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This venture would have been lucrative, but was seemingly unsuccessful.

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The Albemarles were resident Norman lords but it is not known exactly where. Woodbury seems most likely, but no Manor House has been identified for certain.

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They used Lympstone church, for the church of Woodbury had passed from them in to Otterton, thence to the monastery of St. Michel, as the result of a lawsuit.

Lympstone Archive Footage

Another one. When the last Albemarle died from the Black Death? Here it seems the connection of Lympstone and Woodbury ceased. The eldest sister took Lympstone; she married a Bonville of Shute. However, in Elizabethan times there were people of note in Lympstone. Later he was present at the Armada. He came from Lympstone. A direct descendant, Samuel Lane, a fisherman, went to London from Lympstone in and became a publican and music-hall proprietor; Lupino Lane was descended from him! In the Civil War, still under the Prideaux at Nutwell, Lympstone was on the side of the Parliamentarians in opposition to the Royalist Courtenays , and it is thought cannon were fired from the Cliff Field, trying to prevent supplies and reinforcements getting through to Royalist Exeter.

Some cannon balls have been found locally. Cliff Field, above the Boat Shelter, is now cared for by the National Trust, and has a wide view over the estuary to the Haldon Hills and up the river to Exeter. It can be approached by a footpath behind the Swan Inn.


Piracy was rife off the coast of Devon in the 16th and 17th centuries. John Nutt of Lympstone is recorded in State papers of as one such; he enjoyed the patronage of one Secretary of State, while he was arrested on the orders of the other! Foreign pirates, too, were very active. Throughout the Stuart period, West Country shipping suffered severe losses through Turkish pirates from Algiers, and the dreaded rovers of Sallee. At one period in , no less than 15 Turkish pirate vessels were cruising off the South Coast of Devon, and were able to anchor with impunity in Torbay and under the lee of Start Point.

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Seamen, facing capture, being sold in the slave-markets along the Barbary Coast, becoming galley-slaves and having their tongues cut out, were understandably reluctant to man West Country ships. Lympstone men were of their number. The ship was sunk; the crew were sold by auction in the market as slaves. His son, another Sir Thomas, was well in advance of his times, for when most villagers were still part of a feudal estate, he gave instructions that on his death his tenants might buy the freeholds of their properties with full manorial rights — an unheard of step!

Indeed, then and later. Most visitors go on an organised safari.

Author Discussion: Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is its largest and most famous of parks. It's a 14,sq km wilderness and many come to catch the wildebeest migration. The best place to catch the action is at the famous crossing of the Grumeti River, in the park's Western Corridor.

South Africa: When night falls, lions are kings

The migration usually takes place between May and July. Otherwise, the greatest concentration of wildlife here is generally between December and June. Could you please tell me how to get to Pitcairn Island, what accommodation is available there and what it costs?

Tiny Pitcairn is a fascinating island - the families there are descendants of the original Bounty mutineers. Current population is about The only way to the island is via ship. It's a hour journey. The RV Bounty Bay pacific-expeditions. There's no hotel on the island.

There are also self-contained options. You can get more details at visitpitcairn. Email your questions to travel. In addition the best question each week will earn a Lonely Planet guide book. Add your postal address and the guide book you'd like to receive see lonelyplanet. Not all questions are answered and Lonely Planet cannot correspond directly with readers. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register.

Super blood moon eclipse will not herald the apocalypse says Mormon Church

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