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Tags: ebooks , professor odd , professor odd s1 giveaway , the dragons of geda , the elder machine , the false student , the monster's daughter , the promethean predicament , the slowly dying planet. One way to track these views and debates is via the wirings of the deeply influential environmentalist the late, Anil Agarwal; see CSE For other critical discussions, see Sen For instances of recent informed public interventions, see also Kashwan ; Wani ; and Dharmadhikari For recent literature on human-nature relations and environmental politics, see Elvin ; and Shapiro On biology and conservation, see Gadgil , and the recently published collection mainly on energy and technology, Ravi Rajan On animal conservation, see Divyabhanusinh For an anthology with a different perspective see Prasad Fresh insights are provided by the oral field work of Annu Jalais in the Sunderbans, India, in Jalais Upcoming studies provide a critical view of a synoptic understanding of scientific forestry.

Ravi Rajan See also Singh ; Sivaramakrishnan ; Vasan For a synthesis across continents see McNeill et al. In press. Guha and Gadgil For a recent reappraisal especially for the inter connections of social fabric, agrarian change and forest cover, see Chaudhuri ; Linkenbach ; Dangwal For a regional comparison, see Forsyth and Walker ; Goodall et al.

Nag is probably the first full length work to place dearth related to natural cycles the flowering of bamboo at the centre of a century long social history of a region. Studies bringing in legal aspects of environmental and natural resource conflicts have begun to appear also in other fields, in addition to the well researched forest tracts.

See, for example, Subramanian ; Hoeppe ; Baviskar The remaking of global ecology via empire is discussed by Beinart and Hughes ; Grove ; Williams Baviskar, A. Ranikhet: Permanent Black. Beinart, W. Environment and empire. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Permanent Black.

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Sivaramakrishnan eds. Ecological nationalisms: Nature, livelihoods, and identities in South Asia. Chaudhuri, B. The history of science and civilisation in India, Volume 8, Part 2. Peasant history of late pre-colonial and colonial India. Delhi: Pearson Longman. Commoner, B. The closing circle: Nature, Man, and Technology. Revised second edition, New York: Random House. The Anil Agarwal Reader. Volumes 1 to 3. Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment. Dangwal, D. Dharmadhikari, S. Mountains of concrete: Dam Building in the Himalayas. Divyabhanusinh ed. The lions of India.

Ranikhet: Black Kite. Elvin, M. The retreat of elephants: An environmental history of China.

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New Haven: Yale University Press. Forsyth, T. Forest guardians, forest destroyers: The politics of environmental knowledge in Northern Thailand. Seattle: Washington University Press. Gadgil, M. Ecological journeys: The science and politics of conservation in India. Goodall, H. Rosier and S. Washington eds.

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Echoes from the poisoned well: Global memories of environmental injustice. Lanham: Lexington Books. Grove, R. Green imperialism: Colonial expansion, tropical island Edens and the origins of environmentalism, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Guha, R. The unquiet woods: Ecological change and peasant resistance in the Himalaya. Revised edition with fresh introduction Delhi: Oxford University Press. Savaging the civilized: Verrier Elwin, his tribals and India. India after Gandhi: The history of the world's largest democracy.

Delhi: Picador. Scottish internationalist. The Sunday Hindu 21 January The use and abuse of nature: Omnibus of this fissured land and ecology and equity. Oxford University Press. Hoeppe, G. Conversations on the beach: Fishermen's knowledge, metaphor and environmental change in south India. New York: Berghahn Books. Forthcoming Forest crimes and the advent of scientific forestry in preindustrial Germany.

In: Common ground, converging gazes: Integrating the social and environmental in history eds. Massard-Guilbaud, G. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press. Jalais, A. Delhi: Routledge. Kashwan, R. The caterpillar and the mahua flower: Tremors in India's mining fields.

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Mumbai: Jaico. Lear, L. Rachel Carson: Witness for nature. New York: Henry Holt. Linkenbach, A. Forest futures: Global representations and ground realities in the Himalayas. Lovelock, J. The revenge of Gaia: Earth's climate crisis and the fate of humanity.

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London: Basic Books. The vanishing face of Gaia: A final warning. London: Allen Lane. Mahbubani, K. The new Asian hemisphere: The irresistible shift of power to the East. New York: Public Affairs. McNeill, J. Something new under the sun: An environmental history of the twentieth-century world. London: Penguin Allen Lane.

Padua and M. Rangarajan eds. Environmental history: As if nature existed. Nag, S. Sign in. Meet Alister Bane, former college student. He is a sensible, conventional, practical young man. Yet here he is. Since being expelled from his home world, Alister has been traveling between universes with the flamboyant and inquisitive Professor Odd, Dave, a green tentacle monster, and Elo, a highly intelligent mutant wolf. Impossible stone formations aside, there is also the problem of the sinister hooded natives, and why they have got a living man chained to a rock….

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