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Wyant The pioneer experience on the American prairie offers a rich field for integrating the language arts with various disciplines within the social studies. How Newspapers Framed the U. History Standards Debate Patricia G. Avery and Theresa Johnson The release of the National Standards for United States History sparked a controversy that went far beyond their merit as curriculum guidelines to questions about the nature of the American past; but the voices heard in this debate were limited, and scarcely included classroom teachers and their students. Woodson Book Awards These annual awards honor books with themes dealing with U.

Sansone Developing a political identity is not only an important goal of civics education, but may provide the impetus for students to learn what it really means to be an informed citizen. Fernekes The idea that children need specific rights guarantees, first proposed by 19th century social reformers, was codified in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Michael Hartoonian The current movement toward the privatization of education allows us to know the price of schooling. But how much do we value the common good, and its corollary, the common school?

Antoinette Kranning and Lee Ehman A project called "Mystery from History" brings together fifth grade students and university pre-service teachers via e-mail exchanges throughout a semester. Content-Rich Commercial Websites in the Social Studies Aaron Willis The growing number of fee-based Internet resources for the social studies includes websites devoted to history, current events, primary sources, and virtual fieldtrips. Berson, and Elizabeth Ralston Schools and teachers serve as a critical line of defense in the protection of children from maltreatment, and must consider how to safeguard students from offensive sexual materials and situations as they undertake assignments on the Internet.

Software Reviews History Uninspired? Fairey, Clifford T. Bennett, and John Lee. History Clifford T. Bennett, J. Richelle Joe, and Ken Watson. Kirman There is a world of classroom uses for the information gathered by earth resources satellites such as Landsat and Radarsat. Children in the upper elementary grades are capable of making use of various kinds of images produced by remote sensing. Special Section: Preservation and Change Sustainable Development in Costa Rica: An Approach to the Geography Curriculum Douglas Heffington and Judith Mimbs The tools of geography can help as people in developing nations seek to improve their livelihoods in ways that preserve the environment.

But the process is challenging, as shown in this study of the Bribri, an indigenous people who live on a reserve in the Talamanca Mountains of southeastern Costa Rica. The Monteverde Community—A Whole Greater than Its Parts Quint Newcomer The feeling of community so essential to achieving sustainable development is very much evident in this mountain town. Its surrounding forest preserves, with their vast biodiversity, have become a magnet for nature tourists.

Ecostudents: The New Wave of Students Abroad Sandra Woy-Hazelton As universities and other organizations have begun offering programs of environmental study in nations throughout the world, the profile of the student abroad has changed to include the new ecostudents. Diem The Internet offers a vast pool of resources on development issues worldwide. Here are some excellent websites for students to begin research on Central America and Mexico. Jones The development of the maquiladora corridor along the Texas-Mexico border in recent decades has been accompanied by an increase in pollution and resultant health problems in twin cities along the Rio Grande.

Plotting and Analyzing: Graphing Calculators for Social Inquiry Joe Garofalo, Clifford Bennett and Cheryl Mason More commonly used in math classes, graphing calculators have capabilities for data plotting and analysis that can enhance student understanding in many areas of the social studies.

Teaching Presidential Impeachment Jean A. Luckowsi and James J. Lopach An issues-centered approach to impeachment can help students to both appreciate the wisdom of our constitutional framework and understand why such strong differences over how to interpret the Constitution emerged in the recent debate over impeaching President Clinton. Looking at the Law Affirmative Action: Contentious Ideas and Controversial Practices John Michael Eden and John Paul Ryan Nine scholars meet in cyberspace to talk about affirmative action in terms of its original intent to counter past racism and "level the playing field" in American society, and the thinking behind recent court decisions and statewide voter intiatives that challenge its practice.

Yet while the causes of genocide are complex and varying, the effects on victims are the same, and demand that we search for better remedies against this recurrent human tragedy. Book Reviews We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families: Stories from Rwanda by Philip Gourevitch Samuel Totten This book takes a critical look at the genocide in Rwanda and concludes that responsibility for it—though lying chiefly with its perpetrators—also extends to the actions of other nations and the inaction of the international community as a whole. Point of View The Value of Teaching Values Jeff Passe Teaching values to school children is not a discrete activity, but involves choices made at every step in the process of education.

Its ultimate goal should be to foster the open discussion that prepares students for their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a democracy. The one person who can most make a difference is a caring adult—you, the teacher.

How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For

Kent The presentation of our national past as a "spectacular, flag-waving saga" is incomplete, less than honest, and impossible to maintain in the face of modern media. Children are more likely to benefit from a realistic understanding of the people and events that have shaped our nation. The Schoolwide Symposium: A Model for Learning Walt Cottingham The energizing effect of a week-long symposium on Vietnam in a small high school in North Carolina set the precedent for an annual school event eagerly anticipated by students, teachers, and the local community.

Teaching Multicultural Social Studies in an Era of Political Eclipse Alan Singer Student concerns about social justice often lead to placing multicultural issues at the center of the social studies curriculum. Teaching multicultural education through an inquiry-based approach makes for a natural combination of method and purpose. But what could "kindness" possibly mean given the circumstances?

Elementary Education Elementary Students Learn about Native Americans: the Development of Knowledge and Empathy Jere Brophy Two recent studies suggest that, while most elementary students progress beyond the cartoon stereotypes of Native Americans that young children absorb from the media, their knowledge of and empathy for Native Americans dwindles when the curriculum shifts to the westward expansion of the United States in fifth grade. Rains and Karen Gayton Swisher The narrow teaching about Native Americans typified by the elementary "Indian unit" is more hindrance than help in comprehending the diversity that exists among indigenous peoples, and the unique position of Indian tribes or nations within the federal government system.

Resources for Teaching about American Indians Karen Harvey There are many good resources for teaching about American Indians with accuracy and respect. This article offers a sampling of what is available in several media. Miller With the advent of the Internet, American Indian nations now have official tribal websites. This list will help readers to explore the diversity of Native American cultures. Point of View Native Americans as Mascots Sharon Pray Muir The lesson presented here uses role reversal to help students consider the issue of how it might feel to belong to a group that was portrayed as a sports mascot.

This lesson plan examines how individuals may affect the making of foreign policy based on human rights concerns. Gail Hickey This special issue of Social Education focuses on schools as the primary gateway for absorbing newcomers into United States society, and explores new ideas for empowering immigrants that challenge the traditional model of assimilation. Social studies professionals have a vital role to play in making the largest ethnic transformation in our history a success. Cowart, Ron W. Wilhelm, and Ronald E. Cowart In a community program in Dallas, Asian American youths from several countries share their differing heritages as well as their common experiences in adjusting to mainstream American society.

Using Media Literacy to Explore Stereotypes of Mexican Immigrants Lucila Vargas and Bruce dePyssler The current media portrayal of Mexican immigrants and native-born Latinos differs little from the historical pattern of negative coverage. Media literacy tools can help students deconstruct the stereotypes and other false images prevalent in general-market media.

Singer and Theodora Harbour-Ridley Teaching about immigration is an inclusive effort that involves pre-schoolers and elementary students, teachers and parents, at the Morris L. Connor Immigration lends itself well to teaching history thematically. Using this approach, students can observe how the same issues have arisen time after time as the nation struggled to define its immigration policy—and itself. This article reviews some of the approaches to bilingual education now being used to help these children succeed academically.

This article looks at one such program for the social studies. Knowing more about the cultural backgrounds of immigrant students can help teachers to avoid cultural misunderstandings that detract from learning. Will the school curriculum be inclusive of the many peoples who have formed this nation or a means of reasserting the centrality of the Anglo-Celtic past?

Surfing the Web Teaching about Immigration Frederick Risinger A number of good websites on immigration can help stimulate classroom discussion. This controversial topic can also be a good way to introduce students to website bias. Teaching with Documents Declaration of Intention and Petition for Naturalization Lee Ann Potter and Wynell Schamel The legal requirements for becoming a United States citizen have changed little since the founding of the nation, although the paperwork has been streamlined.

This article uses documents submitted by Greta Garbo and one Archibald Leach to explain the process of naturalization. Re-Exploring Early America. A television series that examines both the impact of slavery and the critical role of African Americans in challenging our nation to live up to its democratic ideals will air on PBS this month. Facing Slavery and Ourselves. Delving into the ordeal of slavery may be painful, but it offers the best chance for healing racial wounds based on a true understanding of our shared past.

Slavery and the Origins of the Civil War. The new historiography of the "peculiar institution" strikes at the heart of the traditional understanding of slavery. Race in Pre-Civil War America. How was it possible to create a massive social force to defend the slave system when it benefitted so few economically? The experience of the Irish in midth century America helps reveal how the concept of racial supremacy operated to "divide and conquer" groups with shared economic interests.

Black women played an important part in the movement to abolish slavery, and some found their efforts to achieve racial freedom leading them into the issue of gender equality as well. This lesson plan leads students to consider the statement, "Resolved: American slavery is an oxymoron," in terms of the attitudes revealed in primary source documents from the period leading up to the American Revolution. Students Speak Out. In a roundtable discussion, student advisors to the WGBH Africans in America project offer their own understandings based on historical study and their work with the series makers.

This original story of a slave rebellion by award-winning author Charles Johnson is accompanied by ideas for "Using Fiction to Support History Teaching" by classroom teacher Peggy Dyro. African Americans, U. History, and the Internet. These web sites are a great resource for looking further into the African American experience in U. Creating Time to Develop Student Thinking. Combining modern technology with the model for instructional spaces offered here can free the teacher to make real use of the Socratic method with students.

With campaign spending at an unprecedented high in U. A look backward and forward at some of the most important cases before the highest court in the land. The authors propose that human rights must be to the 21st century what democracy was to the 20th—a liberating force that demands freedom and justice for all. East The world after the Cold War is less dangerous for the United States, but no easier to navigate than before.

Schools can do something about it—and some have already tried. Teaching Ideas Population and Development Issues Sharon Cohen and Christopher Garran As the world prepares for its six-billionth inhabitant in , students need to know more about the relationship between population growth and economic development.

Dambach Does the miserly contribution of the U. On the Internet Global Education and the Internet Fred Risinger With Internet resources on the upsurge, exploring the world from the classroom has become a reality. Teaching Ideas How Big is Africa? Deborah Smith Johnston with Barbara Brown A better sense of geography breaks down barriers to comprehending the vast diversity of the African continent. Global Connections: Where Am I? How Did I Get Here? Where Am I Going? Chadwick F.

Alger We are all inextricably involved in global networks. Expressing a Global Perspective: Experiences in a Mexican Classroom Clark Johnson Seeing ourselves as others see us is a good start toward developing a global perspective. McCall Textile arts can provide a good entry into another culture for elementary students. State Department offers excellent online resources for teachers. Resources on Global Education Frederick R. Czarra, H. Thomas Collins and Andrew F.

Czarra, Andrew F. Smith and H. Thomas Collins Our guest editors offer guidelines for teaching about global challenges, cultures, and connections based on their survey of the field of international education. Re-enacting its dramatic forms is a great way to introduce students to the issues of the time. The Epic of Sundiata: Using African Literature in the Classroom Margaret Sullivan The Epic of Sundiata, which chronicles the rise of the Empire of Mali in the grasslands of northwestern Africa in the 13th century, is a compelling drama that bears comparison to such other hero tales as The Iliad and—its own contemporary—the Arthurian legend.

Writing Poetry in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom George Maxim Creative writing should be no less a part of the elementary social studies writing program than are expository forms. This article looks at the use of a poetic form—the cinquain—to teach about Mexican vaqueras in a fourth grade unit on the American Southwest.

McMillan What can a first grade teacher do with a sturdy 8-foot cardboard box? In this case, build the towers of the George Washington Bridge, and then let students take over the jobs of construction workers on the bridge and tugboat captains on the river. Schamel and Wynell B. Singleton and James R. Giese "Imagine having ready access in your classroom to millions of primary sources related to American history. Most have social studies value. Frederick Risinger Stop worrying about those dumb--and even hateful--sites on the Internet.

They can be grist for the mill in helping students to develop their critical thinking skills. Rose and Henry F. Winterfeldt Helping preservice teachers understand the potential of technology generated a lot of excitement in this learning community. Thomas, Martin M. Mason and Edwin R.

All in the Game (Man of the Month) by Barbara Boswell

Creative, too. An online journal may be just the thing for connecting you to the latest, greatest ideas for social studies classrooms. America Rock uses interactive games to teach history, geography, and civics to students in grades three through eight. The Start Is as Important as the Finish: Establishing a Foundation for Study of the Holocaust Samuel Totten Discovering what kind of knowledge base students bring to study of the Holocaust can help overcome misperceptions and increase understanding of this complex and tragic event.

Team-Teaching AP History and English David Traill, with the assistance of David Harvey The challenges posed by moving to a 4x4 block schedule caused these teachers to join forces and create a combined syllabus for teaching AP history and English at both the junior and senior levels.

Looking at the Law Teaching About the Death Penalty John Paul Ryan and John Michael Eden Opening discussion of the death penalty may cause students to reconsider their deeply felt, but often unexamined, convictions on this vital legal and moral issue. Mayer History in the classroom is most compelling when the inquiry process builds upon strong grounding in the narrative of human events.

Schamel Why does the Philippines celebrate its independence on a different day from when the U. The answer lies in the different perspective from which Filipinos view what Teddy Roosevelt called the "splendid little war" of Fred Risinger has some answers. Vinson Stating our commitment to character education and civic virtue is but a first step in considering how social studies professionals should teach the meaning of citizenship.

From Behaviorist to Constructivist Teaching Geoffrey Scheurman This introduction to constructivism examines four hypothetical teacher roles based on different views of knowledge and matching methods for teaching social studies. Newmann Establishing criteria for authentic intellectual achievement helps students learn in constructivist classrooms—and others too.

Yell The use of active teaching strategies makes study of the "Iceman" a process of discovery for students in this seventh grade world studies class. Assessment in a Social Constructivist Classroom Janet Alleman and Jere Brophy Three curriculum goals—understanding, appreciation, and life application-lie at the core of constructivist teaching and should guide methods of assessment.

What Would You Do? History Alive! Six Powerful Constructivist Strategies Bert Bower and Jim Lobdell The cognitive benefits of allowing students to construct knowledge of the past are illustrated in this presentation of six dynamic teaching strategies based on multiple intelligence theory.

Resources for Constructivist Teaching Michael M. Yell and Geoffrey Scheurman This annotated list includes books that illustrate active teaching strategies as well as more general works on the philosophical underpinnings of constructivism. Classroom Management in a Social Studies Learning Community Jere Brophy and Janet Alleman The potential of active teaching strategies to increase student learning is enhanced or undercut by the management principles in use in a classroom.

Teaching with Documents President Harry S. The Human Face of Immigration: A Literary Approach Dennis Banks In the face of today's largely negative debate over immigration, reading stories about immigrants can help students understand that-while the faces and the ethnic backgrounds may change-people's reasons for wanting to come to America remain fairly constant. Teaching United States History Thematically Mary Connor A thematic approach can generate excitement about recurrent issues in American history as students journey not once, but many times, from past to present in the course of a year's study.

Lettow Using children's literature to present life stories can reinforce young children's understanding of life span and how goals formed in childhood may help determine an individual's future. Now Is Your Time! Doppen, and David Middleton Four types of questions based on "historical thinking" and applied to a book by Walter Dean Myers form the core of a middle school course on African American history at the University of Florida's K Developmental Research School. Flashback: Comparing Two Approaches to Teaching World History Joseph Khazzaka A study compares the effects of two methods of teaching-by flashback or through a chronological approach-on student learning about the Persian Gulf region and student attitudes toward world history.

Frederick Risinger From "Thomas"-with its up-to-date summaries of bills moving through Congress-to RealCom's links to political interest groups of every stripe, the World Wide Web has much to offer in citizenship education; the question for teachers and students is how best to make use of it. Martin Pedersen Although his own ballads describe the cowboy as a workingman with long hours and hard chores, this realistic image gave way to the modern gun-toting prairie superman.

Using the Geographic Perspective to Enrich History Sarah Bednarz Geography is more than the backdrop for history; it can add a rich dimension to the study of the past. White The power of modern communications technology to shape our lives is a reflection of what we have become: a visual society. Braun, jr. This description of the Internet focuses on why the computer network began, where it may be going, and how it can be used for historical research. Sembor Two Connecticut schools try out videoconferencing technology to increase understanding among students of different races.

The results are encouraging. Rose and Phyllis M. Fernlund These guidelines will help teachers to chart the right directions and make the most effective use of the new electronic technologies. Here are some useful websites for standards-related instruction. Wilson This virtual tour of Philadelphia may be only the beginning of your students' historical ventures in cyberspace. Traditional Rule-Making and the Subversion of Citizenship Education David Schimmel School rules should be treated as part of the civic education of students and developed collaboratively.

Empowering Immigrant Students through Democratic Dialogues Michael Pezone and Alan Singer When dialogue replaces debate, students feel more comfortable expressing their opinions, and are more open to the viewpoints of others. Getting a Grip on Geography Kristin M. Roberts A new teacher facing the challenge of a geography class engages students with a "hands-on" approach to puzzling out the world's continents. Developing Democratic Citizens for Emerging Democracies in Africa Nelly Ukpokodu The attempt to institute democractic education in many African nations takes place against a backdrop of authoritarian models-both colonial and traditional.

Schug, Richard D. Western and Larry G. Enochs Public choice theory suggests that teachers use textbooks when they judge their costs and benefits to be more attractive than those of other teaching methods. Grant The "reform" of the New York State social studies curriculum may be read as a casualty of the current history "wars" or-worse yet-as a missed opportunity. Book Reviews. History Making and the Plains Indians Jennifer Truran Rothwell The power possessed by images makes it all the more important to understand their historical contexts.

Thornton The value of having students "do" history themselves gains support from both research and the classroom findings of teachers. Barton There is a better way to handle history in the elementary years than the abrupt transition from a "holiday" curriculum to an over-emphasis on political institutions. Mapping the Terrain of Historical Significance Peter Seixas How students view history is influenced by personal and social factors that lie beyond the purview of teacher or textbook.

Epstein History presented from only one perspective may obscure other agents of change and defeat the purposes of multicultural education. Making Time for Women's History When Your Survey Course is Already Filled to Overflowing Margaret Smith Crocco Viewing women's history in terms of five phases of curricular re-vision may help teachers better integrate the subject into U.

Can More Be Less? VanSledright Classroom observation supports the view that less-when structured around powerful ideas-can be more in teaching history. Groth and Maria Albert The arts are academic Little Windows to the Past Amy Thompson Leigh and Tina Ossege Reynolds Helping children connect with their own past provides a concrete foundation on which to build historical understanding. Levstik How shall we determine what collective memory our democracy requires when there is no such thing as just the facts in history? Brown Who are the Nacirema and why is their culture so magic-ridden?

Articles Bringing Beijing Home Patrick The voluntary associations that constitute civil society provide an important bulwark for democracy. Recent Elections in Former Soviet Bloc Countries The success of democracy in three former Soviet bloc nations hinges not least on past history. The Russian Election of Ben A. Soley Building Civic Education in Bosnia Three American teachers reflect on what they learned from their Bosnian colleagues in a workshop on educating for democracy.

Would I Return? In a Heartbeat! Soley Global education succeeds when it convinces students they can act to make the world a better place. Population Education: Lessons for a Changing World Pamela Wasserman The environmental impacts of world population growth are the responsibility not only of the developing, but also of the consuming, nations. Frederick Risinger Notable Web sites for global education materials are selected.

Special Feature Update on World Development The massive debts of many developing nations are not being helped by diminishing foreign aid. Rochelle Balkam Great leadership in a democracy depends not only upon leaders but those who are led. Voting Is Essential Rick Blasing Helping students to formulate their own political opinions can stimulate interest in voting.

The Political Trade-offs of Trade William Bosshardt The debates over free trade and economic sanctions involve political judgments and will not be resolved easily. Allan J. Lichtman Challengers beware: no incumbent who meets the criteria for survival in this prediction scale has lost the popular vote for President. A Hundred Years Ago: Crusaders vs. There was a bitter debate on the economy, the campaign swallowed gobs of money, and charges of special interests filled the air.

Woodwell, Jr. Campaign finance reform is an issue whose time has come—and come—and come. Social Issues and Voting Behavior Scott Piroth More votes are based on partisan identification than people realize—even the voters themselves. Frederick Risinger The best Web sites for election-oriented materials are selected.

Multimedia Products for U. History Charles S. White New products that support the U. Guest Editors John F. Wehrle The New Deal offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for labor organizations. A complex set of deceptions made the President appear able-bodied. Dear Mrs. Roosevelt: Cries For Help from Depression Youth Robert Cohen Numerous children and teenagers were convinced that Eleanor Roosevelt was on their side because of her involvement in youth and relief issues.

Black Undaunted by fear of controversy, the First Lady took bold stands for racial justice. Stevens The aim of Federal arts programs was to inspire Americans to a new vision of the future. But when Seymour Fogel included Native Americans in his mural for the Safford, Arizona post office, he was greeted by an outburst of prejudice.

Point of View Rx for Social Studies Ron Wheeler Thanks to technology, teaching students to analyze data well is no longer just a dream. Bean, R. Steven Kile, and John E. McGowan and James H.

Cholden and Barbara Giertz Hunt. Field, Linda D. Labbo, Ron W. Wilhelm, and Alan W. Stevens and Michael G. What U. Wayne Ross. Frederick Risinger. Bird Bottles, the Fourth Estate, and Mr. Multicultural Understanding through Literature Shirley Koeller. De Simone. Mary Soley. Instructional Materials for Teaching Controversial Issues. The Answer Is Yes! Robin Haskell McBee. History Standards Robert Cohen. Smith, J. Jesse Palmer, and Stephen T. The Early Years: Murry R. Erin Davis will do whatever it takes to be the photographer for high-end brides.

Nothing will get between her and the security she craves, not even the gorgeous farmer refusing to let her shoot in his sunflowers Luke Anderson has cows to milk and no time to deal with Erin or bridezillas in his fields. Yet there's something about the sexy city girl he can't say no to. So he says yes: just this once. The sparks flying between Ern and Luke quickly ignite, but just as Erin starts to picture her own happy ending, Luke takes a gamble that could risk it all She has never quite fit in at school…or at home.

But she could never have guessed the truth--that she is the daughter of a mythical faery king and is a pawn in a deadly war. It was supposed to be a fun day, shopping at the mall with her best friend. Then the panic attack started and Kaylee Cavanaugh finds herself screaming, unable to stop. Her secret fears are exposed, and it's the worst day of her life Until she wakes up in the psychiatric unit. She tries to convince everyone she's fine--despite the shadows she sees forming around another patient and the urge to scream which comes burbling up again and again. His interest in her was purely professional Nash Kirkland had sought out Morgana Donovan, self-proclaimed witch, to help him research his latest screenplay.

The hardheaded skeptic didn't believe for a minute she was what she professed to be, but Nash somehow found himself falling under her bewitching spell. Nash had never trusted his feelings. How could he be sure the irresistible passion he felt was real and not just some conjurer's trick? Marketing exec Gabrielle Flannery isn't what you'd call the outdoorsy type. But after an embarrassing incident with a potted plant leaves Gabrielle revealing more leg than a Thanksgiving turkey, she decides it's time to reassert herself.

Even if it means going head-to-head with marketing golden boy and the office Hottie McHot, Dell Kingston, over an outdoor gear account. Investigator Drey St. John never dreamed helping the Braddocks discover the truth behind their father's fatal crash would lead to his own mother's shocking confession: Senator Braddock was Drey's biological father.

Determined to solve the case, Drey enlisted all-work-and-no-play Charlene Anderson's help. But the more time he spent with the beautiful forensic scientist, the more he realized their sharp banter fronted a simmering mutual attraction that wouldn't be denied. About to be executed for murder, Yelena is offered an extraordinary reprieve. She'll eat the best meals, have rooms in the palace, and risk assassination by anyone trying to kill the Commander of Ixia.

And so Yelena chooses to become a food taster. Sheltered preacher's daughter Haley Foster ran away from her small town to do all the "bad" things she'd never done. She soon found herself in a hotel room with U. Marshal Kevin Harmon. But her knight in shining armor showed no interest in teaching a disappointed Haley Lovemaking So Sophie knows it's not paranoia, or post-divorce, living-alone-again jitters, when she becomes convinced that a crazed reader is sneaking into her apartment to reenact scenes from her books.

The police, however, can't tell a good plot from an unmarked grave. But then Dena—best friend, bridesmaid and all-around vixen—is mysteriously shot just after the announcement. Leave this to the authorities? No way. Mitch Peabody was learning pretty fast that the life of a private detective was nothing like the movies. Instead he saw case after case of cheating husbands, suspicious wives and unsuspecting mistresses…until she walked through the door. She plans to make her comeback by turning temporary DJ Charlie Tenniel into a household name.

And if he's willing to help cure her breakup blues with a rebound fling, that's an added bonus. Mystery writer and dabbling recreational sleuth Sophie Katz is head over heels in love--with a three-bedroom Victorian. She's just got to have it, despite a few drawbacks. Her slimy ex is the Realtor. The rich, creepy seller wants her to join San Francisco's spirited Specter Society. And her first tour of the house reveals, well, a lifeless body clutching a cameo with a disturbing history of its own.

Sophie Katz's relationship with the irresistible and occasionally insufferable P. Anatoly Darinsky is on the fritz when a friend recruits Sophie's investigation skills to decode her possibly two-timing husband's strange behavior. When Sophie shows up in a short, red cocktail dress and her friend's hubby winds up dead, the loveable would-be sleuth can't help but take on the job.

The last time Sophie saw sexy P. Anatoly Darinsky, he practically danced a jig when she waved goodbye; a normal reaction for a man who'd nearly bought the farm trying to protect her from her own foolishness. What are the chances he'd agree to take incriminating pictures of her sister's philandering husband? Or that he'd let her tag along, you know, for research? With meticulous career planning and a couple of dirty martinis, there is very little that New York City investment banker Vina Chopra can't do.

And now that she's decided to get serious about finding her mate, there is very little that Vina won't try, even if it means letting her parents get involved. After all, what does she have to lose? Her longest-term relationship thus far has been with the ulcer she ultimately named Fred unless you count the ex-boyfriend who won't go away. When her boyfriend of three months, Tad Showers, proposes, year-old April thinks that everything in her life is finally falling into place.

Between her flaky, tree-hugging mother and her she-devil boss, marriage seems like the place she'll find love and security.

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Tad's exactly the kind of man April wants: smart, ambitious, and wildly romantic. Broken, smashed, and stomped in the mud. That's how Charlotte Bell's heart ended up the last time she let her emotions heat up on a nanny assignment. So taking a new position in frigid Iceland, working for Ambassador Edgar Rawlings, might be just what Charlotte needs in order to heal up and chill out.

This time, she's determined to be intrepid and courageous. She's even read all 56 original Nancy Drew books in preparation. Karrie Kline had kissed her share of frogs. But when it came to finding her prince, her pond was dry. With disappointments ranging from a Colorado-bound Casanova to a lascivious lawyer she meets online, Karrie's frustration climbs so high, even dreams of meeting her match on her own reality show become a nightmare. But she still has her tales.

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Claire Daniels is looking for love, even if she has to get it from her ex-boyfriend! But when she sees him on the last night of the year with another woman, she kisses the guy closest to her instead! Only, he doesn't want to stop at a kiss. Jake Stevens, star reporter and celebrated literary genius, is a snake.

How else to explain the way he turns Poppy Birmingham's hero worship into loathing with a single conversation? So what if she's got a lot to learn about journalism? Aren't they coworkers now? On the same team? After a rough childhood with a mother who liked her men in prison-jumpsuit orange, Jane changed her name, her look and her taste for bad boys. So why is she lusting for William Chase with his tattoo-covered biceps and steel-toed boots? The man blows things up for a living! Pilot Amanda Bauer has always craved a life of adventure Lucky for her, she's currently getting her thrills by indulging in naughty games with hunky Reese Campbell!

After their first explosive encounter, they arrange to get together every couple of months for days filled with fantasy and wild, no-strings sex. It wasn't every day that the sexiest man on earth appeared at her door, looking like God's gift in a black leather jacket. And Tara's chances of playing it cool with a man as hot as Thorn were about as good as a snowball's in hell. But when Tara reversed roles in their game of seduction, what were the odds of Thornthe ultimate bad boycoming out on top?

When Shelly Brockman walked into his office, Sheriff Dare Westmoreland could almost taste the sweet, steamy passion they'd once shared. Alice Gaines. Dark Truth. Mariah Stewart. The Sweethearts' Knitting Club. Lori Wilde. Julie Lessman. Save the Date. Jenny B. The Fugitive Bride. Margaret Watson.

The Cowboy's Socialite. Carmen Falcone. Addison Fox. Color Me Crazy. Carol Pavliska. The Rebel's Return. Beverly Barton. Mourning Song. Lurlene McDaniel. Cypress Lake. Graysen Morgen. Cathy Gillen Thacker. Harlequin Blaze April Box Set. Anne Marsh. Marie Ferrarella. Her Maverick M.

Teresa Southwick. Bodyguard Under the Mistletoe. Cassie Miles. Mr Right? Stella Bagwell. Cathy McDavid. Janice Kay Johnson.

Carolyne Aarsen. Single Dad Cowboy. Brenda Minton. Judy Duarte. Cut to the Chase. Elle Keating. Murder Most Persuasive. Tracy Kiely. Therese Fowler. The Marriage Maker. Christie Ridgway. Jessica Hawkins. And the Winner--Weds! Robin Wells.

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  4. Waiting for Ricky Tantrum.
  5. Spirits Double;

Belle Calhoune. Down to the Creek- Book 1 of the Colvin Series.