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This room still did double duty to house our toys as well as our crafts and homeschool materials. Version 2. We did a lot of house hunting before settling on our new home.

Having a space for a playroom was not on my must-have list. My children are still quite young with my oldest being just 6 and they like to be with me, need to be with me. The wall separated the playroom from the kitchen and the rest of our open concept home. When we did school work or art projects, we usually ended up gathered around the dining room table, again in the center of the home. Our new home is larger and more spacious than our previous two homes. All of the bedrooms and living areas are on the main level and we have a large loft space on the second floor. We decided to create two separate kid spaces.

Our learning space would be in the formal dining room, which is at the center of the home, adjacent to the kitchen, and the upstairs would be purely for play. It also looks like we have a lot of toys, but this is absolutely everything we have. In our previous rooms, I had a closet dedicated for toy storage and rotated them regularly.

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Now, I pull from this room when I was to rotate toys downstairs. I usually keep three to five toys or activities out downstairs and rotate them as needed. Now, I pull from this room when I was to rotate toys downstairs. I usually keep three to five toys or activities out downstairs and rotate them as needed.

The bins come in different sizes which is perfect for storing categories of toys all in one place.

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The Kallax bins are huge , and inevitably turned into a bottomless pit. The drawers are great for housing toys with itty bitty parts. It gets pretty crazy in here sometimes but I have three kids in different sizes with different interest so we have a lot of variety. I loath stuffed animals, but my kids love them. We had a really neat bean bag to hold all of the stuffed animals, but they play with them often enough to warrant easier access, so we just store them in little corner chair.

When we moved into this house, we saw this huge gaping whole in the wall meant for an old school big screen TV and I had no idea what to do with it. Of course this little alcove became the best spot in the room! We added a tension rod across the top with curtains and a rug and some cozy pillows inside. Now we have the most awesome stage and reading nook all in one. We have some colorful hooks from IKEA on the wall inside the stage to hang whatever dress up items are currently in rotation. In this corner, we have our train set with the bigger pieces on the shelf and track pieces in the bin.

This room is so large that we have room for a pull out couch upstairs too, which is great for when we have a full house of guests. Do not throw out your small organizer. It will be good for all the small things. In our house, every member gets a mystery mini fig for Christmas. We have an enormous collection of just those.

Even at his age, I look for the best way to organize. We have done soooo many! I also look for ways to pick them up. They sold a vacuum many years ago. Purely kid powered. Then they sold a Duplo one. That did not pick up the little ones. Your boys look like my son and his 4 boy cousins.

The Siren Hotel, Detroit

Lots of nerf guns, swords, etc. By the way…love the wrapping paper holder idea. I will have to tell my sister. Lots of swords! Keep up the good work with all your ideas and good luck as your boys get older and bring in more! A Lego vacuum, huh? Thanks so much for stopping by, Kathleen! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Liz Fourez started Love Grows Wild in with a passion for interior design and homemaking and a dream to help others create a home they love.

She turned her signature cozy, neutral style into a best-selling book in and continues to inspire readers with her captivating photography and easy decorating ideas. This has been a long time in the making, but today I am finally showing you the Room Reveal for our Playroom Makeover!

The Siren Hotel, Detroit

This will be a long post, but stick with me because I promise tons of beautiful pictures showing how I cleaned, organized, designed, and decorated our awesome playroom! It all started back in January, after dear old Santa left a big pile of new toys at our house.

Once the holiday rush was over and it was time to put everything away, I realized the monstrosity our playroom had become!

It was unorganized, dysfunctional, and a straight up eyesore. I decided it was finally time to get things in order and give the boys a fun space where they could play, create, and read together! Warning: These photos contain the real deal disaster that had taken over our playroom.

Women's College Hospital - Stella's Playroom

Boxes of Legos stacked twenty high, pieces of train tracks scattered all over the room… you could probably even find a small child missing in there. Photos like these can cause Moms to hyperventilate and you may need to avert your eyes. The first order of business was to get all those toys organized. It is amazing how much these kids accumulate over time!

We decided what each drawer would hold, and the boys put all their toys away in the correct spots. The drawers are awesome for corralling toys with a lot of pieces like Lincoln Logs, blocks, and train tracks! You can read the full post about our toy organization here. To make it easy for the boys to put their toys away, I created these Faux Chalkboard Medallion Tags to hang on each drawer.

And these Plastic Elephant Bookends may just be my favorite project from the entire makeover. So simple to make and SO cute! A little spray paint makes everything better, right? I added a few other pieces to fill in the shelves like a baseball with little sports figurines, some big wooden letters, our Disney pin collection shadowbox , and a piece of stripe art I created using leftovers from our Herringbone Watercolor Art. The canvases my boys painted with artist extraordinaire Leoma Lovegrove always make me smile and bring back such sweet memories.

You can read all about our painting lesson with Leoma and the story behind the paintings here. Moving around the room, I used a small, empty corner to setup a Creative Center for the boys where they can build Legos, color, and do crafts! I took advantage of vertical space for storage and hung tool organizers from the hardware store on the wall above the desk. The bottom one holds Legos and the top holds crafts supplies. The boys are always wanting to draw or build something, and now they have their very own space to do it!

You can read the full post about our Playroom Creative Center here. Next to the creative center is a toy box for some of the bigger toys and a little reading area. A bookshelf full of books, a rocking chair with a comfy pillow which I made to match the curtains I also made!

I added a fun gallery of colorful old records above the reading area to spice up the boring gray walls. And I gave a washi tape makeover to an old lamp for our bookshelf. Yes, I said washi tape! I spray painted the lamp base a pretty turquoise blue and wrapped the middle in a polka dot washi tape.

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It took no time at all and looks super cute! We also have two Baking Sheet Magnet Boards for the boys to have fun with. It is definitely a win-win :. And above the magnet boards is a gorgeous piece of Modern Watercolor Art that my boys helped create! They made watercolor paintings, and I cut them up into strips and created a fun herringbone pattern with them!

The bright colors look stunning with a white frame. Turn it into a parking garage!! Even though ours was a cheap one from Walmart, it had good shelving and was still in great condition once our youngest baby grew out of it. My boys are little farmers-in-training, and there is never a shortage of giant tractors in our house that are impossible to store. I got tired of finding games all over the house and tripping over charging cords, so I used simple dollar store bins to store, organize, and charge their handheld games.

My boys think they need to have a full arsenal in case the aliens attack or Loki comes to steal the Tesseract. A garbage can would probably do the same thing, but I like that this organizer is tall enough to hold the long swords. As part of the makeover, we also installed some extra shelving in that small closet to give us more space for games, puzzles, etc. And that, my friends, is our Playroom Makeover!

Big improvement right? What was your favorite part of the playroom makeover? Leave a comment and let me know what you liked! This post has been sponsored by:. Our Pinteresting Family says: May 3, at pm. Lisa says: May 3, at pm. Vicky Nardone says: May 3, at pm. Sara says: May 3, at pm. Louise B says: May 3, at pm. The playroom looks fab and the colours are great. Selene Restoration Beauty says: May 3, at pm. Laura The Experimental Home says: May 3, at pm. Carissa Rasmussen says: May 3, at pm. Carla says: May 3, at pm. Good job, Liz!!

What a nice, bright room!