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Men were crying, friends were holding friends, hearts were open. I understood in those moments the potential of music. Music has the potential to heal. It is a frequency, and if that frequency is attuned to the heart's vibration, it is pure medicine. Thanks to your support and generosity, this healing force will touch the world in a greater way, and together we will remember our power.

It is within our power and birthright to attune our bodies and minds to whatever vibration we so choose. Whether that be violence or peace, the traffic or the birds, the computer or our hearts. Even here, reading this, I can feel my feet on the ground, the breath in my belly, and the heart in my chest. In this way, I am attuned to the vibration of my choosing.

In this way, I experience the medicine that is here. The moment that is here. The life that is here. Update 2. May 1, I didn't realize plugging back into the webbed world could feel so intense. I am noticing that I am experiencing quite a bit of anxiety about this "all or nothing" model. Afraid all of this hard work will be for nothing. I am trying to find the root of this belief; evaluating if it is a belief at all or just my better judgement. I drew a Tarot card for staying with Kickstarter and the model of all-or-nothing and I got the card called the Fool.

I woke up this morning thinking, "Am I being Naive? In that pain I've experienced growth, but am I setting myself up for failure? There's another question. What IS the right direction?? Is there one? There is certainly a Preferred direction, yes? I prefer to soar. Update 1. Apr 30, We are 20 hours in and And I have been terrified. Terrified of failing. Afraid of not being supported. Afraid that I can't show up Afraid of so many things. Yesterday, after the launch, I sat in the park and wrote down everything I am afraid of.

Almost things, and counting! I noticed such relief as I named the fears, as petty as they seemed. I started to notice I wasn't nearly as afraid of my fears as I thought I was. That my fears only seem scary to the little one inside. In this video, I take a leap forward INTO the territory of fear. Of being seen. Of being vulnerable I once did a project called, "Human Kindness", where I documented my healing process and self-counsel with the greater whole the public. This reminds me of that. And I hope that as I heal these ancient wounds, my process will encourage you to know and love yourself even more as well.

Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Listen Now. Destiny Love. Share this project. Recent updates Calling in an abundant flow of goodness plus a Reward Re-evaluation Posted May 9, Posted May 7, Posted May 4, Posted May 1, Posted Apr 30, Posted by Destiny Love Creator.

I missed your voice. She smiled. But your voice has always been calming to me. It's soothing. We had done our usual carousing. I'd had a bit too much rum and passed out on a stack of flour sacks. I woke the next morning to find my hook gone. I was quite angry and tore through the village in search of it.

I finally found two little boys using it to pretend to be pirates. He nodded. My anger subsided. I found some scrap metal and fashioned two hooks for them. They returned my hook with an apology. You're great with Henry.

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Killian placed a kiss to her hair, as he silently pushed down his fears of fatherhood. Emma simply took Killian's hand in hers and led him into her bedroom. They stood before each other and went about undressing one another in silence, until Killian was left in his boxer briefs and Emma in her tank and panties. She led the way to the bed and crawled beneath the covers.

Killian followed and she snuggled up close to him. He stroked her hair. After all, I am dead. She had to keep reminding herself that he was not alive. He felt alive. He felt warm and just as she remembered. There was a part of her that didn't want to remember that he was dead because it was a stark reminder that she might not be able to bring him back. She knew that these moments they spent wrapped up in each other might be the only ones they ever got. They lay in silence for a long time, enjoying the feel of each other.

Killian eventually drifted off to sleep but Emma didn't. She was overwhelmed with worry. What if she couldn't bring him back? What if she couldn't get them home? Killian woke 4 hours later to an empty feeling.

He looked down to find Emma gone. His eyes scanned the room but she wasn't there. He felt a moment of panic. Had it all been a dream? Had he imagined it all? Was Emma still in Storybrooke and was he still trapped all alone in this wretched place for eternity?

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Killian jumped out of bed and hurried into the hallway. He saw a glow coming from downstairs and heard some muffled sounds. He flew down the stairs and into the living room. He stopped dead in his tracks and breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of Emma sitting on the couch watching TV. He didn't say a word.

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He just sat down beside her. She smiled and placed her head on his shoulder, as he wrapped his arm around her. She pulled a blanket from the back of the couch and covered them both with it. They have shows like in our world, but just the negative version. You know all those ones you've been watching on Net f lix? He'd become addicted to classic television shows. And 'Happy Days'? It's now called 'Unhappy Days'.

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Is nothing sacred? Emma laughed. You've been watching those classic movies too, right? Clever fellow. Here the robbers kidnap the boy and demand ransom. He never sees his family again. Now it's called 'It's A Dreadful Life'. He realizes his family is better off without him and it ends with him choosing to kill himself.

He turned the TV off. Everyone followed me here to help save you. They trusted me. They put their faith in me.

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Killian touched her chin so she would look at him. They believe in you. I believe in you. But you're not in this alone. We're going to figure this out together and then we can go home. The following night, Emma and Killian were lying in bed. Her back was to him, his arm draped across her waist. Her head fit perfectly just below his chin, like it was made to go there. Emma didn't turn to face him.

'Suits' Sneak Peek: Rachel and Mike Entertain Their Future (Exclusive)

It didn't matter how many walls you had. I can always tell when you're keeping something from me.

I know when something is bothering you. I know you well, love. They were so close, she could feel his warm breath on her face. Hades killed her to punish me for trying to defeat him, " Emma said, emotion overtaking her voice.

Killian watched her eyes fill with tears. He lifted his hand to her cheek and gently brushed one away with his thumb. It was just a nightmare. It's not a prediction of the future. It could be. We have the power to change it. Our actions can change our fate. What if my actions cause my mother's death? Killian placed a kiss to her forehead and pulled her close to him, his chin resting atop her head. When I ended up down here and I was being tortured by Hades, I didn't have any hope.

I thought this was my fate and you were lost to me forever. And then there you were. Doing what seemed impossible. Never giving up. Emma, you don't fail. You just figure out another way to succeed. And I have absolute faith that this time will be no different. She nuzzled her face into his neck. The following night was just like the previous ones.

They lay wrapped up in each other, but sleep wouldn't come for Emma. Killian was just about to suggest they go to the living room for a change of scenery, when he heard something he hadn't heard before. Emma's breathing had slowed and she was releasing little puffs of air through her lips. Killian looked down at her, smiling at the sight of her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted.