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The Pre-Republic Era

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No matter how much she might wish it, however, there was nothing she could do to keep the plane in the air. The plane landed, and she stumbled off it. All around them, people were waiting to welcome Piers back. Kieran was right behind her until a call on his phone pulled him away. He was frowning, talking in low and urgent tones to the person on the other end. In the midst of all of the hustle, Hailey felt oddly lost.

She was thinking that she should slide back to her room for a shower to wash away the travel grime when a small hand looped through her arm and pulled her aside. Liona di Orsini was a small woman with long silvery hair. Her eyes were as dark as obsidian, and even now, when her expression was kind, there was something about her that made Hailey just a little nervous.

She was one of the oldest Wiccans known, and though she looked no older than Hailey herself, there was a sense of ancient power around her. She seized Hailey and pulled her away from the crowd as neatly as a wolf separating a calf from the herd. Lucius was a man who had proved instrumental to their success in the Alps.

He had been captured and tortured by Templars for what must have been years, until he had all but forgotten what it meant to be a human being. Hailey had reminded him, and from there, he had remembered his love for his long lost Liona. You have brought him back to me, and that is all I care about.

Hailey smiled tremulously at her friend, meeting her eyes for the first time. I spent time in the Shadow Walk Prison, and I think some of it has chosen to follow me home. Piers had given Liona her own rooms at the Castle. In many ways, it was a modern space with neutral though charming furniture and a state of the art computer that Liona had obviously been using. However, there were also signs that Liona had made the space her own.

There was a vivid violet tapestry thrown over the back of the couch. On the coffee table in front of the couch was a small mirror set with candles. This was where Liona seated Hailey, lighting the candles as she did so.

The First Sacrifice (Genesis 3:20-24)

Hailey breathed in the scents of sandalwood and copal, letting them cleanse her. They were strong scents, and perhaps in another environment, she would have been more sensitive. However, here with Liona, it felt just right. Liona dimmed the lights throughout the apartment and shuttered the windows. Now the only light came from the candles.


Sacrificed in Shadow (Ascension #1) by S.M. Reine

As Hailey watched them curiously, she could almost see them shimmer and swim. There was something uncomfortable about that phrase, something that made Hailey want to hide. Instead, she took a deep breath and sat as Liona positioned her. Liona lifted one of the candles, a thick pillar that smelled strongly of fresh juniper.

It was a bold and bracing scent, causing Hailey to breathe deep. Hailey tried to do as she was told, but in many ways, it was difficult. Hailey took a deep breath and concentrated on the flame.

Sacrificed in Shadow

She let her mind drift because there were no battles here, nothing that needed to be fought, nothing that needed to be resisted. She had almost fallen into a trance when Liona sighed, taking the candle away. People who spend too long in the Shadow Walk Prison often carry things out with them. In some cases, what they carry out is a demon, smuggled away in their mind and looking to do them harm. In some cases, they will turn you into the twisted monsters that Lucius told me about. Not all demons crave blood, however. Some crave the small deaths that people can stretch out over the course of fifty or a hundred years.

Some of them hide so well that you will never think they are there at all. Some people simply become cruel. Perhaps they become cruel to themselves, or perhaps they become cruel to others. If you ask them if they are all right, they will tell you that they are, unaware that there is a demon hiding behind their eyes, telling them that person is weak or this person is a traitor.

Over the years, they can do just as much evil as those intent on physical destruction. Hailey thought of the sly traps set by some of the demons she had seen and the way the Shadow Walk Prison itself seemed to pull out the darkest bits of her personality and her soul. The idea of something like that hiding behind her eyes was enough to make her ill.

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No demon came looking, and I think you are safe. Hailey only breathed in relief for a moment before Liona started speaking again, her voice low and practical. The rest, well, we shall just have to see. A place like that, when you are in total control of your mind and the world around you? Some witches and warlocks have made themselves absolute rulers of the space for a while. No one should live in worlds entirely of their own making.

Others see visions, and still others find that they can walk through the Shadow Walk Prison more easily without harm. Hailey closed her eyes. It is not easy, but you can bear it. You have borne so much. Hailey was unused to the freedom that she, Kieran and Piers had given each other to explore where they would. Some tiny part of her wondered if she was doing right. Then Liona was leading her to the bathroom where she ran the water and turned to Hailey with an expectant look. Hailey mutely allowed Liona to strip her of her clothing and then guide her into the gentle spray. She watched in appreciation as Liona stripped herself.

Under the warm spray, Hailey leaned against the tile wall, closing her eyes as Liona cleaned her all over. Whenever she tried to return the favor, Liona smacked her hand.

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Hailey wondered if she should be worried about it, but it simply felt too good. Those slippery fingers were working between her folds and touching the tip of her clit before her eyes flew open. Liona positioned Hailey so that she was braced, both hands flat against the tiled wall. For a long moment, she rubbed herself against Hailey, purring with pleasure. Hailey whimpered when Liona inserted two fingers inside her damp opening, prising her open with nothing more than pressure.

She never had before. She could feel the pressure building up in her, powerful and remorseless. She thought for a moment it was an orgasm, but it rose and fell like the tide. Every time she thought she was getting close, it pulled back again, making her moan in frustration. The orgasm that swept over her was so powerful she screamed, pounding her hands against the tile. It was as if every muscle in her body had tightened and then released all at once. Behind her she could hear Liona laugh. In her head, it was only white noise, only the echoes of a pleasure so intense she could have cried.

She was distantly aware of Liona pulling her hand away, of the water that continued to stream down around them. Liona helped her out of the shower, drying her off in a caring way that made Hailey feel like she wanted to cry.

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It’s Live!! Cover Reveal: Refraction by Naomi Hughes + Giveaway (US Only)

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