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And an ogre.

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And the witch may not be especially nice, but she keeps her word. If the title alone doesn't get you to pick up the book, nothing I say will. Or, if they need a little brain candy, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch collections; silly, but harmless. For adults I'll limit myself to four recommendations, each a different genre, or I would never stop. Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. Joey Hill's Something About Witches , the first in an erotic occult trilogy. I particularly like this line from the poem for "A" I have so many books that directly deal with or feature witches.

Suffice to say that, for now, I am happy to have so many books to choose from: they'll help scrap the memories of that awful film from my brain. She is also the editor-in-chief of Bibliotheca Alexandrina. She thinks it is incredibly unfair that she must work for a living rather than being able to read all day. In her next life, she would like to be a library cat. User Name. Remember Me.

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Rebecca Buchanan.

Beyond the Hedge: Hansel and Gretel Retold - Franz Busse - Google книги

View author's profile Show more posts from author Subscribe to updates from author. Goddess - Culture Blogs May Comments Please login first in order for you to submit comments. Forgot your username? Recent Blog Comments. Erin Lale Indeed, but he didn't have access to the full range of heathen mythology that we have today, and didn't know the story of Odin-and-brothers as sculpto Anthony Gresham Wasn't it that historian Saxo Germanicus who first identified Odin as some ancient king?

Anthony Gresham Wiccaning makes me think of weaving a wicker basket. Naming sounds right. Laura Perry Essentially, yes. Though in terms of personal gnosis, we do our best to rely only on widely shared gnosis rather than stand-alone individual experienc Anthony Gresham So, the process is something like: 1. Start with what you know. Garner what you can from scholarship. Adapt scholarship for practical applicatio I just got back from the Michigan Pagan Festival, where I was a presenter. A vibrant pan-Pagan scene, lovely folks, and only short Robin Fennelly Lovely! Thank you for sharing this Tasha Written by Steven Posch.

Remember Take Back the Night? Then he sealed the paper so he could paint on top of it with oils, transparently. The illustrations had a lot of dark colors to set the mood and tone, but I also noticed a lot of light which signified hope for the children. As Hansel was gathering stones, there was a full moon for him to see. When they are coming out of the forest and returning home, they are running in the direction of the rising sun.

Even as they encounter the witch there is a lot of light and bright colors. Oct 27, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-ya-children-s. This wonderful book is beautiful. We all know the story. In this version, the mother seems to be their real i. Take away his man card! They have a solid looking, well-furnished house in a lovely location near a forest.

They could do a reverse mortgage and raise some cash.

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Apparently feudal Germ This wonderful book is beautiful. Apparently feudal Germany was crying out for some financial wizardry. A good loan originator could have saved these children, at least gotten this beleaguered family through a dry patch until the factory was hiring again. Of course, after a number of years, they would have to move out, but they would have needed to do that anyway.

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Here is a thought exercise. Assume this story is loosely based on fact. Where do the facts end and fantasy begin? The second time they are taken out into the forest? When the children are wandering for days in the forest, and instead of starving to death, they are apparently saved? What is the message of this story? Trust no one but yourselves? Trust your instincts? Do the pebbles and then bread crumbs signify anything, or are they just a plot device?

Here, nature is oblivious to man. Do children understand it? I hope so. Hansel and Gretel had a much more challenging life than I realized. I knew they got lost in the woods and were almost cooked and eaten by an evil old witch, but what I did not know was that it was their own mother's idea to abandon them in the woods to begin with. Crimony, talk about emotional scarring! The kids had a bit of a hard time reconciling themselves to the cruelty of Hansel and Gretel' s parents mother in particular , but they finally figured it out.

The illustrations in the edition th Hansel and Gretel had a much more challenging life than I realized. The illustrations in the edition that we read lead the reader to the conclusion that view spoiler [Hansel and Gretel's mother and the evil witch are one and the same hide spoiler ]. This observation helped the kids deal with why Mom was such an awful protector. I am awful at picking up on nuance and detail in illustrations, so it was the kids who pointed out the slickness of this story to me.

They both liked this story--I think they rather enjoyed the menace, the bad characters' comeuppance, and they liked that the story was about a sister and a brother watching each other's backs. My nephew's reaction made me think that I'd hate to meet him by an oven if he was angry! In his opinion, Gretel was too easy on the witch!

View 2 comments. Dec 31, Amalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books , folktale-fairytale. It is dark because the plot is as true as possible to the tale as it was first published by the Brothers Grimm. Children should read this. However, if your child is very young you might have to explain why the children's mother wanted to abandon her own children in the forest. Zelinksy's illustrations are simply beautiful! They create a rustic feeling which complements the plot. This is probably one of the creepier versions of this story, complete with child in cage and old lady falling into the fire.

The artwork is the real triumph here: incredibly stylized, lush, and disturbing throughout. Still only 4 stars because I can't bring myself to rate Hansel and Gretel a 5, with view spoiler [the only two women characters both wanting the children dead and having to die themselv This is probably one of the creepier versions of this story, complete with child in cage and old lady falling into the fire. Still only 4 stars because I can't bring myself to rate Hansel and Gretel a 5, with view spoiler [the only two women characters both wanting the children dead and having to die themselves in order to get a "happy" ending!

Jul 08, Dolly rated it really liked it Recommends it for: parents reading with their children. Shelves: childrens , , picture-book-club , caldecott-honor.

The Juniper Tree (fairy tale)

Gorgeous illustrations by Paul O. They are certainly worthy of a Caldecott Honor nod. The narrative appears to be a fairly traditional version of the classic story and the illustrations are very detailed and expressive. We really enjoyed reading this story together. Jan 21, Friend of Pixie F. It was interesting to read it to someone who had no idea what was going to happen and had never heard the names. He thought it was very funny when the old witch said, "Nibble, nibble nubble, who gnaws my house to rubble?

But at almost 7, he was riveted by the story but not scared. The illustrations by Zelinsky are beautiful, as his always are. The witch isn't too creepy looking. The house is amazing, with its pancake roof and candy stained glass windows. Feb 16, Bookchick rated it really liked it.

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Not for very young or sensitive children. Recommended for elementary-aged students. Jan 07, Judy rated it really liked it Shelves: fable-fairy-n-folktale , art-caldecott. This isn't a critique of the story which is very dark , but rather comments about this translation and the art. Examples of details in the art that I liked: chamber pot under the bed, split door, straw roof, full moon that isn't a smooth globe, head coverings for females, bracket fungi on trees Questions specific to this version of the story: So the mother wasn't a stepmother? Why don't the people look emaciated if they're starving?

Why did Hansel have to look back every time he dropped a pebble or This isn't a critique of the story which is very dark , but rather comments about this translation and the art. Why did Hansel have to look back every time he dropped a pebble or crumb? In one illustration, the family seems to be following a heavily used road, so Hansel would not have needed to drop his markers. Witch's house changes from tasty materials to stone and straw. The witch knowingly let Gretel push her into the oven!? Everywhere they looked were precious gems and sparkling jewels.

Very dark story.

Hansel and Gretel (Retold by Ronne Randall)

Examples: "Tomorrow morning, I am going to slaughter and boil him. We'll bake bread while he's cooking. Apr 22, Rachel Magee rated it really liked it. This is a retelling of the famous fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. I enjoyed reading this book to my students since it introduced new vocabulary while providing an engaging story that sticks very closely to the original.

I would definitely recommend using a read-aloud for students in grades Jan 23, Sarah Middlestead rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-book-read-alouds , read-with-the-kids , caldecott-honors. Gorgeous pictures with a somewhat gruesome story. However, Hansel and Gretel, by definition, is a fairly gruesome story. May 10, Becky rated it liked it Shelves: childrens-books , fairy-tales-and-fairy-tale-retellin , witches.

Beautiful illustrations, true to the original Brother's Grimm tale, and it's the perfect length for my 6 six old. May 03, Meg McGregor rated it it was amazing Shelves: lexi-victoria , fairy-tales. The girls and I are trying to read, as many versions of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, that we can find! This one, is by far the best we have read, so far! Rika Lesser stayed true to the fairytale; and Zelinky's illustrations are reminiscent of oil paintings! I am definitely going to buy this version for my fairy tale collection!

Oct 22, Rebecca Zadick rated it really liked it Shelves: exam It received the Caldecott Honor in and has since continued to be a popular children's story. I gave it four stars because I have always loved the unique story line and detailed illustrations. Although the story is meant to be lighthearted, the subject matter could be dark for young children. It might be difficu "Hansel and Gretel" is a classic tale that has been told for many years.

It might be difficult to explain to a child why Hansel and Gretel's mother and father wanted to abandon them in the woods, or why the old woman in the gingerbread house wanted to eat the children. For this reason, I think that the recommended age range is appropriate, for the story.

The artwork itself is beautiful and paints a picture of Hansel and Gretel's experiences in the dark woods. The style of the illustrations is impressionist art that was painted with oil paint. It is evident that oil paint is the medium of the images because of the grainy texture seen throughout. The paintings are made up of mostly neutral colors throughout the story. However, when the children arrive at the gingerbread house, the colors become more vibrant. I think that the increased vibrancy of colors correlates with the feeling of increased excitement.

In addition, the colors also correlate with the mood at different parts of the story. For example, when the children are wandering through the woods alone, the colors are dark and forlorn. However, when the children find their way back to their father at the end of the story, the colors are much brighter and happier. The layout of the book is very straightforward. The text is typically on the left page while the illustration is on the right page in a single page spread. There are a few double page spreads with the words paneled at the bottom, but there are not very may pages structured this way.

The end papers are significant because They portray beautiful paintings of the grassy landscape and the forest. The end papers at the front of the book contain a biography of Paul O. Zelinsky, the illustrator of the book. The end papers at the back of the book contain a biography of Rika Lesser who retold the story. This is a great book for story time with children because there are elements of surprise, suspense, and excitement! Overall, this book is a fun read and is well-deserving of the Caldecott Honor that it received.

Sep 02, Makenzie Soeken rated it liked it Shelves: folk. Hansel and Gretel are the children of two very poor parents. One day, when all of the food was almost gone in their house, their mother tells their father about her plan to take them out to the woods and leave them there so that they will not have extra mouths to feed. He reluctantly agrees, but Hansel overheard their plan and collected pebbles to leave behind him as the family ventures out into the woods. After being abandoned the first time, the children follow the pebble trail back home.

Thei Hansel and Gretel are the children of two very poor parents. Their mother discovered what Hansel had done, and prevents him from collecting pebbles the next time. The two children are abandoned in the woods after birds eat Hansel's trail made of breadcrumbs. They stumble upon a candy house in the woods, where an old woman lives. At first she seems sweet, but she too has poor intentions for the children. After Gretel heroically locks the witch in the oven, the two of them return home to their father.