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The Nature of Christ

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Christ’s Work

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A Study of Messianic Psalms

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A Study of Messianic Psalms : Christian Courier

In recent years, numerous hermeneutical lenses have been proposed to help us see appropriate Christ-connections in the Old Testament. The ones that seem to get the most airtime are christocentric , christotelic and christiconic.

The christocentric approach Greidanus, Goldsworthy sees all of Scripture as having Christ as its central theme. The christotelic approach Enns sees all of Scripture as having Christ as its end, or fulfillment. The christiconic approach Kuruvilla sees all of Scripture as having Christ—or His character—as its goal in the lives of the readers.

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But because each one of these paradigms is supposed to be the lens through which all of Scripture should be viewed, they often are put in juxtaposition to one another. In other words, we feel like we can only choose one of them as our means of finding Christ.

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  • I would suggest putting all three lenses in our hermeneutical bag and use the appropriate one for finding Christ in each of the Psalms. For example, the christocentric lens is great for looking at the host of Messianic Psalms e. These are Psalms that specifically and directly address the subject of Messiah. They have Christ as their central theme, and announcing His nature and role is their primary reason for being in the canon of inspired Scripture.

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    While they may also contain some connections seen through the other two lenses, their primary focus is to announce the Coming One. And, of course, that justice will ultimately be realized in the second coming of our Lord.

    The christotelic lens is also helpful in looking at Psalms containing typological themes. Many of these Psalms foreshadow Jesus and His work through patterns, language, and themes that are clearly given a new—often escalated—meaning in the New Testament. The christiconic lens is especially helpful when dealing with the wisdom Psalms and Psalms of lament. Wisdom Psalms deal with topics such as the divine source and nature of true wisdom Ps. Psalms of lament are similar, reflecting cries to God that flow from the difficulties in life Ps.