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risotto di mare - Picture of BIF - Best Italian Fish, La Spezia

Publications That 1st Novel More! Piazza Navone. In Italian it's called "mal di mare. For some reason, stone lions suffer greatly from this affliction. The Somali version is "Badda jirrada. A queasy marble lion can be found on the marker for Admiral Lord Nelson at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The lion represents the man -- Nelson, a brilliant naval tactician, survived sea-sickness throughout his career. A career, just by-the-by, that started at age Not only did the man get whittled down in defense of his country -- first losing sight in one eye, then losing an arm before taking a fatal gunshot but he yarked mightily while doing so.

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Yes, I should have known better than to snap a picture of said lion in church ignorant git! I share it anyhow because just look -- is he not the Bravest Little Toaster of all indisposed stone lions?

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  • In Latin, "Mare languorum. People who have not yet been seasick display a slight edge over those who have. They say things like, "Think of something else. A pair of grave, possibly urpy lions flank a statue of Dante in Florence. This one to Dante's right. Dante's port-side lion. Just wishing for a dose of Pepto. This guardian lion from a grave in ancient Rome now watching the tourists at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan is sensing the first faint stirrings of internal unrest.

    Pop a pill: most of which are antihistamines, but kindly fellow sufferers will hand over prescription Scopolamine patches for which the side-effects may include hallucinations with a knowing wince. Oddly enougth, Laughter is not the best medicine for mal de mer.

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    It hardly bears saying that sea-sickness is only humorous when someone else is suffering from it. Like that other hilarious malady, the hangover, sea-sickness grows increasingly entertaining the farther away it is in space and time. He's reached the praying stage.

    "mal di mare" English translation

    For the Basque, "Itsas gaixotasuna. What recourse does the sufferer have? The only sure cure is to hold quite still. On land.

    Define nausea | Dictionary and Thesaurus

    Mathew Dalton. Lord Nelson's remedy was "to sit under a tree". Yeah, sea-sickness is one of the "funny" illnesses. Similar translations Similar translations for "mal di mare" in English. English mal.

    Mal di mare. Onde come case. Wawes tall like house.

    English d. English out of.

    Fabri Fibra

    English of made of by by by. English to bite out to let on to say to name to word. English sea. Context sentences Context sentences for "mal di mare" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Italian Per chiunque Italian avere il mal di mare.

    More by bab. Italian mal concepito mal d'amore mal d'aria mal d'auto mal d'orecchie mal definito mal dello spazio mal di denti mal di gola mal di luna mal di mare mal di montagna mal di pancia mal di schiena mal di stomaco mal di testa mal dissimulato mal funzionante mal illuminato mal ponderato mal posto Translations into more languages in the bab.