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Fletcher, D. News 11 5 , pp. Survey Canada , pp. Curitiba 45, pp. Curitiba 50, pp. Curitiba 57, pp. Curitiba 29, pp. Curitiba 39, pp. Aug 56 : On the limiting of subspecies. News 10 , pp. Memoir 68, pp. Post mortem auctoris edidit C. Niebur, adjuncta est materia medica Kahirina atque tabula Maris Rubris geographica.

The Tribe Mechanitini Fox. News 55 2 , pp. A Handlist. An annotated checklist, with descriptions of new species. Fruhstorfer, H. Nov 17 : Neue Poritia-Rassen. Sep 17 : Neue Poritia Rassen.

Trudy Proud

Aug 08b : Monographische Revision der Gattung Melanitis. Wasmuth 2 Fruhstorfer, H. Jul 09a : Neue Limenitis-Rassen. Fischer 4 volumes Fuehrer, E. Part 1. Japan 4, pp. Nov 75 : Asociation of ants with ovipositing Lycaena rubidus Lycaenidae. Oxford Univ. Press, pp. Gabriel, Alfred George : British Mus. Gadow, H. Ordnung Lepidoptera, Schmetterlinge..

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Band I: Wirlbellose Tiere. Teil: Insecta. Auflage Dathe, H. Nov 70 : Record of a naturally occuring Limenitis hybrid Nymphalidae. Redescription and redefinition of Amphisbaena pericensis Noble from the mountains of northwestern Peru. In: Banning, G. Insects, pp San Diego 10, pp. Torino 2 1 , pp.

Torino 2 1, pp. Sarcoptiformes engl. Welman, E. Reitief, K. Immelman, G. Germishuizen, B. Pienaar, M. July-September Club 22 2 , pp. Jan 20 : Lepidoptera. In: Robbins, R. Gibson, S. Bunt, K. July September - Bulletin. Oxford University Exploration Club 22 2 , pp. Oxford University Exploration Club N. Jun] Gilbert, L.

Young - Journal of the New York entomological Society 90 2 , pp. Ackery ed. A-D, 5 figs. Nov 70 : The affinities of the Ithomiinae and Satyrinae. Seriei tertiae seu incompletarum collectio II. Flores petaloidei Acalycini Fascilculus primus, vol. Glaw Verlags GbR, pp.

Systema naturae per regna tria naturae, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis. Editio decima tertia, aucta, reformata, vol. Systema naturae Editio decima tertia Edition Georg Emanuel Beer ed. Johnston during his recent expedition to Kilmanjaro.

Da obra "Ergebnisse der Plankton-Expedition vol. Brandt, with some new descriptions and identities Diplopoda - Fragmenta faunistica, Supplement 43, pp. Glomeridae, additional Opisotretidae - Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg 93, pp. Several additional Polydesmidae and Fuhrmannodesmidae Polydesmida - Spixiana 13 3 , pp. Some additional Paradoxosomatidae - Senckenbergiana biologica 72 , pp. Feb 51 : New varieties of British Butterflies.

Jul 59 : Some new aberations of British Rhopalocera. Lycaenidae - Entomologist 78 , pp. Turkmenistan desert - Acarologia 37 1 , pp. Koch, Acarien, Oribate dans les aiguilles d'Abies alba Mill.. Relations avec la decomposition et les microflores - rev. Nov 88 : The life history of a semi-arid population of Croitana croites Hewitson , Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Trapezitinae. France 60, pp. France 45, pp. France 71, pp. Oribate - Acarologia 3, pp. Acarien, Oribate - Bull.

France Belg. Part I, Papilionidae. Gallinae Trustees of the British Museum ed. Jun] Gray, S. Role of nematode and arthropod populations - Redia 74 2 , pp. A critical inventory of vascular plants of the circum-mediterranean countries. Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae, Dicotyledones Acanthaceae-Cneoraceae , vol. News 43 9 , pp.

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Glossata, Fab. News 25 10 , pp. Grisebach, A. Pallaviciniaceae, Haplomitriaceae - Tropical bryology 8, pp. Cator in British North Borneo, in the collection of Mr. Grose Smith. Walter Rothschild and Mr. Walter Rothschild, at Tring. Buffalo Soc. Sep 33 : Additional new Rhopalocera Lepidoptera. Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae. Jul 28 : Additional transition forms Lepid.

News 38 9 , pp. News 38 5 , pp. Catalogue of the batrachia salientia in the collection of the British Museum, 1. Catalogue of the Acanthopterygian fishes in the collection of the British Museum, Vol. Catalogue of the acanthopterygian fishes in the collection of the British Museum.

London, pp. Llewellyn Jones. News 6 , pp. Series 19 , pp. Wales , pp. Guiana 10, pp. Guiana 3, pp. Aug] Hall, J. Hance, H. Yokohama Phytosoc. Japan 16, pp. Koma-ga-take in Kiso Mountains - Bull. Environmental Science and Technology 8 1 , pp. Environmental Science and Technology 3 1 , pp. Columbia 54, pp. Columbia 55, pp. Hartert, E. Soluble sugars. Feb] Harvey, R. Mrz] Haugum, J. Parts I-V. Group Newsl. Katalog der Typen der Herpetologischen Sammlung nach dem Stand vom 1. Kataloge der wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien. Maryland Hayes, A. An unproductive winter expedition - Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation 48 10 , pp.

Aug 44 : Hesperioidea Argentina. Additions and corrections to - Revta Soc. An unproductive winter expedition. Jan 08 : Additions to the List of Manitoban Lepidoptera. Jun 60 : [Description of Chrysozephyrus yuchingkinus]. In Murayama, q. Nov 58 : Proposed addition to the - Bull. Butterflies: Supplementary note on the composition and dates of publication of certain parts. Apr 50 : On Brigadier W. Nov 60f : On the suprageneric groupings within the sub-family Limenitinae, with the establisment of four new tribes Nymphalidae.

Paper III. Volume 1: Hemprich, F. Incidents of the route and natural history of the countries traversed by the expeditions of , under T. Forsyth, etc. Edited by H. News 56 7 , pp. Soil Ecology 9, pp. Insects Exclusive of Diptera and Acarina. Sep] Henriksen, Karl Ludwig : Lepidoptera. Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera. Lepidoptera Rhopalocera. Universidad de Chile. Herter, W.

the unusual life of tristan smith Manual

Teil: Hepaticae, ser. Beiheft , pp. Buxton's eastern butterflies, with description of a new species of Poritia. Washington 68 2 , pp. Fourth edition, revised and reset. Don plantation: abundance, biomass and some properties - Ecol. Hirschmann und Hiramatsu Deutonymphe, Weibchen von Trichouropoda lagunae Weibchen von Trichouropoda palawanensis nov.

Weltweite Revision der Ganggattung Sejus C. Koch Neubeschreibung von 26 Sejus-Arten. Wiederbeschreibung der Typenarten. Stadiensystematik der Parasitiformes Teil Stadium einer neuen Nenteria- Art aus Guinea. Gangsystematik der Parasitiformes. Teil Gangsystematik der Parasitiformes Teil Stadium einer neuen Nenteria- Art der stammeri-Gruppe. Die dalarnaensis-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 33, pp. Weltweite Revision der Ganggattung Trichoruopoda Berlese Die obscura-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 33, pp.

Weltweite Revision der Ganggattung Trichouropoda Berlese Die interstructura-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 33, pp. Die ovalis-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 33, pp. Die patavina-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 34, pp. Weltweite Revision der Ganggattung Trichouropoda Berlese Die longiseta-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 34, pp. Die sociata-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 34, pp. Die urospinoidea-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 35, pp.

Die elegans Gruppe Trichouropodinii, Uropodinae. Die orbicularis-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae.

I Want to be a Vet - What Do You Do? - Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes by Little Angel

Die Gattung Trichouropoda Berlese nov. Uropodiden; Gattung Uroobovella Berlese nov. Bestimmungstabellen, Kurzdiagonsen, Operculum-Bestimmungstabellen. Typus der Gattung Brasiluropoda. Sechs neue Brasiluropoda-Arten. Die Gattung Dendrolaelaps Halbert - Acarologie 3, pp. Von Dr. Von J. Die Gattung Baloghibrasiluropoda nov.

Die Gattung Castriidinychus nov. Hirschmann Dinychini, Uropodidnae - Acarologie 19, pp. Von Prof. Zirngiebl-Nicol aus Polen, Mexiko u. Kanada Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 24, pp. Koch aus Kanada und Mexiko. Trichouropodini - Acarologie 24, pp. Stadienfamilien und Stadiengattungen der Atrichopygidiina, erstellt im Vergleich zum Gangsystem Hirschmann Die von Prof.

Asher E. Die frondosa-Gruppe Trichouropodini, Uropodinae - Acarologie 33, pp. Die Ganggattung Oplitis Berlese Sep] Hobby, B. Part I: Invertebrates Holt,C. Perry ed. Petition for the designation by the international commission of a type-species in harmony with accustomed usage.

Hogervorst, R. Soils 15, pp. Natural History collections made by the late Major H. Toppin, pp , 4 pl. In: Peru-Boliva Boundary Commission Report of the British Officers of the Peruvian Commission. Diplomatic memoranda and maps of the boundary zone. Natural history collections made by the late Major H. Diplomatic memoranda and maps of the boundary zone, Cambridge University Press. New and Thoroughly Revised Edition. III, London: L. Hooker, J. IV, London: L. VI Hooker, J. I, London: Bohn Hooker, W. Moore, A. Expedition, Humphreys; with descriptions by J.

Lucia Iede, E. In: Contributions to the insect fauna of Nepal I. Japan 2, pp. Jul 79 : A new papilionid butterfly of the genus Bhutanitis from northern Thailand. Qd 1, pp. Martens Mainz - Senckenbergiana biologica 81, pp. Addition to the Official List of Family-Group Names in Zoology of the names of certain family-group taxa belonging to the Order Lepidoptera Class Insecta , the names of the type genera of which have already been placed on the Official List of Generic Names in Zoology - Opinions and Declarations rendered by the international Commission on zoological Nomenclature 1 F.

Third Edition. Addition to the Official Lists and Official Indexes of certain scientific names and the titles of certain books dealt with in Opinions , exclusive of Opinion Aug 54a : Opinion Rejection of the names used Mark Catesby in the Natural History of Carolina, as republished by Edwards in the edition of , but acceptance of names formed in accordance with the Linnean system inserted by Edwards in that editon.

Sep 54b : Opinion Addition to the - Opin. Addition to the Official List of Family-Group Names in Zoology of the names of certain family-group taxa belonging to the Order Lepidoptera Class Insecta , the names of the type genera of which have already been placed on the Official List - Opin.

Sep 56 : Direction Addition to the Official Lists and Official Indexes of certain scientific names dealt with in Opinions to Direction under the Plenary Powers limiting to supression for the purposes of the Law of Priority the suppression of the generic name Argus Bohadsch, Class Gastropoda prescribed by the Ruling given in Opinion therreby securing th - Opin. Apr 59 : Opinion Suppression under the Plenary Powers of the specific name anonyma Lewis W.

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Opinion Hakusan - Bull. Environmental Science and Technology 7 1 , pp. Distribucion de abundancias y diversidad especifica - rev. Relacion entre fauna y factores del suelo - rev. Bilbao 1, pp. Bilbao 2, pp. Bucovinei 16, pp. Fringillidae und Ploceidae. Dresden 16 1 - Abh. Dresden 16 1 , pp. Lepidoptera: Noctuidae , when fed on various food plants. Naturalist 14, pp. Elisha Mitchell Sci. University of Wisconsin Stevens Point 25, pp. In: Johnson, K. In Johnson, K.

Aug 71 : Forest-prairie transitions and the admixture of butterfly faunas. Columbia No. Gilbert, in D. Jordan , edition 5. A manual of vertebrate animals of the northern United States, including the district north and east of the Ozark mountains, south of the Laurentian hills, north of IX Kuzmanov, B. Aug 59 : Baiting Philippine butterflies.

Kyoto Univ. Forests 56, pp. Budapest V 1 , pp. Reihe 76 2 , pp. City Lond. Zwitter von Limenitis Populi. Apr , pp. Apr 55 : A Note on Limenitis astyanax on Nantucket. Themes and counterthemes in twentieth-century evolutionary theory Grene, M. New English facsimile edition with coloured plates with introduction, and systematic and alphabetical indices, V. Printed On One Side Only. For Labelling Cabinets. New Facsimile Edition, edited by P. Wytsman with additional text by W. New facsimile Edition, edited by P. Introduction and systematic and alphabetical Index by W.

In parts. Kiriakoff, S. Apr 85 : The Myrmecophilous organs of the larvae of some British Lycaenidae Lepidoptera : a comparative study. Dresden 15 3 , pp. Insects 11 2 Klots, Alexander Barrett : Lepidoptera. Pp in Tuxen, S. Weber, pp. Die Fische des Rothen Meeres. Eine kritische Revision mit Bestimmungstabellen. Schweizerbarth Klunzinger, C.

Jan 89f : Description of the genus Adoritis gen. Freilandbeobachtungen, Pflege, Zucht und Erkrankungen. Lebensweise, Pflege, Zucht. Nov 66 : Some properities of cuticular materials silk, pupal case, and wing membrane of Pieris rapae. An introduction to the animals, plants, and ecosystems of the New World Tropics, edition Ed. Sep 85 : A Critical Review of - J. Article 58, Variant spellings deemed to be identical. Kuntze, C. Neild - Yadoriga , pp. Oviposition and its relation to patterns of oviposition in other butterflies - Evolution 22 4 , pp.

Lamas, G. Comprising mostly works published during and - Lepidoptera News 3 , pp. Comprising mostly works published in - Lepidoptera News 3 , pp. Jun 79a : Paititia neglecta, gen.

Your search for "Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet" returned 61747 results.

Jun 88 : [Letter to Bridges. Additions and corrections to the Catalogue of Family-group and Genus-group names]. Lamas, Gerardo Feb 79a : Additions and corrections to the check-list of western Peru butterflies Lepidoptera. Belgique, Biologie 60, pp. Sep 31 : Lepidoptera in British Columbia. Art Notes 6 3 , pp. Nov 82 : Notes on the ecology, biology and taxonomy of Apharitis acamas Klug Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae.

The butterflies of eastern northern Oman and their zoogeographic composition. Oman Stud. The butterflies of Dhofar and their zoogeographic composition. Second edition Pennant, T. Oct : A new species of Terias from Haiti. Ouvrage formant les tomes 4 et 5 de celui de M. Laubmann, A. Lawrence, R. Chilopoda - Annals of the Transvaal Museum 17 2 , pp. Myriopoda - Annals of the Transvaal Museum 19 2 , pp.

Belgique , pp. Apr 46 : Flights of Nymphalis californica Bdv. Pieridae in Britian. Fraasii n. Sep 49 : Rebel's edition of Berge's Schmetterlingsbuch. Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae , and the pistol casebearer, Coleophora serratella L. Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae , on apple in Quebec. A comparative study.

Beschreibung der von den schwedischen Expeditionen nach Sibirien in den Jahren und gesammelten Moose, ser. Scientific results. Hesperioidea - Denison University Bulletin 21, pp. Scientific results no. Iowa Univ. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis, 10 edition Linnaeus, C. Editio duodecima, reformata.

Edition Laurentius Salvius ed. Diplopoden, I - Opuscula zoologica, Budapest 7, pp. Nov 36 : Entomological Note on Mr. Wordie's Expedition to N. Greenland and E. Baffinland in Armour Expedition in - Smithsonian miscellaneous Collections 89 14 , pp. Mulhouse , pp. VII Herpetology - Bull. Bertrand, Paris, pp. Luxton, M. Nutritional biology - Pedobiologia 12, pp. Dioryctria disclusa Heinrich, D. In Grandidier, A. Nationale 18 Macfarlane, R. Liliaceae - Curtis's botanical magazine , pp.

Flowering Plants. Mites extracted from animal exerement and the nest of a Tachyoryctes species - Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 61, pp. II - Revue suisse Zool. Rept Moncton Nat. Club Maldonado, J. Gantner Verlag Ruggell Mallet, J. In: Knappett, C. Mallet, A. Sugden, H. Apr] Margheritis, A. Sep] Margheritis, A. A descriptive handbook of all the known species of rhopalocerous Lepidoptera inhabiting that region, with notices of allied species occurring in the neighbouring countries along the border; with numerous illust, Calcutta Central Press 8vo Marshall, Larry D.

Nach amtlichen Quellen. Zoologischer Theil. Zweiter Band. Die Landschnecken, vol. Martens, E. Schepman, "Mollusca, Systematische lijst, met beschrijving der nieuwe soorten. Reizen en onderzoekingen der Sumatra-Expeditie Systematisch-geographischer Theil. Aug 62 : A Whitish Lycaena phlaeas in Ohio. Jun 19 : Die Tagfalter der Insel Celebes. Eine kritische Studie mit einigen Neubeschreibunge. Eine kritische Studie mit einigen Neubeschreibungen. Ebner's - Mid-Cont. Petersburg: Buchdruckerei der kaiserlichen Aka, pp.

Volume 9. A continuation of the Work of James L. XI Mayr, E. Jun] McHenry, Paddy B. Pycnogonida, vol. Rakov , pp. Lepidoptera: Phycitidae in Florida. Bluntschlis - Senckenbergiana biologica 15, pp. II, No. D : A contribution to the knowledge of British Oribatidae, vol. D : A further contribution to the knowledge of British Oribatidae - Journ.

D : Further notes on British Oribatidae - Journ. Soc ser. D : British Oribatidae, vol. D : New British Oribatidae - Journ. Fassl suplemento ; Limenitidinae por C. Sep, pp. O; Kettela, E. Clench - Annals of Carnegie Museum 61 1 , pp. Sep 70 : Reports on the Margaret M. The family Hesperiidae Lepidoptera. Don : Reports on the Margaret M. New Guinea. Blue Book. Her Majesty's Colonial Possessions. Bulletin van den rijksplantentuin 27, pp. Jul 53 : A Hybrid Limenitis. Asclepiadaceae Africanae novae vel rariores - Journal of botany, british and foreign 50, pp.

Apr 67 : The representation of butterflies Lep. Mortensen's Pacific Expedition Observations on protective adaptations and habits, mainly in marine animals - Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra dansk naturhistorisk Forening 69, pp. Miles : Some generalizations on Adelpha, a neotropical genus of Nymphalid butterflies of the group Limenitidi. Straits Brch.


Kina Balu. Feb , pp. Berlin 5, pp. Berlin 13, pp. Amphibien und Reptilien. Teil: Amphibia, Chelonia, Loricata. Bohmann im britischen Mandatsgebiet "Tanganyika Territory" gesammelten Chamaeleons. Jan : Limenitis ursula and L. Kansai ent. Zhejiang, East China, with descriptions of 4 new subspecies. Jun 60 : Some new butterflies from Japan, Korea and Formosa. Sep 78a : On some species of Rhopalocera from southeast Asia with descriptions of a new species and a new subspecies. Sep 78b : Some butterflies from Ussuri, U.

Jul 56 : Remarks on the races of Japonica lutea Hew. Jun 57 : An unrecorded Danaus species from Formosa. Nov 59 : Some notes on Formosan butterflies. Sep 53a : On a new subspecies of Aranda schrenckii from Japan. Sep 53b : On some Lycaenids from Japan. Sep 57 : Some notes on three rare species of Theclini from Formosa. Apr 61 : An unrecorded and some aberrant butterflies from Formosa. Aug 64 : Some new forms of Erebia and Theclinae from Japan. Jun 58a : Revision of the scientific name Coreana ibara Butler by T. Jun 58b : Bemerkungen zu einigen seltenen Lycaeniden aus Formosa.

Nov 67 : Three lycaenids of the eastern Asia, with descriptions of three new races. Part I, British Lepidoptera. Part II, European collection. Editio decima quarta, vol. Thaler : The Thanatus striatus species group in the eastern Alps, with description of Thanatus firmetorum sp. Wisconsin nat. BARR, the chestnut blight fungus - Redia 74 2 , pp. A list of the names of genera and subgenera in Zoology from the Tenth Edition of Linnaeus to the end of A list of the names of genera and subgenera in zoology from the tenth edition of Linnaeus to the end of Additional larval foodplant data - Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 16 2 , pp.

Additional larval foodplant data. Sep 77 : Ovipositional mistake by a hackberry butterfly Nymphalidae. Apr 82 : Leaf selection for oviposition sites by a tropical skipper butterfly. Feb 79 : Additional function of the Lepidopteran proboscis. Communication II. Communication I. Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae. Nauk Ukr. RSR 10 B 10 , pp. Oct : A Few Rarities. O noua definitie data formatiunii Manica Pierce - Studii si cercetari de Biologie Zoologie 26 2 , pp.

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Dez] Niedbala, W. Primitive Oribatids of the Palaearctic Regions. National Agrocomique Wojtjerski, T. Faunistica Warsawa 33 3 , pp. In: Madsen, H. Koenig, Bonn - Bonner Zool. Second edition - Bishop Museum technical Report 4, pp. Und Reichenow Avium aethiop. Apotritia walkeri n. Narrative and preliminary report of a zoological expedition from the University of Iowa to the Lesser Antilles under the auspices of the Graduate College - University of Iowa Studies in natural History 8 3 , pp.

Hakan Lindberg to the Cape Verde Islands during the winter In: H. Dresden 15 3 - Abh. National Museum 30 6 , pp. In Expedition Sokotra Nov] Ogilvie-Grant, W. Additions and revisions to Hesperiidae Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera - Tokurana 1, pp.

Archie Cat Goes to the Gym by Carole Hlad (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping

Jan 81a : Studies on the Mexican Butterflies 1. Tsukada Colln No. Dez, pp. Johnson entomological expedition to Peru, with distributional and ecological notes Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae - American Museum Novitates , pp. Die Fische der Antarktis und Subantarktis.. VON ed. Zoologie, V. Band, pp. Band Parker, H. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. This is a cute story about what a dog can expect when visiting the vet from the viewpoint a child readily underdtands.

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