese ambassador to Budapest. As the mysterious fatalities amass Liza starts to believe that, true to Japanese mythology, she is a cursed fox fairy, with all those who desire her sentenced to death. Can she prove her innocence now that the police suspect her of being a murderer? O Box Hungary Tel. Olmo Omerzu — geboren in Ljubljana, Jugoslawien Slowenien. Olmo Omerzu — born in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia Slovenia.

Seine Schwester Anna studiert schon, wohnt aber noch zu Hause. Die Eltern und der Hund starten zu einer Segelreise an das andere Ende der Welt, die Kinder bleiben auf sich allein gestellt und probieren die neu gewonnenen Freiheiten aus. Regisseur Olmo Omerzu entwickelt eine Art psychologische Versuchsanordnung, um die Strukturen innerhalb dieser Familie aufzudecken. A few weeks without their parents would appear to be an enticing prospect for the teenagers, were it not for the fact that they have no idea what to do with the time.

A suspense-packed psychological study full of unexpected turns. A well-to-do family in Prague: mother, father, a pet dog and two almost grown-up children. His sister Anna is already a student who still lives at home. The seemingly pleasant, sensible teenagers soon grow bored however, whereupon they come up with ever more obscure dares and play computer games until late at night, whilst Erik falls in love and starts to neglect his studies. This seemingly careless existence is replaced by a sense of fear when the Skype calls with mum and dad suddenly come to an end. Instead the plot focuses on excessive demands and neglect in a well-to-do, seemingly functioning family, the kind you see all across Europe.

His minimalist and highly focused approach tells a suspense-packed tale, full of unexpected twists and turns. While being a student of archaeology he graduated in , he began to write prize-winning screenplays and won acclaim as an actor. Keiner von ihnen hatte bisher viel Erfolg im Leben. Die drei Freunde sind nie wirklich aus der armseligen Neubausiedlung in Ljubljana herausgekommen. Es kommen keine Kunden, das Restaurant hat wenig Charme und die drei frischgebackenen Restaurantbesitzer werden hin und wieder von ihren alten Gewohnheiten eingeholt.

Erst als Jana in ihre Leben tritt, kommt die Wende.

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Though the project initially appears doomed to fail, they refuse to lose heart, full of belief in the virtues of patience. Mile is probably the smartest of the three; he still lives at home with his mother, with whom he studies maps of foreign cities. Once a skinhead, Fyodor is now divorced with a young daughter whilst Zekir, the third link in the chain, was until recently a punk. A bittersweet, down-to-earth comedy. Vasiliy Sigarev — geboren in Werchnjaja Salda, Sowjetunion.

He studied pedagogy in Nizhny Tagil until he decided to quit and enter the Yekaterinburg theatre institute and study playwriting. Sigarev goes comedy. Trotz Schutzengel fehlt ihr am Ende das halbe Hirn. In the process a panorama of sexual obsession and asexual relationships is opened before our eyes, beyond the realm of good and evil. Sigarev forays into the world of comedy. Motivated by the absurdity of contemporary Russia and the collective delusion that has gripped society, he claims that the only escape is that of the fantasy world. Mirlan Abdykalykov — geboren Mirlan Abdykalykov — born From — he studied journalism at the Kyrgyz National University in Bishkek, having already taken up acting at the age of eight.

Upon graduation he took up employment as an assistant director at the Begym Film Studio. Shaiyrs Mann ertrank vor vielen Jahren im nahen Fluss, doch aus Verbundenheit blieb sie bei ihren Schwiegereltern in den Bergen. Ein Leben in scheinbarer Harmonie. A poetic work from the Kyrgyz mountains. A family of nomads, spanning three generations, braves the unpredictability of mother nature and resists the temptation to move to the city. Here time appears to have stood still; they live in harmony with nature and a sense of humility towards the myths and legends of their forefathers.

Maja ist gerade neunzehn, im Heim aufgewachsen, hat ein Kind und versucht, sich ein eigenes Leben aufzubauen. Aber die alte Bindung an den Kindsvater und ihr eigener Charakter stehen ihr im Weg. Kredit und Beratung sind allerdings an Regeln gebunden und Reglementierungen machen Maja aggressiv. Trotzdem kann sie sich arrangieren, denn sie hat ein konkretes Ziel vor Augen: Sie will ihr Kind zu sich holen und mit ihm und Krisz, dem Kindsvater als Familie zusammenleben. Sein Kind interessiert ihn wenig und Verantwortung ist nicht seine Sache.

Unfortunately however old habits, and relationships, ultimately die hard. Darijan Pejovski — geboren in Jugoslawien Mazedonien. Darijan Pejovski — born in Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia. Zwei Frauen lernen sich im Zug kennen. Die eine ist Prostituierte, die andere Tochter eines ehemaligen Ministers.

Im Zug lernt sie eine Frau in ihrem Alter kennen: Jana, der sie kurzerhand folgt. Heute sind Janas Eltern tot und ihre Zwillingsschwester hat das Land verlassen. Two women meet on the train. One of them, a prostitute, is on the run from the police, whilst the other, the daughter of a prominent politician, is returning home in order to get even. Fate leads them both to a remote village clouded by dark secrets. Whilst curb crawling in Skopje a potential suitor turns out to be a pimp's right-hand man.

In the heat of the moment Marika pulls a knife in order to defend herself. On the run she encounters Jana, the daughter of a post-Tito-era politician on her way to a now ramshackle hunting lodge that once belonged to her father; having nowhere else to go, Marika attaches herself to the her new acquaintance. Despite some early misgivings the two soon become friends.

Today both of her parents are dead and her twin sister has emigrated. Genz, the son of a local store-owner and her saviour back then, today is a policeman in a near-abandoned village. A calmly narrated and intricately constructed psychological thriller complete with repressions, violence and sexual abuse.

Doch mit dem Einzug serbischer Soldaten bricht sich jahrelang aufgestauter Hass seine Bahn und aus Nachbarn werden Todfeinde. Die zweite Episode setzt ein. Ein junger Kroate setzt ihr Haus wieder instand. Aber die Toten auf beiden Seiten stehen zwischen ihnen. Auch 20 Jahre nach dem Ausbruch des Krieges kann ein junger Student seinen kroatischen Eltern immer noch nicht gestehen, dass er eine Serbin liebt, die sogar ein Kind von ihm hat.

Kinorama The second episode takes place in Instead he decides sebastien cercamon. In all three episodes the www. Das ist wunderbar, weil meistens kurzweilig, anregend und besser auf den Punkt gebracht. Er verstarb im Juni In , he founded the international art magazine Panic Button. He tragically died in June Monika, Missy und Retro verbindet nicht nur ihr frivoler Lebensstil. Three boldfaced girls live a carefree existence; they dress up, party and eternally provoke.

Suddenly however a misunderstanding puts this infernal trio to the test. Monika, Missy and Retro have more than a frivolous lifestyle in common; they at times appear close in a way that goes beyond friendship. A visually-impressive coming-of-age tale on friendship and trust that proved to be the last work of a talented director who met a tragically early death.

Meanwhile, he created short narratives and documentaries. After realizing that he would rather tell stories than merely report on them; he left television to study at Gdynia Film School. Was haben eine alte Frau und ein Skinhead gemeinsam? Und sie braucht krankheitsbedingt Hilfe. A skinhead intends to cheat an elderly woman out of her money. What do an elderly woman and a skinhead have in common? He could be her grandson, and yet this minor criminal hopes to make a quick buck at the expense of a seemingly fragile woman.

An enjoyable tale which furthermore touches upon a number of contemporary social problems. Sie haben tausende Kilometer hinter sich. Wohin ziehen die beiden, in welches Land werden sie im Laster geschleust? Der Soundtrack gibt dazu Hinweise und macht die aktuell viel diskutierte Fluchtroute etwas greifbarer.

Which border will be the next they are smuggled across whilst hidden in the back of a lorry? Ozana Nicolau — born in Bucharest, Romania. Die jugendliche Eliza paddelt mit ihrem Verehrer zum Ferienhaus der Eltern. Siehe da, das Liebesnest ist bereits besetzt und Papa ist nicht allein. Doch schnell kommt es zwischen dem gereizten Vater und Elizas Freund zum Eklat. Aggrieved, the young man hits the road, leaving behind Eliza to confront the two adulterers with her right to a happy family.

She has directed several shorts, video clips, and had numerous exhibitions as a photographer. Er lockt beide an einen einsamen See und provoziert sie. Prompt gibt es Stress zwischen den beiden. An audacious coming-of-age tale on a rivalry between twin sisters and an experience with the opposite sex. He entices both sisters to a secluded lake and proceeds to antagonise them; they argue, but nothing can cause them to fall out for long. Soon they sit side-by-side again and talk in whispers of their latest adventures with the opposite sex.

Tato Kotetishvili — geboren in Sowjetunion Georgien. Er arbeitet als Kameramann und ist Fotograf, dessen Bilder u. Tato Kotetishvili — born in Soviet Union Georgia. Murad und Masha wollen heiraten. Oder es gipfelt in einem prachtvollen bewegten Stillleben. An inter-mixture of snap-shots of everyday existence, stop frame techniques and heartfelt irony is interwoven here to a fantasy carpet that speaks of a perfectly normal life. Murad and Masha want to get married. He comes from a choreographic background and has been involved in contemporary dance in Latvia and Europe over the last decade.

Ein Vater kommt aus dem Knast, ist ein ganzer Kerl und will seinen Sohn sehen und es jetzt besser machen. Doch der Sohn macht es ihm nicht leicht. Das gelingt ihm prompt, aber der Preis ist hoch. Aksinya Gog — geboren in Moskau, Sowjetunion. Aksinya Gog — born in Moscow, Soviet Union. Ein Junge wird bei einer unbekannten Tante zwischengeparkt. Er geht mit erstaunlicher Neugier durchs Leben und sieht mit dem Herzen.

Allerdings ist sein Universum nicht ein fernes Planetensystem, sondern das heutige Moskau. A soulfully narrated tale complemented by an absurd sense of humour and wonderful photography. Eine junge Frau reist an einem Wintertag in die Stadt. Nach einer langen Busfahrt sucht sie in der Stadt nach einer fremden Adresse. Ohne Termin? There she is to receive something that will go a long way towards determining her future. It's a momentous journey into the unknown. A woman opens the door. No appointment? She could have at least called.

Eine junge Frau, ihre Briefmarken, ihre Freunde und das Meer. Manchmal ist auch Petr dabei, wenn sie am Meeresstrand spazieren gehen und toben. Yana mag es, zu warten: auf den Vater zum Beispiel, der Seemann ist. Egal — es ist ein FILM. Natalya Nazarova — geboren in Ramenskoje, Sowjetunion. Danach war sie Musicaldarstellerin, tourte in Theatergruppen und nahm Filmmusik auf. Sie ist zudem Schauspielerin und arbeitete als Regieassistentin. Natalya Nazarova — born in Ramenskoye, Soviet Union.

She performed lead roles in musicals, toured with theatrical groups, and recorded soundtracks. She also worked as an actress, and assistant director. A young woman speaks of her stamps, her friends and the sea. Yana speaks of her stamps, the wonderful images and the journeys around the world they make possible. All of this connects her with Kolya, who drops by for a cup of tea day in day out. Occasionally Peter also comes along, and then they go for a walk by the sea.

Even though her disability complicates matters she has an attitude to life that emanates strength and clarity. What is staged, what is documentary? Kateryna Gornostai — geboren in Luzk, Sowjetunion Ukraine. She studied biology, and later journalism at the Kiev Mohyla Academy. Kriegen sie noch die Kurve? She wants sex, he wants to sleep. Through the wall we can hear his parents; everyday discussions of plumbers and who should have the remote control. A dismal scenario with no end in sight; she longs for passion and wants a frank discussion, whilst Eugene attempts to appease her with empty words.

Can they still turn the corner? A series of intimate, thought-provoking discussions on love and relationships. Hartes Training und das Warten auf den Aufstiegskampf. He has been involved in alternative cinema and theatre. A promising young boxer whose trainer happens to also be her father.

Furthermore, he has been a screenwriter and member of the European Film Academy. Ein Bett, von oben betrachtet. Das Leben ist ein Karussell. Hier ist es ein Bett. A bed, viewed from above. A journey through time, unconventional and full of unexpected twists and turns. I made my way to the furniture factory under the cover of darkness and when I came back there was a power cut.

Sie lebt mit ihrer Mutter, die noch verlorener im Leben ist als Romy. Who can a youngster turn to for a role-model when her mother has fallen hopelessly in love and her father is occupied with his new family? Romy is forced to go through puberty together with a mother unable to offer her a sense of stability. Despite the concern and contempt Romy senses an intimate mother-daughter relationship, and nevertheless she feels increasingly alone.

When her cat disappears she seeks refuge with her father; there is however no space for her with his new family. In manchen Jahren kristallisiert sich ein bestimmtes Thema heraus, das die U Filme wie ein Leitmotiv durchzieht. Wir bekommen verschiedenste Familienkonstellationen zu Gesicht und keine davon entspricht einem funktionierenden Modell verheirateter Eltern mit Kindern.

Ist es Zufall, dass das Familienthema in diesem Jahr so stark sichtbar ist? This year, we feature three current productions from both participant countries, four of which are feature-length, and the remaining two, to be shown together, medium-length. Occasionally a certain issue emerges that unites our featured works and serves as a guiding theme for the U18 Competition.

Is it a coincidence that family issues have come to the fore this year? Theresa von Eltz — geboren in Bonn. Sie studierte Geschichte und Politik in Berlin.

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Theresa von Eltz — born in Bonn, Germany. She studied history and politics in Berlin. Ausgerechnet kurz vor Weihnachten landet Lara in der Jugendpsychiatrie. Statt sich auf Weihnachten zu freuen, hat Lara ganz andere Sorgen. Shortly before Christmas Lara ends up in a youth psychiatric ward. There, together with three fellow inmates and an unconventional psychiatrist, she ends up spending a holiday to remember.

Lara has bigger problems to worry about than preparing for Christmas. Assisted by an extraordinary psychiatrist the young patients begin to open up, as a result of which they sample a most unusual Christmas experience.

Gar Nix: Republik Freies Wendland

Julia Kowalski — geboren in Frankreich als Kind polnischer Eltern. Julia Kowalski — born in France to Polish parents. Her preferred themes are: the working-class environment, Poland, adolescence, family and sexuality. Rose meets Jozef, the latter in search of his self-important son, who attends the same school as Rose.

On trying to establish contact between the father and son she hopelessly falls in love. In the subsequent whirlwind of emotions the troubled youngster manipulates the information she receives on the missing son for her own ends, as a result of which she ends up ensnared in a game of seduction, manipulation and conquest. Mascha Schilinski — geboren in Berlin. Mascha Schilinski — born in Berlin. She worked as a casting agent for children and young adults and graduated from the School of Writers at Hamburg Film Academy in , and subsequently worked as a freelance writer. Tomasz Jeziorski — geboren in Warschau, Polen.

Tomasz Jeziorski — born in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated in culture studies from the University of Warsaw. He also works in theatres worldwide as video designer. In , he took part in the Locarno Film Academy. Then one day he meets a girl who truly turns his life upside down. On meeting an intriguing young girl he starts to realise that he has long neglected his own feelings and needs.

When a secret party spirals out of control he comes to understand who he can truly rely on. Dariusz Glazer — geboren in Sanok, Polen. Dariusz Glazer — born in Sanok, Poland. Mariusz renoviert schicke Wohnungen, lebt aber selbst in einer armen Gegend. Als er eine alleinerziehende Mutter kennenlernt, sieht er seine Chance zum sozialen Aufstieg gekommen.

On meeting a single mother he sees his chance to climb the social ladder. On meeting Agata he recognises the chance not only to fall in love, but also to have a shot at a better life. Sebastian Ko — geboren in Walsrode. Seit ist er zudem Filmkritiker. Sebastian Ko — born in Walsrode, Germany. Sarah gibt zu, etwas Schreckliches getan zu haben. Ihre geschiedenen Eltern sind entsetzt. Gemeinsam tun sie alles, um die Tat ihrer Tochter zu verheimlichen. Sarah lebt bei ihrer Mutter Christine, deren neuen Partner sie nicht ausstehen kann. Sarah admits to having done something terrible. Her divorced parents are appalled.

Together they resolve to do everything possible to cover up her misdeed. How far can they go to protect a loved-one? Sarah lives with her mother Christine, whose new partner she cannot stand. She spends the holidays with her father Paul, whose girlfriend she's also unable to get along with.

When her best friend vanishes Sarah claims to have pushed her into an abyss. Paul and Christine are unable to cope with their erratic daughter; in order to protect her they attempt to cover up the murder. A classically-narrated parable on the lengths one can go to in order to save a family. Visar Morina — born in Pristina, Yugoslavia Kosovo. Gesim will nach Deutschland, auch ohne Sohn. Nori klammert sich an den Vater.

Sie leben bei dem Onkel, einem Patriarchen, der ihnen eine Bleibe gibt, sie aber sonst im Familienclan allenfalls duldet. Kosovo in the nineties: father Gesim and his ten-yearold son Nori struggle to make ends meet by selling cigarettes on the street. Gesim wants to try his luck in Germany, be it with or without his son, the youngster however refuses to be parted from his father. Anatoliy Mateshko — geboren in Hostomil, Sowjetunion Ukraine. Studied diecting at the Karpenko-Kary National University in Kiev, which followed up with post-graduate studies in Moscow.

Einer von ihnen will eine Information erpressen. In the snowy depths of winter in the middle of nowhere two ruthless policeman hold a prisoner captive in a barrack. As one of the captors attempts to obtain some information an unsuspecting woman stumbles upon the scene, at which point the cycle of violence spirals out of control. In the struggle for survival no one remains innocent. A parable on the degradation of man during times of war. Das geheime Leben eines Tatortreinigers, der andere Leben beobachtet, weil er sich seinem eigenen nicht stellen will. In seinem Job als Tatortreiniger gelangt er in fremde Wohnungen, in denen Menschen oder Haustiere gestorben sind.

The secret life of a crime-scene cleaner who prefers to observe the lives of his fellow men rather than deal with his own. A psychological drama full of unexpected turns. On one occasion the owners return earlier than planned, whereupon he hides away and observes the hitherto unknown family, something which soon evolves into a habit, as well as substitute for his own lack of life.

She received her diploma at the Zurich University of the Arts. In , fourteen-year-old Linda returns to Dubrovnik together with her father. Her new friend Eta leads her to a forest overlooking the city. Quickly however, in a matriarchal world shaped by the loss of war, she appears in danger of having the rug pulled from under the feet, as Eta appears time and again, berating Linda for her misdeeds.

Since he has directed several short and mid-length documentaries. Trotzdem muss man miteinander auskommen. Wie aus dem richtigen Leben. Nevertheless you have to make do and get along. His school shorts received several important prizes and trophies. What is a sixteen-year-old girl to do when her every move is met with rejection?

The focal point of this multiple-award-winning directional debut is Larissa, who lives together with her her stepfather and overburdened mother in a small town by the Black Sea. Er begann seine Karriere bei Pannonia Film Studio, wo er an verschiedenen Fernsehserien mitarbeitete, u. BEAN Between and he worked as animation director at Cinemon Studio and founded Umatik Entertainment in Johnny Cupido darf nach zwei Wochen wieder aus dem Knast.

Ganz unbeobachtet sind die beiden Kriminellen dabei nicht. He has been a carpet salesman, university dropout, backpacker, and painter. Die Situation kippt und die Ereignisse werden zunehmend surreal. Ein Ausdruck kreativer Freiheit. A small group lingers on a remote farm, where they have sought refuge from the war that war that surrounds them. Daniyar Salamat — geboren Daniyar Salamat — born In , he graduated from the screenwriting department of the National Academy of Arts in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Shot from a respectful distance and yet rarely venturing far from his protagonist, the director unobtrusively draws attention to the daily struggles of a woman abandoned by husband and society alike, whilst leaving room for conciliatory gestures between a mother and her daughters.

Ventsislav Vasilev — geboren in Pernik, Bulgarien. Ventsislav Vasilev — born in Pernik, Bulgaria. Bobi hat keine Ahnung, wo sein Vater das gemeinsame Raubgut versteckt hat. At home however his criminal uncle awaits, and he's keen to get his hands on some promised spoils, the hunt for which only opens old wounds.

Bobi has no premonition of where his father might have concealed the coveted loot. Progressively the portrait of a sensitive young individual forced to grow up in heartless surroundings emerges. Will his fresh start be shaped by forgiveness or revenge? Radu Muntean — born in Bucharest, Romania. He graduated from the Bucharest Theatre and Film Academy in He has shot more than commercials, for which he has been rewarded with numerous accolades.

Ein durchschnittlicher Familienvater in Bukarest wird unabsichtlich im Treppenhaus Zeuge eines Streits unter Nachbarn, bei dem eine Frau ums Leben kommt. Aus Angst schweigt er. Aber kann er noch in den Spiegel schauen? A situation that can happen to any of us, yet how would you react? Can he still look at himself in the mirror however?

NACH D. A casual meeting in the middle of the night. A young man encounters a strange elderly woman who cannot explain the location of her house. Aus heiterem Himmel unterstellt sie ihm, herzlos und egoistisch zu sein. Eines Tages wird er auf dem Bau mit seiner Angst konfrontiert. A provincial construction worker comes to Baku in order to make money.

One day at work he is confronted with his deepest fear. A detective story about gangsters and drug dealers, whom the Ministry of National Security attempts to capture. Despite the great discrimination that the Roma community has always faced, there is a century old Roma street in Prizren, Kosovo, where traditions have been well preserved: Terzi Mahala.

Von Menschen, die irgendwie immer dazwischen stehen. Albanians, Roma and Serbs caught between a state of war and peace. Filmmaking and theatre production in Prizren's Roma community. Together with his girlfriend Sara he also wants to try his luck on the big state and so, together with friends and family, they proceed to research tales of love and emigration, ultimately staging a play of their own; not without teething problems however.

Studium der Slawistik, Nordamerikastudien in Berlin und Prag. Zudem ist sie Schriftstellerin.

Körtings Spitzelei

Isa Willinger — born in Munich, Germany. In , she lived in Moscow on a scholarship. Furthermore she works as an author. El Lissitzky meets real estate investment and Rodchenko goes neo-liberal as three Moscovites struggle for the heritage of the avant-garde movement and against the ruin and debasement of utopian socialist culture. Donatas, Vsevolod and Yelena live in Moscow, a city which a century ago embodied the dream of a better future.

Once an architectural stronghold of constructivism, today the city is the capital of neo-capitalism. Participation and community as social utopias of the modern era, and what remains thereof. Zudem ist sie Kulturarbeiterin und Projektmanagerin. In addition she is a cultural worker and project manager. Four East European capital cities, four attempts at recapturing public space. Economists refer to the transition of Eastern Europe from communism to a free market economy as a transformation.

A cinema is occupied, an abandoned Soviet-era circus is brought back to life and public space is overwhelmed by a chorus of horns, as a series of performances puts the theory of civil revolt into practice. Die Roma-Siedlung im bulgarischen Kjustendil. The Roma settlement in the Bulgarian town of Kyustendil. A journey through the multifaceted world of this Roma settlement; at once both fast-paced and relaxed, colourful and yet dreary, a place where music and dance coexist with boundless poverty and misery.

In the middle of all this is Bobi, who with his unyielding energy merges these worlds into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Ultimately life boils down to the three major questions: How do we want to live?

"V-Mann-Land" : die Geschichte der Neonazis in Deutschland

How do we actually live? And when we reduce both questions to a common denominator, what does happiness actually mean? Vor ihrer Filmkarriere arbeitete sie auch als Puppenspielerin. Diverse Handys und Fotoapparate hielten am Juni in Sarajevo den Jahrestag des ThronfolgerAttentats fest. On June 28th numerous smart phones and nonprofessional cameras captured the centenary of the assassination of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand.

The result is a patchwork of political opinions, social relations and the lasting consequences of history. Accordingly we observe Austrian monarchists alongside admirers of Princip intertwined with footage of an unemployed artist armed with a water pistol whose sense of humour nobody can relate to. For further information on the Festival of Film and Urbanism take a look at www. Ein Vakarchuk-Konzert? Aber an was eigentlich?

Equal opportunities for the LGBT community? A Vakarchuk concert? Equally they appear unable to decide on who is to blame — and for what; neo-fascists? American imperialism? The Kremlin? A planned residential area typical of Eastern Europe, with running commentary from an end-user. Einige siedelten sich zum Teil ohne Baugenehmigung an. Momentaufnahmen, die seit der Annektion durch Russland auch schon wieder Geschichte sind. Crimean life in and around Simferopol. In the nineties the Crimean Tatars, deported in , slowly returned home. Many of them settled and constructed homes without planning permission.

Here they discuss the forced demolition of their homes, as carried out by the then Ukrainian government. Of horses, people and the past. Once a busy place, the horse races at the Central Hippodrome in Kiev now play out to only a handful of spectators. A melancholic yet insightful, visually-impressive portrait of a once widely celebrated sport. Succinct encounters from Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine. Metaphorical snapshots of stagnation and the absurdity of everyday life. The result is a patchwork of modern residential design and ad hoc agriculture, of six-lane residential streets and adjacent fast food outlets juxtaposed with the messy business of domestic pig farming.

Auch wo nichts passiert, geschieht eine ganze Menge. A street corner in a Kiev residential area. Every now and then a ball comes into view, a woman waits, a child cycles by; when all is said and done the sober normality of everyday life remains. Zahlreiche ihrer Filme wurden international ausgezeichnet. She graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. Since she has worked at Bosnian Television as an editor and director.

The post-traumatic stress of the war is ever present in this family portrait, with solace provided solely by the seemingly unremarkable details of everyday life. Maciej Cuske — born in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Kacper Lisowski — geboren in Warschau, Polen. Kacper Lisowski — born in Warsaw, Poland. In addition, he publishes the Film Pro magazine. He graduated from the AndrzejWajda-Filmschool, Warsaw. The fortunes of the little people that make up Warsaw, the sprawling Polish capital, with its chaotic admixture of tradition and modernity, the raw materials of which are steel, concrete, glass and wooden crosses.

What speaks of a promising future for some represents nothing more than symbols devoid of meaning for others. Manche bleiben, andere gehen. Euphorisch die einen, zerknirscht die anderen. Aber was genau? Inna Denisova — geboren in Simferopol, Sowjetunion Ukraine. Bereits mit jungen Jahren zog sie mit ihren Eltern nach Moskau.

In her early childhood she moved to Moscow with her parents. Some stay, many leave. Feelings are mixed, in certain quarters euphoria reigns, elsewhere a sense of regret remains. Life has changed since Russia last year annexed Crimea, but how exactly? Simferopol-born Inna Denisova on a personal return to her native city in search of answers. Firsthand testimony of a deeply divided society.

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Sieverts unlocks structures and internal borderlines, studies maps and cuts through fences in order to reveal the web of history and planning, Asian takeaways and gated communities, tent camps and motorway service areas that hold this metropolis together. Anna Melikjan — geboren in Baku, Sowjetunion Aserbaidschan. Die Drehbuchschreiberin, Regisseurin und Produzentin wuchs in Armenien auf. Her student works received awards at several international festivals.

Mascha ist jung, naiv, berechnend, aber zielstrebig. Sie muss ein Star werden. In Moskau prallen soziale und moralische Unterschiede radikal aufeinander. Masha is young, naive and at the same time singleminded. She wants to be a star, but her legs are bent, her breasts are too small, her lips too thin, and thus she puts all her hopes on plastic surgery.

Ein Ort ist wie die Menschen, die ihn beleben. Place are the people. Kirill Adibekov — geboren in Moskau, Sowjetunion. Kirill Adibekov — born in Moscow, Soviet Union. He graduated from the Moscow State University and is the cofounder of Kinote. In addition he translates poetry series, and publishes essays in various journals. He also curates exhibitions. Teresa Czepiec — geboren in Belgien. Zudem studierte sie Visual Arts in Frankreich. Teresa Czepiec — born in Belgium. A wonderful work of short format, montage cinema.

Er ist unsicher und doch bestimmt. Auch am Ende, wenn es heim zu Mama geht. Inna Omelchenko — geboren in Russland. Inna Omelchenko — born in Russia. After moving to Moscow, she worked as a freelance camera operator. August Jack lebt im Heim. Nach einem Streit haut er ab, um zu seiner Mutter zu fahren. Doch die taucht tagelang nicht zu hause auf. Mit seinem kleinen Bruder macht er sich auf die Suche…. Doch in Karastan gelten eigene Regeln…. Ein alter Bauer und seine Enkelin kultivieren eine schwimmende Insel auf dem georgischen Fluss Enguri. Als sie einem verwundeten Soldaten begegnen, verstecken sie im Mais….

Und das dortige Kino das derzeit vielleicht spannendste in Europa. He grew up in Cologne, Germany. Dezember in der ARD ausgestrahlt wird. We thank the Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting rbb for collaborating with us on this pre-premiere showing, which is to screen on ARD on 20 December Und bunt. Denn neben Talent haben sie Chuzpe und setzen, wie viele damals, alles auf eine Karte. Der Macher — ein Ebenbild des Helden. The wild nineties in Poland: quick riches and synthpop are all the rage.

Tomek and Rudy sense an opportunity to cause a stir in the local pop scene in this colourful comedy. Talented, daring and willing to risk it all, nobody can hold these two charming children of the provinces back.

In many regions of the post-socialist countries, such as the Caucasus and Central Asia, Islam numbers amongst the indigenous religions, whilst in the western Balkans Islam was introduced more than years ago as a result of Ottoman intervention. At the same time we intend to recall the fateful tribulations that can be said to not only have dramatically impaired, but perhaps even irreparably damaged relations between Christianity and Islam in Eastern Europe.

Der Muezzin vollzieht seine rituellen Waschungen. The muezzin carries out his ritual washing, turns on the microphone and begins the morning prayers. Arbeiter legen Rohre und verbinden Metallteile. The workers lay pipelines and weld metal elements to a backdrop of the rhythmic movement of oil pumps. Ein Mann rasiert sich. A city awakes. A woman passes the enclosures and cages, feeding the animals and talking to them.

Auch auf dem Meldeamt. Lunch break at the local administration. On show are his cars, suits and other belongings. Neue Wohnblocks sollen hier entstehen. Against the wishes of local inhabitants shovel excavators tear down the walls of small, traditional homes, which are to make way for modern apartment buildings. Ist es falsches Krokodilleder? A luxurious, newly built quarter complete with elegant boutiques. A man wants buy shoes. Is that fake crocodile leather however? A cobbler sews leather shoes using coarse thread. Die Angler im Hafenbecken sind entspannt.

Aber die Fische sind verseucht. Blue water. Children and adults alike scream with enthusiasm as the fairground rides swing back and forth. Mit Rauchwerk und kluger Analyse. Assisted by incense and astute analysis a healer helps children and adults overcome their sense of fear. Aber vieles soll anders sein. A young woman returns home to her modern apartment and declares to her mother that she plans to get married at some point.

A lot has to change before then however. A traditional wedding. The performer's song descends on the illuminated night-time city. Oleg Frelikh — geboren in Moskau, Russland. Er starb Oleg Frelikh — born in Moscow, Russia. He started his career as an actor, e. He died A crowd approaches a mosque; among them, Tursun and his childless wife Hakima. Twenty years later, the Soviet era. To protect the girl, Hakima sends her to a textile factory. Here he can disengage from his everyday troubles, as well as the collective memory of war, occupation and deportation.

Sie studierte Kinematographie in Bukarest und schloss ihre Ausbildung mit Doktortitel ab. Seitdem arbeitet sie erfolgreich als Drehbuchschreiberin, Kamerafrau, Produzentin und Regisseurin. Anca Damian — born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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Since her graduation she has worked successfully as screenwriter, director of photography, producer and director. His political gesture atop Mont Blanc made him a household name worldwide. Leaving behind his wife and child he later takes to the Afghan mountains, where he joins the ranks of the mujahideen. Iwona Kaliszewska — geboren in Warschau, Polen.

Iwona Kaliszewska — born in Warsaw, Poland. She is an anthropologist and faculty member of the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw. She collaborates with the New Eastern Europe quarterly and is the editor of the Kaukuz. Kacper Czubak — geboren in Warschau, Polen. Kacper Czubak — born in Warsaw, Poland. He has accomplished projects in various parts of the world, including Pakistan, Sudan, Angola, Ethiopia, the Philippines and Dagestan.

Ein Bergdorf in Dagestan. Ihr Mann will viele Frauen. Kennedy had lived at several addresses in Nottingham and obviously elsewhere as a cop , but at the time of his fall from grace he was living on a canal barge he had bought at the beginning of The boat, called Tamarisk of which there are several registered narrow boats , was moored close to Nottingham, and in lieu of Kennedy himself, was an obvious target for those he had betrayed.

Members of the Group of Six, or others very close to them, apparently assured other activists that the boat would be dealt with. Instead however, it was allowed to simply sail away, much like Kennedy himself. The story first appeared in The Sunday Times on the 19th of December , with a particularly nauseating political slant, and an even more nauseating photo of the thankfully disbanded Clown Army.

The piece appeared to be largely culled from Indymedia, and was reasonably sympathetic to both Kennedy and to the wet-end of the environmental movement who had clearly planted the story. As with the avalanche of coverage which would come a few weeks later, one of the common themes was the utter worthlessness of the UK environmental movement in terms of infiltration, a slant on the story that appears to have come from the environmentalists themselves and that they would later shamelessly parrot endlessly for the bourgeois media. It was the second Ratcliffe-On-Soar trial, which led to the real media frenzy.

The story was that a group of protestors had planned to invade and occupy a power station at Ratcliffe, and Kennedy had been a key-player, and arguably an agent provocateur, in the operation. Naturally the cops were tipped off, and swooped arresting activists, and Kennedy, while they were discussing the action at a meeting in Nottingham.

Charges were eventually dropped against most of those arrested, including Kennedy of course, with 26 going on to face trial. Despite the media lie that would dominate coverage for days to come, the trial was NOT halted because Kennedy had offered to give evidence for the defence. What had actually happened was that one of the 6 defendants, Dr Simon Lewis, an inveterate careerist and wealthy academic, but someone with a background in Reclaim The Streets, Earth First! In taped phone conversations which were later acquired by the BBC, Kennedy whines self-pityingly about how much he hates himself, before mumbling about possibly helping.

This is as far as any help went. It was a lie they were able to run with because of the assistance of traitors who have collaborated with the press, often they have been people who barely knew Kennedy personally. Yet, despite its nauseating slants and untruths, many activists will have learned more from reading between the lines of the bourgeois media than they ever have from the supposed comrades who conducted the investigation into Kennedy and who have been steadfast in their refusal to disclose further photographs of him or any further information, including his whereabouts.

While they may not have anything more to say to the movement, at least one of their number certainly had plenty to say to The Guardian. Having been allowed to escape, Kennedy now supposedly lives abroad at a location known to the Group of Six, but which they have adamantly refused to disclose on the basis that Kennedy has a wife and teenage son who must be protected. This position is not only a dereliction of duty and an abuse of both power and of trust, but it is a vicious smear against the movement who they are implying are no better than TV gangsters.

In this they have sided with a cop and with the state. In the UK Mark Kennedy may have primarily engaged in political activity with ineffectual liberals, and indeed spent most of his time partying in the sleazy semi-retired eco-activist scene inhabited by those now protecting him, but he travelled widely, visiting 22 countries according to The Guardian, and in most of those countries he comported himself differently and mixed with a more militant class of activist.

Some of those comrades certainly have more to lose than a few months on a probation order, yet they have been hung out to dry by a tiny clique of party-heads and one-time eco warriors in Nottingham. At the very least they deserve to know that Mark Kennedy is not living on the next street to them. German activists recently uncovered their own undercover cop, it took them seven months rather than seven years, and the subsequent international press release contained as much information as they were able to gather, as well as excellent photographs.

Kennedy spent long periods infiltrating German activist groups, and they are both shocked and astonished by the way things have been handled here. With questions being asked in the German parliament, they may eventually get more answers from the authorities than from their UK comrades. Despite heavy censorship on Indymedia frustration among some activists is beginning to turn to anger, and the Group of Six have been accused of an unspoken agreement with Kennedy — That he would protect them as best he could, and that in return they would let him walk away, leave his boat alone, not post their archive of photographs and personal information to the net, and not disclose his whereabouts or those of his family.

With every day such a theory becomes more compelling. Divesting themselves may also help take them towards closure in the affair, instead of prolonging it by intervening on Indymedia for example. As for Kennedy, he should certainly not have got off so lightly. Another preoccupation both of the press and of some activists has been how bad poor old Mark Kennedy the cop who lied to those around him for seven years and betrayed his closest friends and comrades must be feeling now. We neither care nor are interested. Kennedy supposedly spent his working days hanging from a rope, and we can only hope that one day justice finds him at the end of one.

While these people, traitors or idiots depending on your perspective, had much to say to the journalists, there was almost no original comment on the Kennedy affair within the movement. Indymedia was clogged with corporate re-posts and stupid comments, including some which were sympathetic to Kennedy and at least one seeking journalistic cash. The Grassy Knoll piece received very positive comments from ordinary activists and appears to be the basis for a statement on the Kennedy affair by Berlin Anarchist Black Cross. Yet it caused an unprecedented censorship campaign by Indymedia moderators, which was led by those who had uncovered Kennedy and their close associates.

This was however not enough for those trying to censor the Grassy Knoll piece. As with every other request received from the same milieu, Indymedia were happy to accede. Does it? Jordan is another avid self-promoter, but so far as is known is not linked directly to the Kennedy affair he will be discussed later. Like the earliest corporate articles the raw information on which the Grassy Knoll piece is based could very well have been taken from earlier postings on Indymedia itself.

The claims made in the Grassy Knoll article, which some clearly agree with and others find controversial, can be broken down as follows:. Looking at these claims individually, in respect of Point 1, there have been numerous claims on Indymedia that there were hundreds of photographs of Kennedy in existence, many of which were on display at a 40th birthday party he held shortly before being unmasked. Indeed it would be strange if during seven years those closest to Kennedy did not accumulate photos of him.

It seems to this writer that it is probably true that many photos of Kennedy exist and that they are held or were held by his closest friends. As has also been said in the Grassy Knoll piece we also know that the contact with Kennedy was at best unnecessary and has led the corporate media to spin the story so as to present Kennedy as sympathetic to those he spied upon. People close to his exposers have argued on Indymedia that they needed to protect his family from adverse attention, implying that their whereabouts and his were certainly known.

It seems ridiculous that those he betrayed would just let him walk away without having any idea where he was going. Various accusations that a deal or agreement was made with Kennedy were made by posters on Indymedia rather than by the Grassy Knoll article. This accusation has clearly caused upset, yet in the form presented in the Grassy Knoll piece is it really so unreasonable or so damning?

Having lived alongside them for so long, Kennedy clearly knows a great deal about those he was spying on and vice versa. He would know lots of personal details and perhaps have information about misdemeanours not divulged to his bosses. Is it so unreasonable to assume that his exposers might be reluctant to do him all the damage they could in the hope that he will refrain from doing the same?