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Regarded as a cultural essence of historic, artistic and cultural value, it was inscribed on the national list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in This ancient art form is elegant in presentation and full of poetic sense in composition. It is a unity of form and spirit, and an illustration of imitating nature.

How to Make Standing Spray Floral Arrangement for a Funeral

As an art form, Chinese flower arrangement began during the Northern and Southern Dynasties when Buddhism spread into China, bringing its custom of offering flowers at temple altars. Consequently, as the arrangement of followers in the vase conformed to design of a well-executed Chinese painting, so the twigs and branches followed the balanced order of major and subordinate lines. The flower itself, its stalk and leaves, not only contributed to the linear character of the work, but also added meaning to the attitudes of the twigs employed. By reading classical masterpiece History of Bottles, he was deeply touched by the elegant taste and cultural connotation of flower arrangement inside.

There are a third of containers in the Palace Museumfor arranging flowers.

The Art of Chinese Flower Arrangement

I can't ignore it, by pretending it never existed. I shouldmake discoveries bravely. In his research, important bibliographies recording classical Chinese flower arrangement are classified as "Frame", while classic novels depicting daily life belong to "Content". His desk is always covered with related materials.

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Taking ancient painting as an example, he has studied up to pieces over the years. The content of Studies of the History of Chinese Flower Arrangement has yet to be perfect, so has Ancient Art of Chinese Flower Arrangement, which is in need of other material for fill in the gaps for further study. But if there is no one willing to do it, no progress would be made, forever.

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He always works until 3 a. As he said to the reporter, once he finished lecture in Kaohsiung on Saturday, and moved to Taichung the next day. Due to overtiredness, he fell asleep on the bus, and then suddenly woke up hearing that Chiayi his hometown had arrived.

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Feeling so familiar that he rushed to get off carrying the luggage, only to realize the mistake at the check-in office, and hehad to return back waiting for the next bus. Such extreme fatigue makes him have liver disease, nearly at the cost of his life. In mainland China,Professor Wang Lian-ying from School of Gardening in Beijing Forestry University is also reviving traditional flower arrangement from nothing, little by little.

Flower Power: The Art of Flower Arranging

In when she was lecturing flower arrangement in Beijing, she realized that although the theories on traditional Chinese flower arrangement scattered in ancient books such as History of Bottles, and Manual of Vase Flowers are profound, the current teaching contents with Chinese characteristic are nearly blank.

With a strong sense of responsibility to carry forward the traditional culture, she has dedicated herself to the study of traditional flower arrangement in her spare time. Under the joint efforts of her and other members of Beijing Flower Arrangement Art Association, the Chinese traditional flower arrangement is organized and promoted in the form of "Six MajorFlower Containers" in the mainland, which has been the mainstream learning content of the traditional flower arrangement in the mainland until today.

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