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  4. Tech Tidbits: Polar Vantage Updates, Strava sorta removes ads, PowerTap P2 pedals

Specifically the ability to turn it off. Still, the point is valid. You can see this option down in the settings on the app:. Alternatively, if you click on one of your own activities and the sponsored info, you can see the same options for that particular company:. Quirk 1: Only the poster the person posting the workout can disable the integration as to whether or not their followers see said integrations ads. This is bizarre on so many levels, and seems to be ill-thought out in two ways. First, is the consumer minded way.

But second is the real kicker: In this scenario high-profile accounts that have thousands of followers and thus the most impactful to both Strava and the connected integrations bottom lines from an ad standpoint are making the decisions. As of this writing, I have 11, followers on Strava. Hardly a big deal in the grand scheme of Strava accounts.

Not a single person. Quirk 2: Strava says in the e-mail that integrations technically fall into two categories. Sponsored and non-sponsored. Sponsored are ones where Strava has entered into a partnership with the company and the company gets a link on your feed from your activity off to their site to sell something to you. Go for a run or ride with select watches or head units, and your activity might highlight stats that are unique to those devices, or show an upgraded map of where on your route you snatched up a PR.

And that sounds like it could be good. And in theory, if they reverse the way they handle the integrations bit in Quirk 1, this might actually be useful to folks. So much so that they were getting angry at these companies as we saw towards Wahoo , thinking Wahoo was turning it on when it was more directly a Strava feature. And since they pay the bills in that relationship between them and Strava , voicing your thoughts to them matters more than voicing it to Strava. But, I did receive more power meters instead — specifically, the PowerTap P Above is a half-unboxing.

What you really want is the specs though. Weight: Reduction of total pedal mass, down below g now previously was g. This reduction was done mostly internally inside the pedal body by cutting away inside. However, there is now a small cutout from under the skid plate as well. Battery life: The company says the units will now get 80 hours of battery life per battery still AAA , however with more steady-state and longer rides, you could see up to hrs of battery life.

They noted that this was done by tweaking some of the electronics inside to gain back some battery life. They say that the new unit improves various sealing points more than before. They did note that the PowerTap P1 did see a lot of changes in-line though over the years for example we saw the new battery caps pretty quickly after introduction. So in a nutshell, it lost some weight, got an exterior makeover, and in the process, the batteries last longer.

I asked about this, and they PowerTap felt that their existing mobile app driven process was the best place for that. Just like trying to take a latte outdoors on a bike. Availability for the PowerTap P2 is slated as November 15th. I think people were hoping PowerTap would come into the market with a sleek Vector-like looking pedal, sans the pods of the Favero Assioma that some people dislike. That would have hugely driven sales.

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You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. I really like strava, but they have to make money in some way. I am OK With ads that help pay for the services I use. Thanks for the Strava explanation Ray. The information Strava have been putting out this year had been all mumbo jumbo. Ditto, the email strava sent out was completely incoherent. It seems a reasonable way to spread the word.

Sometimes the cost of a service is high enough that ads are needed to sustain profitability even with subscription fees. Which you can now even parcel out for less money. RE: Strava. So Zwift pay Strava to advertise to my 15, Strava followers. Photos, ride descriptions, no double-posts from my x number of head units….. And companies are paying Strava to advertise via my feed? Is the fee weighted? I suspect the value to Zwfit, Wahoo, TrainerRoad is greater for large follower accounts. All integrations have been disabled. The recent privacy additions gave the users a TON of new control.

This needs to extend into these partner integrations. Otherwise, totally agree with your assessment, Ray. It is puzzling that they have an option to shut off ads, but it works backward from how you would expect it. Strava has given you, for free, a platform where you can have 15, followers. They need to make some money from that.

I hear you and feel you…your only other option is to get off Strava altogether as I did albeit for different reasons. But they did so through your effort, your popularity. How are you compensated for being the brand ambassador for these companies? Do they even track how many accounts can be attributed to individuals on Strava, or just that they came from Strava generally? If an internal sales person at Zwift drove 11K new subscriptions by whatever means, I promise you, they would have a fat bonus at the end of the year as well as a steady paycheck. I have bills to pay also — and I pay for all the services I use, including Zwift and Strava.

Maybe we should all stop ranting and start doing. If nobody goes there, nobody is there. Ray and Shane, you could setup profiles there and crosspost to Facebook and Twitter and such.

Avant-première de Ant Man et la Guèpe à Disneyland Paris - Vlog et critique

So your followers could decide whether they want to continue to support data leeches like Google and Facebook, regardless of the support for you. Same here. More importantly, and possibly more significantly for Strava, they have a new privacy policy which is in breach of GDPR.

Everything about this section of thier policy is illegal under GDPR. I reiterated the legal status of the policy and mentioned the gargantuan fines, and now in typical Strava style we have radio silence.

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Which is unfortunate because I used to love Strava. My subscription auto-renewed a month ago before any of this was announced. At the time, they stated that support for updating the firmware would be coming to Android devices soon. Never happened. Then they released the companion app with advanced metrics for iOS devices, stating that they were working on the Android version. They replied to one of my criticisms and asked me to beta-test their Android version.

Any message or comments?

No way I want to be sticking by iphone on the handlebars during a ride. My phone is usually in a plastic bag in my jersey pocket for emergencies and that is where I would like it to stay. They said early on that there would be a path toward upgrading a P1s to a P1 dual-sided pair. Actually glad I never had an opportunity to upgrade to dual-sided…it would have been a waste of time and money.

Hey, will there be an Apple watch review coming out anytime soon? Stoked to hear your thoughts on that one. Nice updates for the Vantage, that is a good sign. Also on the lookout for a power meter and pedals are the easiest way without having to ditch my Cannondale spider crank. Curious about the in depth review. Kris—power2max also has Cannondale compatibility to consider in your search. Hoping Quarq will too at some point. BUT the display of the Trainer is small and dim, I did sent it back because I had too hard a time reading the data fields during training. I was hoping the PowerTap P2s would be a complete redesign not a P1.

Basically, in a year, they might have finished developing the watches to a point where it might be worth buying them. So why buy one before that?! Because the HR is still far better than anything Garmin has to offer. And if they get the GPS sorted out so that it is as accurate as the V then that beats Garmin as well. I had a stress test last month, EKG on a treadmill. I found the garmin pretty darn accurate at HR compared to the fancy medical equipment. Although the garmin was slightly delayed as compared to the machine. The machine noticed what it seemed to be instantaneous HR changes, where the garmin took a second.

So, I have a little sentimentality for them. Well I preordered. Polar Is excelent with working in updates for while life cycle of their devices. And still vantage m Is best what I can get for this Price. I will get the Vectors in Spring time to upgrade from my one side Stages. Hi, Ray I have noticed you are no longer using P1 as your main power source, is it becouse of bearings play?

They got this one completely the wrong way round. I do have two pairs and I only had issues with one of them. Since sticking only with Duracell I had about 0 issues. They were part of the new shipment after the issues had been claimed to be fixed. They arrived with one set of batteries dead, which I only mention because it means I have done a battery replacement.

Very happy with them. Strava never ceases to amaze in how they have built something with such potential and critical mass, yet find new and innovative ways to squander both. L'Ymagier en. Henry Marquis, Raoul fr. Harold See: Richards, H. XLI, No. XXXI, No. XXX, No. XXXV, No. Streamer Streamer, Col. Isabella Graham. Europe—Whither Bound? Lemoine, A. See: Harbaugh, T. Thomas Chalmers , Grant, A. Stand to! John L. Grant, Part 1. English as Author Personal Memoirs of U. Grant, Part 2.


Grant, Part 3. Grant, Part 4. Grant, Part 5. Grant, Part 6. Punch's History of Modern England, Vol. English as Author Gray, Emma J. Also, an Authentic Account of the Whole Insurrection. English as Compiler Gray, Walter T. Highland Light Infantry. Board of Trade. Monarch See: Great Britain. Sovereign Great Britain. House of Commons. During the Summer of Greely, A.

Volume I. English as Translator Tales from the German. Volume II. English as Translator Greene, Robert, ? Jacob D. Greenstreet, W.

Thompson, A. LXX, Dec. Grenfell, Georgina Adelaide See: G. Grey, Mrs. Described by Francis Gribble. Beecher, in reply to an essay on slavery and abolitionism, addressed to A. Occasional Papers No. The American Negro Academy. Occasional Papers, No. See: Stanley, Frank C. Smith, F. Volume 1 of 2. Michael Werner, New York. One origin myth of ceramics: that far back in prehistory, basket makers packed their containers with clay to form a lining, and one day dropped one of these vessels into a fire, finding, when the ashes cooled, that the clay had hardened and remained where the woven structure was destroyed.

Kubikgallery, Porto. This dismal tableau Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv. April 28—30, She was responding to mounting fervor over her rendition, included in the Whitney Biennial, of the mangled Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai. April 28, Bartolina Sisa, Aymara leader of the indigenous uprising against the Spanish in Bolivia, is brutally tortured, publicly humiliated, and killed by hanging. Her body is dismembered and, to prevent further rebellion, her head and extremities are exhibited at several locations known for their resilience.

Bartolina Sisa has Word on the street is they got the Crenshaw Cowboy. Into a gallery, that is. Anyone who has turned onto the westbound I at Crenshaw Boulevard has likely noticed him, an itinerant junk-assemblage artist who shows his sculptures at the top of the onramp. He also gives advice on fame April 25, Ephemeral moments, underlying truths, and the supernatural have all been teased out through choices around opening and closing shutters.

Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco. Only someone with a lying mouth, according to Yoruba oral tradition, would speak first and look for visual confirmation second. The complete history of photography is inextricable from colonialism in I'll Follow Along Slowly. I Know the Road Well. April 14, Metro Pictures, New York. By staging it in Germany and Greece, and expressing the hope that an exhibition bankrolled by the former might effectively critique the infrastructures of power that have immiserated the latter, curator Adam The eighth edition of the Contour Biennial is dedicated to this most noble of themes.

Both thrilling and frustrating, the biennial offers vertiginous perspectives by artists and theorists, as March 11—May 21, From the darkness, a bright, circular spotlight illuminates a theater curtain. Searching intermittently along its folds, the light traces paths which uncover crimson underneath deep black.

eMarketing Textbook by Triworx Organisation - Issuu

The curtain finally pulls upward revealing a moon of bright white. Laura Bartlett Gallery, London. The racism, militarism, and misogyny coded into pop cultural forms like the television drama, he proposed, do not reflect social realities so Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo. March 30, Her solo show in Dubai presents a new iteration of works exhibited last year at the Whitney Museum, New York, which further that investigation.

The Third Line, Dubai. Twenty years after the handover of sovereignty from the United Kingdom to China, Hong Kong stands at a crossroads. The generation to come of age in the intervening decades has become restless, frustrated by the rejection of demands for universal suffrage the election for the next Chief Executive takes places March 25, Sharjah Biennial Tamawuj. Bottles of seawater sit among makeshift red flags on charred concrete breezeblocks. March 16, Whether those lewd sketches were made to parody politics in wartime, as comic relief for those on the john, for One clean cut and—snip!

Then comes the next braid—snip! Strand by strand, all the remaining black hair of this Asian woman, dressed in traditional Kyrgyz garb, is sheared off by her own hand. It falls around her feet, leaving her neck Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan. One day the interface between humans and computers will be seamless.

For now, it involves necks bent over smartphones, hours sitting hunched in front of a monitor, fingers and arms that still need to extend toward their devices. Despite all the talk about disembodied experiences and virtual worlds, computer technology Call it synchronicity. Castellucci delivered his speech, titled Whether or not you went in knowing what you wanted to get The Commercial Gallery, Sydney.

Lehmann Maupin, New York. Stevenson, Cape Town. February 24, Over the decade and a half of his career to date, Terence Koh has generated so many myths that it is now nearly impossible to begin thinking about his work without first acknowledging the tales of his personal and professional decadence in New York during the pre-crash mid-aughts, or the Moran Bondaroff, Los Angeles.

As opens there is a sense that all bets are off—that it is time to roll the dice and keep a hand open to all possibilities. Perhaps this is all the more so in the Netherlands—in many ways the closest of the EU countries to Britain and perhaps facing Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, Amsterdam. February 17, Descartes already knew this, that is February 16, Farmer is an exponent of the artistic practice of finding a part of a derelict, languishing image, or two, or more, and through juxtapositions translating these elements into novel, Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver.

Muhammed Ahmed Faris is the only Syrian who has traveled to outer space. Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York. February 10, Throughout an expansive practice that spans more than half a century, Michael Snow has questioned the conditions of perception and pushed against the material properties of multiple mediums. In encountering his Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto.

Graham has been active February 3, Sometimes an artwork responds to the world outside; sometimes the world outside responds to an artwork; and sometimes neither knows of the other, yet each is enhanced by it all the same. Such a moment occurred recently when one could march down Piccadilly, in protest with and in the presence Simon Lee Gallery, London. What once belonged to a god is handed back to human life. Jablonka Galerie, Cologne. January 30, Von Calhau! No two noses are the same, Gogol notes. Some straddle along Nevsky Prospect without Galeria Pedro Alfacinha, Lisbon. January 27, Musa paradisiaca's "Masters of Velocity".

Exhibited in separate gallery spaces, each The art world is overstuffed with collages of YouTube clips and Internet artifacts, with most of these trafficking in an ironic glibness that is overly praised either for its affect or lack of it. Gordon Matta-Clark. Earlier that year, Paris had come calling, and, at the invitation of the ninth edition of the Paris Biennale curated by Georges Boudaille, the artist realized Conical Intersect Photographs, photomontages, and film footage of Shetty outlines his curatorial concept with the story of a young traveler who went on a long journey to meet a sage.

December 12, —March 29, January 13, Pottery is place, folded and fired. It is soil, stone, flora, topography, and climate, massaged by human tradition and technique. In Japan, the placeness of ceramics has been taken to an extreme with local variations in style proliferating across the island nation. This sensitivity to place and materials echoes in Blum and Poe, Tokyo.

January 12, Craggy peaks of stone, desolate plains, parched and rasping arctic coasts—still caught perhaps in some distant geologic era—provide a home to stray beasts of all kinds: the spindly heads of snakes rise like pinnacles from the summits of crumbling towers. The sagging legs of pachyderms prop up arcades redolent of There is no more poetic organ than the human heart: a blood-soaked snarl of muscle tissue whose constriction is our literal life force, its cadence—its pulse —has been held accountable for not only bodily function but as the instrument of conscience, intention, love, and courage; a spiritual and corporal engine.

January 6, Spiros Hadjidjanos. Yet each work functions on multiple levels, and is rewarding in equal proportion to how much time one dedicates to figuring it Future Gallery, Berlin. Whatever one might think of Ai Weiwei, he has made it impossible to simply not think about him. Critical reactions to this development have Multiple Venues, New York. Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney.

December 15, I was sent into darkness. There was a fuzzy light right behind the gallery door illuminating press releases laid out on a small table, and a gallery staffer equipped with a small flashlight. Esther Schipper and Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin. The s was inaugurated with the hour news cycle: CNN transmitted its first broadcast on January 1, Elizabeth Dee, New York. The figure is female. She wears a hood. Her torso, cut from Styrofoam embellished Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.

In a shallow bay window facing 2nd St. December 6, It has been hard, lately, to think about art. December 2, Exploded canvases, split screens and multiple channels, mixed-, multi-, and inter-media: Carolee Schneemann has been clear in her rejection of medium specificity in favor of what one might call medium promiscuity. Since the early s, she has consistently incorporated images both moving and still into multimedia environments that include elements November 9, —January 28, November 29, Gallery Weekend Korea.

October 13—16, Kimberly-Klark, New York. November 17, November 15, Spanning eight venues in close October 27, —February 26, November 11, So this mini-survey of her production from to the present, framed as part of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend, is overdue. November 8, The inauguration of the European Parliament building in Brussels was marred by a defect of architectural planning: visitors approaching it were blown over by currents of air inexpertly funneled around the construction.

One imagines stacks of European bureaucracy sent into elegant airborne swirls by the gusts of wind. The front Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels. November 4, In the course of time we have come to realize that we are not so During the day, Halloween masks look pretty cheesy.

Their warped faces and weeping pustules, yellowed horns and sharpened teeth, all a Gavlak, Los Angeles. November 2, He was considered a lightweight in the early days of post-minimalism but for decades Bruce Nauman has been praised as one of the most wildly influential artists of our time. His video performances with the sounds of their own making hover between tedium and enthrallment, banality and profundity, repetition and Sperone Westwater, New York.

Fifty years after painting the earliest work in this exhibition, Suzanne Blank Redstone has her first solo show. The name may be unfamiliar, but her work at first glance appears to participate in a recognizably twentieth-century art-historical dialogue. Featuring primary-colored geometric forms and grids, her compositions instantly evoke Piet Mondrian, October 28, October 19, —January 15, Simon Denny's "Blockchain Future States". Petzel Gallery, New York. Hanne Darboven. Rows of numbers instill in me a sickening panic.

Perhaps there was no need for such histrionics. October 21, It posits that politicians adopted the basic tenets of techno-utopianism to create an oversimplified worldview of a global economic and political landscape which had become overwhelmingly complex. The creation of mass-mediated, caricatured villains, October 19—23, October 20, October 9—November 27, Gladstone Gallery, New York.

October 14, I passed a group of women wearing hijab on the beach the other day, talking in Arabic and English. They had pulled their chairs into the water and were sitting with the bottom of their skirts in the sea. October 12, Spaces is a feature of art-agenda that proposes a thematic examination of galleries based on the analysis of their physical and spatial configurations.

Every two months, art-agenda publishes a new reflection on the spatial characteristics of galleries, their architecture, identity, and relation to their historical and geographical context. The sixth Art fair reviews serve for many as a guide on what to see and what to avoid ; for some as a memorandum on trends, institutions, and artists to follow; and for a few as the starting point for a wish list, supporting acquisition and investment decisions.

These texts frequently respond October 6—9, At the gallery entrance are 4 notebooks in a vitrine, while the remainder of the works are in a side October 5, While driving through the Mojave Desert two hours east of Los Angeles in the area surrounding Joshua Tree National Monument, among the most striking aspects of the scrub-and-bleached landscape are abandoned wooden shacks that regularly punctuate the view.

The majority are nothing more than weather-blasted frames with doors and windows Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York. Warsaw Gallery Weekend. In a city where most galleries are located in apartments, the experience of visiting exhibitions goes against the art-tourist impulse to catch as catch can. September 23—25, Curated by Corinne Diserens, this biennial departs from the edition helmed by Nicolas Bourriaud on the theme of accelerationism.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei. September 13, Contemporary biennials are never simply showcases for new work: they bear the weight of meta-commentary. As they struggle to articulate the conditions of their own production and reception, they become lightning rods for debates, not least those concerning art world complicity with, or resistance to, globalization. The networks and flows TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria. September 9, By locating the foundation in the September 2—November 6, Since the s, Elkoury has photographed his home country of Lebanon and the surrounding areas of North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, tracing a geography of places through September 2, This pop culture allusion should come as no surprise: the destruction of the Earth by various means is mass culture's response to the anxieties June 3—September 18, September 1, Barbara Wien, Berlin.

It is lamentable and somewhat curious that John Akomfrah is just now receiving his first major exhibition in the US. Despite the critical acclaim Akomfrah has received in the UK and Europe, both for his recent solo output and his earlier work with the Black Audio Film Collective, he remains I've lost all my pride I've been to paradise And out the other side. With no one to guide me, Torn apart by a fiery wheel Inside me.

Pilar Corrias, London. Resistance is a two-sided relation. It may also include more players, as we will discuss shortly. But losing its counterpart puts it in a difficult place. All political art has to deal with this dialectic entanglement. Liverpool Biennial.

Things happen, and then they happen again, but not the same way, not quite; such is the logic of the biennial. July 9—October 16, Ever-regenerating discussions in mainstream documentary discourse pit form in opposition to function. It is still commonly understood that utility and representable actuality risk becoming diluted or confused by formal invention or experimentation with narrative structure. This reasoning foregrounds a perpetuating valuation in the inherent power of the documentary as a Murray Guy, New York. The miracle inspires her Carl Freedman Gallery, London.

Sadie Benning's "Green God". The internet and its social media spawn have made modes of communication increasingly seamless, with displays of personhood now embedded in a post or link. And while the democratic polyphony of voices has perhaps never been greater, so too is its expression through corporate-owned technologies. Ever since Sadie Benning was Loop Barcelona. Jordan Wolfson. At the apex of art and money, the air is thin and the atmosphere is replaced with rarified pain. Rather than terrestrial life, only blood fortunes are endemic here, whose constituent lifestyles are at least as abstract as the most totemic artworks that give this place meaning.

All the vectors Tate Modern's Switch House. Art Basel and Liste. They provide a fascinating glimpse into a s contemporary art world both condemning and colluding with international capital. In the fifth May 28—November 27, Contemporary artists are great at being dilettantes. Some make a point of how liberating it is to lack skill, others of how liberating it is to delegate to those who know better. Meanwhile, machines continue to outdo humans in more and more skills.

More and more humans work in some June 11—September 18, Nicholas Mangan's "Ancient Lights". As the central body in our planetary system, the sun has been revered through history as the source of our energy and the basis of our calendars. The practice of geophagia—earth eating—is adopted by human and nonhuman animals alike and occurs virtually worldwide. Among humans it generally appears in Tourists mill around the square, while up on the mezzanine, between June 4—September 18, Who can say what a city means? Gentrification mistakes lack of capital for lack of life, confuses Since it is impossible to say—in the work of K.

Mooney just as in the world—where one thing ends and another begins, it seems appropriate to start by considering the structure that houses this exhibition. An ancient wooden shed, it was once a garage for the large Craftsman home it Reserve Ames, Los Angeles. Although I usually find conspicuously inarticulate people more annoying than those who are just a bit too articulate, I confess to having harbored a certain reserve toward year-old Dutch artist Jonas Staal. His work as an artist includes doctoral research at the University of Leiden, extensive public lecturing, and setting Laveronica Arte Contemporanea, Modica.

Amie Siegel's "The Spear in the Stone". Exhibition spaces are, at times, haunted by the work they housed in the past. Walk through a museum and former installations will reverberate. Think of the Arsenale in Venice, visited by the ghosts of biennials past. This is all the more evident in galleries. The steady relationship between a gallery Alina Szapocznikow's "Human landscape s ".

Tech Tidbits: Polar Vantage Updates, Strava sorta removes ads, PowerTap P2 pedals

Best known for her alternately macabre and humorous sculptures—body parts cast in polyester resin, anthropomorphic wads of used chewing gum, plastic lamps featuring disembodied red lips or pink breasts, and Carrara marble belly rolls—Alina Szapocznikow also made hundreds of drawings over the course of her short career. Following a renewed Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris. The piece centers around a wheeled flatbed dolly, a perfectly banal machine bearing strange cargo: chunks of broken asphalt interspersed with unrecognizable articles of clothing and lengths of colorful Mnuchin Gallery, New York.

On Wednesday, the day of Frieze New York's invitation-only preview, a friend of mine, another part-time art writer, tweeted: "Feels like a good weekend to go to something you loathe, run into people you sort of know, and make small talk about the inanity of it all. Yet, like these felt strips, descriptions shift.

Gadsden, Mary Louisa

The immediate world provides When the 7 percent value-added-tax rate on fine art went up to 19 percent in January , it spelled to many the end of the Berlin art world. Proclamations followed that the market would dry up, and collectors would scatter to more cosmopolitan locales with less pricey export taxes.

April 29—May 1, Though she is still invisible, her voice embraces those standing in the great entrance hall of the museum. I can see you. And I can see her. Fridericianum, Kassel. April 16—July 17, Some twenty years after the founding of the People's Republic of China a proposal was made to change the traffic rules so that cars would stop at green lights and go at red, because red was the designated color of action.

In the same spirit, citizens named their children after Antenna Space, Shanghai. April 21, The mechanical buzz of film projectors is broken by the tack-tack of a slowed-down typewriter and the purr of an engine that rhythmically bursts out. Dimly illuminated by their own light, four mobile April 19, Yet if one were to draw a Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York.

April 15, Glasgow International. Instead, a loose net is cast around Her story is a tale of offence and punishment, but not a straightforward one. Minos, who had just ascended Arratia Beer, Berlin. March 24, Galerie Lelong, New York. March 23, Broodthaers was a master at creatively parroting—both consciously and unconsciously—the tropes, images, and theory that may now seem a bit tame March 17, Just a tumbling act of letters on the tightrope of some Of these, Jeanette Mundt all works is a self-portrait; we see her body contorted into the archetypal pose of the butt selfie: the back side of her body facing Off Vendome, New York.

To cut to the chase: Seth Price banks on banality. Bides his time building constructs, rather than content; repeating forms overblown by rhetoric. Armory Show and Independent. And I asked myself again upon leaving. A few weeks ago, I received the announcement that Laurel Gitlen Gallery closed. As an art student in Portland, Oregon, I had missed Michael Benevento, Los Angeles. Through crisscrossing imaginary and factual lines, the artist connects past histories and current politics with a sharp focus on the role of women in the arts.

Encompassing a February 25, Stan Douglas's "The Secret Agent". Dhaka Art Summit. Munem Wasif's serene photographs, which are among the first works you encounter at the Dhaka Art Summit, depict one apparently desolate landscape after another. In one, which seems initially to document nothing Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka. February 11, October 24, —February 28, When it comes to galleries, size does matter. With the big getting bigger, one London gallery suggested the small get together. Condo is a collaborative project between 24 galleries from 11 different cities housed in eight London spaces.

Jan Vorisek's "Rented Bodies". At the opening of Zurich-based artist Jan Vorisek's first Swiss solo show at Galerie Bernhard on that dark December eve, it was tables that were falling into us. And there we were, right in the middle of his ideas, in Rented Bodies Che was captured alive on October 8, but the Bolivian regime feared a trial would rally support for the revolutionary cause, and decided to summarily execute their wounded prisoner.

A CIA agent instructed the executioners January 26, January 21, In difficult times, we look to the past for comfort and clarity.