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You can rely on me to stand firm — because our members deserve the very best!


Ukraine country profile

Together, we are the ONLY political party that has delivered a concise, radical and highly-revered Ten-Point Plan of action to counter Islamist terror and protect the lives of British citizens. As experienced BNP members, you know that the mainstream media do not treat us fairly, which is why blame cannot be placed on any of our people whose attempts at getting the Party positive publicity are rewarded with very little, negative or no coverage at all. I love OUR Party, people and country. Your beliefs are my beliefs.


Your fights are my fights. Vote for me and you know that whatever they throw at us there will always be a BNP here to keep the pressure on the traitors in Westminster. I have a public image free of any controversy in my various unpaid roles, which have included press officer, national spokesman, regional secretary, sub-regional organiser, and as a candidate at local, parliamentary, European, Greater London Assembly GLA elections, and the London mayoral election.

I am the only leadership candidate that has maintained a strong media presence. My experience as a press officer and national spokesman will be vital to put us back in the media spotlight.

In this leadership election, I have support from a large swathe of officials and activists from all over the country. If elected as leader of the British National Party, I will continue to be seen and heard. Financial transparency over party spending is an urgent priority for me. Money from donations, legacies, and memberships must be wisely spent.

Lebanon country profile

Also, all expenses will be double-checked. Patriotic and nationalist parties all over Europe are gaining ground; we can do the same here with a fresh start and a new leader. Explore the Model. The Leadership Circle Profile.

How to Develop and Select Your New Leadership Profiles | INSEAD Knowledge

Lean into your Creativity. Find out how you rate yourself.

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