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As a precautionary measure, the warden sent him to the prison psychiatrist. This time Atlan knew that his audience would be harder to convince, this particular specialist being accustomed to dealing with impersonators. He altered his approach accordingly, responding to the psychiatrist in his normal tone.

Then he confessed that he was just pretending to be crazy because he was Jewish and counted on this ruse to escape deportation. The psychiatrist, discomfited, answered that it would be risky for him to make out a bogus certificate, as he himself was being watched.

From this they progressed to a cozy chat which had no resemblance to a medical examination. Atlan subtly insinuated into the conversation that his wife was also locked up, and that unfortunately he was unable to see her as often as he liked. In this manner my wife and I are able to talk every night for 15 minutes.

The psychiatrist stared at him, surprised at this smart little man, who had put forth such a lucid discourse. He shook his head. How about if we collaborate? Thus it was that Atlan spent the final years of the Occupation in the Sainte-Anne psychiatric hospital. Did the doctors eventually figure out that he was faking it, but maintain the ruse to save him from deportation?

Was it during this period of isolation that Atlan began to paint? In any case, during the Liberation of Paris he could be seen scurrying along the boulevard Montparnasse, freed or having escaped, moving from one barricade to the next and asking the combatants:. Painting soon absorbed all his other aspirations. Politics, philosophy, poetry, mysticism — it was all transmuted in the single task of the pictorial oeuvre. Atlan shortly became one of the leaders of the New Painting of the Post-War period, and one of the most prestigious galleries in Paris signed him.

And so while he continued to be thought of as one of the essential painters of the new School of Paris, he and his wife were dying of starvation. But they kept up a good front. Oil on panel, 15 x Artcurial pre-sale estimate: 6, — 8, Euros. Militant trotskiste, on lui confia un jour un gros revolver et il devint garde du corps de Trotsky, qui traversait alors la France.

Oil on canvas, 71 x 53 cm. He lived with his wife in a small hotel room, enjoyed playing the banjo, and did his drinking straight up. He was said to be protected by Sartre and de Beauvoir. This Bohemian individual, who called himself Wols, died three years later — when I learned with stupor that he was only 37 years old.

In very little time Wols, just like Van Gogh, altered the rules of the game. A parallel that came to light, obviously, after the fact. Who was Wols? Where did this outsider, this vagabond, this prematurely eviscerated simile of an old man come from? Bryen and Mathieu were his friends and surrounded him with an unflagging admiration. All this amidst the turbulent discussions of his friends or often tumultuous passage of foreign visitors. Because for painters, being cursed goes hand in hand with dying young.

Had they lived as long as Picasso, Van Gogh and Modigliani would have been just as rich and celebrated. But he also displayed exceptional talent for photography, mechanics, and anthropology. The next year he met Grety, 15 years his senior, who became his wife. They travelled to Barcelona and Ibiza, where Wols earned a living photographing babies and luxury dogs. In , at the behest of the German consulate, he was arrested for refusing military service and expelled from Spain three months later, making his way across the Pyrenees by foot and through snow back to France.

Ragon continues:. In , he adopted the pseudonym Wols for an exposition of his photographs at a Parisian gallery. The years were crucial for Wols. Misery, the Spanish prison, the French concentration camps — all these had taken their toll and arduously ripened him. His initial watercolors from reveal scenes of dream cities, mirages, elfs…. We know little of the watercolors Wols produced from to in Spain, lost when the artist was thrown in prison, then expelled.

Thus, Wols passed from surrealism-light to a form of expressionism which approached that of Grosz, Kokoschka, Ensor, or even Otto Dix. This is also the most palatable aspect, the most decipherable, of his work. First he abandoned the anecdotal image for even if it was a dream image, it was still an anecdote and replaced it with chaos. The work he exposed was both a slap in the face and a spit in the eye, like entrails rooted out by a python. Those who discovered it remained surprised, shocked, and disturbed.

Fenêtres sur la littérature yéménite contemporaine

Oeuvres of art are certainly destined for a strange fate! And this current which, with them, became a furious torrent, bathed with incandescence, spurting blood, rapidly devolved into conformity, the formulaic, and commerce. And then it was over. On September 1, , at a quarter before noon, Wols died a sudden death. He was leading a healthy life, hopping out of bed at 6 every morning so that he could go down to his garden and watch the sunrise.

He could walk his dog, and had more or less quit smoking. His death remains shrouded by mystery. Some attribute it to the disintoxicaiton cure. Grety Wols, for her part, blames herself, exaltedly, of having inadvertently poisoned him. I scoured the pantry. I found some ground horse-meat left over from two days earlier and cooked it up. He instantly ate it. The next day, he was siezed with pains. We took him to the hospital. It was still vacation.

The doctors were out. There was a string of bad luck. His state worsened. He died. It might have been me who killed him. Posthumous glory had begun. In this sense, he links himself to the surrealist spirit which animated his first works. But Wols far surpasses the surrealist aesthetic. He surpasses surrealism like he surpassed expressionism. It is superfluous to name God or to learn something by heart. When one has seen a path towards the heavens the details lose their importance but remain charming. As we can see, this major illustration portfolio was pursued in the two most fertile years for his work, , during which he also accomplished some of his most beautiful paintings.

En , il prend le pseudonyme de Wols pour une exposition une exposition de ses photos dans une galerie parisienne. Mais elles devaient sans doute faire le lien entre Klee et Bosch. Je ne veux pas. Il pouvait se promener avec son chien, ne fumait presque plus. Je fouillai le garde-manger.

Le lendemain, il fut pris de douleurs. Il y eu des malchances. Il mourut. Translation by Paul Ben-Itzak followed by version originale :. They get passed on from hand to hand, like the Olympic flame relayed by runners. My friend, my father, my older brother, you have not completely slid into Nothingness, because this book of your life exists. People arrive, people depart. We come into contact with beings we later forget, or who simply disappear. Sometimes their presence is so oppressive that we want to fast-forward this moment.

Why do certain people never go away while others simply seem to evaporate, misplaced somewhere along the line but who nonetheless still obsess us? These so-called dearly departed continue to accompany us, live with us and inhabit us, more than so many of the living that we walk next to indifferently every day. Without this man, I would not be who I am today. When I first met him, I was just 23 years old.

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He was Forty-eight is hardly ancient, but he was already very old. What I mean is that he had lived through such adventures, crossed paths with so many renowned, legendary figures, and had himself played such a vital role in History that he seemed as if removed from Time. As for the particular times — the new Post-War era — they had chewed him up and spat him out.

Imprisoned from to and thus having participated neither in the conflicts between the Resistance and the Collaborationists nor the skirmishes for power that followed the Liberation, he seemed to be an anachronism. He operated a bookstall on the banks of the Seine, on the Tournelle quay, not far from what was still referred to at the time as the Wine Market.

To see him there, leaning up against a parapet next to his book bins, his imposing stature slightly fractured, with an eternally ironic air, did not really surprise me. At first I was just another customer, albeit a customer oblivious to the particular singularity of the bouquiniste he had in front of him, a customer who spent more time leafing through the books protected by the zinc overhangs than actually buying them. The book bins of the man who was to become for me more than just a friend, a spiritual father whose influence would mark me forever, had nothing in common with the other bookstands that flanked the river.

No cellophane-wrapped erotic novels. No murder mysteries. Unencumbered by faded pseudo-engravings or envelopes stuffed with stamp collections, but overflowing with an abundance of brochures, revues, and even yellowing newspapers, the whole of which constituted an extraordinary collection for the connoisseur of the history of union, political, and social movements of the first half of the 20th century. The books in this singular library, also extremely rare, with some boasting personally dedicated autographs, were not more expensive because of this fact, as the typical autograph collector was not yet looking for the signatures of Gide, Malraux, Alain, or Giono.

Seeing me count my pennies, he offered me special discounts. What could possibly interest you in these books? Seriously, you intrigue me! Where do you come from? What do you expect out of life? Liquidation sale! Everything must go! Later on down the line, who knows? This is not for you. For months I stayed away from the Tournelle Quay. The bouquiniste had not so much frightened as annoyed me. I avoided him. Walking along the opposite sidewalk, on the building side of the street, I saw him more often than not surrounded by men his own age, or older, engaged in prolonged confabs.

Some were bizarrely adorned, with capes, extravagant scarves, and cotton-knit bonnets. It thus seemed to me that these men who surrounded my gawky, surly friend had also stepped out of another time. But I still had the right to be passionate about early 20th-century political history. Girding myself for more of the same cantankerousness from him, I immediately adopted a pugnacious tone:. He pretended not to recognize me, weighed the book between his thin hands, leafed through it, shook his head sadly, and answered:.

A present without price! What was he talking about? I was more familiar with the history of socialism, of socialisms in their various avatars, than that of anarchism. If not, what could you possibly hope to find in my book bins? And I could care less. And working with my muscles leaves my brain free.

To read, to study. The bouquiniste ran his hands through his gray hair, a typical gesture for him, practically a tic. He considered me with an air in which I detected both surprise and affection. It seemed like he wanted to tell me something, but in the end he settled for taking my shoulder in his boney hand and squeezing it so hard it hurt. Leaf through my stock. Thus was born my relationship with the man whose biography I now aspire to write. Before long I noticed that the same name popped up again and again on the fly-leafs of all the signed books in his bins, as well as on the covers of numerous brochures that I bought from him.

This name was of course his own. He was slowly selling off his library — his only asset. To read a translated excerpt from Chapter One, click here. For instance, where the literal English translation might not offer the literary, cultural, lyrical, or rhythmic resonances of the French. Or may simply be more banal than the French original. On se les passe de main en main. On vient, on va. Certains sont morts, du moins on le dit, mais ils ne sont pas morts pour vous.

Sans lui, je ne serais pas ce que je suis. Il en comptait quarante-huit. Me voyant compter mes sous, il me faisait des prix. Enfin, pour quoi dire il faut. Je liquide mon fonds. Je ne veux plus te voir. Allez, fous le camp. Ils tenaient de longs conciliables. Vous me ferez bien un prix, je suis un vieux client. Bon, puisque tu as le culot de revenir, je te le donne. Un cadeau sans prix! Tu es anar? Fallait le dire. Que voulait-il dire? Je suis petit, mais je suis costaud. Et travailler avec mes muscles me laisse le cerveau vacant. Voici quelques infos sur moi et mes multiples talents et atouts.

Les contours de la circonscription

Et voici mes autres journaux, Arts Voyager et Dance Insider. Contacter paulbenitzak gmail. Art par Edward Winer. Christophe Martinez, Untitled 1, Pigment print on paper. Oeuvre unique. Copyright Christophe Martinez. Please subscribe today, for just You can do so via PayPal, in Euros or Dollars, by designating your payment to paulbenitzak gmail. For Christophe Martinez, the darkroom produces rather than simply records.

Reflect, attempt, operate, transform, with the sole condition being the search for an equilibrium where only methodically developed phenomena intervene. Thus a sum of actions and experiments leads to a marriage of techniques and photographic matter. A form of luminous capillarity arrived at by applying fundamental laws of optics, nature, and light, and with the use of both photo-chemical and digital processes.

These different protocols dialogue in a dance at the same time elemental and sensitive. Christophe Martinez was born in He lives and works in Paris. For the artist, it is above all photographic conditions and the disposition of photographic material that prime. It is in this framework that he has developed the variants of his research and the depth surrounding the questions that he poses. Curated by Paul Ben-Itzak. Christophe Martinez, Untitled 2, Christophe Martinez, Untitled 3, The plethora of Plexiglas and the multitude of apertures in the porous Oscar furniture eliminated any idea of intimacy in the vast square room, whose walls were ornamented with a collection of Klees.

The quality of these paintings had earned their proprietor the high regard and hosannas, frequently expressed, of the leading art critics of Paris as well as art aficionados. Ensconced in a tubular arm-chair held together with cream-colored cords which leant it the vague allure of a warped harp, Monsieur Mumfy was in the process of interrogating his son, standing before him.

Slightly separated from them, but still participating in the conversation, Madame Mumfy was busy at a black ceramic table creating a more or less Cubist collage. Madame Mumfy precipitously dropped her scissors and glue to rush to the side of her husband, who had begun to hyperventilate. Striking him on the back and tapping him on the cheeks, she tried to reassure him:. When Monsieur Mumfy had recovered his wits, his son, worried by the turn of events, repeated, all the same:. Monsieur and Madame Mumfy glanced at each other with a complicit air tempered by indulgence.

Then Monsieur Mumfy responded with a firm voice:. No one becomes a notary public these days. Choosing to be a notary public. The very idea! Does one choose to be a cuckold? Becoming a notary public might be fitting for the son of a country school-teacher, but you, Charles — do you want to be the shame of your family? What if you became an artist…?

A painter, for example? One learns to paint, my boy, as with anything. And consider the future in painting. Picasso is a millionaire, as is Matisse…. Have you ever heard of a notary public who, starting out from scratch, has carved out such a shining success? You can take advantage of my connections as a collector. Look at Ancelin. He wanted to be an officer, on the pretext that his father is a general.

He also, our old friend Ancelin, was able to see the opportunities available these days in the art world. Rising heavily, Monsieur Mumfy bumped his head against one of the blades of a Calder mobile rotating from the ceiling. He scooted it away distractedly with the back of his hand, as if it were a fly. The mobile started to undulate, with all its branches revolving in silence. It was as if a giant insect had suddenly come to life above the father and son, oblivious to its awakening.

A soubrette entered, after knocking, apparently in the throes of panic. One does not eat from works of art. One beholds them! I just thought that bowls are bowls…. The maid departed, clearly vexed. By the immense bay window looking out over the Luxembourg Gardens, Charles, indifferent to the fit of laughter which had seized his parents, gazed nostalgically at the Law School. Monsieur Mumfy was not a born art collector.

It took an accident. One of his debtors brought him a batch of watercolors, gouaches, and paintings by an unknown German artist, pleading with him to accept the paintings as collateral. Monsieur Mumfy initially refused this singular arrangement. Since when did one trade underwear for paintings?!

But the debtor had been driven to ruin. Ahead of taking him to court, Monsieur Mumfy had the paintings stored in one of his warehouses, without taking the trouble to even look at them. Some months later, the debtor committed suicide. Monsieur Mumfy had the paintings brought up so he could study them to see if by chance they might actually be worth something. Stupefied, he discovered that they were replete with child-like doodles — all sorts of rivers, of birds, of funny figures. He began to choke with rage. The bastard had conned him before offing himself! Just in case, though, he asked an art dealer to take a look; the dealer refused to buy anything, smiling snidely.

You never know. If you have the space…. He decided to read a few books about contemporary art, discovered that the market for paintings was the most speculative around, and that Klee was considered in America to be a major painter. Qui suivre? Pleurer la rendait dix fois plus belle encore Elle remontait de la source. Tu es malade? Elle reprit en me taquinant :. Nous te marierons avec elle lorsque tu auras grandi et que tu ne mouilleras plus ton lit.

Jean Sulivan

Je lui parlerai de tout et En fait, tout le village y faisait pipi en dormant. Les gens avaient grossi cette rumeur en puisant dans leur imagination malsaine. Zuhra doit mourir! Dieu les extermina et laissa la vie sauve aux hommes. Il conseilla enfin aux villageois de rentrer chez eux et de ne plus jamais donner foi aux paroles des femmes. Que Dieu maudisse les femmes et ceux qui les croient! Retournez chez vous et maudissez le Diable. Arwa ne cesse de pleurer son malheur. Pas un bonjour, pas un mot? Chacun a ses soucis et se tait Ni le droit, ni la loi islamique Robert Delandre, sculptor.

See also Commun. This is a list of women writers who were born in Switzerland or whose writings are closely associated with that country. For an alphabetical list of writers of French nationality broken down by. It goes to an author for his entire oeuvre. Born into an upper-middle-class household, Potter was educated by governesses and grew up isolated from other children.

She had numerous pets and spent holidays in Scotland and the Lake District, developing a love of landscape, flora, and fauna, all of which she closely observed and painted. Though Potter was typical of women of her generation in having limited opportunities for higher education, her study and watercolours of fungi led to her being widely respected in the field of mycology.

In her thirties, Potter self-published the highly successful children's book The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Following this, Potter began writing and illustrating children's books full-time. In all, Potter wrote thirty books; the best known being her twenty-three children's tales.

Boris Cyrulnik parle résilience dans « La nuit j’écrirai des soleils »

With the proce. As of the start of , the Gregorian calendar was 13 days ahead of the Julian calendar, which remained in localized use until It also saw the first airline to provide scheduled regular commercial passenger services with heavier-than-air aircraft, with the St. Petersburg—Tampa Airboat Line.

Béatrix Beck

Events January. Of the "big six" French literary awards, the Prix Goncourt is the best known and most prestigious. Beginning in , the prize rewards an author for a specific book. Originally established in , the competition has been organised by the Foundation since The following is a list of notable deaths in November Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence: Name, age, country of citizenship at birth, subsequent country of citizenship if applicable , reason for notability, cause of death if known , and reference.

This is a list of women writers who were born in France or whose writings are closely associated with that country. She bequeathed the proceeds from the sale of his art collection to the University of Paris, whose Vice Chancellor chairs the award jury. The Prix du Livre Inter is a prize for best French novel of the year. It is awarded by the radio channel France Inter. It was established in at the initiative of Paul-Louis Mignon. On 3 June Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands had visited the Mobarak Mosque to commemorate the building's 50th anniversary.

This is a list of notable women writers. See also individual lists of women writers by nationality A Karen Aabye — , Danish journalist, novelist, travel writer, and essayist Jane Aamund — , Danish journalist and novelist Eleanor Hallowell Abbott — , American poet, novelist and short story writer Rachel Abbott, pen name of Sheila Rodgers born c.

Silvina Bullrich October 4, — July 2, was a best-selling Argentine novelist, as well as a translator, screenwriter, critic, and academic. She was known in Argentina as la gran burguesa "the great bourgeois lady". The second of three sisters, she was raised in a privileged background; despite the conservative Dr.

Bullrich's disapproval, her mother occupied her free time introducing her daughters to classic literature and, unhappily married, frequently traveled with them to Paris, where Silvina's paternal grandfather had been a diplomat. Devoting herself to writing, she contributed. Casa Loma would eventually become a well-known landmark of the city. Pellatt was also a noted supporter of the Boy Scouts of Canada. His great-grandfather was the famous glassmaker Apsley Pellatt.

It lies wholly within the Borough of Allerdale, in the county of Cumbria. The lake occupies part of Borrowdale and lies immediately south of the town of Keswick. It is both fed and drained by the River Derwent. It measures approximately 3 miles 4. There are several islands within the lake, one of which is inhabited.

Derwent Island House, an 18th-century residence, is a tenanted National Trust property open to the public on five days each year. Derwent Water on a Ordnance Survey map Derwentwater is a place of considerable scenic value. It is surrounded by hills known locally as fells , and many of the slopes facing Derwentwater are extensively wooded. A regular passenger launch operates on the lake, taking passengers between various landing stages. There are seven lakeside marinas, the most popular stops.

Monastic houses in England include abbeys, priories and friaries, among other monastic religious houses. This article provides a gazetteer for the whole of England. Additionally, each county below provides links to the specific list for that county. Overview The list is presented alphabetically by ceremonial county. Foundations are listed alphabetically within each county.

Northumberland Lancashire Cheshire Derbs. Lincolnshire Leics. Shropshire Warks. Norfolk Suffolk Essex Herts. WestYorkshire GreaterManc. The border as seen from the Indian side. Border controls are measures taken by a country or a bloc of countries to monitor its borders[1] in order to regulate the movement of people, animals and goods.

History Example of an Indian passport, the travel document most commonly required to clear border controls. States and rulers have always regarded the ability to determine who enters or remains in their territories as a key test of their sovereignty, but prior to World War I, border controls were only sporadically implemented. Her career has spanned eight decades, much of it in the United States, and her work has attracted international acclaim. To escape the Blitz, in she moved to the United States with her mother and two brothers, and studied acting in New York City. She appeared in eleven further films for MGM, mostly in supporting roles, and after her contract ended in she began supplementing her cinematic work with theatrical appear.

Norman Percevel Rockwell February 3, — November 8, was an American author, painter and illustrator. His works have a broad popular appeal in the United States for their reflection of American culture. Rockwell is most famous for the cover illustrations of everyday life he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine over nearly five decades. He is also noted for his year relationship with the Boy Scouts of America BSA , during which he produced covers for their publication Boys' Life, calendars, and other illustrations.

Norman Rockwell was a prolific artist, producing more than 4, original works in his lifetime. Most of his works are either in public collectio. He was second in the line of succession at the time of his birth, behind his father. Harald spent part of his childhood in Sweden and the United States. A keen sportsman, he represented Norway in sailing at the , , and Olympic Games, and later became patron of World Sailing.

Harald married Sonja Haraldsen in , their relationship having initially being controversial due to her status as a commoner. The couple ha. The fells of Hindscarth left and Robinson right at the head of the Newlands valley. It is regarded as one of the most picturesque and quiet valleys in the national park, even though it is situated very close to the popular tourist town of Keswick and the busy A66 road. The valley forms part of the civil parish of Above Derwent, within the Borough of Allerdale.

Early history The earliest signs of human settlement in the valley have been found at Ullock, where evidence of a Bronze Age burial site has been found. The remains of a Celtic workshop were also found at Portinscale. Viking herdsmen arrived in Cumbria after AD. Many of the present day place names in the Newlands valley have their origins from these early Norse settlers.

The present day Newlands vall. Madelberte, Abbess of Maubeuge, being tempted by a demon while in prayer, from a woodcut by Leonhard Beck Maubeuge Abbey French: Abbaye de Maubeuge was a women's monastery in Maubeuge, in the County of Hainaut, now northern France, close to the modern border with Belgium.