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  1. The Irish Mathematical Olympiad (IrMO)
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The Irish Mathematical Olympiad (IrMO)

Authors: David Wells and J. Douglas Faires. Past problems with complete solutions from the American Mathematics Competitions 12 AMC 12 , which is one of the first tests in the series of contests that determines the United States International Math Olympiad team. This book includes all AMC 12 tests from Authors: Dmitry Fuchs and Serge Tabachnikov. The book consists of thirty lectures on diverse topics, covering much of the mathematical landscape rather than focusing on one area.

The reader will learn numerous results that often belong to neither the standard undergraduate nor graduate curriculum and will discover connections between classical and contemporary ideas in algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and topology. The reader's effort will be rewarded in seeing the harmony of each subject. The common thread in the selected subjects is their illustration of the unity and beauty of mathematics.

International Mathematical Olympiad

Most lectures contain exercises, and solutions or answers are given to selected exercises. A special feature of the book is an abundance of drawings more than four hundred , artwork by an award-winning artist, and about a hundred portraits of mathematicians. Almost every lecture contains surprises for even the seasoned researcher. Edited by: David F. Hayes and Tatiana Shubin. What do frogs and powers of 2 have in common?

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How many faces does the Stella Octangula have? Is a plane figure of constant diameter a circle, and what does this have to do with NASA?

Is there any such thing as a truly correct map? What patterns are possible in juggling? What do all of these questions have in common?

School math, multimedia, and technology tutorials.

They--and many others--are answered in this book. These lectures are aimed primarily at bright high school students, the emphasis on 'bright', and as a result, the mathematics in some cases is far from what one would expect to see in talks at this level. There are serious mathematical issues addressed here.

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The Berkeley Math Circle. Book description by the publisher: The Math Olympiad contests presented these challenging problems and ingenious solutions over a period of 16 years. Geometric Inequalities - Bottema, et.

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Analytic Inequalities - Kazarinoff , Holt. Analytic Inequalities - Mitrinovic, Dragoslav S. Inequalities - Beckenbach E. Secrets in Inequalities volume 1 Pham Kim Hung.

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Functional Equations Tutorial - Advanced by Radovanovic Functional Equations by Andreescu, Boreico Functional Equations by Leigh-Lancaster Counting, 2nd Edition - Meng, Guan Between 10 and the smallest multiple of 3 is 12 and the largest is Of the 30 multiples of 3 between 10 and , 15 are even 12 through 96 and 15 are odd 15 through Thus, there are 15 odd numbers which are divisible by 3. These 15 are even while the other 15 are odd numbers. List all multiples of 3 between 10 and Then cross out all even multiples on the list.

The 15 numbers that are left are 15, 21, 27, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57, 63, 69, 75, 81, 87, 93, and Represent the lengths of the three sides by a, b, and c. The perimeter is Similarly represent the lengths of the three sides by a, b, and c.

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