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Se puede ver el video del proyecto en este enlace.

Centro Internacional de Toledo para la Paz // Mediation in Action

Liderazgo en el Dia de la Mujer. Seminario sobre Liderazgo para Activistas Sociales en Ghana. Viaje de Campo a Kenia: Nairobi y Kakuma. La Corte Penal Internacional ha dado un paso firme para erradicar la violencia sexual. Para que la igualdad deje de ser una meta y se convierta en una realidad. Para que cesen las violaciones de los derechos de las mujeres, que son derechos humanos.

Nuestras voces deben ser escuchadas y para ello nos tenemos que hacer oir.


Cebada Romero, Alicia. Tony Carty.

Arias Joker denuncia la corrupción política de España - Audiciones 1 - Got Talent España 2019

New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming. Hay becas disponibles, pero el plazo termina hoy. Fechas: de julio de La violencia contra las mujeres como arma de guerra. Aula Moderadora: Marian Blanco Ruiz. A las This added up to a total of eleven associations in eight municipalities.

At the municipal level, the Association of Municipalities of the highlands of the Naranjo River was created in The overexploitation and pollution of water resources of the San Jeronimo River, together with the agricultural development and massive deforestation, have generated conflicts between bordering communities. These conflicts originated with the deterioration in the water quality and quantity.


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This Committee is enabling both the recovery of the river basin and the creation of alternative sources of income for its inhabitants through more efficient use of the resource. The Committee comprises main water users representing various functions, including agricultural irrigation, aquaculture, hydroelectric use, human consumption and tourism.

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Its mission is to implement integrated management of the sub-basin, as well as to preserve biodiversity to ensure the socioeconomic well-being of the population and of water consumers. The creation of the Committee has allowed for strengthened coordination between all the different key players involved, and the development of joint activities aimed at preserving the river basin and promoting sustainable water use. This brief outlines why water is important to achieve the MDGs and how it should be managed to this end.

However an IWRM approach will support not just achievement of the MDGs but also the long-term economic development, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability that will be needed to sustain that achievement.

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This handbook seeks to provide countries with the knowledge they need to act on the WSSD action target in the way that is most useful for them. Strategies should catalyze action, not retard it. Each country must decide the scope and timeline for change based on its goals and its resources.

The important thing is to take the first steps. It is not just about water. The goal of this paper 2,17 MB is to present a coherent discussion of water governance, and show how it relates to water managment and development.