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They reveal contemporary cultural preferences—Alfred Lord Tennyson is the most cited poet—and show that duty provided the motivation for enlisting.

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HM - Apr. 2016 - Connors

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Ethical Epitaphs: Extended Explorations of Excellence | Psychology Today South Africa

This photograph shows a replica of the original plaque affixed to the original monument from Monticello. Brooks, a Representative from South Carolina, is best known for caning Charles Sumner on the floor of the Senate in He died after a short illness the following January and was buried back home in Edgefield.

Coming so soon after the incident for which Brooks received such notoriety at the time and since , this description of his virtues, with special nods to manliness at the beginning and end, seems to express the same regional ideas about honor and manhood that lay behind his attack on Sumner. Often the call to action is quite direct. This also seems to be the case with a tombstone in a pioneer cemetery in Napa Valley. Walking around a cemetery, intriguing epitaphs often raise such curiosity in the casual onlooker. How did Susan come to be in northern California?

What caused her early death?

26 Most Unbelievable Gravestones

Gossip and some odd evidence questions whether the right body was retrieved, and the tombstone finally erected was of slate rather than limestone. But the headstone reads as demanded, and Drumcliff Churchyard attracts many pilgrims to view his grave.

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Image F. A backhanded compliment came from W. At least one did, however, as by the end of the twentieth century, comic epitaphs became more acceptable.

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  8. The small plaque there includes the jest within a much longer and more serious epitaph. The youthful epitaph eventually became so well known that a plaque containing it was added to the brick wall adjacent to the grave.

    The Epitaph Question

    What an epitaph adds to the grave is a touch of personality or some sense of what filled the years represented by the small dash between the dates of birth and death, the life being remembered here. Both painful expressions of grief and occasional attempts at humor can be found in this unexpected setting. For students of history, epitaphs provide clues and insights into the lives commemorated and the broader culture of the time. They may stir curiosity and stimulate research to provide greater context for the limited words that can fit on a headstone.

    For teachers, epitaphs offer their students a chance to reflect on a life already passed, or the challenge of writing one themselves, of capturing a life lived in a few well-chosen words. HM - Apr.