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Explains the significance of being nothing Sri M explores the infinite concept of shunya or void through a simple story. Recommended read if you are into mysticism.

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Jun 01, Hiran Ravindran added it. I liked it, don't know why. May 30, Sujin Balakumaran rated it it was amazing. Shunya is entertaining all the type of readers with his unique approach. Babaji has used all his ingredients to make the story telling interesting with some new techniques and it worked beautifully as always from him.

Here in this book you can see a selection of handpicked words than any of the other books and writing style is also slightly different and you can see his creative writing side. Although he denies, he is a seasoned writer and that shows thorough his creation of character, entry of Shunya is entertaining all the type of readers with his unique approach.

Customer Testimonial

Although he denies, he is a seasoned writer and that shows thorough his creation of character, entry of characters, the platform he used, etc etc.. Only thing missing is a chapter with intense description of the Toddy Shop background as introducing it as an epic center and core of different dimensions of a typical village. Keralites readers can easily connect to where he planted the story background, but others will miss the spicy side of a Kallu Shap!!!

More than a Novel, it is a material for a grand intense movie and I am sure somebody will see that possibility and work on it. That way it will get into the mass media to enjoy a plot like this. I personally think Shunya is a mix of himself and his great master Maheswar Nath Babaji and the plot is handpicked by him from his experience of incidents. Khader is a classic example of that!! Still he says it is a fiction, but somewhere he admitted that all fictions has a reality tint.

Really enjoyed his work and waiting for the Yogini in Jeans! Jun 02, Michael Laughrin rated it it was amazing. For spiritual seekers of any variety, this book is an absolute MUST! I consider it one of the best novels I have ever read, and I have read thousands of them. Also, although "Shunya" is called a novel, I call it "a book of ultimate truth. Personally, it was a thrill a minute. There was never a dull moment. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it Michael Laughrin. Jun 23, Renu Sharma rated it really liked it.

Loved reading. Its spiritual read with simple language. A book, once in hand that you can't put it down till you done reading. It has fascinating stories that guide our steps towards truth and knowledge to collapse walls between Imagination, illusion and reality! With real life like stories, author leads us to domain of 'Shunya', which is beginning and end of all things! Jun 18, Anand Arora rated it it was amazing. Shunya More interested in your personal experience Sir M. As it is we are illusion, no more illusion from you at least Sir. Jul 05, Amit Pamnani rated it really liked it.

But, is it true? Here is a story of a person, who looks rugged, looks like a saint, or a lunatic or a mad person, who has infinite powers. He once comes across Sadasivan, a toddy shop owner, he is treated to some food by him, and Sadasivan realizes that his business did very well that day. He strongly believes that it is due to this saint like person that his business improved that day. Next day, again Sadasivan gives him good hospitality and even offers him to stay at in a cottage behind the toddy shop.

From that day, his fortune changes and changes for good. Slowly and steadily people from all over the area come to know about this Saami, as he is called, and people witness miracles from this person. The story is all about Shunya, his teachings, and message to the world that we are all here about nothing and for nothing. We do not need to be overly possessive about anything since nothing is ours. That is the beginning and end of peace. The story is written in a simple language, the characters are realistic, the powers of Shunya though sometimes are doubtable, but it becomes believable with the flow.

The story can be described as part mythological, part fantasy, but all in all a good and entertaining book to read. The story is fast paced, with interesting twists and turns, making the reader intrigued by the moment. A short read, but an entertaining read is all I can say about the book, and I do recommend to all those interested in fantasy fiction stories. Oct 10, Sid rated it it was amazing. I heard about Sri M from one of my friends, I heard he is a very good author of spiritual books. When I saw Shunya, I liked the title and thought of reading to start with. I must say it was a great book to start with.

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I sure will check for the other works of Sri M now. The best part of the book is, this book has multiple shades to it, like if you wish to read it as a spiritual book you can do so. If you view it more like a fiction, you can still enjoy the book like a fiction story. Well either wa I heard about Sri M from one of my friends, I heard he is a very good author of spiritual books. Well either ways anyone who reads the book can surely enjoy it. Shunya, a person who does not have a name, a place nor has anything for himself, shows up to Sadasivan a toddy shop owner.

Ever since Sadasivan believes that his business has increased consistently. On his request, Shunya starts to stay in the back yard of the toddy shop.


Slowly the greatness of Shunya starts spreading, with disciples also came enemies and non-believers. How Shunya teaches us what it actually means to be shunya is the book all about. This book does not tell us what we should do, it only talks about Shunya, it is on the reader to either just read it as a novel or try understand what the message we can take out of it is.

I personally liked the character of Shunya, he sounds funny a lot of times and his approach is so simple, no religion, no caste, no bars, just humans. Try now Jul 07, Subhadrika Sen rated it really liked it. A man, A yogi, A guide, A philosopher, A friend, An enemy; different relationships shared with different people described Shunya the best. Appearing out of nowhere he made a small cottage behind a humble toddy shop his abode. His contribution in encouraging inter-faith marriages was premier. His miraculous ability to befriend a young child and make his wish come true was to be remembered for generations.

His ability to play with the mind, often made people near him wonder of his powers and abilities. With him around, every day was a new adventure with the excitement level soaring high. But is it not the rule of Nature that everything has to come to an end someday?

It is interesting to trace the lives of the small town where Shunya took refuge and became popular by touching the lives of many, before he materialized and in the days after. Aug 26, Gopi Krishnan rated it really liked it. The only time I met Sri M face-to-face was some years ago when I was visiting my parents in Trivandrum and he too had dropped in to meet them.

Shunya: A Novel

He was introduced as someone who was on a walking mission padayatra across India, meeting people, spreading the message of peace and surviving on whatever he gets. People who spent disproportionate amount of time thinking pleasant thoughts end up looking quite pleasant as well, that's what I could recall of him. Later, on a different day, my aunt fa The only time I met Sri M face-to-face was some years ago when I was visiting my parents in Trivandrum and he too had dropped in to meet them.

Later, on a different day, my aunt father's younger sister nostalgically recalled her school days in Trivandrum where Sri M was her neighbour and they all used to go to school together - 3 girls and him. They used to tease him all the time saying he's also a girl, what kind of a guy will have a name called Mumtaz and he used to emphatically fight back saying "my name is Mumtaz Khan", with an accent on the Khan part.

Sri M, since I met him then, has gone on to drastically increase his own set of followers and has established a center somewhere around Bangalore outskirts as well or so I've heard. I gave it to my year old father first, he's someone who hardly reads novels he's more into FB nowadays! In no time at all, he intensively got into it and finished it in days. The novel is interesting, it doesn't really have plot per se, but is a series of interesting events that happens once a divine but outrageous man calling himself Shunya lands up and changes the lives of people around him, irreversibly.

Its not a literary marvel by any stretch, but in a country where abominations like "If God was a Banker" sells a million copies what with 3rd grade language and low-level writing, Shunya can definitely hold fort. It is a novel one would expect a mystic to write. As a Trivandrum native, I loved all those little references like Tirumala, Poojappura, Kovalam, Mascot Hotel et al, so could visualize how things would pan out in my mind as well.

In the hands of a good screenplay writer, there is definitely potential for a movie or a multi-episode tele-serial. Aug 01, Roma rated it really liked it. He enters the lives of villagers suspiciously and disappears mysteriously in the end. The story revolves around his teachings, changes bought by him in the lives, his rise to fame and ultimately his disappearance. My Take: The book is a medium paced novel and intriguing. Each chapter is a short story about his miracles and still calling himself nothing.

Some of the proses have a deep meaning teaching the true essence of life. Though overall the book is medium paced, at some places it does get a little slow. The characters are beautifully developed and relatable.


The narratives are great with the scenes coming to life while reading. This book can be adapted in a great serial. Lots of old stories and beliefs come to life with a simple narration. My rating for this great spiritual fictional tale is 4. A must read for spiritual books lovers. Virtuosic solos fly above live beats drawing similarities to the likes of Snarky Puppy or Robert Glasper. Keary features as violinist, bassist and vocalist whilst also delivering the texture and backbone of electronic beats loops and samples through Ableton.

His latest EP Mountain Gazer is a massive leap forward in both production and composition. Definitely one to watch out for. Paltin is the moniker of Romanian born, Manchester based pianist and composer, Liviu Gheorghe. Certified Buyer , Muzaffarpur. Certified Buyer , Bhubaneswar. Certified Buyer , Bengaluru. Certified Buyer , New Delhi. Certified Buyer , Bangalore. Certified Buyer , Guwahati. Certified Buyer , Chennai. Certified Buyer , Rajahmundry. Explore Plus. Fiction Books. General Fiction Books. Sri M.

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